Virgo Full Moon Detox Ritual: Get Sh*t Done

By February 20, 2019 Divination

Ritual is best done from February 18th-March 4th, 2019)

Something in your life is asking you to make a commitment that seems edgy or exciting or real or scary.

You have the invitation to walk through this Threshold and expand into your embodied growth by taking responsibility for your energy, being, actions, thoughts, and Divine mission.

It’s time to connect to your own inner divine and trust.

Step forth, dear one, to ask for what you need, express your heart with authenticity and celebrate the power of your emotions, wisdom, value and intuition.

This Full Moon in Virgo assists in releasing what no serves you and can align you with the Priestess and Medicine Woman within, as Virgo is the Divine Feminine and the ‘Virgin’. In this Full Moon, we are called again to illuminate Self Sovereignty.

The word ‘virgin’ originally meant “whole unto oneself”. What does it mean to be sovereign unto oneself? What does it feel like to be in our full power?

At this full moon, we are asked to explore with a mystical lens (Pisces Sun) all the ways in which we give our power away and how we can reclaim it. The moon reflects to us the importance of activating our inner discernment, wisdom and intuition to ground our visions and dreams to earth. This is to embody our soul in the physical.

You also have a profound invitation and opportunity to reclaim your sovereign power by speaking your Truth, communicating unspokens, listening to the voice of your dreams, following your soul calling and sharing in very real and intimate ways.

This can be scary and can bring up many limiting beliefs and patterns around your self-worth, pleasing others, and prioritizing yourself last instead of divinely and sustainably — first.

You CAN reveal deep truths to yourself and speak what is alive, present and necessary to be spoken, showing up in full integrity and in resonance of your Soul (even if your heart is beating fast and you are scared).

In this Full Moon, what ego needs to take a back seat to your soul?

-What must be released and be spoken?
-What dreams need to be honoured?
-What are you reclaiming?




Embrace The Heart: This can be a very intense part of the lunar cycle. Be patient with all the emotions you are feeling at this time. Breathe into them. Give them a safe resting place and a healthy funnel of expression. Be gentle with yourself.

Also I do not align myself with any particular religion or belief. I call it Universe or Spirit, to honor the soul and source energy that lives intelligently inside us all.

This can be God/Goddess/Buddha/Love/Mother Earth/Higher Power/Power Animals/Spirit Allies and so much more depending on you …

Things to Gather:

  • 1 Candle (or 1 large and 3 small – yellow, white and green)
  • Sage, palto santo or Incense
  • Calming music
  • All your sacred items (crystals, rocks, feathers, singing bowls, statues, rattles, etc)
  • Jars with lids
  • Slips of paper and a pen
  • Journal
  • A fire (in a fireplace, outside, or in a bowl that paper can burn in)
  • Glass of drinking water
  • Sea salt/Epsom salt
  • Baking soda
  • Your favorite essential oil
  • Your favorite non-alcoholic beverage (save the wine for after the ritual)
  • A cozy space where you will not be interrupted

Set Your Intention/Create Sacred Space

Place your candle in a special spot to begin building your altar. Add any other sacred items that feel important to you at this time. I love using a Ganesha on a Full Moon Altar, since he is known as the Remover of Obstacles.

Light the big candle:

Pray for guidance and protection. The prayer can go something like this (but, feel free to come up with your own): “Spirit, I ask for your divine guidance and protection during this Full Moon Ritual.

May all that is done be for my highest good and the highest good for the next 7 generations to come. I give deep gratitude for the blessings you have given me in the last month including: __________. I trust that you will always take care of me, as you have done since the beginning of my existence. Aho/Amen.”

Create sacred space. Light some sage to cleanse yourself and the space you are in, burn some incense, and/or rattle.

As you smudge your surroundings recite the following on repeat-
“My space is cleansed, my space is safe. Only love and light may enter.”

Call your intention for this time forward. What is your deepest longing at this moment in time? Hold that intention in your Heart and Mind as you move through this ritual.

Put on some quiet soothing music. Some of my favorites for this are Deva Premal and Snatum Kaur.

Grab a crystal, if you have one. My favorites for meditation are selenite, amethyst, celestine, or clear quartz. These crystals assist in tuning into our intuition more deeply.

Close your eyes and connect to your breath. Feel the gentle rise and fall of your chest. Begin to slow your breathing down to almost double the length in and out if possible.

Silently ask Spirit what needs to be released at this time. Trust what thoughts pass through your mind.

Meditate for about 10 minutes, or longer if you desire.

Make notes in your journal about what came forward during your meditation.


Now that you are relaxed, centered, and peaceful, your intuition should be more accessible.

Close your eyes briefly and ponder what is no longer serving you in your life. This may be daily habits, old beliefs around abundance and money, negative words of self talk, or physical clutter.

On individual slips of paper begin to write down what you want to release at this time.

Get the fire, or your bowl to burn the paper, ready.

Say the following prayer/affirmation until you feel yourself smiling: “For my highest good and for the highest good of all, I release all that no longer serves me. I release clutter, negative words and people, and all things that hold me back from all the love, joy, good health, abundance, prosperity, and peace that I came into this life with. These things are my birthrite and I claim them all now.”

