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By December 3, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hi friends, it’s Luna! 

Are you feeling a bit hungover from the lunar eclipse three days ago?

Over the last few days, you might have gained important clarity, noticed what needs to be healed in your life, or you may have started to experience the positive outcome of your hard work. 

Whatever came up for you, one thing is for sure: this last eclipse caused your personal timeline to speed up and initiated the completion of an important matter. 

If you haven’t seen any big changes yet, hang in there! Eclipses initiate transformation, but it can sometimes take up to six months for you to experience their full manifestation. 

As you may know, eclipses come in pairs. But before the second eclipse on December 14th, there are several planetary aspects happening now that you need to know about.

Mercury, planet of communication, connection, and intellect, along with Venus, planet of love, beauty, and pleasure are the key players this week.

Be sure to read this forecast all the way through, because there are some five star days for love coming up that you won’t want to miss! 

Let’s dig in! <3

A Positive Outlook

Our favorite chatty planet, Mercury has been in and out of Scorpio since September. Mercury is normally only in a sign for three weeks, but had an extra long stay in Scorpio due to Mercury going retrograde from October 13th to November 3rd. 

After spending around three months in Scorpio, I think it’s fair to say we’re all quite ready for Mercury to leave the underworld of hidden desires, taboos, and intense emotions in favor of something a bit lighter and brighter.  

Well, the wait is over. As of December 1st, Mercury has finally left Scorpio and has entered the cheerful, fiery abode of Sagittarius. 

If you’ve been struggling with negative or obsessive thinking, this transition could help you lighten up, let go, and see the big picture.

This could also be a time when you can more easily break out of a depressive slump and explore fresh possibilities for your life and future.

You might use this window to start studying an exciting topic, travel (if it’s safe and possible to do so), or find a unique outlet to fulfill your thirst for freedom, adventure, and expansion.

Over the next three weeks until December 20th, you’ll be brimming with optimism and feeling so lucky that you’ll be willing to take bigger risks than usual.

Mercury in Sagittarius’ positive effect on your mental state will help important events go your way, especially when it comes to communicating, planning, problem solving, and envisioning a better future. 

The only caution here is to make sure you have your feet firmly planted on the earth. Otherwise, you might overestimate your abilities and end up extending yourself further than you can sustain.

Mars is currently in fire sign Aries, which is in harmony with Mercury in fire sign Sagittarius. With these two fire signs combined, you not only have the vision to dream up exciting plans for the future, you are in a place to take action on them. 

Aries is all about trailblazing, so you might find you are finally in the right mental state to move in a completely fresh direction where you can explore, and ultimately master, the mysterious, uncharted areas of your inner or outer worlds.

The good news doesn’t stop here! While your passion for discovery is being reignited with Mercury in Sagittarius, you will also have a couple of dreamy opportunities for love over the coming days.  

Romance and Relaxation

If you’ve been needing a break from the hustle of life, this weekend could provide a welcome opportunity. On December 5th and 6th, Venus will be entering a harmonious aspect with idealistic, compassionate Neptune. 

You might feel like bringing fresh flowers into your home, or even setting up a dedicated space for prayer, meditation, or intention setting.

You probably won’t feel like exerting yourself too much. This transit favors soft, relaxing activities like spending a day at a hot spring, curling up in bed to watch a fantasy movie with a loved one, or taking a candlelit bubble bath. 

You don’t need to be in a relationship to enjoy this transit, although partnerships will certainly experience an increase in sweet moments. Venus trine Neptune can also put you in touch with a transcendent quality of love — something so tender and divine that it opens your heart to all living beings.

If you’ve been wanting to make amends with someone, or discuss a sensitive issue, the gentle, loving influence of this transit can help your encounter go smoothly. 

This Saturday and Sunday get five stars for love. Whether you are committed or single, you should plan for a blissful, fairy-tale like weekend, where you can relax and allow yourself to indulge in the pursuit of divine love.

Venus doesn’t stop here! In just a few more days it will be making another positive aspect, this time with Pluto. 

Love Heals All Wounds

Following in Mercury’s footsteps, Venus is about to leave Scorpio and enter Sagittarius on December 15th, but before it does, Venus will be making a final aspect to soulful powerhouse Pluto. 

On December 10th, Venus, the planet of love will have a close encounter with Pluto, the planet of transformation, bringing you a beautiful opportunity to resurrect your wounded heart, and enter a fresh space of relationship possibilities.

This potential for renewal is something you’ll need to exert a bit of effort to achieve, so if you’re ready for a romantic rebirth, it’s important to be proactive. 

This means having important conversations, journaling, or talking with a counselor who can help guide you through your transformational process.

If your relationship has been on the rocks, today could be a powerful time to let go of the past together and start fresh. If you’re single and still feeling wounded from a past relationship, now is a time when you can really get to the bottom of your pain by surrendering control and putting the past into perspective. 

Pluto and Venus together have the potential for you to completely reinvent your love life. The more you are able to release today, the more you will transform. Try not to be afraid of the unknown.  Letting go doesn’t have to be scary if you can trust the wisdom of the cosmos to bring you exactly what you need to grow and be fulfilled.  

Enjoy the beautiful transits happening this week! We have even more exciting cosmic events right around the corner.

With Love and Boundless Optimism,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. What did you resonate with the most in this article? Do you feel like your luck is about to change? Let me know in the comments below.

Luna Dragonwell

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