Your 12/12 Resurrection Has Begun

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(There’s a big energy update that has been brewing for months in the background and has a lot to do with what happened in 2017/2018 … and your ascension into 2020. More on this soon.

For now I am still getting out past energy updates that were half written with messy notes. We will get caught back up shortly. For today – besides the little sneak peeper bit below – please look out for part 4 of the Magical Cauldron energy update. Thanks loves 🙏🏽❤️)

Love exists and “knows itself” through fully existing AS LOVE …

Expectation is the root of all heartache:

It’s why we wait for the “other shoe to drop” instead of creating from heart.

It keeps our heart and “new perceptual paradigms” closed from evolving, because our energy and focus is entertaining uncertainty instead of creation …

It’s why many will have to repeat their lessons and get the same signs over and over even when they (their soul) knows what to do – the ego will always be confused.

YES, this is the process of the limited meeting the unlimited, ego meeting soul, breakdown IS also the breakthrough … and how many times we “go around in circles” is up to us …

Signs will keep repeating through different people and life until we are usually exhausted enough to surrender the ego into a bigger way of thinking or being …

We stop trying to “figure it out” from the mind

Stop thinking.

Stop bypassing …

Go within to the present heart and your already knowing

As you have all the answers you need to feed your soul as you wake up, deeper into who you really are …

If you are at the stage of waking where you know you are in mission:

if you are a light keeper/worker or gate/grid worker of some kind and you’ve been doing the inner work and building for years / have built a strong biz/community/foundation continuing your practices in mission / or just playing a “bigger game” in life and your service

… AND you have (last two years or now) have been purging or you have been recently uprooted and you feel like you now are in places in life where you have never been (good and bad) …

Or perhaps you’ve been in a void or perhaps you have been targeted by the dark with “tests” lately (you will know what I mean if it’s meant for you) …

Trust that very BIG insights of where to go now and what to do next on your dharmic or mission path are coming SOON. Take care of yourself more than ever. Fill you own cup.

This is especially important for healers who give and give until they are empty and don’t realize this is also “bypassing your own divinity” …

Even if you are having to stand alone, be brave and create from your heart.

Even if you feel you are daring into a new world alone, you are NOT alone my love, and the cloak is being removed.

It’s resurrection time, love.

Trust the process and when you recognize lower vibes creeping into your mind, practice seeing that stuff see with neutral heart eyeballs.

Being neutral is key in lower vibrations. Stay neutral and then take positive “felt, inspired” actions from the heart to help shift your timeline.

It’s time to let go of all that we thought we had already let go of, yet that keeps coming back in for healing.

And depending what trajectory you want into the year 2020, your mental aptitude right now is very important now to open up new higher timelines and will increasingly be more potent (inviting us to dissipate what no longer applies and stop using it, not energizing / fixing and changing the problem from the frequency of the problem etc) from the 12th -21st Winter Solstice and into 2019. More soon

❤️ Love you

Angel Adams

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  • Helen says:

    Your message came at a time when I had lost who I was and was ready to call it quits. Your thoughts changed me back to who I was and need to be again. We go thru life on our own journey, no one can take it for us. I will continue on with the truth inside of me and finish my journey to be better within myself, to love, feel and give with my whole heart and soul as the reason I was brought to this life. Thank you so much for being what I needed to believe in myself again. With much love and thanks. Helen

  • The last card of my reading continue to be an error card. I don’t know if this is a continuation of the previous problems but it has been going on for a couple of weeks.

  • Amber Holt says:

    Today I have been feeling some type of way for the most part I have felt more positive and more heartach, feeling like something is on the horizion, something real good…I know I’ve prayed for years for it…I grew up in a broken home my whole life I use to cry myself to sleep every night and pray for God to put my family togather and no more fighting I always wanted a family…I feel like my life is about to change today is the 12th day of December 2018.. I’ll be staying in touch so y’all know what happens next. Thanks for the guideness and support

  • Stellios Stavropoulos says:

    Hi crystal, this is stellios, I feel my energy is changing, my starseed, and my indigo energy is improving everyday

  • Julie aldctoft says:

    hi crystal,
    I wanted to say ,tell you,you are comeing strong in to my thoughts,im going through a divorce,after 36 yrs of Marriage,due to my cancer,going through change,,and going through a hard yr,with supporting my dads cancer terminal,we lost him,on 10th of January,2018,i had a breakdown with all this stress,when I need my husband, I find out he has been horrible,keeping a diary,on negatives,hence I lost it with him,and confronted him ,also I find out he has is still having an affair,with a collegue from his school,i found a secret emergency school phone,our son,daughter,has had to work around,them whilst this has been going on,hence I had a breakdown,the same day I found all this out,i was 7 hrs in a hospital,whilst my dad was told he was imminently,going to die,it was all to much,i threw a cup of tea up the wall it hit him, I left for 2 days,upset,distraught,no support,but there would not be,as his affair,is more important,than his wife of 36yrs,i then came home after 2 days,the police were waiting for me,i got evicted,because,my so called husband,reported me for throwing a cup of tea ,not at him up the wall,so because I ranted,raged,texts,i had a policeman say,why have you come home!,i was faceing chemo,needed to come home,i then was evicted,and had my clothing put in a bag,was not allowed to speak to my family,i played right into my evil husbands hands,thank god for a friend,i stayed on the streets,and her sofa,over xmas ,iv got cancer,i had to go to c.a.b. to get back in to my house,which I own,and my poor dad had to call the police,my dad dying to get the no contact lifted,as if I needed to tell my children,there grandad has died,the police put a no contact on my house,and myself,it had to get lifted,by the c.a.b,to say my dad was dying, eventually got home,with a time I had to arrive,home,i tried to talk it out,i even told the police,i had all those things happening,and faceing chemo,he never told me when I could go home,i was on the streets for a week,i collapsed in hospital,still my husband no cares,then on the day my dad died,10.1.18.our daughters 21st,my husband sat in the hospital included,surrounded,till my dad died,what was he going to do!,present me with a divorce petition,he however ,tried 2 times with a petition,it all went wrong,kama,now I chose to divorce him,so my heart grief,at loseing my dad,and now my husband,i need the courage,strength,to do this,i do not really want to do this,but he is still carrying on,lieing,cheating.and put our children,into councelling,with the damage its done,he blames me for the marriage all gone wrong,he is blameless,took my name off the joint account,but im still standing after abuse councelling,i am so glad to read for a change,a hugh change is comeing,im scared,to be on my own,but I will be safe,and no more mental abuse,im reading this everyday,your my lifeline,i had a dependency,on him,he had control of my everything,but with your words,and the forces,i know im being guided,i need hope peace,and closure,its a horrible atmoasphere here as he is living here,still in my bed,i can not get him out,its control,and he sits not communicateing to me,just sits,looking at me,mind games,i can do nothing,,as he will get the police,im living have like this,with his 3 affairs,control,mental abuse,for 36 yrs,well im breaking free,thank goodness for you,i know your with me,your guiding me,im scared,but with you I can breathx

  • Susie Lumpkin says:

    Hi Crystal yes ma’am I do feel this energy shift thank you so much for your encouraging words of wisdom

  • Hi crystal, this is stellios, yes I’m starting to feel my energy shift, yes I’m starting to feel like a raising phoenix, I’m a starseed, an indigo, and I’m trying to find my higher self, thank you very much for being good friend.

  • Thank you for those courage words has I was reading your words my whole body just felt goosebumps. I talked to God never to anges I do know I feel there them .

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