Are You Willing to Trust the Process?

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Hey lovely human,

It’s been an intense week and more as we moved through our first two major astrological movements of 2021, starting the new year calendar as we ended the astrological year in Pisces.

This week also opened with it a Venus Gate followed by the New Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday, with a connection to Pluto…

Going deeper into “right relationship” within and throughout all our relationships.

Beginnings and endings.

All in all, especially with all the light hitting the planet over Beltane and the Equinox it’s been an intense “pressure” couple of weeks.

A perfect time to follow your spark and follow your heart!

And so, what if I told you that this is the most important time in history for your spiritual and consciousness development?

What would you reprioritize?

What do you need to leave behind that is no longer aligned?

What, who, and what ways of being and thinking?

What must you let go of so that you can step more into creation of what IS truly aligned for you?

Are you waiting for circumstances to change in order to change?

Or are you changing, and then your circumstances do?

Yes, love.

Creating from where you are, just as you are.

Perfectly imperfect.

Sure true healing and receiving a new way or path or being is a journey of evolution and growth over a lifetime.

Every step bringing you closer to home within you.

And it’s an imperfect journey.

There are periods of overwhelm, setbacks, there are still triggers…

There are moments you feel truly grateful for and you celebrate…

And there are moments you feel nothing and nothing seems to have changed at all…

I get it.

This is also part of the journey, love.

What helps me on my walk is remembering my commitment to it…

Surrounding myself with other humans who are also committed to their voyage of healing…

So that I am encircled with anchors to remind me…

That I am safe.

That I will be ok.

That we can do this.

That it matters.

That I am loved.

That we are loved.

That we are deserving of this healing… all of us.

You can let go…

You can trust…

You can transform…

Know that we often experience the days before a turning point as very moving because we can still complete, redeem and dissolve …

It is like a preparation for the new or a deeper purification process that must take place so that we can go into the new one free as possible.

My feeling about what would do us all some good in the coming days is deep self-care.

Treat yourself to rest and relaxation, especially from the outside world.

All the thinking and discussing… all of the opinions and fears… all the external noise.

Because the energy right now is helping you draw your attention inward.

Dropped into your body, into your inner being, and into your true feelings…

Yes, allowing yourself to fully be in the moment, to live in the now, and to feel everything that you are feeling right now.

Allowing yourself to be you…

No matter what or who is around you.

Not making yourself smaller or trying to change to fit people’s molds or expectations of you.

Yet staying true and believing in your own deepest nature and inner soul desires, because you are capable of creating absolutely anything you want.

And never, ever measuring your self-worth in the hands of other people and their actions.

You are whole just as you are now.

You are enough, right now, as you are in this very moment.

When you struggle, ask your own being (the little girl or boy inside you speaks) if you can see what is still to be redeemed…

And please be good to yourself, understanding, loving, gentle, motherly, fatherly…

Protect yourself, let yourself be pampered, feed yourself with everything you need…

Take a salt cellular cleansing bath, go out into nature, drink a lot, eat nettles as spinach… or soup… break a sweat again, wipe the apartment down with plant water, massage yourself, or get a massage with lavender or rosemary oil. Give yourself everything that is good for you.

Prepare, cleanse, loosen, redeem the medicine or the gift in every circumstance, in every space…

You are safe to feel and take up space; recognize the trauma as it is and let it dissolve in the core of your own felt, open and intelligent being.

Yes, you have new choices to make. You have new things to create. Allow it.

I am now putting a great deal of practice not only into (removing undoing) and being in my body daily (energetic hygiene practices; grounding) but also into learning to balance what works for me.

Knowing my F* NO’s so that I CAN OWN my own F* YESSES and take full responsibility and accountability.

Strengthening my roots, preparing my wings, tending to the harvest with gratitude…

And even with patience when I am resting, and more trust when it’s all still at seed.

Some layers are well versed in growth, while others need much more patience and development.

And, yes, love.

Maintaining healthy well-being takes quite a bit of “energy clearing Hygiene” as much as it does receptivity, devotion, and self permission to choose truth as love and love as truth.

Yet when I am balancing in shadow and light, from soul to bone.

My roots of practice shift and expand in the peace and/or space they have made.

Yes, love.




You are already whole.

And you can create from, NOW.

Sure we may never achieve the vision of perfection that the mind believes you *should* embody.

And you may never arrive at the place where the fear or pain are not the initial response to a trigger…

It may always require *the real work* of ending the war within and being *clear* in your own nervous system, body and field.

And it may always require some process, some setbacks, and some pauses.

But as I continue to choose it, I heal a little more every day on the walk, on the journey.

