Venus Square Jupiter Transit: A Mysterious Opportunity

By April 16, 2019 Horoscope
venus square jupiter transit 2019

Sorry about the late post!  Honestly, I’ve been wrapped up in the energy of yesterday’s transit, which tends to be the least productive when it comes to work lol

It’s the transit of Venus squaring recently-retrograding Jupiter.  And when these two benefic planets have a conflict, rather than drama or disaster, it promotes an “excess” streak where all we want to do is kick back and do nothing – even when we have things we must do.

There’s also a tendency for overindulgence in your fantasies, especially in the realm of love so exercise restraint to an overactive mind.  Live in the moment instead!

You may tend to over idealize a lover at this time and have unrealistic expectations.  Or you may get really excited about the potential of an opportunity, no matter how realistic (or unrealistic it may be).

Overall, this is a positive influence that promotes good vibes between you and other people but you want to be sure to take off the rose colored glasses!

Venus is in her pristine condition in Pisces, while Jupiter is at home in his ruling sign of Sagittarius. Both of these energies are very strong, and positive but we need to not overdo them so that you’re not paying for it later.

This energy can also make you feel like there’s great hopes for something you want or love — as if you want to give it all away or throw yourself into something head first.

You may also feel like you have a restless urge for more as you crave something and someone that is above your usual situation.

There’s potential for attracting more but you want to be cautious and not overdo it. Check your expectations with others to make sure the promise adds up to the reality.

Make sure you are not running away from the nitty gritty of reality or avoiding the “to dos” otherwise this transit period and the time after will continue to be a wake up call for you. It’s time to get clear where you are prone to illusion and delusions. Beware of sweet talk or putting others on a pedestal.

Venus represents your capacity to connect, receive energy and share your energy with others. When Venus squares Jupiter — the planet of expansion — we may indulge too much in romantic love, spending money we don’t have or on treatments and trips we can’t afford.

This is a great time to value and appreciate the healthy limit in your life — not the perceived false limits holding you back — but the healthy boundaries help you function more what you want in your life.

You’re probably feeling happy and optimistic today. You might be extra chatty with a friend, relative or co worker. You’re feeling generous and are interested in caring for those who can’t help themselves.

The only real downside to this energy is that you are not very serious, and if something comes up that requires you to act too much like a grown up, you’ll find it difficult to make the hard, conservative decisions you may need to. Your attitude now is way too “lasse fare” to be brought down by a serious attitude.

You might also lean towards overindulgence and excessive behaviors. Watch your spending today! Don’t spend your money on frivolous purchases that feel good now, but you might regret later.

When it comes to self care, be careful of your diet right now! Gluttony is likely now, and if you have a tendency for this normally, it might be harder to control and avoid. In its extreme, this energy may make you feel greedy and extravagant, which may lead to drinking or drug abuse.

You could also be in such a good mood that you could easily overdo it, so remember that moderation is key!

This is a great time period for being social, but there’s a downside to this influence too.

There’s a tendency to be so care free that you lower your standards and accept less than you deserve, just because it feels good at the time. Be careful who you attract at this time!

They may be someone you usually wouldn’t find yourself attracted to, and for good reason. Just think twice and remember to think with your mind, otherwise you might find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

Also, if you’re thinking about having an affair this week, stop! It will surely backfire on you. Deceptive behavior may be revealed now.

Don’t do something you’ll regret later, and make it worse by thinking you’ll “get away with it.” You won’t.

Now is not the time to overspend, over risk, or over do it. Just because the times feel great now, they are part of a greater cycle, and will not always be so easy going.

So make the best use out of this particular transit and turn inwards and dedicate yourself to healthy practices you want to easily expand — like meditation, spiritual practices and other creative endeavors as well as focusing on self care and spending time outdoors in nature.

At a time when the world seems to go through a detox therapy and we have to see and deal with all the exposed “fuglies” — a few days to spoil yourself in nature are well needed.

The key is moderation. Just make sure to save your change for a rainy day, and be sure of the people you are dealing with at this time.

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

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