Intense Times of Change: When Your Open Heart Is Saying To Honor What’s Done

Hello lovely soul,

Thank you to those hearts sending me messages and emails…

I’ve been closed for temporary spiritual maintenance and it took me a bit longer than I thought… 

But for real, I appreciate you.

I’ve just been in the thick of it…

Burning away what’s left and being highlighted as no longer serving or supporting where I am.  

Finding me, trusting myself, taking the risk and accepting what I am here to do is part of this. 

Including getting attuned to the work I have to do to create my dreams (work with what you got)! 

It’s been a big Life Review time the past month.  

And I feel 2023 = Is a massive Choice point time for us collectively too.  

Of choices we MUST make! 

To step forward, towards life, truth, our soul, our purpose in THIS lifetime that aligns with who we really are…

Yes, I am no longer renegotiating my values with anyone or anything on living the life I know is inside me and what I came here to create. 

So I’ve been honoring what’s still here, the old, sitting with all, recognizing and purging what’s no more. 

Seeing the bypasses or ways I avoid me that are no longer working…

It’s humbling to not have all the answers… 

Yet go within and sit. 

Sometimes all we can do is sit in the dark as we nourish a new way of being…

To understand my own threads that I weave with, the energy that wants to be expressed and mastered through me. The patterns or mirrors that serve me. How I function and why. 

It’s messy, going in

Yet perhaps when we access the messy parts that make us each our own…

This is also the part of you and your unique gift that the world needs. 

I feel many on a soul path holding their light are moving through BIG dark nights of the soul too…

Maybe this looks like parts of ourselves…life dying or death of a loved one, tragic loss.  

2022 was a year of surrender for so many…

I feel this will continue more in 2023. 

Or maybe for you this shows up as disillusionment, or disruptions, delays, unexpected turns…

Or perhaps in initiations and tests after you’ve already worked so hard, to show you what you couldn’t see, until you do. 

Or the one-way path to truth. Truth as it is. 

Surrendering. Accepting what is.  

Or maybe for you, if everything seems upside down, it’s staying rooted as the Truth you know inside you by following it.  

Truth you are excavating, acknowledging and claiming regardless of outside narratives…judgments. 

Or maybe it’s the journey of coming home to know you, yet from a completely new place. 

Or being made to dig deeper into your own inner (and outer) resources.

Perhaps like me, you feel you’re being stripped (for bigger things?) 

Yet you must walk completely into the unknown. 

Following the breadcrumbs from within as you hold up the torch yet can’t fully see ahead …

It’s scary…

I know I’m not alone. 

I know we’re being stripped from all that isn’t serving, including old identities and ways of relating … 

Yet only because our souls are calling us into the fullness of who we really are and came here to be (regardless of the spiritual war or times we’re in…)

The divine inheritance of what you are really here to do if you answer the call in this life. 

And thus you answer by stepping out of anything that is not for you or inherently yours at this time, so that you can realign your focus and energy. 

This means exiting, grieving, letting go … allowing death.  

Allowing the truth of whatever is to be fully revealed to you as you step deeper into owning more of your skin. 

Allowing the fire of your surrender, stillness and being, to purify and collapse out everything you are not or don’t want to keep engaging…

This is how you hear “core truth” outside of the places of hurt, repetitive anger, conformity and old programming.

A state of being able to trust, let in and hold its healthy power and inner authority from within. 

I believe in the power of stillness…

I know so many things can heal themselves when the poison is removed.

Along with the support of rest, darkness, water and nourishing herbs given in that order with the space to rest.

So as the modern Gregorian calendar pushes the world ahead…

I’ve been leaning back. Watering my core, tending necessary things. Inquiring. Observing. 

So, thank you for your love and grace, it’s taken me a bit of time to come around since New Years. 

I do have my next blog post for you in que.

It’s about what to expect in 2023 as a soul-led “7” year, as we anchor our hearts and create a new world of possibility outside of pattern… 

And how important your fluid, living heart and discernment is, for collapsing what isn’t love (as truth). 

However, for the past few weeks…

My body was slowing down, my heart saying honor what’s done.

