Big Changes on the Horizon | Weekly Tarot Reading | 11/8 – 11/14

By November 8, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Sweet Friends, 

This is Jonathan, with a fresh reading on powerful changes to come this week. 

Get ready, because our third card for the week, the Tower, is warning you to look out for shocking revelations that could change your entire perspective on something important this week. 

Luckily, our first and second cards are very supportive in this process. You will have the wisdom and the insight to move through the upcoming weeks with grace. 

If you listen to your intuition, and remember to support and love yourself, you will find yourself turned more towards positive change than negative. 

All three cards this week are from the Major Arcana, which means they are not only powerful, but they are talking about a longer time period than just this week. 

That being said, it appears that this week is the start of a change that could impact you for some time. 

Let’s take a look… 

Card #1: The Empress | Nurturing Your Feminine

Have you been needing more nurturing energy in your life recently? Your first card for the week is the Empress, and she wants you to nourish yourself with gentle warmth and abundance. 

She is encouraging you to access your feminine energy, and enjoy your bodily, sensual self. 

The Empress is fertile and alive. She knows how to enjoy the beauty life has to offer. As your first card in the reading, The Empress represents an opportunity to access your natural sense of wealth, pleasure, and wisdom this week, and in the weeks to come. 

The Empress card depicts the Divine Feminine is sitting in nature, surrounded by streams and trees. Her love of nature and beauty has given her the understanding of natural cycles, and a relationship with the natural magic of life.  

Keep in mind there are natural currents to life, just like the seasons. Honoring each ‘season’ of your life, the ups and the downs, is part of what can make you skilled at moving through change. 

Your own deep feminine is rich with possibilities. Let the Empress call forward your inner gifts by honoring the creatrix in you this week. 

Give yourself time to make your space beautiful by filling your home with candles, or listening to your favorite music. Spend time in nature, or cook your favorite meal. 

The Empress wants you to feel nurtured, and to nurture others. She is the perfect, eternal mother, and is reminding you to love yourself unconditionally. Take a bubble bath to soothe your soul. Remember, the more you are aware of the beauty around you, the more you draw beauty and abundance to you. 

This plump, sensuous, form of the divine points to your body and deep earth wisdom. Your second card is also deeply feminine, but is pointing you toward cultivating another aspect: the esoteric and mysterious wisdom of the feminine. 

Card # 2: The High Priestess | Divine Intuition

Has the veil between normal life and the spiritual realm felt thin to you recently? If not, now is the time to start paying attention. When the Priestess is drawn, you are sure to 

feel the spiritual realms knocking on your door. 

The High Priestess is a guardian of the secrets between worlds. She is the doorway between the conscious and the unconscious realms, and is beaconing you to listen to the messages that will be arriving this week. 

Dreams, signs, and messages will be coming in, so listen closely. Engage with them. If you have a powerful dream this week, write it down. Ask yourself, ‘why is this showing up right now,” and expect an answer to come through a sign, or your intuition. 

This is a fantastic week to practice meditation, do a sacred ritual, or pick up your deck of tarot cards. When the veil is thin, there are messages waiting to come through to you. 

In conjunction with our first card, the Empress, the invitation to develop your divine feminine is particularly strong. While the Empress invites you into your body and delicious senses, the High Priestess is calling forward your intuitive, goddess-like qualities. 

The High Priestess is asking you to develop your intuitive and psychic skills. She understands the larger, cosmic cycles of life, and can help you get a sense of what is coming up in your future. This kind of insight can help you prepare for the larger changes our next card is signaling.

Card #3: The Tower | Transformations to Come

Change is in the air! When The Tower card appears, it’s quite possible new information, or a sudden decision will be made this week, transforming you and your life in a fundamental way. 

You are either ready to outgrow an old way of doing something, or you are resisting an inevitable change that is soon to happen, regardless of what you prefer. 

You can see in the card a large tower on fire and beginning to crumble. The tower represents a belief or situation that has been with you for a long time. In order to grow, old beliefs or restrictive situations must be willing to transform. 

It’s possible that a job which has been detrimental is on it’s way out. Or, a relationship that has been teetering is finally ready to be let go of. The Tower can also refer to a health challenge you’ve been avoiding, which is now unavoidable.

It’s important to remember this can be a beautiful, revelatory, experience. While it will likely be challenging in one way or another, the Tower almost always signifies an opportunity to grow. 

Rather than resisting what is inevitable, get on board with the changes coming. Trust that life knows what it’s doing, and if you can let go of control of the situation, it will happen with much more ease. 

