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Before you consult the oracle with your Yes Or No question, it’s important you prepare.

First, put yourself in a calm and contemplative state. The yes or no tarot reading picks up on your energy of the moment, which is what makes your free tarot reading online accurate.

How Yes Or No Tarot Puts You Ahead Of The Pack

Thousands have used yes or no tarot for the same answers you seek.  But why leave it to chance?

We recommend asking the same question to the Yes Or No oracle 5 times (and picking the best out of 3) instead of using it once!

The trick is to think about the question from a different perspective each time and tap into how you feel about it each time.

This will give you a well rounded Yes No answer. Otherwise, the Yes or No tarot oracle might pick up on hidden anger and base your answer on anger alone. You don’t want that! It will skew your results.

Instead, take a deep breath and relax yourself between each time you ask the same yes no question. Kind of like resetting your pallet with ginger between each bite of sushi.

That guarantees you the most accurate tarot card reading and gets you the most clear yes no answer.

So what do you want to know? Try your luck with these …

101 Questions To Ask Your Yes / No Oracle Today

Not sure what yes no tarot question to ask your yes no oracle reading?

Don’t worry, we’ve already done the work FOR you!

Why?  Because you shouldn’t have to think of your questions yourself (you have too much on your mind already).

When you’re stressed out, it’s hard to ask the tarot yes no questions because you are emotionally biased.  It’s best to get some guidance before you generate a yes no question to ask the oracle.

Here are real questions from real people who have asked our free tarot card readings for a yes no answer. Use these for guidance and inspiration on your journey so you can get the answers you need.

“Am I/Are We?” Yes Or No Questions

Questions that start with “Am I” are really asking “will it happen to me or not?”  This comes from a place where you might be doubting things in your life to turn out the way you want them to.  This uncertainty stems from doubt which means you are looking for clarity and certainty in your yes no reading.

Am I going to do well this week?
Am I going to get a car and apartment and abundance?
Am I going to get the job?
Am I right about the situation that is bothering me?
Am I supposed to do it?
Are me and my ex fiancee going to reconcile our engagement and get married?
Are myself and my partner going to have a happy loving relationship with abundance of wealth health family and all that is positive and beautiful?
Are we going to spend our future lives together?Do I have a large sum of money coming?
Are we going to be ok?

“Do I/Does He?” Yes or No Questions

Questions that start with “Do I” generally come from unknowing.  Similar to doubt, the emotion of unknowing means you don’t even know enough to doubt it if you wanted to!  But you probably DO have some idea but you are looking for confirmation on what you already decided.  Make sure you’re not too bias when you ask the oracle a “do I” yes no question.  It can skew your results!

Do I need to get another lawyer?
Does he love me?
Does he miss me at all and call?
Does my boyfriend come now for me this year to meet me? He’s from USA and I’m here Philippines
Does he wants to marry me?

“Is He/Is My?” Yes Or No  Questions

Spying on your boyfriend (or girlfriend) using yes no tarot is a LOT of fun!  But again, watch out for emotional bias.  When you are asking an “Is He” or “Is My” question, you are looking for secret information.  You want to know what’s going on “behind the scenes” in your life (and especially HIS life).  When you are in love, tarot can be super useful.  Just don’t go freak out on him.  Yes or No Tarot is a gauge, like a weather radar.  It will tell you what’s going on NOW, but it could change tomorrow.

Is he my soulmate?
Is he faithful and does he love me, is he in my future?
is he going to marry me?
Is he really feeling for me?
Is he the one?
Is my Ex coming back to a relationship with me?
Is he a true honest man with me?
Is my new business going to succeed?

“Should I?” Yes Or No Tarot Questions

Ask the oracle a “should I” question and you are hoping for a great outcome in your future.  You want to know what will happen next so you feel certain about your steps today.  It’s a more positive question because it shows you trust the universe to tell you what action to take.  Pay close attention to a “should I” question in your yes no reading!  Your reasons for wanting it could change any day.

Should I go forward with home purchase?
Should I be concerned about my job?
Should I be where I am right now, or move on?
Should I stay with him and does he really love me?
Should I study real estate?

“Will I/Will He?” Yes or No Tarot Questions

This is the most powerful question you can ask your yes or no tarot oracle.  

In fact, some may say this is the only real question for divination.  Why?  Because of the magic word “will.”  This is the same word as will-power because your “will” is your center of mental strength, determination and ultimatly is the deciding factor in your life.  When you ask these questions, you are offering your will to the Univesse which shows trust and devotion.  You will get the most accurate answers this way.

But again, remember:  Tarot card readings sense the energy of the moment.  And that has a LOT to do with your mindset.  If you’re feeling very negative about your question, you’ll get a negative response.  So wait until you feel at least NEUTRAL about the topic before you ask your yes or no tarot cards your question.  The possibilities are endless.

Will all the unhappiness and negativity be a thing of the past from this point on?
Will everything work out on Friday?
Will he call me?
Will he commit to me?
Will I  be successful?
Will I be in a happy loving relationship by the end of the year?
Will I be lucky?
Will i be moving to another province?
Will i be settled soon?
Will i be successful in this business?
Will I buy my house this year?
Will I ever be financially secure?
Will I ever find true love?
Will I ever get my debt paid off?
Will I ever have money?
Will I ever own my home?
Will i ever remarry>
Will I ever win money?
Will I find a new job soon so I can return to school soon? Current job full of unhappy bullies!
Will i find happiness?
Will i find the love of my life again?
Will I find true love soon?
Will I get a new job soon?
Will I get a lot of money?
Will I get married this year?
Will i get my children back in my life soon?
Will I get my house situation sorted in my favor?
Will i get pregnant soon?
Will I get that job?
Will I get the $10,000 back from Guy?
Will i get what i want?
Will I have a good love relationship soon?
Will I have a loving, devoted, partner who cherishes me and who I completely love?
Will i have a pay rise and new post?
Will I have a successful writing career and finances change soon?
Will I have overwhelming abundance flowing into my life within the next year?
Will i keep him?
Will I know what is my inheritance?
Will I live a long and healthy LIFE???
Will I live in xxth street this year?
Will I meet someone?
Will I meet the man of my dreams?
Will I receive disability social security disability if I apply?
Will I receive or win a lotto jackpot in the near future?
Will I receive the much needed bigger apartment that is in my building, the one I was told I could have….but I have not been told anything yet from the owner?
Will I travel with family this summer ?
Will i win a large sum of money to get me out of debt and start living the life i deserve?
Will I win my court case?
Will my Ex and I ever reconcile?
Will my cheque arrive?
Will my company be successful this year
Will my court case be resolved in my favor?
Will my current situation be resolved soon?
Will my daughter be prosperous and healthy?
Will my daughter swim her freestyle?
Will my debt get repaid?
Will my dreams come true?
Will my friendship turn into love with my guy?
Will my health improve in the near future?
Will my house finally sell this year?
Will my husband leave me in our marriage this year?
Will my husband prove his loyalty, honesty, love and work on our marriage?
Will my intentions manifest into reality?
Will my life with him really work out?
Will our house move be a success and bring a good level of peace and harmony to the family?
Will our love relationship last?
Will she be OK?
Will he be my boyfriend?
Will we end up together and be happy
Will he get back with me?
Would I ever get out of my financial difficulties?
Will my parents be OK?
Will I need to more?

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