White Dragon Dream – The Collective Energy of the Equinox, 2021

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Unfolding YOU, Back Home TO YOU… 🐉 ❤️


I am calling this time right now, yesterday, and this past week, ‘the squeeze’ …

Who else is feeling pretty squeezed right now?

What I mean by this, is this feeling of zero-point no return, eye of the needle type energy.

Asking us to stand all the way in our own bare naked hearts with nothing to prove yet everything to show up for.

Asking us to really dig deep within and show up with all our heart to CREATE.

Even from the exact place we are in (again whatever is, exactly the medicine we need!)

Yes, love…

More than any other “Beltane Spring” this year, I am feeling the photons hitting the planet like never before bringing such a high influx of light.

Right on time for the Equinox as light meets the dark in equal sums.

And the past week as we walked through the final degrees of Pisces, we’ve been shedding deeper what is no longer true as we learn to trust the breath of our own being.

Our own essence.

As we learn to deeper Source Within.

What does this mean?

It means anything not grounded in “God’s living light” is being SEEN.

For many, it will be UNDOING, instead of doing…

This whole story we have come here to experience is a journey from great separation to that of Unity.

What is not love-in-body is crumbling faster than ever.

Everything false will fall. Everything true will rise.

What must you let go? What is taking up scared space that needs to empty so you can invite what is aligned?

It really is as epic as The Lord of the Rings adventures, most people just can’t see it yet!

It is like a great vibrational battle between the Mind and the Heart that is playing out in a multitude of ways (hence so much mental field distortion)

Yes, we are being asked to bring the “inversions” back into the anchored BEING, our own WHOLE, and present awareness…

Luckily, it is a certainty that the Heart-space (or the Light) has won.

It is just that the battle is usually the most intense when we’re nearing the end…weird attacks lately anyone?

Especially for those in their soul mission.

This is why the vibration of Trust is key at this time.

Soul level trust.

Even when life is in a fast, unknown flux.


Trust + Energetic Hygiene and knowing your own nervous system = to the hilt.

Not trust in something outside of you, but Trust in Your own embodied being and creational vortex.

Remember loves, if it is not in alignment with your soul in this moment, why keep receiving, offering, or doing it?

You can let it go for a more aligned connection.


We’re all in some way currently experiencing the ultimate movement from lifetimes of placing trust in outside circumstances to support us, to that of knowing all comes from within Self, through the Heart Portal.

The ultimate form of separation we can experience is the fear of trust within —and thus not sourcing from within.

This is why our faux 3D foundations are crumbling right now faster than ever seen before.

Societal foundations and Personal ones…

It is to clearly demonstrate that there is nothing outside of yourself that you can rely on.

There is only You.

Trust in who you are, Trust in the god magnificence that you are made from…

Trust in the Support that you are gifting yourself…

Trust in your limitlessness.

Trust that you are indeed whole…ALREADY WHOLE.

The more you recognize there is nothing outside you to complete you—you’ll see why it all had to happen exactly just like it did.

Yes, love.

You can trust the direction you are being guided towards and follow all the signs your being and soul are receiving through the peripheral of your own eyes.

Anything is possible, it’s time to be and create what makes your soul shine.

No matter what happened in the past, you can now move forward toward your highest good and release everything that no longer serves you to create…


“I am open to receive. I am free. I am ready!”

Yes, the truth doesn’t need believers. It needs warriors, in heart.

TRUST = Already Whole

Meaning you don’t need to keep focusing on raising your vibration.

It’s more about energetic hygiene and learning to release the very patterns (and mechanisms) that bring your frequency down.

Because this is really all about “coherence within” as you pivot your being and entire life towards a right relationship with YOU.


We are all being squeezed until we take that step through the door of knowing there is only…

“You and You”

And yes love…

If it’s your calling, it will keep calling you my sister and brother…

Are you listening?


I love you…

So love, this means embrace the pressure and know you don’t need anything other than exactly where you are and what you already have.

This is the key message = You truly are free to CREATE NOW.

Yes, the pressure… I feel like (mother & father) GOD has been pushing us through an inner transformation beyond anything before.

I mean since this past Christmas, it’s been unreal-like we have been in a cocoon or pressure cooker heating up.

We are being faced with the choice to work for the divine and god’s will FOR REAL or to serve ourselves and what we want.

God is asking us right now, WHO IS YOUR MASTER?


Organic God living light or Synthetic “false empowerment” light?

Is it the world and opinions of others

Is it money likes and attention

Or is it GOD and your true mission?

This is an ultimate choice point.

