Today’s Video from Crystal Aryana – 3/30/2021

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Crystal & Isabella

Hi, love!

I wanted to share this video with you today and show you how much Isabella is growing.

For those who are hearing impaired, the transcription is below the video…

With Love,
Crystal Aryana

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Video Transcription…

Hello, beautiful soul. How are you? I’m just meeting you in the baby room.

There she is, little Mrs. Isabella. I’m going to give you guys a treat later and share it with you…

Her first bath experience is so cute and so calm, so precious you guys, but for now, I just wanted to shoot this quick video.

I’ll try to make it as quick as I can on what I, am really feeling in the moment.

And I was actually going to send you another piece of content around surrendering the mind into the heart or into the present creative moment.

And I just felt called to share this video message with you. So I’m listening to this spontaneous arising in my own being because I feel like we always need to receive from within before we even reach out to the external, including others, right?

Yes. Receive information from all sources, including others. However, to be able to listen, self-source within is so important and not just, you know, in our own daily practice, but just with ourselves.

I feel like as we’re all navigating ending, you know, certain cycles and allowing them to leave for our life, including the way we see things, right?

Our state of being with life, right? Our perceptual capacity in all of our living. And I’m finding as we’re navigating these right relationships within, it’s also these right relationships with others.

And so if you are finding yourself in a state where you feel like you might be struggling or hitting up against a wall in some way, or coming up against some sort of struggle with another as you’re navigating relationships right now, a key thing that I think might help you is being aware of the trauma.

And I’ll say that again, just simply being aware from a trauma-informed place. So being aware of the trauma, and it’s not about excusing it or victimizing it.

It’s about being aware of how we’re interpreting ourselves, how we’re interpreting others, how we’re interpreting life, how we’re interpreting from our relationship with ourselves all of life.

So if we’re unaware of how we’re interpreting others or how others are interpreting us and we’re really taking in what someone else is saying or what we ourselves are saying when we’re in a bad state of mind…

Just understanding that our feelings will convince us or others that certain things have meaning when they don’t, that certain behaviors have meaning when it’s really all in our own mind’s perception.

And why is this important? It’s to realize that so much of what goes on in our mind is neurosis, right? Not existing in our bodies and our state of heart energy in the moment that is anchored in our bodies physically, right?

Our co-creative capacities in other words, but to realize the mental field understand what’s going on in our mind, 90% of the time is just trying to make the meaning out of trauma connected to current life events.

So most of our mind is just trying to understand and calculate trauma.
And so we’re all seeing through the lens of our own trauma and to really understand others from this place, not to excuse them or anything, but to really recognize our own lens and recognize others’ lenses.

This is also a part of energetic hygiene, something I’ll be talking a lot more about in the future because I’m going to be sending you all kinds of videos.

Like this might be a daily video of the day, or it might be a certain practice that I would love for you guys to start trying and writing in and providing feedback as we begin and build new community.

This is also the first step – that everyone is practicing as much as possible and offering feedback right in your own intentional energy, connected to the physical is what is going to help ground some of these new places in life for you.

So love. I am just letting you know that I’m here. I know I missed a couple of days, but I’ve been mommying and learning how to mommy in much better and deeper heart, more connected ways.

It’s been unbelievable. And I’m really just enjoying all the time and all the intimate connection. I mean, her ability to make eye contact right now at just two weeks old and her capacity to be eating all the time and her communication levels already are just astounding.

And I’m just absorbing, oh my goodness, every little tiny fiber of it.

And, um, yeah, so there, there is going to be some consistency as we get into a schedule, but I’m going to be sending you morning messages here every morning of different things.

And it might be, you know, an astrology or tarot card reading of the day, but connected to some type of immersion experience.

So you guys are in your own self-discovery. So I love you guys.

Again, Crystal Aryana here, and I look forward to connecting with you guys soon, keep a lookout for tomorrow’s message and I’ll also send you out Isabella’s bath video cause it’s so adorable and it makes my heart melt all the time. And I hope it does with you also, and I love you.

Beautiful soul take care of you and I’ll see you here soon.

