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Spring Equinox

After The Baby Birth 👶🏻 + Birthing A New Business: ♥️

No darling, you don’t need to be the energizer bunny in your videos or on all of your client and course calls.

Expectations of your greatness will only weigh you down.

Maybe showing up to a call tired as hell is the medicine for both you and all you touch.

And maybe if you had no resistance, that exhaustion would shift… because you gave it space… and allowed yourself to be seen in it…

Maybe been seen in it is the only thing it wanted…

Maybe this is permission for everyone else…

To be seen in their human…

And maybe this is how you heal…

Maybe this is how you awaken…

Not by waiting until the storm passes…

But by showing up as great… within the clouds…

This is not pushing yourself past your limits-

This is showing up to your soul, and its desires, its commitments that it chooses…

And saying-

“This is where the real healing, activation, arousal, and arrival are housed.”


More coming soon


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Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

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Crystal Aryana

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  • Tom Romeyn says:

    A beautiful and authentic message…thank you….much love to you and your family.

  • Muriel Hahn says:

    Hi Beautiful soul may the Blessings of the creator fill our hearts with compassion, love and understanding. Trust respect, responsibility. As the wholeness of our creator has given us, that we may find in ourselves. “Amen” GOD’S BLESSINGS TO YOU AND YOUR’S.

  • Sue says:

    Congratulations sweetie, she’s a beautiful like her mom! Get rest, stay healthy and wonderful as always! I just received an grandchild myself!

  • Aleksandra says:

    Congratulations Crystal on your new beautiful baby Izabela….all the best to both of you…

  • Terence Bone says:

    So refreshing to see a honest, truthful and natural video from you instead of a vail of economic gain which I receive from so many others.
    Good work and keep it up! best of luck to you and your family….

  • Angie F says:

    What a beautiful message and video.Thank you so much for sharing your heart with me/ us on here. It’s wonderful to see your precious little angel. I always look forward to hearing from you. Stay well. With Love. Xxx

    • Gerald Eldon O'Dell says:

      You sent Today at 11:03 in the mornin’
      GERALD, because we have a powerful connection, I wanted to confirm what the first three cards were telling me about you, by drawing two MORE cards. This is not something I usually do – but you, GERALD, deserve every opportunity, because your heart is pure and your soul is good. And what I found for you is very, very exciting.
      You sent Today at 11:29 in the mornin’
      What was the Mark of the Beast?
      In the Book of Revelation, we read about the arrival of the INVISIBLE EVIL SPIRITS OF THE LORD OF THE Beast – the Spiritual invisibles enemy of the Holy Father GOD’s holy people. During this period, the Holy Son, Holy Jesus Christ-followers will be excluded from participation in the local economy unless they agree to place upon their holy head and holy hand the LORD mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:16-18).
      But what is the exact nature of the evil spirited mark within the lying heart that fills the mind?
      Revelation,13:16; And he cause all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or within their foreheads:
      Revelation,13:17; And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
      Revelation,13:18; Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for this is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred sixty-six. Notes: 6+6+6= 18 // 8 month on 18 day.
      Psalm, The Nineteen Book of Prophecy
      Psalm, Chapter 150:
      Psalm,150:1; Praise you the one good Living Spirit of the Holy Heavenly Almighty GOD. Give Holy Praise the one good Living Spirit of the Holy Heavenly Almighty GOD in his Holy sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his one good Living Spirit.
      Psalm,150:2; Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.
      Psalm,150:3;Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp.
      Psalm,150:4; Praise him with the timberland dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.
      Psalm,150:5; Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high-sounding cymbals.
      Psalm,150:6; Let everything that has breathed praise the one good Living Spirit of the Holy Heavenly Almighty GOD. Praise you to the one good Living Spirit of the Holy Heavenly Almighty GOD.

      8:18 12:12 pm 1950 year I was born. My woman: Debrah, 12, 12 1979, four fingers count 12 on each hand, many more Jesus born 1:16 day 34 A.D. prove as written. Took me 16 years to rewrote the Holy Book from 1611 KJV.
      Ezekiel.9:11; And behold, the man clothed with linen, which had the inkhorn by his side, reported the matter, saying, I have done as you have commanded me.
      Jeremiah,33:3; Call to me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you know not.
      Notes: So true indeed the Church does not know just yet, evil invisible Spirited is stopping me still, but not for long at all.
      You sent Today at 11:36 in the mornin’
      \The essence of warrior ship, or the essence of human bravery, is refusing to give up on anyone or anything.

  • Tina Gomez says:

    What a beautiful precious angel that God has chosen you to be the mother who is such a blessing to bring the video to me to watch I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me this morning I send all my prayers and congratulations to you and Sophia Isabella thanks Tina

  • Peterc Wang says:

    Thank you Crystal,

    Very inspiring and it is such joy to bring in a new life.
    All the best to mother and child.