In my dreams, I am being shown that we are in the event horizon
(The point of no return )

Take that as you will and know that anywhere you’ve been reliant on the outside to feel better or using material possessions to fill the void, you are deeply feeling it if you have been doing the real work.

The 3D old is crumbling and it is time to stop relying on the old ways- or all the worldly bs to make you feel better.

It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it or create it, but letting it define you is not aligned anymore.

Begin to source right to god and you will feel the relief from the pressure.

We represent God’s union (Mother & Father) return on this planet. ..

And it’s time we are held on a planetary level to a higher standard.

We are at the end of an old life cycle and at the same time, the beginning of the new life cycle.

Darkness at eye level with the light-Mother earth and Father heaven meeting in union as new life arises from their sacred fusion.

Farewell and a new beginning…

The past is allowed to leave, the Winter is meeting the tangible green of Spring, no matter how old the pain may be…

You can let go…

You can trust…

And you can withstand the pressure as you step deeper into your Diamond Heart.

And choose you…

Choose love.

And choose to CREATE.

And so it is…

Love you!

Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

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Crystal Aryana

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  • Luanna Bryant says:

    Thank you, you summed up exactly the process I have been walking through and continue to walk. Baraka Bashad

  • Karen says:

    Congratulations on your new beautiful babe. Cherish every moment! Welcome back. Your messages have always deeply touched my heart. Thank you!

  • Biljana Ackovski says:

    Yes, everything you said in the video with the beautiful baby and this message resonates completely, this is what I have been feeling for a while, back to ourselves, back to our power, reclaiming sovereignty now and hopefully, find a community where we can support each other, the one I am living in now, my friends included, are no longer resonating. Not that I don’t love them and vice versa, it’s just that we can no longer grow together… Thank you so much, love and light to you!

  • Natalie says:

    This message has resonated with me far more than you can imagine. I honestly feel I am coming out of 7 years of winter into our and my Spring. I’ve been doing a lot of work on myself since Christmas and really sorted out a lot mental blocks. I am now ready for a real balance life and hopefully a happy future.
    Happy in my soul

  • Melinda says:

    Thank you . Fantastic energy ….

    Have a spring full of beauty .

    You are awesome …


  • Susan says:

    Absolutely, this resonates so heavily with me. I feel my feet grounded and my arms to heaven lately. Thank you for the message of commitment to path!

  • Danielle C L says:

    Yes this resonates with me very much, on so many levels. There have been so many changes in my life lately and everything has happened so quickly, it’s mind blowing, It has been hard to keep a positive attitude at all times but in end I can always come back to my truth within myself, who I truly am,and not getting lost in all the 3D bs going on and not letting it affect me in a way that makes me forget what truly matters, and where I am going, that this is not my final destination, this is my growth, nothing lasts, but right now, I am here, I am breathing, I am alive and that’s everything. Also reading this message inspires me to CREATE more than ever Ive been very hesitant the past months to show my work, so I just wanna start putting out there what Ive been working on in the light and not keep it in the shadow anymore, I just graduate from university in December, I am still young and Im facing for the first time the struggle to start and make a living by myself, but as you said TRUST is important, knowing that right now I am exactly where I need to be and what I have is exactly what I need right now. Thank You so much beautiful for all your words, your message gives me courage and let’s do it, lets keep pushing forward.

  • Tammy Jackson says:

    Yes I an vibrating with this message. To peel from the inside out… To be that destiny I took human form for. The embodiment of my soul in the divination I AM – Tammy Jane Jackson – I AM. It is NOW just BEING… DOING is past. Just be in my heart beat, breath and ask them to be my grounding mechanisms. The very life beating and breathing my soul to its full potential in this human form. Awakening from this long forgotten remembrance as the morning mist is burned away by the sun of my inner beauty. Bringing me home, whole and free in each cycle of death, birth, renewal and regeneration – concentric circles within the spiral of life. The ripple effect from the inside out of zero beginning and ending with my heart.

  • Meremaat says:

    yes! yes! Yes it resonates spot on! I’m so grateful to have u on board my journey. You express in pure raw eloquence exactly how it is! And yes it’s epic! and the way out of the squeeze is to truly let go of all that no longer serves and we truly have to trust us and us alone which leads us into deeper unimaginable connection with self…. and our true authenticity ! Magical stuff !
    I’m jumping off the cliff! Letting go my relationship of 33 years which for a long time has not served me….it’s a time of power to realign …I’m soaring and my wings came out to embrace me and along the way I’m meeting up with awesome Souls like you …sharing the same truth and vision…
    Grateful for you post my sister…
    Blessings ….

  • HineAo says:

    Kia ora. I just wanted to say Yes – Your dream/ message completely resonates with me…I’m pretty sure all your messages each day/week do.

