Turning Shadows Into Gold | Weekly Tarot Reading | 12/20 – 12/26

By December 19, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Sweet Friends, 

Jonathan here, with your weekly Tarot reading. 

You have powerful cards of transformation this week, pushing you to grow during this sacred time of year. Luckily, your efforts will be rewarded with the possibility of potent manifestations. 

As we enter the darkest days of the year, our first card is a reminder of just how dark it can get. But not to worry, the light is right around the corner.

Our first card, The Devil, isn’t as bad as you might think. However, in this case, the card is pointing right at your shadow material and asking you to pay close attention to what has been holding you back. 

There’s no room for avoidance if you want to gain the transformative powers available here and now. If you can stay vigilant, there are rich rewards awaiting you. 

If they haven’t shown up already, expect to be tempted by distractions and old addictive patterns. That being said, our second card, the King of Wands, wants to remind you to stay focused, and to let go of destructive relationships and habits. 

If you can stay the course, and turn your focus to your dreams and visions for your future, our third card – the Page of Pentacles – lets us know you can expect to manifest material rewards, and new, unique opportunities. 

Ultimately, you have the possibility of transforming the negative energies of the Devil, into truly powerful, creative energies that will serve you in wonderful ways. 

Let’s take a look at the cards.  

#1: The Devil | Transmuting Obstacles

Have some of your darker tendencies been coming to the surface lately? When The Devil is drawn, it’s often a sign there is an opportunity to become conscious of the negative influences in your life. 

The Devil tends to get a bad wrap in this day and age. However, in the image, the beast you see is a Baphomet, the horned god, who originally represented balance between the masculine and feminine, and between good and evil. 

The problem is, this balance is particularly hard to develop in oneself. Integrating the deeper, darker, shadow parts of the psyche is not an easy task. 

If you choose to deny or hide these parts, they end up getting worse. The more your shadow remains in the unconscious, the more it will control you. 

Now is the time to bring the light of your awareness to the aspects of yourself you would most prefer to hide. This takes courage, but it is so worth it.  

It is your loving awareness that will help bring the shamed parts of yourself into the wholeness of your being.

The Devil is also a master of the material realm, so money, food, and sexual energy are part of his domain. For many people, these areas are also associated with their desires and addictions. 

You might be experiencing the return of an obsession or addiction that has repeated in your life. This could be in the form of food, sex, or even co-dependent relationships. 

As you can see in the card image, there are two naked humans who appear chained against their will, standing below the Devil. However, if you look closely, the chains are loose enough for them to easily escape. 

This represents a tendency to remain bound to something that might not be good for you, while believing you are trapped against your will. 

It might feel like the walls are closing in on you, like there is an impossible situation or obstacle you just can’t get beyond. 

The truth is, you have chosen to stay in the situation, even if it doesn’t appear that way. 

You might also notice the humans in the image have started to grow horns and tails, reminding you that short term gratification may have long term effects. The longer you stay connected with something, the more you become like it. 

However, the Devil is not all negativity. The Devil also represents primordial creative energy, and the ability to affect change in the material world. 

This card is imploring you to transform your negative patterns towards more constructive habits. It’s time to take a close look at what you are letting control your life right now. 

As you will see in your next card, by focusing your energy, and returning to a vision that propels you towards a healthy future, you can transmute this destructive energy into higher creativity. 

#2: King of Wands | White Hot Vision

Has it been hard for you to focus on what’s important recently? Has it felt like you’re blocked from moving forward? This could be changing in the coming days. However it’s going to take some effort on your part. 

The King of Wands represents powerful fire energy, which has been channelled by his sense direction and purpose. This King has learned to use his will in the service of his vision. He’s realised it is through this vision that his life has meaning. 

You might take some time this week to remind yourself of what you value. You can write in your journal on this topic, or make a list of what’s truly important to you.

Your commitment to these values, and knowing where you want to go in this life, are what will get you unstuck and kicking butt again. 

This King wants you to see your projects through to their end. And the fire that will help you do this is reconnecting with what is meaningful to you.

The distractions and obsessions presented by our previous card, can often be an indication that we are not living in integrity with ourselves.

This King is not about wasting time, so stop giving your attention to activities and relationships that are going nowhere, or are filled with unnecessary conflict. 

If your creative energy is being sapped by toxic, drama filled connections, or drained by another distraction, it’s time to redirect your focus towards supportive activities.