The Wisdom of Change

Powerful feminine influences this week are encouraging you to explore the wisdom of change and transformation. 

The Empress is the archetypal mother. Her understanding of cycles, birth, and motherhood, can guide you through the natural changes ready to occur. Return to her if you feel yourself resisting what is to come. 

Remember to honor the beauty around you, and these natural currents of life.

The Priestess can give you insight into your future circumstances, and how you can nurture and prepare for new opportunities arising from these changes. 

Deep down, your heart and higher intelligence know what is coming, and know how to navigate it. Your job is to trust, and let go. 

Ultimately, there is no other place you can be but where you are now, so enjoy the process! Love and encourage yourself regardless of what is happening around you. 

With love, 

And in service, 

Jonathan Lionheart. 

P.S. What changes have you been resisting? In what ways do you nurture yourself when life feels chaotic? Write me a message on the blog and let me know what you’re thinking. 

P.P.S Curious about what changes are coming up in your life? Or interested in learning how you can access your feminine gifts? Schedule a private reading with me here.

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • annette hani says:

    I was trying to fix my relationship with the narisiss for 2 years. On Sunday he told me that he found another victim who he can get his fuel from. I am happy and sad. I knew that I have to finish it for a long time but I loved him too much. Now he stopped communication and it’s a huge change and it hurts. The Tower card is like a perfect picture what’s going on in my life and I know I should just go with the flow and not to try change something what it’s already inevitable.

    • In my experience, changing a narcissist is very hard, if not impossible. Yes, go with the flow, and remember the other cards from the reading. They are you’re gateway to navigating this with more ease. Love.

  • Madombwe says:

    Just been invited to join a bitcoin mining investment which is an online trade,and Im worried if this can work for me.Thanks for encouraging reading.

  • Elaine says:

    It’s amazing how every time I decide to read my daily tarot, they address a current or past experience.

    I have accepted that I have the with it all to change how circumstances impact upon my development, yet there is a struggle as mankind continue to place barriers along the path. I look forward to my spiritual growth.

    I am trying to better understand how to meditate and manifest. I have started a gratitude journal.

  • Natalie Walker says:

    Thank you for my reading health scare is what im Avoiding thinking positive everyone else seems to be planning my funeral before I’ve even got the results back

  • carolina misculin says:

    Hello!!! Thank you for your reading! What you have shown me is true. I have been trying to make a relationship to work for two years now and last week I discovered he was cheating me. So I had to finish it. But my heart is still feeling for him and it is hard not to think about a change and a return. But I know it would be for the same so I must be strong. Your reading gives me the strength to feel better. Thank you. And the best for you

  • Marija Leitch says:

    I wish I can change my way of life…the problem is i really don’t know what I want in future.My mind is wondering…

  • Michelle says:

    This taking comes as confirmation of what I have been told and shown in my recent visions. It is time to let go of old ways of relating to love that have been following me for many, many lifetimes. Time to trust love, not resist it. I will be doing more yoga and taking the time to just be-much as I can in this crazy busy world of ours

  • Amy says:

    Thank you so much Jonathan for my reading it was so lovely and made me feel calm and uplifting and it also gave me focus on what i need to to and remember to love myself which I have not done of late.

  • Salo says:

    Dearest Johnathon



  • Henri-Valentijn says:

    Thank you so much for this Wonderful reading Jonathan, the one where I was waiting for after some time of disturbances in the magnetic cosmic fields affecting the electric driven digital systems. Since I am working on a true based story where all fits in which will come out as the Tarot tells me, sudden changes are on the horizon. I did and do feel this; in the past, present and all that happens around me. Saying farewell to old souls through earthly deaths.
    As a Capricorn and a Dragon, always guided through the ways of the Eternal council. The reading of today just made my day and encourages me. Thank you wholeheartedly for all and to be part of the developments as Nature, Music, Meditation, Relaxation do fill my daily life and is part of all the daily work as we go on and the time passes by. I stay prepared…. and you shared the Tarot telling me a lot to go on.
    Amazing to experience the cosmic ways in guidance, as the old Greek already told by ways of the “Kosmokrator” the one who created all. <3

  • Salo says:

    Hello there.

    Been married for 27 years, lived together for an additional 6 years and now separated for two years. However, we have elected to have an amicable relationship.
    My mind accepts that this is now my past….my heart however is finding it much more difficult to let the feelings go…Can the heart really be controlled????
    I have to LEAVE the past in the past…but easier said than done!

    On the job front…I was informed about the restructuring. I knew CHANGE was coming. I have embraced this readily and preparing for GROWTH and NEW POSSIBILITIES.