    Love, peace and light.

  • Brenda says:

    That was the most uplifting message I’ve received in a very long time. That truly spoke to my heart and soul. It was FIRE! Thanks for the inspiration and motivation.


    it did resonate..Thank you Crystal 🙂 love and blessings from India 🙂

  • Tamara says:

    Thank you so much, Crystal! What leaves a blank space to me it’s “where in this hole thing the dragon’s energy fits?”
    I feel this energy. More than this. Dragons are my family and I really want to knnow more about what you have to say.
    Please tell me. With tenderness, Tamara.

  • Kine Skjong says:

    Yes i can feel it ✨we standing on a brutish between to world ✨we can those what said we are on ~let’s the light shine✨⭐️✨❤️

  • James P Allison says:

    Goes right along with “the other person comes 1st”. Thank You!

  • Vera M. says:

    This message is so needed right now! A much needed message to God’s people, we have got to come together as individuals and also as a unit, we need to be lifting each other up and looking out for each other, if people are feeling pressure part of that is because we have lost the human spirit and what it means to be a Christian. I try to remember to count my blessings everyday and try to give to others, because how I walk along this planet everyday is important to me. Thank you for sharing the power of words in your message, you truly do have a beautiful soul keep moving forward.

  • Nicolette Karczewski says:

    I lost my sons father over a month ago and I’m crumbling. I suffer from depression before this happened but my 11 year old needs me more than ever. I feel like I’m a walking zombie because usually I’d be in bed. I don’t know what to do. I feel helpless because all he wants is his father and I can’t bring his dad back. He died from a motorcycle accident. I know he is part of my soul tribe and he speaks to me In my dreams. But this is by far the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through…

  • Isabela says:

    I ve been feeling that approach but couldn’t understand.. until now. Feeling the white dragon, very strongly. Please, dear, talk more about this light being …

  • Ludmila says:

    This was exactly what I needed to read… Excellent and so true! Thank you for your guidance:-) Love and light, xxx

  • Nelson says:

    Wow! Crystal I’m touched by this message. The pressure is on me to get married but honestly I don’t know what is keeping. I think I’m (head strong). Thank you so much and God bless you

  • Mladen says:

    Thank you precious

  • Kenia says:

    My dear Crystal,
    Thank you for you explaining to everything with me. I was dreaming on white dragon so magnificent. Sorry i cant understand with you on video without closed chaption l let you know i am deafness person. Love never fails. So beautiful blessed your divine baby light. I have no kids. Someday i will get one! ♥️

    May the Divine Light be with you,

  • Véronique Lemay says:

    Hello my Crystal Love. Your message resonates with me very powerfully. I am a clairsentience medium, a Soul passer, a specialist in spiritual symbology, I see the Future… Among other things… Sometimes I have the impression of being a Prophet, moreover, I have already been in more than one. a life. I have a book, books to write… I have known it for 3 years… But my spiritual awakening of this life has been very difficult… AT THE HEIGHT OF MY MISSION… Indeed since last Christmas, great upheavals have occurred in my life… There I must find myself another place to live, yes it causes me stress, but I know that my Soul has already found for me a perfect place. A place where the energies are not too low. Where I am it’s intense. I did a lot of lower astral mind cleaning. But like you say … it’s me that I have to protect now … so no my books will never see the light of day. . I am like you a Warrior of the light. I have reviewed many of my past lives, I have reviewed the history of our world and I am here to explain it… I make the FULL IMAGE of history and of what we are and where we are come. I am like you a teacher. In my books I also awaken those members of the Army who have come to this. Those who will shatter the old patterns to finally move forward. In my view, everything is turning square here, when everything should be fine … So a lot of work for a lot of Awakening Consciousness.

    You mentioned that we live on this Earth the call of the return of the mother to the father… A very beautiful mythology to explain by the way… Ouff that’s exactly the role that I live in this life. I know that everything is in me, that nothing comes from outside. But when we really remember what we are, when our connection to our Soul is so great… well know that it is very expensive. Yes, my soul is always with me, it guides me without good sense. But it’s not like being really in his arms … No, it’s not the same. Just like, there is a big difference, enormous, quantum even…. Such a big difference between connected to God and being linked in his body in vibration of Love… it is 2 WORLDS… In this life, I lived moments of ecstasy, remembering to me what UNION is .. It’s just SICK…. The most beautiful feeling I have experienced in this life … I MISS MY SOUL SO MUCH. TERRIALLY I MISS MY GOD. We are, my mind and Soul, are so connected, it has presented itself to me a few times before, at least 5 times that I have been aware of… after the fact of course. He introduced himself to me in the CHAIR… He still represents himself as a man… since I am a woman. And that besides I tell the story of the union of the twin flames … AND NOT IT IS NOT A HUMAN, YOUR TWIN FLAME. The twin flame is a force, it is your soul… The rest are soul mates… souls of the same family… I remember God and so many others with whom I lived this war of light in through the millennia. I MISS THEM ALL · .. but they are always by my side. Just say their name and they guide me.