To look closely at what I’m choosing in my life right now before continuing or making moves. 

Allowing death, old aspects dying… and space, to see all….

Space to unwind before what is to come, next. 

To see what is from a body level awareness and allow the truth or purifying of what needs to be.  

To allow my awareness and center to adjust and fully integrate before experiencing how to move or make the decisions and actions I must take. 

To unpack CLARITY. 

Make necessary closure. 

Make time to ground what is known deep down (or yet to discover…)

Clearing the space for fertile new growth to exist from a blank slate.  

To just let go… To surrender to what is coming for you when you meet yourself.

Keep asking:

What must I give more death to…in order to generate more life?

What do I know should die yet I am hesitant to allow it? 

What must die in me in order for me to love

What must die?

What is calling to birth within? 

Asked in another way:

What “life” is calling me, yet I am afraid to give birth to it? 

And if not now….then when? 

January was a month filled with life reviews, big identity shifts and timeline collapses…

Now we move into February with all the planets stationed direct until April (21st)!

 It’s go time baby!

A choice to step back or step forward. 

“I am no longer renegotiating values to live a smaller life.”

It takes completely letting go of what isn’t working and no longer resisting what is. 

Part of what opening your heart might look like; the unknown. 

This doesn’t mean giving up, quitting, or giving in…

It means a relationship with the whole of you and truth as it really is regardless how initially painful. 

It’s when your being understands the price of letting go of what doesn’t serve in exchange for what does. 

It’s the receptive intelligence and bravery that meets the forgotten power living inside you…

No, surrendering isn’t passive. 

It’s a paradox: it’s an active collapse that invites fullness…

In my next blog post I’ll zoom more in-depth into what this might look like for you. 

And why your discernment as well as your fluid, living, flowing heart and being is SO needed during this time we’re in…

Our hope for a better world is within our ability to stay rooted in our fluid heart regardless of the external world stage. 

This is why we are here

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for…”

Love you, 

Crystal Aryana

PS – I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences…  What is this time bringing up for you?  Let me know in the comments section…

Crystal Aryana

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  • Fardette Admere says:

    I feel very much in alignment. What is becoming more “ripe” for me is completely and frequently walking out of my comfort zone for what is the “right thing to do that follows my calling” and the fire inside me getting bigger. Yes aligning my path in service to the sacred doesn’t always equal bliss. Many times is growing pains. Yet I’m learning to not censor myself or squeeze myself into others labels or put a veil over living my truth. Thank you Crystal.

  • Femke Siebers says:

    Thank you so much for your sharings that come from such a loving heart and strong intuitive guidance. It seems to me we have to die many times to really come alive and these cycles are very present in this current time. Being stretched and tested up to the point where we think we cannot take it. But then we expand and with that expansion so much old stuff is released and we can trust the divine process even more. So thank you for your posts and best wishes to all of us to create the life our souls have been dreaming of for a long time

  • A says:

    Thank you Crystal.

  • Arlene Williams says:

    Hi Crystal,
    I thank you for the awareness post! Right now in my life I came to the conclusion I need to purge within. I’ve been denying that I need to go deeper within my soul. I keep attracting the wrong individuals (men) who take my kindness for granted. Anyone can say they love you and their actions speaks and moves to the opposite. I’m a person who take love seriously and always get hurt. I’m realizing I need to love myself more and wait for the Universe to send the right individual.

    I’m need to let old habits die and birth the real person I was meant to be.

    Sending much love to you Crystal

  • Emily says:

    I am floored, I remember when I got a reading from you years ago. I just saw your email tonight and read your posts (from December) and I just want to say thank you. I am thought slightly bewildered that I am seeing your string of thoughts in these posts after couple weeks I have had. I see this message! God is speaking to me through you. Yes my heart says too, it’s time to end what is done. True. Some of our pain (old trauma), we must break up with, not try to fix or resolve yet just break the curse of “what is obsolete” and can’t be mined for gold as you said. This is part of the gift, understanding my own worth and my own mirror.

    I get it…finally. I get that some karmic cycles will literally go on forever if we let it. No.