I access a little more peace and ability to “open through the closure” a little more every day.

This isn’t a competition of who is a better human or who can create more.

This is a co-creation of a better world, together.

One day at a time.🤍

Okay lovely…

All the best for this week, a lot is happening so make sure you take it easy…

And allow yourself some space to create.

Even in the “Squeeze”

I love you beautiful soul.

Journey FORWARD!


Crystal Aryana

P.S. Leave any comments or questions you have below.

Crystal Aryana

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  • Teresa says:

    Hello, pure soul. I must say you have a hand writing books that convey knowledge deeply and what you wrote is like a staged movie. With amazing actors on a movie set. I must admit that you are right at a time like this. Everything is correct and confirmed. Just tell me what role I have to play in this. When my heart bleeds from pain. I collect all the pieces of my heart to stick together and start living again. When I get down on my knees, I get up again to kick myself. In such a situation, I give up. . But my soul still fights like a queen in the battle for the throne. There is nothing worse than losing your love for yourself. When I don’t have this soul mate next to me.

  • Alfred says:

    Getting better at living in the present, at first was not sure how and learning meditation has got me there 🙂 I did remove my social media and news , Unfortunately have some serious health setbacks. But you’re words remind me I will get through thanks. Congratulations on your new baby! Al.

  • Angie F says:

    Thank you for your beautiful encouraging words. They touch me deeply.

  • Andrew says:

    Yes, I fully trust the process. I have been awakened and I accept the things I cannot change. I chose to be still, content, as I have nothing but gratitude and grace. I am about to figure out how to “create” so I can truly manifest all of my dreams and desires. Thank you.


    Andrew S

  • kevin says:

    what a wonderfull tear-filled experience as i finished reading filling my sense of smell with many floral essences. which still linger. ok on top of my needing a bath these sents are overpowering my own unsavory sent. thanx to whoever it is out there looking over me and their powerful incense and oils.

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    I chose to continue and go through heartbrake to be reborn.
    Today I am so tired and you wrote that I should rest and renew, I am doing this and I realized that for the first time I feel and am really me, myself in my body.
    Thank you Crystal

  • Connie says:

    This was powerful! Some things I am already on the path to changing. The part about asking your inner child what still needs to be redeemed- I need to be constantly reminded to never forget her ever. Thank you beautiful Soul.❤

  • Sneha says:

    This was very encouraging. Thank you

  • Irma Alegria says:

    Dear Crystal, congratulations with the bless angel, thank you so much, your kind words touch my soul.
    many blessing

  • Mukul says:

    Thank you for the beautiful vision of the path.

  • Kathryn Guillen Astudillo says:

    Well to me I feel unfair, I have been a member for 2 years and I have purchased two times the love power reading and it’s been year that I cannot look into to anymore. I don’t know what your trying to pull, but please tell your Cosmo and Universe that I will like it back, because it’s been a real help for me.

  • Cb says:

    Thank you

    You write so beautifully and I get “ it”☀️

  • Diane Hendriks says:

    This was good. Things I had leared to tell my clients when I wasca counselor.

  • Tracee Greenough says:

    So, you make my whole week. I have just started my journey in the state of being in the present. Honestly, it’s quite difficult but when you are centered with LOVE, there is a peace that washes over you and re-centers you. I thank you for the permission or reminding of the permission to give myself permission to turn inward and rest.

  • Satonia says:

    Thank you for encouraging words
    I have been through the trauma cycle that seems like the trauma won’t stop. I’m praying to stay strong and focus on positive energy
    Ny finances are struggling and I am tired of Struggling. If I had money to pay for readings
    I would, however i don’t. My son was murdered at his job and I have been trying to save myself and family members. It’s rough.
    May GOD continue to Bless you. Thank you.

  • Randy Cook says:

    Thank you Crystal for all of the wonderful words you have written. I have been going through a very difficult time and have been completely blocked. I have battled depression and being suicidal for close to 40 years now. I believe that I am passing through or have passed through the dark night of the soul. I also believe things are shifting and changing to perhaps an awakening to my empathic call. We shall see. with love and gratitude, Randy Cook.

  • First of all thank you! This just confirmed that i have been doing just this and inspired me to continue! I have totally gone tarot and horoscope living lol. Seriously, i have been reading everything i can find on the internet each day and living by what my tarot card readings, and my horoscopes say each day and what a difference it has made in my life! It has been my time all this month and next month, my dob march 19, i have been so so lucky at the casino. There is a new love interest who i actually opened up to today, this is the beginning of the rest of my life and i am happy for the first time in 16 years! Your message today was amazing and i will continue to do just as you say. Love ya!