    Thank you Crystal Aryana… This kind of message helps me enormously to regain my strength for the rest of things… As soon as this move is done… it is the beginning of the writing of my book… which is already written in several parts .. But I start again at the beginning… so that everything is held together…. Goodbye and take care my Love …

    Vera valkyrie

  • Stacy says:

    I love you so much Crystal!!! ❤ I missed you so very much… You are a balm to my soul!! Thank you… That’s all I can really say, although it feels insufficient! But it’s like you speak straight to my heart and I just feel peace… ❤

  • Teodora Obretenova says:

    Very powerful! It totally resonates with me!
    Thank you!

  • Robinson says:

    Hi sweetie Crystal ❤️ Thanks for confirming my thoughts i just didn’t have the word thought ‘s Dam you hit the Nail on the Head EKSE Sweetie ❤️ the whole write up was fantastic wishing you GUD health GOD BLESS 1 LUV

  • Michele says:

    Congratulations on your new family journey!

    You are just the very best! Your love and tremendous soul feel for a lot of us who don’t quite have your great gift
    of writing and timing.

    Thank you beautiful spirited soul you

  • Shaun Hines says:

    Crystal, I got caught up on all your messages and videos.. You and Isabelle both look healthy and beautiful so that’s wonderful to see…
    Yes I feel and have felt the “Squeeze” for quite some time now ….
    It’s been uncomfortable and lonely…
    But I know my dad and the angels have been with my the whole time.. I’m extremely tired, but I certainly can’t be more tired than a mom with a newborn so I’ll keep quiet about that..
    … I know what’s making me tired, I just don’t talk about it.. maybe I should and that’s why it just literally wrote itself a message to you that I erased? I’m so used to signs and messages now that they’re a part of my day, all day long.. I’m sure it may sound crazy but even the crossword puzzles I do daily spell out a message with my name and the people I’m dealing with.. it’s awesome.. if only I could put it all together??… And lastly.. I completely agree on energetic hygiene and grounding.. I’m already into that lately.. I’ve learned some energy techniques with my hands and body for grounding and calming the nervous system.. and they DO WORK. I just have to keep up with them daily like you say.. I can’t wait to experiment with new ones that you have for us..
    Give Isabelle a kiss on her little head for me please..
    sending you divine angels love and gratitude.. sweet dreams..

  • Molinea says:

    This email felt like it’s really where I am in my life right now. Blessings and thanks.

  • Colette says:

    Sooo glad your back. everything resonates deeply. Keep the inspiration, light and love flowing. Keep scribing Source and Soul. Blessings to you dear Crystal

  • Adeyinka says:

    This is awesome, it highly resonate with me, it reverberate through my whole being. The truth of the entire experience of my life thats more that I can put in words.thank you so much for beeping your search light so deeply and penetrating.

  • Adam Galloway says:

    I read the email sent to me this morning, this evening. I was asked at the end if it resenated with me, and I am here to say it did. I have had a really rough, hard time, with just seems like everything. I’m starting over and moved back to my hometown after being gone a while. I knew that where I was, wasn’t where I was supposed to be. There was nothing there for me except an energy draining aura and a constant reminder everywhere I would look of the heart break I was feeling. I knew that in order for me to begin healing and becoming a even better version of myself, the best myself I have been ever before, I had to be here…home. I felt it was the path to go, but when the time came close to moving, one thing after another was seemingly fighting me from escaping the place I felt like a prisoner in. The energy was being pulled out of me stronger and more weighted down than my legs had the strength to stand nevermind a step towards the freedom I felt I was able to reach. My outlook, my mental health and the power of my soul, my spirit, felt completely and unfortunately gone to the hole of the lost. I’ve been continuing on though. I have arrived to my hometown last week and I have had small blessing beginning to reappear, but I haven’t felt like I have been doing what I really have to do to heal, strengthen my mental spiritual self and return down the path towards my destiny of my purpose and higher self. I have been reflecting every moment I have with my thoughts. Questioning why I continue this life’s path alone. Why does everything keep forcing me to struggle with every step forward. For over 40 years I’ve had to struggle claw and fight this life path alone and without a feeling of success in my adventures. Adventures… Ha ha ha LoL, that’s exactly what it is. Life it’s an adventure and an epic journey. That’s one of the lessons I have just recently truly learned. I had to go through those feelings, those struggles and those obsticales placed before me. These emotional and physical and spiritual tests were not weaking me they were building a stronger more knowledgeable self. In order for me to become what I wanted to blossom into and to someday feel loved by a faithful honest soulmate or my other half, I must love my whole self. I am only able to lead and teach others if I learn that I don’t need to have a damn thing other than what I have within me. I must learn so many self lessons. I have had a lot of lightbulb moments this week. A lot of realizing what I know to be true with the pathes God and I and my other flame of light have agreed to travel down fated road of lives’ lessons of growth and knowledge, before birth of this Life. So, to close and stop taking away from another’s time, I am compelled to say, Yes today’s message was a heart string puller, a reassuring thought that I am learning and feeling what I’m supposed to and am growing into the warrior that God wanted me to be, in order to help lead and teach and mostly heal others he sends me towards. Your words have been very powerful today. Thank you for what you have shared with me, with all of us. I hope someday I can be where I am aiming for, but I will be knowledgeable in knowing I am headed to the destination I was already going to. Going there realizing I am all I need to complete love whole.