    I’m here for myself now. No more pouring fuel on the fire of my own suffering when I need tending and connection to the whole.

    It is returning to the innocence so that I may truly “tend” and face the whole truth, meaning the parts I most avoid. My power and my next level is through the portal of what I used to avoid in myself. Thank you Crystal from my heart to you. I will be one of those people looking out for your next post.

  • Joann Joann says:

    —Such a beautiful reading; I just read it aloud to a friend, and the power in the message was even greater than reading it alone to myself.

    You have enriched the searching lives of two grateful people. May Blessings, health and joy be yours in deep appreciatioin, Joann;

  • Cheri says:

    Yeah, you nailed it for me. Sitting in the dark I am and I don’t know what is fully clear yet. I am in the death. Death of all that keeps me small by stepping “forward” into the unknown. Nothing and everything that I am.
    Just like you said in one of your other blogs it’s been “attaching to nothing or clinging to nothing” yet observing everything with my whole being as I come back to myself. I feel like I was meant to read this tonight. I just read all your last many posts. I feel better after reading them. I’ll be looking for your next one.

  • G. says:

    I’m in the period of death, of seeing myself as a outsider and because of my not wanting to listen. Cast away the beast so the rest can live, yet deep inside I cannot help but think why I choose to be the beast and not part of a whole. Demons are not allowed to have the greatest gift… life. Alone I wonder how is it that I haven’t taken my last breadth? Is it the fact that now my world will forever judge me? Beautiful souls see me as the pestilence, and I smile, because I know they are right and who knows if I will ever be a part of the greatest picture ever drawn. I believe wanting is sometimes bad. Now is it bad to be wanting to be good? There lies the deceit, that I fell for. Thank you for such a great interesting topics..

  • Neda says:

    Doch geh hinein und setze dich.

    Manchmal können wir nur im Dunkeln sitzen, während wir eine neue Art des Seins nähren …

  • Cassandra says:

    I have been following your posts for a long time (before you went on break a couple times). It’s crazy how I can see you all of a sudden and fully resonate with whatever you put out after not seeing you for a while. I just read your other post too.

    I agree, it’s such a death and birth I am still navigating and emerging from.

    I came to the realization the other day that after all that Ive gone through, I am finally practicing…i am finally actualizing.

    I have turned my pain, trauma, addictions and even self loathing into love, forgiveness, healing, hope. I’m in a new place and now have a recovery job helping others. Funny cause if you told me 2 years ago I would be here now, I wouldn’t have believed you.

    Thanks Crystal. I am grateful for your posts through all this time and your generosity and look forward to seeing your posts again.

    with Love. Cass

  • Ianto says:

    Crystal, you are so wonderful, so appreciated. Thank you so much for … well, for you.

    The past couple of years has been so … radical … in everything it has brought, everything it has taken away. I have now come to clarity regarding where I stand with our Culture (the worldwide one):

    I am now knowing the JOY of having no more fucks to give it 🙂

    What I am realising is that, Yes, our culture is a problem … but only to itself … no longer to me. And that feels a profound relief.

    Self love, self love, self love … all the rest comes from there.

    You have helped me a great deal, Crystal. More than I can say here. You are highly valued and I hope to enjoy your beautiful help and support for a good long future. This world is a much lovelier place with you here in it.

    Thank you again … and again …

    Love Ianto xxx

  • Kevin says:

    Yes surrender. wow.thank you

  • Sandra says:

    Thank you Crystal. I am totally in between my old life and letting go of everything I have known. It’s hard to listen within when the world tells you to be something else. I appreciate your message

  • Sofie says:

    Hi Crystal Aryana

    It really seems we are all in a time of change, a time to renew who we are and what we are capable of.
    As I’m working with Reiki and now opening up to the Akashic Records in my course, it seems as though my knowledge and what I can
    give to my clients comes to me in “wow” moments. I can feel the Universe is helping me further and in some ways I think this knowledge
    is something that we once had, but now opening up again. I feel so blessed that I am a part of this ascension coming to us now on Earth.

    With love and greetings from Denmark


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