  • stefan cornelisse says:

    Dear Crystal,

    Despite the fact that I have been walking with you for a while. Has it until today
    only after seeing your video did I give the impression that I was really being addressed by someone sincerely!
    Because that was not clear to me.
    It is completely as you say yourself because you show who you really are that I will only listen with appreciation to what you can and will tell me.
    Because you are right we are all the same we are universal beings and yes that also means beings of the universe.
    Because even though we look different from the outside in this observable world! We all share one and the same energy, this is life energy! CHI!
    And what we see now is nothing more than an illusion of reality in which we are distracted from what is!
    So this has already been proven to me and a revelation was made to me about 18 years ago.
    And there was a woman who, in addition to palmistry, also had quite a talent for seeing the future!
    Unfortunately, that also saw a very good friend of mine say a tragish ending!
    However, what we see or consider as ending is not what really is!
    However, after years I have found out what I think this woman used to see! I have also experienced this a number of times!
    Only this woman could see very accurately the events in her own mind!
    The stupid thing is that she only did this after reading my hand to see what was the reason for, say, two loves and the children!
    Where I indicated that I found it strange to have a child with someone and then abandon him.
    However, she explained to me clearly … it was not my choice.
    Also for she saw the break in my hand loan line where my life came to an equilibrium point.
    However, she assured me that it would be okay and that I was a sensible person and would take the right action.
    And it is that a few years ago I was in some nonsense romp with a friend where I got an unfortunate knee in my stomach!
    However, after an hour I arrived back home and I just came out of the toilet.
    So it happened that I collapsed.

    And I finally called for help to get to the hospital quickly ….
    Once there, photos were taken immediately and the conclusion was drawn that he had a ruptured spleen!
    And it was a good thing I would have come on time otherwise I would probably have been dead within an hour!
    After which he asked me is there someone we should call ?! So to which I then replied,
    I know it sounds crazy but no it is not necessary I know it will be alright!
    And then I was put on the IC and, as you read, recovered!
    It’s these experiences and several more I’ve had that make me wonder,
    how much influence our choices really have in the now!
    Because after all this and I think about it, I conclude that all these choices have already been made, only not in dementia, not in this current experience.
    So there is also a documentary of a man called Russel Targ on youtube!
    He’s talking about ESP reading. Difficult to explain but I advise you to check it out!
    I have already proven this technique myself to a good friend of mine who had started walking with my dog
    and then it ran off!
    However why I tried it, then I thought to myself let’s give it a try and close my eyes ,to see where he is and what would play!
    And when he came back I interrupted him in his first word and said stop or else you think I heard from you somewhere!
    Because he was quite excited! To which I told him I’m going to tell you what happened!
    After which he gave me a strange look and I said I will first describe the area around farmers fields and a country road.
    However I said when I was looking for you I could see you and Marley his dog and I felt panic but I didn’t see my dog!

    This was the point where I have had to take full confidence and faith in you and not call you!
    And to know you would do the right thing and come back with my dog!
    So he looked surprised and confirmed to me that I was completely correct with everything!

    So I am also very impressed with what I was able to experience through these events
    but also what I have learned from it so far!
    And as Russel also says, which may be strange, but it is true that this technique is absolutely not a spiritual pass or pad!
    This is completely true, but I am of the opinion that this does not matter at all, unless you have a problem with this!

    This is a piece of my story that I would like to share with you.
    Because you also shared and showed a piece of your story!
    That is why i congratualate you and you husband with your new addition to the family!
    And above all keep doing what you are already doing
    and that is sharing love, recognition, but also wisdom, knowledge and respect!
    I personally thank you for your message to me.


  • Olga says:

    Congratulations Chrystal, Isabella is a very lucky girl and very beautiful. Whishing you both many blessings.

  • SM says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. But I think Beltaine is traditionally celebrated May 1, not March 15 as you said in your video. Nonetheless, she is clearly a spring baby and all that means!

  • Winter says:

    You two are beautiful, congratulations on that amazing little light! I wish you blessings and thank you speaking to my heart ❤️ I love you beautiful souls

  • Ernie Novianti Ponto says:

    Great appreciation for you for being able to make this video while nursing your lovely baby angel. Thank you so much for your message❣

  • Gholam reza saberi says:

    Congratulations on the beautiful girl that God gave you

  • Chelle says:

    Your words ring with truth. I’ve been feeling like I’m standing on the precipice of something so big.

  • Vicki Veiga says:

    Congratulations to you new born. May all the Guardian angels surround and prorect your family. Love and light.