    • Anthony Blackmon LLC says:

      3rd day 3rd month a wedneday 3rd day of a week is ironically the day my journey will begin
      A long time a coming traveled in and out of many obstacles something always pushn or pokin sticking or stabbing at me to achieve a mission impossible for a possibile Omission of absolute truth I am an addict Innocently introduced I carry it well so the lies I will tell myself Convince me but don’t please me late nights
      Passionate fights compromise my insight one eye for an eye sight halfway since life time of defense choose now get off the fence no need for-comments passion fueled desire Ignited blast off No seatbelt required Held against your will the gravity hold you steal in times like these With viruses in disease many kinds of thrills Pleasure or pain let’s get real it’s time to feel love so let’s make a deal Your actions and your words will be stronger than anything that can occur because all you got is your word understand that and you’ll get further in the race No competitionYou at your own pace don’t worry you have passion to embrace erase the grace don’t be a disgrace in this place
      Get out of my face it’s time to win this race to
      The mission

      that I was sent and embrace and trust in faith ihis amazing grace
      Keep it going understand why time is now don’t be shy

  • Lynda says:

    Wow.. That was so intense and an affirmation to what I am feeling. Thank you soo much for this.. it fit for my life journey now.. Thank you Crystal ..

  • Niecy says:

    Today’s reading certainly resonates within me. Totally needed this read on new era of completion out with the old & in with the new. I too had an awkward feeling last year & couldn’t pinpoint where this feeling generated from. Now I wholeheartedly know & I’m completely grated to read apart of my being. Thank you so much!

  • Anna Rasch says:

    The e-mail you sent me resonated in a way that is unusual….I just got out of my session with my therapist….checked my emails….EVERY word that was written WAS ME!!!! You are truly helping me unlock my own power. Thank You! Blessings upon you times 3!!!

  • Mandy says:

    I saw the white dragon this afternoon sat in the car staring at the clouds an I laughed as I thought wow that looks like a dragon.. then read your post .. wow ..

  • Gina McMains says:

    Just what I needed today. Thank you Sister❤️

  • Janet says:

    I do resonate to this message, I need to leave a negative, mistrusting relationship to find myself and myself is the person I love right now♡ I just find it most difficult at this stage in my life but I know it must be done…

  • Anna says:

    Hi Crystal Ariana
    I so resonate with your message , it totally verbalises what I am experiencing right now and over the past months .
    So Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou !
    I live in Australia and am on this journey alone but not feeling alone , in fact less alone than ever before .
    More connected than ever before .
    It fills my heart to know & feel linked in to that connectedness.
    Congratulations on the birth of your new baby , and thanks for sharing the Beauty and the Love of her .
    Wow what an embodiment of the Love and Truth of the now ( No Pressure little Isabella Sophia )
    Again many thanks for Sharing your Wisdom.
    In Absolute Gratitude.

  • Meremaat says:

    Hi …yes crystal I totally relate this msg as I’m being awakened to who I have always known myself to be but at one point along the way I choose fear over following my true path and so now 33 years later I’m stepping out of my co-dependent relationship of 33 years to align to my true authentic self and life journey . It’s a huge squeeze and yes it’s taking everything I’ve got and the lessons of every experience I’ve had so far to use as a beacon of light. It’s heavy dreamy and very exciting and I have only myself to trust and being guided by my intuition. It is indeed a magical time . I feel I’ve taken the necessary leap of faith off the cliff and I’m soaring and meeting magical spirits like yourself along the way and it’s truly transformational…
    Much love and light my beautiful sister..

