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By November 19, 2020 Astrology

Dear Friends,

Are you starting to feel more restless than usual?

As we race toward the end of the year, the sun is shifting signs once again and highlighting our need for good times and exploration.

After spending the last month exploring taboos and secrets in Scorpio’s watery depths, we are about to enter the realm of fiery, philosophical Sagittarius.

However, Scorpio isn’t finished just yet. On November 21st, right as the Sun leaves Scorpio, Venus enters it.

This transition, energized by Mars recently turning direct, will awaken your raw, sensual desires and give you an opportunity to connect with your deepest needs in intimacy, along with any blocks you might have around actualizing them.

Let’s take a deeper look at the planetary energies at play for the month ahead and explore how to make the best of them.

Expanding Your Horizons

At it’s best, Sagittarius is brimming with luck, optimism, and is on a quest for infinite knowledge. Their search for the truth can lead them to distant temples or university halls. Sagittarius knows how to aim for the stars and live large. They have a thirst for adventure and love to explore all life’s wonders.

Sagittarius is the light of the party. Their humor and positive attitude brings them good fortune. They value honesty above all else, and has been known to be a bit too blunt when telling it like it is. While they generally have an open mind and seek truth, they can sometimes act as if their version of the truth is the ONLY truth. This can cause them to make sweeping generalizations and reject others’ beliefs, even if they don’t understand them.

Have you noticed how your family seems to get a lot more opinionated and argumentative around Thanksgiving time? Uncompromising opinions around politics, social issues, and religion are part of Sagittarius’ shadow, so it’s no coincidence the holiday with a reputation for philosophical clashes happens every year when the Sun is in Sagittarius.

For the next month, until the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st, it’s a great time to explore your passion for knowledge and expand your horizons. Although your ability to travel is limited, you can still quench your thirst for exploration in books, educational courses and local adventures into nature’s more pristine places.

Do your best to stay off the soapbox while the Sun is in Sagittarius. If you feel the need to make big and broad proclamations of truth, try to remember your version of the truth might just be your opinion.

If you keep an open mind to others right now, you’ll meet with opportunities for dramatic personal growth and good luck.

People who have beliefs that are different from your own, likely have a lot to teach you, and can help you expand your mind to understand multiple perspectives, rather than one ultimate “truth”.

Overall, the next four weeks will be luckier than usual, which will bring sparkles of optimism, bright moods, and helpful insights while navigating the intensity of Venus in Scorpio.

Soul Level Connection

On November 21st, Venus is leaving the light hearted pleasantries of Libra and entering the deep, soul stirring magnetism of Scorpio.

Relationships that begin within the next three weeks will have an aura of intensity. You may feel a fated attraction to your new partner, who you sense is capable of meeting you on the deepest of levels.

If this is the case for you, be careful you don’t bond too quickly. With Venus in Scorpio it’s easy to get drawn into the intensity of the connection and lose yourself to a dynamic that might not end up being healthy.

If you’re already in a relationship, this can be a time of renewed passions and a heightened drive for intimacy. You and your partner should be able to address the deeper, emotional needs in your relationship, and even breathe new life into your connection if things have gone a bit stale.

Whether you’re involved or single, Venus in Scorpio carries the potential for transformation through love. While Venus is in Scorpio, you will have the opportunity to explore all the ways emotional consistency allows you to open more deeply in connection.

Be careful not to fall into rumination, obsession, or the need to control if your love affair isn’t going in the direction you desire. Scorpio carries the potential for rebirth, so rather than struggling to hold on, releasing control and trusting in life’s intelligence to guide your way forward will bring you within reach of what you truly desire.

While Venus is in Scorpio, it can be easier to unpack your psychological motivations around love, money and attraction. You can use the next three weeks to delve deeper into understanding why you are drawn to certain people or situations, and reclaim your power by releasing anything that isn’t contributing to your emotional or psychological well being.

On a bright note, almost as soon as Venus enters Scorpio, it will form a delicious aspect with the Moon that will light up your weekend with warmth and easy going feelings.