You can turn the primal creative energy of The Devil card towards something of higher creative value, and your manifestation abilities will begin to soar. 

Your next card is all about the possibilities that come with this kind of creative expansion. 

#3: Page of Pentacles | Material Manifestations

Do you feel ready to receive material blessings in your life? When a page is drawn, it often means there are new and exciting possibilities available to you. A Page of any suit is filled with potential and brimming with new ideas. 

The Page of Pentacles specifically, is the symbol of earthly manifestation. Your relationship to health, career, and possessions is ripe for transformation. That is, if you are willing to get away from the distractions we’ve talked about already.

A new job opportunity might suddenly appear. A brilliant business idea could come out of nowhere. You might find new inspirations to improve your health, or manifest the perfect living situation. These are the kinds of unexpected rewards that could pop up for you. 

This Page is fantastic for manifesting your dreams, so take time this week to vision-board, or journal about what you are wanting to create for yourself. 

You are primed for manifesting the perfect situations to improve your life, as long as you’re willing to move towards the future self that is calling you.  

Considering our previous two cards, it’s all the more important that you clear the slate of toxic distractions so you don’t miss these opportunities.

Get rid of the distractions so you can focus on your beautiful future! It’s time, take the next step!

Creative Alchemy

This week’s reading is all about transmuting primal energy, and toxic situations, into a creative power. 

The Devil is reminding you to not be in denial about the unhealthy patterns you might be enabling in your life. 

Instead, it’s time to face the honest truth about negative situations so they can be addressed and transformed. 

You can do this! 

The King of Wands wants you to rekindle your commitment by finding and focusing on a vision. This will require your willingness to forge ahead, while letting go of things that are nothing more than a distraction. 

Finally, the Page of Wands is your carrot on a stick. The more you transform and transmute the energy-sapping areas of your life, the more you will be rewarded with new possibilities and exciting manifestations.

Have fun, and be kind to yourself. 

With love, 

And in Service, 

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. What is something you know isn’t good for you, but you’re afraid to let go of? What are you excited to manifest for yourself in the coming year? 

P.P.S. If you are feeling stuck or trapped in your life and could use some extra guidance, you can schedule a private reading with me here

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Kafayat says:

    I want to start a business very soon

  • Jones says:

    I feel that their are other forces at play .. we are in a time where black magic is on the rise .. Witchcraft as well .. and the veil is thinking and Jesus is coming..I think some one or a few people in my live have malevolent intent against me. Like someone cursed me or something.. I can feel frequencies in the air from WiFi cell towers phone Bluetooth computer games etc. it cause me severe distress.. I can’t use my laptop barely can use cell phone.. was told I had a entity attached to me..I can’t work .. or go to places I use to go .. I can’t go to school online it crazy! these signals are everywhere..my life has been turned upside down since June 2019 .. like it’s other worldly . It’s like I’m sensing or picking up on energies from other dimensions.. like I woke up in an alternate reality or something! like someone or something has distorted my reality or changed it but not in a good way.. some type of sneaky deception is going on . Or I opened the door and invited something in not knowing. You have to be careful when your dealing with the spirit realm because their are many spirits and they are not all good. I pray every day for protection and guidance. I have been in a relationship for almost two decade that I need to leave because I think my boyfriend is from the darkside.. and the Devil card trapped us together to stop my destiny and to feed off of the negative energies our relationship produces. I when I was going to leave I became ill and have not worked since then. All things are possible unless you have been cursed or outside forces are working against you. I also ask Angels for help. And I confess my sins and ask for forgiveness daily. At one point I was choosing to stay.. but when I was gearing up to leave I became ill but I claim healing in Jesus name Amen. I would like to manifest financial stability and independence.. but I keep being told I have negative energies surrounding me that’s blocking abundance flow.

    • Hello Jones,
      Thank you for sharing. Many people are dealing with challenging elements during these complicated times. I recommend finding supportive communities and guides. In all honestly, finding grounded spiritual or psychological support would be my recommendation. The astral realm, which is generally entangled with many new-age perspectives, can be more destabilizing then helpful. Unmitigated or unprocessed trauma can be a doorway for hypersensitivity and ‘entities.’ Please take good care of yourself, and find trustworthy, grounded, community to support you.