  • You are dead on it, especially since we are going into the Age of Aquarius. I’ve known I was meant for a magical and put here to do great things when I was a in middle school, but after I graduated high school in 1998 the material world has always been a struggle for me. I have never felt like I belonged anywhere until now. I was born on a Full Moon in Scorpio and a Taurus Sun. My life path number is a 7 and destiny number is 4. My address growing up adds up to 1111.

    Then in 2010 I got a cell phone that adds up to 1111. Also numbers and patterns have followed me my whole life I just was too busy being what the material world expected from society and I have been miserable until now. But it has been an emotional rollercoaster, but a good one.

    Trust and balance is the best thing for me. And staying away from negative vibes and toxic people. I have shed everything, but have gained almost everything.

  • Shay says:

    Absolutely beautiful right on time Thank you so very much peace and blessings soul sister

  • Daniel DiDonato says:

    I definitely feel and have been feeling a drastic change. Spiritual awakening that came out of nowhere. Started months ago and is still happening. It feels like, at this point in my life, I’m not on the path I’m supposed to be and God is guiding me in the right direction. Everytime I fight it, I’m punished with paranoia. I feel like I have a purpose that God wants me to fulfill. I’ve made lots of positive changes and just waiting for a sign of whats next. This has been a roller coaster of an experience and I really just hope that things will get better as long as I keep doing the right thing.

  • Marie garner Garner says:

    Thank you a much for your enlightenment I always look forward to my readings from you.
    They’re always on time this is a must during my spiritual transition.

  • Karen says:

    Makes perfect sense. Thank You!

  • Hajnal says:

    Thank you so much for this. It resonated with me on so many levels. I wanted to first say that I have discovered/ connected with white dragon only a few months ago and its medicine, and wisdom has changed so much within me that I even painted the white dragon to show respect and remember so when I saw this email my jaw dropped. It makes so much sense its a collective energy for this new cycle. Also since then I have remembered by journey that White Phoenix is my liberation animal of which I didnt even realize there was a liberation animal until it came to be to create a shamanic mediation for others. haha Anyways I loved what you said about being whole within yourself and I have been trying to remember and let this resonate within me so much in the past week. I truly appreciate your time and sharing and wish you all the best! Much love to you!

  • Ashly says:

    That was pretty amazing and I’m pretty sure that message was meant for today and not yesterday. I feel like my life has seriously been like the the lord of the rings not to sure what the hobbits name was i think frotto, I have battle since I was fourteen with drug addiction. My life has been a constant war it feels between the good forces and evil forces it’s almost like the hobbit constantly battling to not use but this was a reminder of the responsibility we all have in these times to love ourselves and realize how amazing we are,every person makes a difference sometimes that’s all it takes is that one to tip the balance. Ultimately we have to remember love and our relationship to ourselves delivers us straight to the light and spirit and mother earth. Your an amazing mother and I love you very much,I look forward to following u thank you.

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    I felt boxes until last month. In March I began to feel lighter and lighter, I left the universe do its job and it succeed.
    I chose ME amd this feeling of loving myself is something I never realized before reading you the first time.
    Thank you, yes I am ready to go throught that door of new life and love.

  • I can indeed feel the shift, I can see and feel the Battle of light and darkness, I can feel the new beginning of all things and I know in my heart now is the time that we must choose. I choose the light, I choose Love, I choose sister and brotherhood, I choose the tranquility of God.

  • Anna says:

    I am feeling this and have been feeling this for awhile. In all aspects of my life.
    I’m ready

  • Carol Maddox says:

    I most definitely am feeling it.

  • Terri Almond says:

    I was trying to name it… that feeling inside…then I read, “squeezed” , and thought that’s it. That’s exactly IT ! Thanks for today’s message and for what is still to come.

  • Joris Peeters says:

    Yes, your message resonates with me Aryana. I was thinking today about the photon belt, before I even read your message. Love you too!

  • Nerida Winters says:

    Thank you. This is exactly where I am at and what I am feeling. Thank you for bringing me more clarity and understanding.

  • Penny says:

    Greetings Crystal,
    Your message totally resonates with me and so many levels. The past couple of years, we has impacted our social wellbeing. It has been a struggle, but at the same time, being a time to totally recharge my relationship with my Husband. Energy hygiene makes sense in terms of what is it stopping and affecting our energies. I am very intuitive to how people are feeling, in which, I am working on not vicariously taking on stuff that is not mine.