It is now time to release. Take each piece of paper and read it out loud before putting it into the fire or lighting a match to it. After you read each item out loud, say “You no longer serve my highest good. Be gone once and for all. I am done with you.” Be bold and affirming when you say this each time. The Universe reads energy better than words, so feel and speak with conviction how truly done you are with each of these things in your life. Jump up and down, do a dance or wave goodbye to each of the items you burn.

After all of your items have been burned, offer gratitude: “Thank you, Spirit, for how these things have served me until this point in my life. Thank you for removing these things that no longer serve me. And so it is. It is done. Aho/Amen.”

Now take your glass of water and hold it in both your hands.

Think about what you want to bring into your life. It can be something tangible or emotions like love, forgiveness, and so on. Holding the glass of water, recite the following or feel free to say whatever you feel in the moment-

“I charge this water with light and loving energy. I charge this water with peace and kindness. Each sip of this water heals and nourishes my body and gives me the power to still my mind, forgive and love openly. I charge this water to give me the strength to create (INSERT) and to manifest (INSERT). I charge this water to bring (INSERT) my way. On each sip, what I desire will be moving closer and closer to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

Drink almost all the water in the glass, but leave one sip at the bottom. This remaining water is an offering to the earth, to the Moon, and the Universe. Pour this sip of water in the garden, in the ocean, or just anywhere outside. As you do, feel and say thank you in your heart until you overwhelmingly feel it.


Gather the Moon’s Energy

Take all your sacred items outside where the moon can charge them with divine feminine energy. As you place your items outside, give gratitude for their beauty and for the work they do, ask that they be cleansed and charged in the moonlight, and place your current intention into them as well. When you bring them back in the next day (preferably before the sun shines on them), give gratitude again for their beauty and for their shining new energy.

Fill a few jars of water with lids on them. Place them outside with your other sacred items to gather Full Moon energy. When you bring this water in, store it in the fridge if it is not used immediately. You can use this water to drink, rinse your hair with, water the plants, blessings or rituals and so much more.

Full Body Release Afterwards

Water is a magical element that can cleanse energetically, as well as physically. Conclude this ritual with a warm releasing bath and cool shower.

Bring your favorite beverage for drinking and your lit candle into the bathroom with you.

Take 2 cups of sea salt and add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.

Add 1 cup of baking soda and the 2 cups of salt to your warm bath.

Keep the calming music playing and RELAX.

Spend the time imagining into your life without the things you just released. Put a smile on your face and allow yourself to full-on Daydream.

Soak for at least 15 minutes and conclude with a brief cool shower rinse off all you have released, feeling it all slide down the drain forever.

Now light 3 candles.

A yellow candle for your inner child, happiness and success (Stars)

A white candle for purity, blessings and protection (Moon)

A Green candle for growth and healing (Earth)

If you wish to add to this, I would suggest

A Purple candle for mystic hidden knowledge. (Spirit)

Now take a piece of paper

And write down your answers to the following.

There is no right or wrong answers.

Just write down what ever that comes to you.

Even if it’s 3 pages long.

1. Who are you?
2. What is your current situation?
3. What are your dream and desires? What do you really want?
4. Are your desires coming from a place of light and love in your heart?
5. What and who is stopping you from achieving your desires?
6. Are you ready to receive all your dreams and desires?

Read your questions and answers out loud. Now say

“I call upon the light and my own accountability of releasing what no longer serves me and the power of the universe to show me how to physically land the energy and life i want in 2019. I am ready to go where I have ever gone before and I give permission to the Angels and my guardians from the light, to intervene and assist my with my own highest good! “

Sit with this paper for a while. When you are ready. Fold the paper and keep it somewhere where you can look at and feel it, be reminded of this energy space.

Allow the candles to burn for at least an hour and latest till sunrise. You may re-light the candles the following 2 nights.

So go ahead, give it a try.  Complete this Full Moon ritual, then come back and leave a comment below.  Let me know what you’re thinking now.

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

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  • Felicia Kendall says:

    This is a great ritual!! The feeling of connecting and releasing feels great!! I will tell the world, if it doesn’t serve your highest good, release it.

  • Maurissa says:

    I enjoyed this article. I lead my coaching clients thru almost the same ritual for full moon releases. Happy to see others sharing the good news and inviting others to ritual.
    The part that resonates most with me is:

    This Full Moon in Virgo assists in aligning you with the Priestess and Medicine Woman within, as Virgo is the Divine Feminine and the ‘Virgin’. In this Full Moon, we are called again to illuminate Self Sovereignty.

    I thank you for the work you do. Blessings sister!!!

    Much love,

  • Jacqueline says:

    Is there something that could be done without flame or burning? I don’t have a good space outdoors to do this and it’s well below freezing, and I am in a wooden house with pets and a declutter and renovation project going on so I don’t feel safe right now using fire in my home. That and I don’t have any candles or money at all to buy any. I have some sage, just the powdered kind I can roll into a cigarette to burn but I’d have to do that outside. Also my bathtub is out of order at the moment (actually as of tonight no water even [froze and broke the pipe], hopefully the repair person can come tomorrow and the shower will usable anyway). Do you have any recommended alternatives? Also, will a quartz still work for this if it’s encased in a glass paperweight dome?

  • KEVIN says:

    Hi, I really love to do this virgo-full-moon-detox-ritual-get-sht-done, I read through it all but for one thing, I am in my 60’s and alone and don’t think I’ll be able to do all your instruction to the T.
    So is there an easier way to do this, I REALLY like to do it.

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