Winter Solstice Soul Note

By December 22, 2019 Channeling

Wow loves…

Turning point is here…

Can you feel it?

As I sit here writing the intro to this soul note, the winter solstice is turning exact at 11:19 PM in the northern hemisphere…

Awesome. The light now slowly increases and gets stronger as the days get longer…

I feel more of the old dissolving as the new takes root; such a powerful quiet and fertile time right now (lots of sacral energy opening up in the field).

I hope you are wrapping yourself in a blanket of deeper self care lately!

Hopefully you’ve been resting in your own nest egg before you set out into the holidays …

Solstice means to “stand still” so it’s a perfect time to receive yourself alone and go within (visualize 2020 and it all blooming next spring and summer…)

You’ve hopefully been planting your seeds since August/Oct and now those seeds need your FULL being, faith, actions, vision and follow through.

What would you like to see growing by the Summer Solstice?

Yes, life happens FOR you—not TO you, so it’s up to you to “choose love” as you’ve read in previous updates (keep choosing love!)

2019 was a profound year of helping you see your own whole.  Your response—ability has grown too.

So much happened that stretched you beyond what you expected or even knew was possible…

And there’s even bigger shifts happening now or on the way so make sure you take some time to honor what you need.

Know what authentically matters in your soul and WHAT you want.

And make room.

Which means allow what has arrived full circle to be completed and bless it.

No more hanging onto crutches.

No giving source energy to “doing” to receive love.

Love just is, remember?  No need to “do”, only recognize what you already are when you’re aligned within.

I can only imagine how so much has shifted in your being and awareness since last Christmas…

I see you’re choosing more of what truly matters now and showing up (being present and following through) in your soul regardless of who approves…

I see you in moments of breakdown, “unlearning and allowing sacred undoing” without making it wrong, present, as you learn to be true to yourself and what you DO choose.

Again I see you b-e-i-n-g love—instead of trying to “do love” and so much more!

During this magical yet darkest day of the year, there’s powerful alchemy and turn around…

And yes you know it—the light you need to illuminate your best path forward from here can only be seen and found inside you…

Yes honor rest and rest when you need to…

Yet continue walking your unfolding path into the unknown in front of you…as you discover more within.

Surf and flow with what’s happening and also face and receive maturity and growth you know on a soul level you’ve been being asked to step into.

Keep being present to new experiences, doing new things, responding in new ways and opening new ways of seeing things…

Yes Queen, yes King create the space you need to tune in…attune yourself to what you truly CHOOSE from here as you walk into your next decade.

I believe in you.  I know you are doing it!

You are beginning to look at these seeds of potential buried within you…

Maybe you planted them a couple months ago or perhaps last summer or even longer ago…

Even if you’ve been working within your mission or building for a long time—look at what must be restructured from a new way of being…

How has your being, values and energy changed?

What truly matters to you now from the core of life itself?

It’s time to reinvent and structure/organize external life to these new ways of being within.

It’s time to truly commit to yourself.

Either way, you’ve likely felt this new path or new opportunities bubbling up and it’s up to you what you are going to create from here from it.

You must not just fully accept receiving what you want and visualize, but actualize your planted seeds…

You must be clear with yourself, even through your wounds.

You must forgive and allow yourself to step into new ways of being and seeing.

You must eliminate what isn’t yours and no longer keep carrying it…and as you make room more miracles, new ways, connections, patterns, beginnings, ventures and opportunities begin to open up through your own being, actions and alignment!

This is what Divine timing really means for you:  when you’re in alignment with your own soul.

So be radically, authentically honest…voice it out.  Create!

Yes you can receive a powerful new way, even as the shadow is collapsing and dying.

You can trust your “new being” to meet your old “collapsing/dying” structures and still consciously stand in your heart and have your own back.

You can step deeper and trust your soul’s power knowing you are worthy.

Allow what’s closing to fully COMPLETE the lesson.

So much is coming full circle and completing now, can you feel it?

It’s making way for your new life.

Again you don’t have to know the How.  The rest will come after you fully choose and trust yourself with the What.

Trust your own soul’s voice and FULLY choose it.

All it takes is being fully coherent in your state of being subconsciously and consciously with what you desire and being IN YOUR BODY (embodying it)…

So this means you must go deeper than surface level “overlay” desires and deeper into your own being.

Where you “live” love instead of manipulate, fight or beg for it.

Where you choose love, like the Alchemist you truly are.

You choose to see the whole and bring home every shadow soul fragment as you consume, digest and create the new from existing, embodied love.

Yes dear alchemist, healer, creator, lover, monster…

The labels don’t matter.

Your BEING and present choice is all that matters.

You choosing to release all that you no longer need even if it once provided false safety, as you let the old collapse is all that matters…

Yes, you can stay present in your heart and choose you, even if no one else does.

You can choose real love (and loving yourself) over sacrificing yourself “to love another…”

Yes, I raise my glass to you creating magic in the present moment(s) and truly choosing.

Yes brother and sister, slow down, for the rest of the year…

Nourish, feed your soul, mind, and body…

Choose to accept every shadowy part of you as you stand in what truly matters and receive love.

Again, you are the universe and the universe is you.

You’re still being encouraged and supported to release ALL that is not love, so be aware as the lower heart purges…

You’re being called to come forward with your light, your radical honesty and truest self.

Stay rooted in your deepest core inner knowing.

Be still;  hear the guidance of your soul’s voice.

Yes, surrender the old and make love to the new—even during your darkest nights, this is key….

And realize, what’s being shaken up (or has yet to be) during this time is quite possibly your most profound opportunity to REALLY change life up.