    I have been working on my emotional, spiritual, and mental health hygiene. I love that saying because it totally makes sense to me. Thank you for your email and video from last night. I will continue to follow you and look forward to learning and practicing energy hygiene.

    Thank you,

  • Nancy Mayer says:

    Your message is a blessing for me today.
    I too have felt like I’m boxed in and can’t catch my breath. My mind is scattered and I feel pressure all around me. It’s suffocating. Your words have brought me back to me, standing strong with focused energy on creating ,loving and expressing who I am through thought, movement and flow. My actions are purposeful and I can breathe again . I am feeling centered and peaceful. I can meditate now, release, and cleanse.
    Bless your beautiful gentlel soul and the power of your thoughts.
    In love and light

  • Tracee Greenough says:

    Hammer + Nail = Well, you get the idea….
    Felt My Lord right here with me

  • Jon says:

    Yes Crystal ,You are bang on,and in tune with the Universe and all that is .
    Totally what has been coming up for me .
    Connecting with father sun and Mother Earth to bring in the light and hold the cosmic Christ COnsciousness energy and send it out to all life !!
    Big shifts taking place within too .
    Thank you and many blessings Jon x

  • Christy Hooks says:

    This really hit me its exactly the way I feel my faith is the only thing I’ve ever had no one can take from Meyer I see compleyely

  • Yolanda says:

    This resonates with my present journey, wow.
    Thank you and welcome back with a beautiful new addition

  • Jan says:

    This deeply resonated with me. I feel as if I am learning to just trust my heart and my mind working together. I am enough, I am love.

  • Cherise D Payne says:

    This was SUCH GREAT CONFIRMATION for my Soul!!! Thank you

  • Angel says:

    What a beautiful and clarifying message!
    Thank you so much.

  • Kate says:

    Lovely message. Powerful but clear. Much appreciated. Heard deeply in my bones and being

  • Brandi N Smith says:

    100% Resonation

  • Nora Booi says:

    Right now im depressed I can’t think straight since my mom passed away january .I have a feeling that someone has a hand on her death may u please help me I need a closure

  • Char says:

    Wish I could edit LOL, but the universe prbly wants it to be written that way …but it is important to note that I still have my MOM’S love. The very lifeline of love I may soon miss most….
    Wishing all a day of clarity, courage, and peace….cheers

  • Char says:

    Halo…hello…. resonate may not be most accurate in describing the effect of today’s message… more likely echoing… and the squeeze?? I have been pushed and pulled and dragged to being the smallest and most insignificant being in the lives of people around me that I love. … …, and I expired…*poof*….gone….
    I must have slipped through the eye of the needle in that moment, as when on the other side, I announced my own fatality. I spoke the words out loud that I had been burrowing under ignorance (the blind kind)… I proclaimed I was no longer going to accept blame for being me. In fact, the message I wrote on my mirror was “Goodbye. We will never this lady again”…. I chose to stand for myself, for who and how I am and state my goodness. And I accomplished this magnificent feat all while bawling my eyes out and not asking anyone why they didn’t like me…, I reached my tipping point. The opinions they have of me are not mine, never were, and have no power to define me. They are welcome to their opinions. I then chose to leave the space and expressed MY need to do that FOR ME.

    Best of all, I still have my mind love, and she told me she wouldn’t want to change a single thing about me. I was already her perfect child just the way I am. Than I bawled some more…. so I guess the echo was from an explosion – or maybe only an echo because it was an implosion….

  • Yve says:

    Hi Crystal. You message is timely. I have felt turned inside out for a long while now. I have felt a sense of anxiety and panic, especially today. I woke up fine and then out of the blue it hit me. Your analogy of being squeezed is spot on. Thankyou and welcome back old friend.

  • MariVahlai says:

    Yes it resonated with me. Going to move forward with the plans that were in place.


    Aryana definitely this resonate with me 100% so inspiring is like you make this for me specially it touches me deeply indeed am speakless at the moment i indeed appreciate your support and advice more and more in each massage that you share with me your time effort and energy is all divinely guided and sported because you uplift humanity spreading love unconditionally straight from the depth of your heart i love you more everyday i am praying for you long long life good health and prosperity abundantly in all aspects of your life together with the Angel ISABELLA much love and light peace to world may the Almighty God bless/showers us all wit sirinity divinity guidance and protection true our entire life love and light peace forever and ever love is the answer of all!!!

  • Lorraine says:

    Beautiful message thank you

  • Tomiko says:

    What is written today resonates with me and yet when I look at my day I am tired of seeing the old interruptioning the light that wants to align with my heart. Trust in inner knowing gets forgotten, I am tired by the back and forth lack of groundedness.