  • Portia says:

    So sweet- you are so blessed

  • Perri says:

    Love & Light Your Isabella will bright you great Light & love I too have a Isabella she is a sweet Light of pure LOVE Thank you for this I needed this this beautiful morning Love Perri


    Wow! thank you for your message it has hit me by the heart. I feel that this is really happening to me right now. I was born March 19, 1972, and this year I am developing a special friendship with a man after 11 years of being separated. I am not yet sure because there is still doubt about how I am as a woman but I let him see who I’m really am just like what you said, I let him see me with messy hair perspiring, etc. I’ll be waiting for your messages. Thank you so much and Congratulations on Isabella, she’s adorable.

  • Ana says:

    Me and my husband keep on back and forth we are separated for 6 years we want to try it but if the times came I don’t know I just couldn’t find myself live with him but I want him. Is it the right decision that I make to file a divorce already? He is nit really showing me that he is gonna be there for me specially in time of hardship.

  • Lesley Stone says:

    Beautiful, Gorgeous, everything about this video and message. AND exactly what I needed to hear right now — affirmed thoughts I was birthing from some perplexity and this content comes in and I am answering YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Enjoy this most beautiful and important time in your life. Blessings

  • Kenneth says:

    Welcome to the world cutie baby.
    We love you here from Nigeria.

  • Liz says:

    Wow, nice to meet you! Congratulations on your beautiful daughter and thank you for the sincere message. It really resonates with me. Your message is pure and Divinely connected to where I’m at right now, so thank you. Looking forward to more!

  • Elizabeth Grace says:

    I would like to wish you great happiness with your beautiful new baby Isabelle Sophia.
    May the days, months & years ahead be full of great joy and amazing times together.
    Much blessings on you & your beautiful new daughter xxx

  • Alicia Tipping says:

    Congratulations! Such a beautiful baby. Isabella, welcome to the world!

  • Nicolette Karczewski says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful baby!
    My 11 year old son lost his dad last month to a motorcycle accident. I lost my dad when I was 23 and to hear, see, and feel what my baby is going through makes me feel helpless. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever been through in my life so far. I feel his dad’s strength from the other side but when my boy is sobbing and tells me how much he misses his daddy breaks me so down to where I don’t know what to do. I need more strength. I need prayers.
    Love you for all that you do. Keep it up.

  • marcia catarina olympio says:

    parabéns, linda a sua bebê, muito lindo vc amamentando,

  • Debbie says:

    Am I and my boyfriend gonna keep continuing fighting are we gonna still be together or are we gonna separate is there another women

  • Lucy says:

    Congratulations dearest Crystal and a very warm welcome to this wonderful bundle of joy!
    Sending you tons of love and light

  • Harry Davis says:

    Very Beautiful Baby. I just want to say, I have wroting that I am a Man. Why do I get my Personal Readings addressed to a Woman? Is not the Reading suppose to be Personal?

  • Kine Skjong says:

    So precious ❤️Dis is Love ❤️

  • Congratulations!!! Beautiful Baby!! I love Baby’s, touch, smell, smile, you name it. I suppose that comes from being raised the second child from nine in my family. A new baby arrived every 18 months, and I was the second Mom changing diapers, etc. A thrill to hear a giggle, see a smile, I am so happy for you!!! Take care, Joanie Anderson

  • Aubrey Carrasquillo says:

    I am so grateful for you and the message you gave. Thank you

  • Iris says:

    I just want to know what happen to the feeling about the man I love.We were close I did feel him he is 1200 k from me.I need direction I dont have money everyone wants money.Who is blocking my happenis

  • mark niederstadt says:

    thanks crystal I hope you have the strength and love to support those with you and around you building a community of love and light and future seeds
    you are very appreciated with all you have contributed and hopefully continue to GIVE
    congratulations and welcome little sophia

  • Tessa says:

    One love and unity… very important things you are adressering thank u…

  • Donna says:

    When will I meet someone special?and will my fanicial get better.

  • Vicky says:

    She is beautiful as you are. You words here are amazing. I needed them at this moment.
    Love and Light to you.

  • Hello,dear and Congratulations!I have the good feelings about what do we do next ,I can^t wait! Your beautiful little one is a Miracle!I have not much time for me but the one positive thing with that pandemia is that I waked up ,my real and true ME.I am an empatic person and I worked with my energies long time ago,now is time for me to learn all again.Thank you for your words,gave me hope With love,Laura

  • Anna Gale says:

    How beautiful to see you and your baby, thank you for your message

  • Frank says:


  • Gena Murphy says:

    What a beautiful baby girl. Isabella Sophia
    Welcome to the world… You will do great things for mankind.. new baby girl isabella sophia
    is a gift beyond measure
    a wonder to hold
    and a lifetime to treasure.
    With ten perfect fingers
    and ten tiny toes
    two bright eyes
    and a sweet little nose.
    She’s bundled in pink
    And destined for pearls
    She’s a princess at heart
    Just like all little girls.
    Her life is a blessing
    filled with pure love
    and we welcome the miracle
    sent from above!
    My friend you have so well bring something so pure so perfect into the world congrats on being a mom thats the true divine mission..