    Where there is life there is ALWAYS a great deal going on. To manage my feelings and emotions, I look for projects to pick up my soul. 2020 – focused on HOME RENOVATIONS and linked them to HAPPY EVENTS…milestone birthdays. I have selected pieces of ART to inspire my soul and bring new energy to my space. I have focused energy on my lavender and poppy garden patch and have nurtured my spirit in this space…loving the lavender scent and bright colours of the poppies.

    I have taken care of my being..pedis, massages and facials…cleaning rituals to rejuvenate my body…my temple…and my spirits.

    I have devoted time counselling those in need around me, picking up their spirits and providing support wherever I can….my little bit of social responsibility.


    • Salo, this is beautiful. Thank you for tending yourself and those around you with love and wisdom. The heart can not be controlled in my experience, but how the mind reacts to, and projects in accordance to the heart can be understood in new ways. ie, we don’t need to believe the story we make about the loving feelings and chemicals that arise, instead we can be grateful for their occurrence and then still act from wisdom. Much love.

      • Linda Newsom says:

        Resurected by God himself to the foot of Jesus Christ our SAVIOR on the cross at Calvary to confess my sin’s and be SAVED to know the Grace of God and all his plans for ME of Abundance, Peace, and Everlasting Happines. Memorial day, May 30, 2017 (a dead solder’s holiday), due to Acute Caffeine Toxicity, I found out later. 100% fatal without emergency medical care. I was left by six first responders who refused to touch me covered in a lake of black vomit. God will find and save you in the worst circumstances if you are meant to be here! He will send an army of angels to use you in his Greatest Life for us all. These past nearly 4 yrs I have been prepared and tested as a senior/disabled DV survivor in my hometown of the largest homeless population in the nation. To get absolutely NO HELP from any agencies. But non stop abuse by staff and participant’s, as we are referd to, in 5 out of six homeless shelters. God is ANGRY about seperation of church and state, that is sending his One Nation Under GOD straight to hell. He has reveled my path and is getting ready to raise me on the wings of an eagle so we all may remember the sacrifice of his SON! We as a nation have become enslaved in breaking God’s commandments and practicing idolotry of money and neighbors hating neighbors. In the name of ENTITLEMENT! I know things are about to happen and change my life radically! A resurrected soldier!

  • Tony says:

    I’m going throw divorce to 36yrs, waiting for her next move all your cards say the same.I do known all souls have a tracking device to make our paths easier called intuition, we just have to listen, you help bring that out. Thanks Jonathan.

  • Debra Goodin says:

    Such a brilliant reading.
    We are moving because we have to and i feel resilient to this change. I will give myself to the guidance of the cards though as they just spoke to me with support and wisdom.
    I will use my feminine ways to sort out years of gathering and call on them to get my husband on board too! Lol
    Sometimes i need to be reminded to look after me as well. I consider myself reminded and will remain aware that this is just another cycle i can embrace. I am in New Zealand and things have changed but i will stay positive and grateful.
    Thank you Empress and thank you Jonathan.

  • Corie hart says:

    Hello Johnathan your readings are disturbing ly accurate my wife and I have recently devorsed but I’m still staying in the same house as we have 3kids I have been brought out of house so looking at moving out I purhesd a ute on weekend and now looking for a caravan to setup at beach,where I feel the best is on the beach,love that salt air

  • Vangie says:

    Been in love, / attached to a man for about 15yrs. Not a good balance for me or him. He has never wanted a relationship with me. Long story short, I need to break away. He wants to be friends.

  • Jeffrey Toy says:

    I believe, my major resistance is due largely in part to this worldwide pandemic and the inability to connect and or physically interact with friends and loved ones. I’m a Gemini and also Monkey, so I really miss that sense of togetherness. I’m not dependent on that, but their presence is certainly missed just the same.

    When I feel things are getting too chaotic, I delve into the arts, starting with high energy metal, followed by doing artwork. Before you know it, all that tension and anxiety melt away. It’s perhaps the closest to true “Zen” without having gone through all the rigors and meditation. In a way, it’s much like a meditation ritual, for at that on moment, nothing exists in this space by my talent and the music which propelled me forward in my work! Funny how that works!

    • Jeffrey, thank you for sharing. Yes! art is such a potent meditation and communion with Soul and Spirit. So glad you have that in your life. And yes, I hear you in regards to the pandemic. These are strange and powerful times. There are certainly gifts in the process, but for those of us who are more social, it can certainly be challenging. With love.

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