  • Angela Rae says:

    Lovely message and truly resonated. Thank u

  • YGD says:

    Very beautiful lines of wisdom.

  • Gosta Bakker says:

    I really miss Jonathan Lionheart and Luna Dragonwel. They were more my cup of thee.
    Where can I find them?
    Best regards Gösta

  • Cielo Aquino says:

    Dear Crystal Aryana,

    I love you more than you love me! This is incredibly true and it resonated with me and have always been. You are such a precious gem that shines and lights up our path. You’re a treasure to me.

    Thank you so much for all the insights and clarity that I receive from you and will be receiving, all is very useful and of great help to me. Thank you so much for your love and guidance. Blessings, love and light.

    Much love,
    Cielo ❤️

  • Brenda says:

    Thank You so very much for my reading and all the tremendous thoughts of the fut, I appreciate all they you have to say. Sending hugs and love to you to♥️♥️♥️

  • Tiffany Rubin says:

    Beautiful uplifting messages always! Thank you for caring and sharing….especially your gorgeous new human

  • Tracey says:

    That was a phenomenal message It resonates 100% and I know it sounds crazy but growing up as a street kid and experiencing all forms of abuse in this lifetime has cultured me for this very time! My near death experience 4.5 years ago opened my heart, brought me to Spirit and led to my mission to help wake up the masses and help save the children by rhyme…I post divinely guided shock poetry on Instagram, Gab, Parler and Fuzia (India) under traceydoesrhymetime. I explore the human condition and present it, with LOVE from the “School of Hard Knocks” to encourage a taking back of power, to humanity Thank you for inspiring

  • I cannot express my gratitude enough. Sending love, appreciation, gratitude and every good thing your way. This was so very right on time. As always. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessings

  • MichellePlamondon says:

    Hi there,
    Yes, I’ve been working on me, letting go of the past and all that doesn’t serve me any longer. Wanting to start a new/fresh. Trying to stay away from anything negative in my life. I’ve been trying to find my way; but have been stuck with that. I haven’t found it yet. I feel that it is near ( I hope); because it has been difficult. trying different avenues to see where I could accommodate my skills in different areas, where I thought would be beneficial; but didn’t work out. So, I have no idea what’s in store for me. I’m still trying to hand on and trust in the Devine. In Life’s Purpose.

  • Sandy says:

    Wow is this timely! I have been planning big changes to improve myself. Yet, sadly, my beloved and beautiful sister died last week and has left a gaping hole in my heart. I had covid last year and survived and last year, for me, it was, like many, all about just surviving. I made it through, my sister has her 2nd vaccination and is keen to travel and see the world again, her partner finally retires, and then she passes. I think I don’t want to carry on and get involved in the past again … Then suddenly, I try to make sense and think, somehow I need to make my new starts and carry on. Your email was so powerful and totally resonates with me. Thank you.

  • R says:

    Beautiful message

  • Lili Amadi says:

    Love, feel and resonate with this on all levels. Thank you Crystal for these wonderful words. Very encouraging and I’m all here for it!

    With sprinkles of happiness
    Lili x

  • Ardath says:

    This was a message filled with hope. Thank you!

  • Tatum Underhill says:

    I feel this insane energy throughout my body as I read your words! As if my whole body were speaking them. ❤️✝️

  • Lady Roisin says:

    Well, today is the third day…I woke up on Sunday with a massive vibe and many thousands of ‘places to go’ in my head, a greater change than I have ever felt, in my understanding, and, keeping it all safe within me…till I can ‘think it through’
    Now, as I say, it is my third day and I am just about ‘returning to normal’. However, when I say normal, I mean the ‘new normal’ (acceptance of myself and all that I can be)…
    And your message understood…thank you

  • Anjelique says:

    Yes, I have truly been feeling that zero point, no return pressure. Instead of fearing it, though, I relish it!! Bring it on, I AM READY!!! To our new birth!!!

  • Julie says:

    Oh yes! I have been feeling this change coming. Particularly in my career. The old had changed around Christmas in my job of 8 years that I loved doing. It felt it no longer fit me. My mind was telling me to stay, my heart and soul to go! I have found a new job doing the same work, in a total new industry that I start in a week. All new learning. I feel real good about the decision. Thanks for your inspirations!

  • Cherise says:

    Wow… you have perfectly explained so beautifully and with so much love the way I have been feeling but not being able to put into words. This very much resonates. This pressure.. this calling… this fear like time is running out.. this deep trust Iv been asked to step into and have been struggling with because I have not been consistent with my energy clearing & self love.This is exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you beautiful soul

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