  • Linda says:

    I love how you have provided insight into the Devil card. I quit using the Tarot and switched to a gentler form of divination cards as it tended to scare people. Your comments truly prove it does not have to be scary.

    • Hey Linda, thanks for the feedback. A lot of the harshness perceived in traditional tarot comes from misinterpretations in my perspective. I like to look at the cards as symbols of psychological transformation, rather than solely divination of the material world. There is a great book by Edinger on psychological alchemy called Anatomy of the Soul. In this text he looks at western alchemy, which is closely related to Tarot in many ways, and how the images and symbolism are related to spiritual and psychological development. When we take this approach the cards become less binary – good or bad – and become more of a living process that carries both a shadow and a light. Thanks for reaching out 🙂


    The devil’s statement, “The truth is, you have chosen to stay in the situation, even if it doesn’t appear that way.” is complete Bull Shit in my life. A decade ago I was poisoned by a Statin and developed a rare muscular disease. The last 3+ yrs of my life have been nothing than a constant fight to get the ONLY FDA approved medications that can provide me with sort of life quality. The ONLY choice I have is whether I continue to live with the continuous and excruciating intractable pain, hoping that I will get a couple of hours of functionality or whether I chose to finally put an end to my suffering.

    When you have all the positive aspects in your head & in your heart, it doesn’t matter when the rest of the body is constantly crying out in pain – I have NOT had a good night’s sleep, (longer than 5 hrs) in 8 months since they illegally took away my medications; AGAIN!

    • Trish curtis says:

      Have you seen a holistic practitioner? Or got a second opinion mainstream medicine does not always hold the key to healing big pharma banks on peoples suffering.

    • I’m so sorry John, it sounds like you are experiencing very serious pain and challenge in your life. You’re right, there are some circumstances that we cannot do anything about. However I would argue that we have the capacity to change how we are relating to those circumstances. I too have had years in which I was in total pain as a result of injury and ptsd. The times I was able to mitigate that pain was through surrendering to my circumstances psychologically. By this I don’t mean giving up, but rather allowing myself to feel everything in the moment without reaching or attempting to change it. This created more space in my psyche and body to be able to see new and creative ways of addressing my circumstances. We are predisposed to avoid discomfort at all cost, and seek out safety and ease. This can create a gap between what is actually occurring and where our attention is, thus creating more pain from the resistance. I don’t know your circumstances well enough to honestly recommend anything or to make a purposeful judgment. What I can say is that when I forced myself to sit with my pain and let it in, to drop the stories about something having been done to me, and just breath, something began to shift. It’s not for the feint of heart, as I would often sit for upwards of three to four hours. But sometimes the patterns of resistance, which only increase the suffering, are so deeply engrained, that this level of extreme practice is the only way. I hope you can find some solace in this life, and I pray for grace and ease to lead the path for you my friend.

  • Angie F says:

    I feel everything the reading is saying too! I am stuck in a situation that is holding me down. I cannot leave it- it is toxic but I am stuck. I yearn for the freedom to be ME… I must focus and use the power of the cards to make a spiritual break for it – and then in time – an actual break for it. I have creative projects that will help free me, I must focus on them.
    Thank you Lionheart.
    From my heart.
    A xx

    • You’re very welcome Angie. Thank you for sharing. Kindness kindness kindness. I believe you can make the changes you intend to, and I just want to offer that giving yourself the deepest honor and kindness during these shifts will be so beneficial. You can be disciplined, and creative, and still deeply kind to yourself. Blessings – J

  • Bliss says:

    Your drawings are always so on point it’s eerie. I am exactly here at this point in time. Going through a painful and difficult breakup in order to rise up to my future!! I am equally heartbroken and excited. Thank you so much for once again putting into exact words my life experience of the moment. Blessings to you!

    • You’re so welcome 🙂 I have experienced the combination of broken heartedness and excitement you speak of. Part of what was helpful for me in this was full and total allowance of my grieving. Letting my emotions and expressions move exactly as they needed to while alone with myself. This was exhilarating because it let stuck energy move, and the pain wash away. Blessings — J

  • barry davis says:

    The tarot reading The Devil/The Emperor/Page of Wands was a good summary. I have had some worries about my publisher (not being contacted) but I see this as a unwarranted fear and wish to believe everything is working for me regardless. Consequently, I’m positive I shall get promising news next week (this week).

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