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No more ignoring what must be done…#dothething

Hello love, 

There is so much change ahead of us.

As I mentioned in the last email, this is a time of reset.  

Of the old and obsolete ending… collapsing all around us…

This is also a time of karmic justice. 

Masks fully off, true power rebalancing. 

Truths being revealed. 

And purging…

Allowing all that is not love within us to die.

The theme has been strong.

And I’ve been walking the fire of my own initiations.  

So much I had to go through and anchor in order to be as I am, here with you now…

And I hope you are receiving better care of yourself than ever! 

So many are arriving into a new dawn of life, albeit slowly…

I can feel it…

Radical vulnerability. New chapters, openings. 

I also feel the collective frustration, stagnation of what no longer serves yet still lingers…

I personally feel the shedding, death, full on acceptance of what is.  

…The painful release; relief… End of the cycle.

Can you feel it?

Perhaps you are remembering you – who you really are at your core.  

Reaping this newfound freedom from within.

What awaits on the other side of acceptance and surrender (which isn’t passive, it’s bravery…)

Or perhaps you’re still feeling heavy and bound. I understand. 

It’s brilliantly okay to simply notice; no judgment.  

Or you feel both, one foot in the old and the other in the new. 

All is okay. 

What matters is putting yourself into the right experiential states and actions of what truly brings you into more authentic joy. 

And the frequency of the life (daily stuff) you immerse yourself in right now… 

Because feeling soul level seen, truly receiving and being received…

Sharing real empathy and intimacy can be so rare these days… 

Yet this is also a way of interaction with all of life, not just reserved for romantic couples.  

Ya, hear me?

Calling all Soul Family. 

I Love You.  

No!  You are not just alone. 

We are all here…

It can feel like that when going through these gateways of contraction and expansion. 

Sometimes we gotta get “alone with our soul” to crack open the codes we only receive from within. 

But if you’re in the void or “the end” of what once was…  

Turning and tuning into body wisdom… 

Slowing down, and letting in radical honesty is key.  

Locating the ‘inner knowing’ our mind tries to deny. 

Perhaps messages from your soul or lessons avoided after it hurt too much or left us feeling betrayed, angry or confused.  

Yet these soul-shards or inner children only get louder until we meet and embrace them. 

Yes, chaos. 

I feel there’s so much collapsing and shifting in the field of us all…

There’s unpredictable insanity circling about. 

Triggers that must be, with you as their “mother or father” guardian, walked back home.

All part of how we complete the repeating lessons holding us back or once holding us. 

Including facing what must fully die… 

What must clear the path so you can build a new foundation from within you… 

To free up inner resources, energy, your true power. 

The journey of learning how to balance healthy power within self… or getting “unstuck”…

Including facing the darkest parts of ourselves as it happens, integrating all back into the light with loving/discerning awareness.  

Using the fire within you to purify. 

We must empty

Often we want to get out of the void, the unknown, the uncertainty, the uncomfortable…

Yet this is the true magic, the true initiation and invitation.  

So instead of fighting the void, surrender…

Faith in action!

True faith is how you show up in the darkness… 

When you feel stripped down, bare, alone and everything seems to be falling apart. 

What do you do in the darkness?

I let it swallow me whole. I observe. I am not threatened by what falls away from me getting clarity. 

I know this is a gift. I know something better is coming.

Emptying old ways of navigating the world that keeps me visiting the same tired places I don’t want to go anymore…

Yes this means somatically too. 

…Emptying and releasing on a body level (trauma, blockages, miasma) so that our instincts move in a completely new way.  

Creating from (zero point) again, like a baby does. 

The place of no identity. Nothing to prove. No false persona to empower. 

The full spectrum wisdom your body and heart already knows in total stillness.  

You truly do have what you need. 

Right now, there’s a massive choice point for us all.  

And no, the new frequency path ahead isn’t about coming from more enduring…

Fighting, obligating, manipulation, siphoning or doubling down.  

This is ultimately about coming from your pure heart (aligned with the whole truth) and joy.

What truly nourishes you….

But first it’s about clearing out your vessel. 

Emptying out. 

The disrobing of everything currently clogging up your connection to Source.  

This means facing the necessary things that break you free… 

Doing what needs to be done no matter how scary, difficult, uncomfortable it might be.

That which allows you to access your authenticity and power as you remember your way back home.  

Facing the hard thing you know you must. 

Trusting your inner authority, even when it hurts to let others down. 

Yes it costs more to keep it all (what isn’t aligned) going than to release it.  

It costs us so much more vitality and energy fighting the old instead of creating here and now.

Your freedom lies in your ability to face the masks, the “shoulds”, the old identities, the old scripts of thinking or fear and collapse them with your presence. 

There is so much power in just your presence… And in the next post I’ll explain how 

Love you,

Crystal Aryana 

Crystal Aryana

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  • Kris says:

    “Emptying old ways of navigating the world that keeps me visiting the same tired places I don’t want to go anymore…” Yes Crystal, you’ve captured the words on my heart. My father died a couple weeks ago. And with him, something in me is dying. And it’s so time. His death is releasing me from being tethered to the unworthiness script he wrote for me, the one that said I need to meet certain bars he set, in order to be deemed acceptable and worthy of love and affection.

    I am so tired of visiting the grotto of my unworthiness. Tired of measuring my lovability on whether or not my father likes me. I never really figured out how to get out from under it on my own. I literally feel unpinned and free. There’s a void left where I detached from that wound. It will heal, in the darkness.

    Thank you for you always insightful and oh so on point words!

  • Maya Luna says:

    What do I do in this death? “I let it swallow me whole. I observe. I am not threatened by what falls away from me getting clarity” holy cow this sooo good

  • Mandy says:

    I’m left speechless after reading! It’s crazy how timely and accurate this is for me and what is exactly happening in my life. Please keep writing to us Crystal, don’t stop. Thank you xx

  • halima bibi says:

    thank you for this post I needed to hear it. iam positive the people I love are not able to see the love etc… in me because everyone goes through different paces but im positively sure they do because that’s not how it works or is supposed to end and I have a gut feeling things will get better and people can change as they don’t see love through them so they need time to heal.

  • Marie says:

    Appreciate you Crystal
    Sending love


  • Libby says:

    Wow! Thank you, I needed this in this moment.

  • Carol says:

    From reading your post today,l know lm exactly we’re l need to be right in this moment,thank you for a great reminder and knowing lm not alone,never was,never will be..One love to the collective universe

  • Virginia says:

    I can feel the shifting and I’m so ready to ascend to the next level!! Your spoken word is always welcome.

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