Soul Message: Toxic Spirituality Warning

By February 9, 2019 Soul Message

It is time to stand tall in who you are as the old falls away, as big changes are about to come into your life…

For we did not come here to compare ourselves with others, neither thinking we are more special or less adequate. We came here to honor All as equal – both the good and the bad, the high and the low.

We came here to hold and witness our separation and fears in gentle presence, allowing them to dissolve.

We must understand, there is no bigger healing force in the world than to love or be loved for who we are … that even though our essence may be the same, our gifts, as humans, vary, and this is precisely where beauty resides.

If we, even on this evolutionary journey, believe that others are not evolving fast enough, or not meeting us where we are…

… or, that another simply isn’t coming from what we consider to be a “true” perspective… we are separating.

Everything that you think, feel and say, has a deep impact in the whole, whether you believe it or not. The small is in the whole, the whole is in the small.

If you are here on this planet earth as a lover, creator, key holder or star seed of some kind know that you came to this earth to “unlearn” false truth and regain unity through polarity integration …

On a soul level, many of us already know, even though we have to go through life events to activate these these memories.

Collectively, we still know what unity consciousness feel like, as we have all dwelt in many civilizations/universes/dimensions before. In our soul’s ancient past, where we have had the opportunity to experience the feeling of unification and unconditional love.

As spiritual seekers, gurus, lovers, and healers, we need to stop considering ourselves as superior or “more of something” than other people.

High and low all helps one back to Source in many ways and it’s always up to one own soul will. All is part of the whole.

We must give thanks to those souls who teach us what separation is, for without them, we wouldn’t know unity is. We wouldn’t be here anchoring unity into our lives now.

We wouldn’t be able to recognize that the world has been fragmented or how we “fragment” everything in our lives and we would instead be caught up in the collective drama. We instead get to learn from EVERYONE we meet and not judge them or the experience as “high or low”…

We do, after, live in the 3D; a world defined by the eternal relationship between opposites. To exist 5D, we must see both sides as truth always exists as a paradox. What’s true may exist on opposites timelines depending on the frequency.

We all can assist others and the world better through embodying ourselves better … by breathing into the heart and slowing down in knowing our energy ..

By learning how to embrace yourself deeper, be in deeper presence with your body energy, and how you truly feel at a body sensory level. You can start by getting into practices that tap you into your nervous system, even breath work and yoga.

Above all, be your own friend and support others abundance from heart. Be the witness and the nurturer, the navigator and the ship, the creation and the creator.

Stop hiding, chasing, fixing or reaching outside of you. You are not something to correct or edit, you are something to embrace and behold into a bigger picture.

Allow yourself to take deeper care of you as you listen to the presence of your body and what you need. No amount of green juice, mantras of positivity, energy healing or tarot cards can save you from facing your truth and going into your heart to discover who you truly are and what you want.

And if feel called to help the world in some way, you must discover who YOU are beyond the illusion of separateness.

Ask yourself how can you exist from the whole and what ways you can connect with the whole? Be calm, still and listen.

Messages will show up if we can center within.

When spiraling out, being neutral (especially if you’re feeling low or mentally stuck) is one of the most important things to learn when we are working with polarity integration, for this is the first step towards regaining unity, in both within and with All.

This is where we pop our spiritual bubble of “feel good spirituality” and be totally honest with ourselves about where we are at. We deny ourselves our delusional false light paradigms and actually get real. To stop separating “high and low” as one being more important or valuable than the “other”…

For example, every time we say we do not judge, but we still think that what others do is not what has to be done, according to our view, we are still living in duality.

Every time we focus on what we think is “wrong”, we continue feeding the old broken system of constantly fixing and changing – instead of letting things just be.

We need to instead focus on just painting the NEW and blank canvas … creating YOUR picture … by putting the life you want with all of your energy and focus… and aligning to it physically – rather than fixing the old.

It is not about saying or “looking,” but about the feeling inside that can let us know if we have finally overcome our judgements within, or if we are still immersed within a dual reality of separation and disownership.

Experiencing a world of polarities is an opportunity to know ourselves. Through this and to master the aspect of us that finds separation in everything by fragmenting all that exists and judging it.

This is not something that has to be healed or dissolved but embraced and seen, as another created human illusion that needs to be comprehended and transmuted.

It’s less about figuring things out, and more about listening to the soft but constant voice of your soul… raising above the noises from your ego keeping you “stuck” in who you are not.

You are divine whether you love this divinity or not. You are also sovereign, whether you choose this.

So please know as a sovereign, free being, YOU already have within YOU all you have been searching for outside, in skill sets, in other people, in outer forces…

Deep down on a soul level, you forget that you are, already WHOLE and hold the keys within you, don’t waste your efforts in trying to be who others want you to be or simply doing things as others do – TRUST yourself.

Do not dim your unique Divine Spark, and the precious assistance you could easily give or demonstrate for others, and get lost by the demands of our ego and its illusions (which is really just an inner child needing right attention and love).

You are already a free, wise and ascended being, dwelling into a limited human body for the purpose of being of assistance.

You just have to recognize who you are and claim it.

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Jazmin says:

    Beautiful message

  • John jones says:

    IAM as strong as the weakest link! IAM here voluntarily! I have a mission and I will complete it believe it or not there’s method to this madness LOL I am love unconditional it’s nice to meet you!

  • Tiffany S says:

    Hi Crystal. It’s taking me some time to understand my current transformation lol but this message definitely came in at the right time. They always do actually ❤️. I look forward to your emails and want to say thank you

  • Anne says:

    Hiya Crystal I hope you are ok? I am so inlove with a special man, now though he has left me ( after seeing me the night before he did, we were reallt close and he told mu that he loved me) because I asked him a few questions through my own intuition but also through my spiritual guides.. He is so sensitive because of past situations. I really love him, I hurt so much I miss him and worry about him. Will he come back to me, could you tell me please.. Thank you….. Anne

  • Dawn Keyes says:

    I love reading your messages! You are profoundly gifted. I am blessed to be one of the chosen to receive your messages.

    Each one of your messages has touches my soul and helps to keep me on track where I want to be in this lifetime. I have been working on all the things you mention in your messages with my paraphasic logistics for over three years now. He says I am ready to I’m race the person I have been learning and wanting to be. That now I must stop doubting myself and know that I have the power and the knowledge inside of me to accomplish great things.

    Reading your message tonight I felt the last residues of my self doubt disappointing and the power within me surging forward with dizzying strength.

    I thank you from my heart,
    Dawn Keyes

  • Shauna Hines says:

    Wow!!! This (as usual) is so genuine!! Every word of it!! I’ve actually only recently started to act like I believe it when I say, “Everything happens for a reason!” That reason being, the positive and negative situations or events in our lives are truly all positive in their own way… Thanks for getting me back on track! You’re the best!
    All my love,
    Shauna H.✨✨

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