Crystal Aryana

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    Thanks a million Aryana i definitely indeed appreciate your support and advice in all the mails and videos definitely is so uplifting and inspiring indeed always resonated with me for really for really greetings to PRINCESS Isabella always love and light thanks for everything you are helping us to realise our self in general appreciate that to the fullest have a great wonderful day peace love and light ❤ blessed

  • Sergio says:

    These words touched me deeply and resonated with me. Thank you for helping me and us. You have a special blessing in Isabella. Love you both.

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    Dearest Crystal,
    Enjoy being a mom, that is the reward we have from the universe.
    This message you sent me today “Open Heart Rapture Into Love, Viviane” opened a door, wide open.
    I understood that the pain I have inside me about the betrayal, the abuse and the theft my husband did to me, is really very deep.
    I pushed it down thinking that , that way it will disappear. I was wrong.
    Now, I will put out this pain, feel it, get rid of it, clean myself completely of this thing that was keeping my heart closed and recoiled as you said so well. This gap you are talking I felt and realized it deeply, I will fill it with so much love that I won’t be empty any more.
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to finally go ahead and not seeking in the dark the light I have in my heart.
    The Universe bless you and hyour baby, for the guidance you give to free ourselves of these things that are so 3D’s.

  • LuAnne says:


  • Noland Steven Williams says:

    Love the video, you are so caring and supportive, Isabella looks so peaceful and cute. I love the content you discuss, and i am taking it all in, thanks.

  • Naturalseer says:

    I love you, and appreciate the sacrifice, had missed your midweek reading. Cheers

  • Sal Lovato says:

    The baby Isabella is such a cutie and I’m so happy for u. And I’m doing good just haven’t done anything in a year or so but I can say I’m ready to meet and see people and just relax and meet others once this is over . Its funny I had dreamed of this covid 19 about 2 years ago and had 2 dreams of it but I didn’t take it seriously I would think and say to myself every time we have good labs and they can make it go away because the past was rough with the Black Plague and so. And in reality we weren’t prepared for it and I had the dreams and didn’t realize how real it became . Anyway I wish u well and your adorable princess Bella and stay safe ok thank u for the video and your words of wisdom and the energy of love radiating with your words of Empathy and capacities of love to everyone feeling the new norm of this eccentric life we live.

  • Debra says:

    Congratulations!! Babies are just so precious and thank you so very much for sharing her with us. Also thank you for the beautiful inspirational and informative talk. I very much resonated with it. You have such a beautiful soul. Congratulations again and enjoy each precious moment with that little one. So beautiful!! Love and light

  • Angela says:

    Hi I want to know can you tell me how Ryan Sykes feels about me this is Angela

  • Tenneal R. Payne says:

    Thanks for your beautiful video and the joy of motherhood, your baby is beautiful such a beautiful experience. Thank you for taking the time to share your soul while you getting this motherhood thing down and your doing a amazing job such a inspiration look forward to your future videos thank you and congratulations to you and your family.

  • Dawn Adams says:

    Thank you for sharing your message & lil’ Miss Isabella. The message about trauma resonated with me, coming from an observation stand point makes it so much easier when there is no judgement to see there are messages there. Which in turn can fuel more compassion & gratitude for ourselves & others. Wishing you both peaceful naps throughout your days.

  • Jacqueline Milligan says:

    thank you and congratulations….thank you for being.

  • Lindsay says:

    This was wildly accurate for me to hear!! I was drowning yesterday- allowing myself the feelings and thought to fly thru the tornado I was experiencing, I ate breakfast, had coffee and got triggered and jus surrendered.
    Everything you spoke I’m of was like it was for me.. hugs for you and anyone else feeling heavy
    I’m much lighter today, having a stretch now, ate good, showered and going gently
    Jus Thank you Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoy yer baby:)

  • Ingrid says:

    Thank you so much for this video, i always look forward to them. Have a wonderful day. Love and light. <3

  • Delisile Msibi says:

    Sending lots of love. Congratulations, she is beautiful ❤. Im so happy for you.

  • mamie says:

    Beautiful baby! They are so precious when they are sleep. Enjoy her as much as you can because she will grow up so fast.

  • Cindy says:

    I just think you are so awesome.
    Thank you for letting us learn and watch your journey as well.