The shifts happening now over this Cap Solar eclipse new moon are supporting the shifts you’ve been asking for a long time for…

And if what’s happening in your life is shocking or happening by force, again trust the bigger picture process happening is only for you to recognize YOU (like you may have been reading about in previous updates)…

In some ways you’re soul asked for this and that nerve wracking feeling won’t go away until you’re FULLY living true to your own nervous system —even if you have to retrain your nervous system to “choose love” over old trauma. At heart and soul, your nervous system knows.

This is such a life changing / new beginning time for you;  and this message also speaks to those deeply in gratitude and celebrating deep returns and rewards lately…

I am seeing the return of all your work —your graduation as you step deeper into the next layer of your mission and purpose, even from an entirely new place of being.

Really this goes to everyone starting over in some way and choose self love and your own journey of inner union…

So trust the dark moments are here to help you remember your light.

Sometimes it’s only in the dark (when ego is surrendered) that you’re closest to the light…

That you have the possibility to breakthrough!

Trust yourself.

You can remove everything that is not love in your life as this is what love is, too.


What are you going to create from here with what you know now?

What are you planting from your soul and existing within yourself from here so that you can physically bring this into fruition this year?

What are you calling into your own being, inner standing or life with all that’s been revealed to you (since last summer) as you head into the summer solstice of 2020?

Like I mentioned recently, no need to keep making it harder than it needs to be—no reason to keep suffering (looping karmic lessons and patterns)….

Yes, you can learn new ways and embrace change with a soft nervous system.

You can learn how to choose love, make love within even when the familiar is collapsing around you.

There’s light here.

Trust it.

You can even learn “how to say no” and create bridges to what you truly love in the same space.

Express what’s truly nakedly real for you (like the message from the Gemini full moon post)…

Take the time you need to center within until you can see your own light (stillness is key right now, use this time before Jan).

Embrace yourself in this darkness and quiet reflection and all that is being offered for your own union within.

And DREAM about what you are ready to and already sprouting now and into the new year ….

Yes, begin living it now in small ways and keep choosing love (meaning being super clear with what love isn’t!)


You’re allowed to really choose what lights your soul up and makes you feel alive.

You’re allowed to really take the path of love.

You’re allowed to be free.

Yes!!! You can even make it easy.

You have permission to be seen, loved and honored for your needs as this is where the rubber meets the road!

Behind every behavior is a feeling and underneath the feeling, is an authentic pure need…

And when you MEET your pure need with intelligent open arms (instead of storytelling or focusing on the behavior) you then begin to meet the root of the cause, not the symptom.

And this is where you make love—at the ROOTS!!!

Yes, you’re allowed to love and value your soul needs at their roots just as much as your physical needs…

You’re allowed to choose love even in the dark shadowy corners of your unconscious trauma and ego.

You are not a label or a definition anyway.

You don’t need approval or validation, only your choice to step deeper into who you really are.

You can stand in truth.

Be truth.

You are allowed to be you.

You are allowed to shine so bright.

And YOU are so very needed in this world.


Just YOU fully being true to yourself and loving it, overflowing your love embodied into the world?

Drinking your own medicine, learning to stop and listen to the whispers of your soul (especially before they get loud)

Yep.  That’s it…

The world is so thirsty (and hurting) for those willing to be brave, alone and choose to live their truth.

You are needed and you have so much to offer…

This is your time to shine.

This is your year to come forward as the beautiful person you are.

To BE true to you.

And make love to the new, even as the OLD (loud) ways collapse.

It’s such a powerful time of witnessing the collapse of the story or pattern of how we thought things would be…

How we think things need to go or what we assumed would stand the test of time…

Because there is new life calling us forward.

Right at the edge of the unfolding Unknown…

New worlds are being created…

We are remembering here.

We’re healing there.

We’re creating CHOICE here.

There’s nothing you can possibly do that makes you unworthy of love.

And the more real you get about (loves frequency) about what you are—the more liberated you become from the old stories or voices that judge—especially your inner voices…

I pray and hope you’re deeply taking care of yourself this past couple weeks since 12/12 as the Schumann resonance has been off the charts breaking new records for this December…

Eclipse Season seems to always make us step up our game, but this year’s Winter Solstice and end of the year solar eclipse is kinda different…

I feel this eclipse is going to make us reconsider the game we’re playing entirely from a deeper place that we may not have seen (and unfolding in 2020)…

A whole new way of seeing and being is arriving.

This is such a potent and powerful time for anyone regardless of their current stage of evolution or orientation within self / soul.

So go within and use the sacred time wisely this week.

Divest your source energy from ANYTHING or anyone that is a time or energy suck.

Know your own energy and how you show up in it.

Be the gift, the capable response—choose love…

Go deep until you can see your light.

Recalibrate, reframe, and renew your commitment to showing up for yourself…

STAND in your b-e-i-n-g.

Stand in your heart.

You can do it gently and mega powerfully…

(And if you need, you can also consciously release—move your WHOLE body—shout into a pillow, will be just as powerful, only more intense)

All in all, just choose to embody your truth and stay rooted in it—it’s not about others—it’s about your connection with YOU.


It’s been an intense increase of light since the beginning of December calling you deeper into your own “whole” as you get ready for 2020.

Please rest and give yourself nourishment.

This is the time to truly take care of yourself.

To nurture your soul and practice self love.

Make yourself available to your dreams, ambitions, and desires.

Make it a priority to forgive yourself for what you didn’t know how to do before.

We are finding ourselves and each other.

Keep moving forward.

Over and over and over again.

Trust yourself.

Keep dancing, Aho!

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