A Pleasant Day For Romance

On November 22nd, a beautiful aspect will form between Venus in Scorpio and the Moon in Pisces. This water sign trine will make for a pleasant and easy going day that may feel as if it’s been pulled from a storybook.

You might consider spending this Sunday with a loved one, as the expression love between you today will feel emotionally supportive, and may even benefit you on a spiritual level.

If there are any unresolved concerns around love or money you need to address, especially in situations with women, today can be a perfect time to smooth things over. Just make sure you really talk things through, rather than letting the good feelings happening today brush over your deeper need for resolution.

It’s nice to know a relaxing weekend is ahead, because there will be some major astrological events happening later this month, including a lunar eclipse in Gemini, which I will explain in depth in an upcoming article.

Soak up the good vibes this weekend, and enjoy the passion of Venus in Scorpio and the good luck of the Sun in Sagittarius.

In search of truth and freedom,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Have you been feeling restless lately? What new frontiers are you aching to explore? Let me know in the comments below!

Luna Dragonwell

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Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • DeBorah says:

    I am starting a journey in a highly visible leadership role. I am also starting a new love life and rebuilding all other aspects of my life. Although seeming drastic to change so much at once, the passing of my mate of 30 years on my birthday 3 years ago, kick started all of these changes. Now everything seems to be predestined. There is much hard work and pain, but it seems more of a catharsis than inflicting of injury. Besides the new leadership role really taking off, my romance seems to be as well, even though it has had it’s rocky start as well. Can I trust the direction that my life is heading in, or do I need to put on the brakes and reasses?

  • Alana says:

    Dear Luna, I am feeling stuck. I have lost my creativity .( I’m an artist) My Sun is in Sag, and my Moon in Scorpio.
    I am trying to figure out “my Soul-Purpose”, but feel like my brain is frozen. Do you have any advise for meA?

  • i want my wife to come back to stay

  • Hi there, This is AJ reaching out. I wanted to put out ther that I really really do need a dose of luck on love/romance, finances and stability. It’s been a struggle for me to keep things together while being a single parent and half employed (part time). I need a universal prayer:) or some kind of great luck to move on with my days and knock out this dark cloud.

  • Evelyn says:

    The only thing I want dragon , is to be with the man who made me fall in love with him , after a such a long time without feeling any feelings for anyone but him . He taught me a lot in life , without him I couldn’t knew all these I owe to him everything I knew now , that’s my biggest wish to be with him . The second I need abundance and to release past karma I knew nothing about it , but my life purpose and destiny to finish it in this life assignment to be for filled is biggest wish and need thank you .

  • Suzanne says:

    I read what you said…. “On November 22nd, a beautiful aspect will form between Venus in Scorpio and the Moon in Pisces.” Can you please tell me what time this starts on November 22nd and what day and time it stops. I have been waiting for a day like this to let a certain man i know i like him A LOT! HE IS A LEO WITH A SCORPIO MOON, I AM A PIECES WITH A SAGITTARIUS MOON AND LEO RISING. I have been a widow for 14 years now, havent dated once, i have liked this guy for about 11 years now, but i dont know if he knows or not, but im ready for love again. Since 22nd is on a sunday i may have to wait till monday to see him, so thats why i ask for the start and end days and times. Thank you, Suzanne wants love again ❤️❤️

  • Lacenia says:

    Thanks you for these Tarot Readings , I could use luck with another job the woman I work with are negative Jealous Females so I’m praying for a better job . All there focus is on me when they should be doing there jobs .

    Thank you

    • Hi Lacenia, that sounds like a draining situation. It could be a good time to start job hunting. Don’t hesitate to apply for a position that you can grow into. Luck is on your side this month!

  • jonny mcculloch says:

    The only thing i want the universe to do, is align me with a windfall of money. 1 million pound to be exact if some one who lives in this illusion and believes all tne stuff they have learnes that the system wanted them to believe then i dont’t try and change their opinion and i either play the dumb card or say aye and agree with them. If you live outside the illusion and have questioned everything, know how it all works, know all the secrets then thats what they will remain, secrets.

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