  • Dara Fulmer says:

    I just want to say thank you! I enjoy and feel inspired by your positive outlook on life and the power of love! God speed!

  • Danielle says:

    That was beautiful n exactly what I needed to hear now!! I’ve been beating myself up n why this isn’t “moving faster” what am I not understanding, etc etc thank u so much for taking the pressure off!

  • Kine says:

    Yes I feel dis shift ❤️I can not wait to see all good so going to com out off dis ✨❤️

  • Marcia Taylor says:

    I would first like to say, I am absolutely elated of your return! You come from such a pure space. Many of your messages prior to your sabbatical helped tremendously during this past year. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. ❣

  • Hayley says:

    Its lovely to have you back, you’re email was just was I needed to keep me going. Love n light to you Crystal. xx

  • Anna B VonBehren says:

    Thank you for these words, Crystal. I needed to read these words and realize everything will work out.

  • Mez says:

    Beautiful, amen

  • Roxana says:

    Thank you so much for your beautiful message. I know I was meant to read this today. I cannot tell you how much it meant to my heart to read it.
    I am going to print it so that I can read it everyday. One day at a time. You are such beautiful soul. Thank you.

  • Maria Carolina says:

    How I missed this!!! Thank you, wishing you all the best!

  • Frank says:

    Have a great week

  • cresencio bernier says:

    Ty love you as well

  • Shellie says:

    “Are you willing to trust the process” – absolutely beautiful and exactly what I needed to hear today. Thankyou Much love Shellie

  • Sarah says:

    Dear Crystal
    All I can say is thank you simply thank you ❤️. You blog is spot on I am going through massive amounts of change at present and I found this particular blog post very reassuring and soothing a message for me from my guides and the universe.
    I am very grateful
    With love and light

  • Tenneal R. Payne says:

    Thank you so so much for inspiration of reading today. My life is in transition at this moment, I’m living with ppl with bad energy and vibes not healthy at all but I’m doing something about it moving out this year it’s in processes, I truly believe I’m falling in love with my best friend I never felt this way in my life. I’ve been doing the work and like you say it’s blooming and I’m excited, scared it’s new letting go of things that don’t honor my life. I won’t lie it’s a lot of s***! but I’m determine with everything in my soul to press forward for my future I see Little glimpse but it’s something to be excited about. Thank you for this reading so amazing the fuel I needed today to stay on my path don’t give up and get excited! Thank you for your gift and encouragement to help people thank you

  • ursula boothe says:

    Thank you ! I needed that message.I am retiring on Wed. The 31. I loved my job and the people I worked with. This message tells me I made the right choice.

  • . Thank you! I needed that and totally there with Love to y’all

  • Michelle Plamondon says:

    That was wonderful!
    Thank you sweet lady!

  • Royann says:

    Dear Crystral Aryana,

    Congratulation on the birth of your baby girl!
    I trust you’re both healthy and blessed!

    Light & Love

  • Khosile Nyakama says:

    Thank you ,so much, what an inspiration, I really needed to hear what you said. It does not only heal me internally, it motivated me to look forward what tomorrow has to offer

  • Bri says:

    Thank you for this message. I really needed to see this.

  • Michelle Hale says:

    Thank you Crystal. I’ve been really depressed lately and I really needed to hear all of that. Thank you again.

  • My spirit is awake and I embrace the unknown journey that I walk, have much gratitude for all that is within me, with hopes of fulfillment for my soul. As I read what you sent me it brought a smile to my heart, thank you for being you, may good health and prosperity be always with you.

  • Tina says:

    I received and read this email from you today & it’s like you knew what I am going through & what I needed to hear today. Alot of the content has already been on my mind but great to see it from you. Thank you.

  • Constance Anderson says:

    I needed this today so real so true.thank you

  • Riley Jay says:

    I don’t normally respond to these e-mails that I receive; because though I chose to receive them while looking for some divine sign, you never can truly trust a source online that you aren’t 100% sure of.

    This was exactly what I needed though, so thank you to the writer of this blog.

    I suppose all I needed to hear is that I am good enough.

  • sar says:

    and i just coudn’t explain all that out loud in words within the last 12hrs or so…. but its exactly whats happening inside me and my place inside and lost for words that was powerful to read an tear up and be rolling down like rivers until i lost my train of focus on the words~@end of your message.tyvm. <3

  • Trish curtis says:

    Absolutely relevant to me now thank you for sharing your message!

  • Christine says:

    Reached into my core. Needed this , at this moment. Thank you!



  • Dee says:

    Wow this resonates so well with me. Thank you ♥️ Love to all!

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