  • juan villanueva says:

    Beautifull coment thank you

  • Michelle Plamondon says:

    Thank you so much for today’s video. She is so beautiful and peaceful. You don’t have to apologize to me – anyway. You enjoy yourself as much as you can. Life goes by in a wink. I needed to hear the message today as I do forget it sometimes. It’s hard to distinguish between is it me kind of thing or is it the “other” person or person(s). I have been surrounded by a lot of negative people in the past and a lot of betrayal mixed with trauma. So, I do try to accept and remember “my part” (if you will), however, it is a fine tooth comb. 🙂

  • Anthony Jasper says:

    Congratulations on your new born.for some reason I looked at your video to found out you have Isabella that also my mother’s name and daughter well thank you for sharing your time ❤️

  • SunShine says:


  • denis says:

    thank u for ur message n beautifull baby

  • Roberto Davis says:

    Congratulations you’re blessed with life my first baby is now 29 and I still love him the same from his creation and for ever.I love listening to your messages full of love thank you

  • Laura Judge says:

    Hi my name is Laura. I have a question. I got an email from a master numerologist and he wants me to learn the mastery of numerology because of my life path numbers and such. I wanted to know what you feel about me going along with this or idk I’m always doubting myself and I want to but I’m kind of scared…

  • Connie Kunz says:

    How do I get Jonathan Lionheart readings?

  • Shannon Hamilton says:

    Blessings to you and your bundle of joy!

  • A Grateful Mommy says:

    Absolutely beautiful! It makes me remember my 7 year old when he 1st got home. So emotional because my son and I had to leave our home because of a bad situation. Praying for you and you precious little!! Pray for us as well as we are really going thru it!

  • jonathan says:

    congrats new mommy! good luck to a beautiful life!

  • Krystian says:

    Thank you too jestThank you too you are beautiful ikichanaPoelna i kochana miło i naprawdę kocham Was i cały świat bardzo wdzięcznie dziękuję i Pamiętaj miej dziś dobry dzień

    • Krystian says:

      Thank you very much You too are beautiful thank you very much thank you gratefully for your help I love the world and all people remember have a good

  • Tim says:

    Please stop showing us your baby. Think about her privacy. Why are you sharing this with a bunch of strangers? Where are our tarot readings?

  • Mara says:

    Hi crystal isabella is sleeping beauty thanks for your reading

  • Much Love Crystal, Thank You!
    Play On Love

  • Cathryn McGregor says:

    You are so wonderful and full of light and love. Your messages so easily pull me so far from the negative. Quite an accomplishment, every time. Thank you for being so unabashedly authentic.

    My being resonates with your being,
    And I’m very grateful,


  • Jagdish Vasantlal Jariwala says:

    Plants impel but do not compel.

  • Mladen says:

    God bless you and your family

  • Jacquie says:

    thank you Crystal, you’re amazing to do those soul videos, to take the time as you’re a new mum.
    love Jacquie

  • Thando Choko says:

    Yes im

  • Kenisha says:

    Thank you so much. I definitely needed to hear this. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy & the wonderful e-mails. ♥️

  • Susanne says:

    Hi Krystal beautiful so I am so happy for your remember that you did a reading for me and being intuitive myself you were so wanting another child what a beautiful thing for you to bring another soul into this world. You will know me as Sue but during the reading without me even telling you my proper name is Susanne.
    Remember to check out it is a great site for astrology as I have studied this for 45 years. With lots of love to you and lets hope that your other dream of marriage manifest too.

    With Love Susanne

  • A.Gopalaiyengar says:

    You have come so soon to share your predictions!!! that is good!

  • Gideon van der Schyff says:


    She is beautiful present from God.

    May you and family be blessed.

    Keep me posted on development and her stages of life.

    Me grand daughter is already 20 and my everything. She is 6 feet tall and I look up to great her.

    Best wishes


  • Sreenandha says:

    Ooh thanku and she is so cute. Can yyou make a video showing her face please

  • Jameelah says:

    Congratulations on you blessing! I just had my daughter on the 18th of January!!



  • Muriel Hahn says:

    Congratulations: On the new life a blessing from God, of which life is precious. Being able to nurture life. Love and happiness Abundantly to you and your’s.
    Sincerely Muriel Hahn

  • Zoia says:

    Congratulations! She is so adorable!
    Sending lots of love and blessings to you and Isabella ♥️

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