    Always love a friend,
    Gena denise Murphy

  • Oluwakemi Oluwaremilekun says:

    I love you Ayana and little Angel Isabella. So happy to hear from you

  • Mara says:

    Adorable isabella Sophia

  • Caroline says:

    Congratulations on that bouncy baby . May God bless you with all the joys a babe brings to a family.
    Arcana, I have been in a troubled marriage for years and I want out, I’m depressed and worried and everything else my injuries my child, where ami going and what do I have coming?

  • Nishi Lutchmeenarain says:


    do you do personal reading?

  • Sharon Lugo says:

    She is so precious. Welcome beautiful ❤

  • Przemyslaw says:

    Thank you God bless YOU

  • Evelyn says:

    Wonderful, you’re living a magic moment. Enjoy every minute with your little one, she is your miracle. Love, Eve

  • Stacy says:

    Thank you so much Crystal!! ❤ That was so beautiful… I am always so inspired and comforted by your words… How I’ve missed them!! I am so grateful that you’re back and so excited for the new community! I love how the truth just pours out of you and invites all of us to recognize and respond with our own… It is so empowering and reassuring!! ❤ I love you, too!! ❤ And Isabella is just an angel… So peaceful and content while Mama speaks!

  • Carol Anderson says:

    She is so beautiful …,a gift from the heavens. Blessings to you both and sending you love and light. Take your time and get plenty of rest…… we will still be here patiently awaiting your return, in good health and strength. God bless you and your child… praying for healthy blessed spiritual life for this precious bundle..

  • Clara says:

    Wow! Thank you for such a special and meaning video , and thank you for sharing the special precious sweet girls in the video !

  • Camille says:


    Congratulations and my best wishes for this new Angel on earth! She looks so beautiful and peaceful ❤️

    So nice to hear from you again!
    I appreciate you so much

  • Annabell Cortez says:

    Thanks for that great video Crystal Aryana. God bless you and your cute

  • Petra says:

    God bless you and your new angel did you see the white light behind you during your video angels are with you be blessed

  • Lorna says:

    Hi there I read your email and watched your video it was good to watch and interesting to watch and nice to see you and baby in the video sweet I will always read your emails thanks kind regards ❤️ love Lorna

  • Marjorie Banton says:

    Congratulations!!! best wishes for you & your bundle of joy, happy for your safe delivery, Isabella Sophia is precious and cute as a button. More blessing’s to you mummy always, God bless.

  • Noland Steven Williams says:

    Love the video! I feel nothing short of inspired and enlightened, i needed that, thanks and much love to the two of you, thanks.

  • Debbie says:

    I don’t know if I should conveyer taking my ex back. He is going through some growth. Is it enough to keep us togather

  • Jacqueline Tlou says:

    Welcome Isabella and welcome back mom,we missed you and ooh she’s so beautiful

  • Sally says:

    She is so precious precious congratulations to you and you are so awesome you are concerned about your clients wonderful awesome Take care don’t overwork yourself❤️❤️

  • Patricia Bertrand says:

    You touched my heart.
    Thank you.
    Great timing.



  • Renay says:

    Congratulations and many blessings!

  • Filma Mahilac says:

    Thank you for the video. Your baby is so beautiful and adorable. Keep well.

  • Cheryl says:

    I wanted to know about a persons, one that is far and I like to know if he will be coming back. The other seems to be backing off, I know my self worth. I am just wanting to know weather to hold on one of the two or let both go.

  • Todd Sheehan says:

    Congratulations, Bless

  • SC says:

    Can you please upload the videos to Youtube? They are more inclusive there for the Deaf as they have auto-generated CC that I can turn on to watch with captions. Vimeo is an exclusionary platform that does not respect Deaf people and I don’t watch on vimeo because they are very Audist and have ignored Deaf peoples’ pleas. Can we please watch your videos on Youtube? Thanks.

  • Albina says:

    What a beautiful baby is Isabella Sophia, a sleeping angel.
    Hope you can cope with Tarot Reading with a new baby which are so demanding.

  • Beautiful message ❤. Congratulations, Beautiful Isabella ❤
    I have 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren, I get it…I continue to show up❤

  • Rebecca Campbell says:

    Oh this is so so precious ❤️ i love to see a mom nursing her new born. Isabella is so beautiful and you are too momma. Thanks for the info, hits home with me tight now. I am a March 19, 1960 baby :-). I am in my season and starting a whole new life and hopefully with a new man lol.

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