To the Fathers of the World

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Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day: 🙇🏻‍♀️♥️🌹✨

Hey beautiful soul…

Sending you love on today’s Solstice.

I’m sending you a post-eclipse update with that video I promised tomorrow.

For now…

Happy Fathers Day to each and every father in the world…

Today we are reminded today to honor the fathers of the world…

Yet we are also reminded to witness how we are honoring our “inner father” within.

What does that mean?

What does it mean to honor healthy masculine energy so that you recognize this energy present throughout all of life and in, or with others?

What does it mean to burn through the fires of what is false and to fully stand in authentic alignment with your own truth, walking your talk?

To meet life fully “as it is” in direct reality and be truthful with yourself?

What does it mean to be a true guardian, warrior, man, and father at this time in our world… all while acknowledging the collective healing as the divine masculine rises through initiating Source (divine feminine) within?

What does it mean to fully Anchor the throne of your own heart as you witness the changes taking place within you and the entire world around us?

Yes, honoring healthy “Father energy” too, is what I mean.

And on the realistic physical end, I feel collectively the feelings and memories coming up for those who never had a Dad or who are in a complicated relationship with Dad…

Yes, I can feel it’s confusingly difficult for many right now, learning what their own truth is and how to own it … or what love truly means, or what path to take from here?

Especially what path to take beyond the mind control, the trauma identity patterns, the false light, the material shiny objects, the fake love, and siphoning “inversion” power games … (vs. going within, Christ/Krystos being sovereign within, and aligning to what is authentic and embodied and therefore sustainable).

Yes, it is difficult to begin to trust yourself, to build your deeper mission, and to follow your own life path, outside of popular or external opinions.

Because of this, our planet as a whole does not yet know how to recognize, spot, or even fully appreciate what “healthy divine masculine” is really even all about …

Much less tapping into how cultivated, active healthy masculine energy is NEEDED more than ever on the planet to continue furthering the process of unlocking “deeper psychic Eros gifts” inside us all…

Yes, because we need to erect the masculine and “raise him” before we can dig deeper into the wild power of the feminine, as embodied Source.

Yes, since 2020 and now the middle of 2021, so much has shifted… we’re now “energetically feeling or sensing” in our own bodies what’s been happening to the planets increased frequency since around 2011, 2012.

The feminine energy of this planet is beginning to integrate solar power; her embodied divine masculine within.

Even the ley lines around Mother Gaia Earth have been on fire much less the increase of photonic activity, year by year.

It’s almost as if our planet has been turned ON.

And the higher “he” rises in us all, the deeper “she” roots as source power in us all, and together we co-create.

And yes I know…realistically and on the ground: I know many didn’t really have “Dad” around.

Many do not know the love of “Dad” or the truths healthy Dad energy brings and so you are learning what this energy or aspect of life truly means…

Or maybe you did have a Dad, but he wasn’t around much—I mean just because you had a Dad does not mean that you had an authentic “be true to yourself” heart connection with Dad who gave you the tools to know yourself, regulate yourself, own your inner compass, internal energy, and inner psyche so you can flourish and grow in a way that is based on YOU following your own heart and truth.

And yes all of this impacts your connection with yourself…(patriarchy patterns held within) messing with your ability to TRUST as well as your relationship with “the Father energy”…

With God, with receiving emotional or tangible worth, with abundance, and directly with receiving money.

Healthy masculine energy also is essentially your unbiased/neutral witnessing, your healthy boundaries…

How you take care and self-provision, your ability to hold space, your capacity to love as well as your capacity to penetrate bullshit with deeper truth…

“He” inside you speaks to how you honor your own walk, words, or how gently and powerfully you can stand up for what is aligned from the inside out.

He is also your physical body and your “vehicle connection” to Source from the physical world (manifestation of kundalini into the 3D)…

He is your sword for truth, as you meet life AS it is.

He is pure consciousness…

I understand now why I must not entertain false light and a type of lukewarm “love” that “coddles” or breeds more delusion and separation….

And why I must honor love’s boundaries by standing for what LOVE TRULY IS by owning WHAT LOVE ISN’T and being honest with myself when I am out of alignment (even when it doesn’t feel good).

Thank you, Divine masculine, I see why my own inner alignment, integrity, and impeccability are SO essential to recognizing who I really am, understanding my own soul and why I am on this planet and in this lifetime.

I understand that there is the same amount of toxic “wounded” feminine energy that is not balanced with its masculine counterpart as there is toxic “wounded” masculine energy that is not balanced with its divine feminine counterpart.

I understand one is not higher or lower than the other; it’s where the two MEET in the middle.

I stand with you divine masculine within me and around me as we rise through the mental war and back to the throne of our own being; present heart.

I understand that as we peel back the veil of illusion and distortion, we’re now finally witnessing how the masculine imbalance in our world has gotten all of the bad rap — especially at this time of disclosure when so much toxicity is being exposed and being called out around our ego consumption and lack of (sovereign power) sustainability—literally a war against our souls, our humanity and our divinity.

I understand that our “EGO sun” energy is much easier to identify with and point out because wounded feminine energy is subconsciously hidden (unless you are awake to “energy first”.)

But the truth is that collapsed, wounded feminine energy is just as responsible for this needed contrast (shadow; problem) and awakening to the WHOLE.

Yes, love…you can be strong yet can also be gentle, you can witness and hear others’ truths even if you don’t agree and know your own truth within.

You can RESPOND to a situation, and take leadership without the need for outside validation.

You can embody the actions and let yourself flow more because you know yourself.

Yes, as I said above, the masculine structure of inner provision, self pension, and knowing thyself makes a strong container for “feminine” energy to flow freely and more powerfully!

This is another crucial point on why it’s so essential to honor the masculine aspect within and throughout life as we balance this energy with the divine feminine aspect (to deepen our connection as Source energy and so on).

It’s not one or the other, but where they both meet!

So anyway I feel the deepest RECOGNITION of the masculine is needed at this time and is happening in all kinds of ways in the collective and I want to CELEBRATE this!

We’ve never been more ready as a collective to get REAL with ourselves, our energy, fully grounded in our bodies and hearts.

THANK YOU, Fathers, Brothers, Grandfathers, and Divine Masculine essence inside us all…

One of the most simple ways we can do this is to honor the example of the Divine Masculine INSIDE OURSELVES FIRST so that we can spot and recognize the healthy masculine, throughout life and developing in others (even when you or they make mistakes).

Yet you must CHOOSE to wield it ALL for love’s purpose….

Choosing your heart’s will to align with divine will.

Yes, we can stop the internal war of binary consciousness—right and wrong and all the internalized misogyny we play out regularly within, taking the form of the shitty behaviors, thoughts, and actions that cause us to shame, doubt, and abandon ourselves and others as we run away and don’t know how to face the music.

When we integrate the energy of the Divine Masculine within, we can then more readily spot and honor these aspects and qualities around us.

And when you do, start letting all the men, fathers, and “divine masculine examples” in your life know where they are loved, where they are showing up like warriors, where you see them shining, where you respect their convictions, and where you see them honor themselves; being happy or proud…

AND then watch how divine masculine energy begins to respond to you and shows up for you when you shine a light on him, from within.

Yes loves, as we continue the journey of redefining what healthy balanced masculinity truly looks and feels like, we can all play an active role in this collective healing…

We can choose to honor our men, our brothers, our creators, and our fathers during this time that we ALL learning (from unlearning and undoing) what healthy masculine energy really is.

Acknowledge those who show up as love, as messengers of raw truth, as guardians, as warriors and protectors.

Remind them that you love seeing them shine when you see ‘em shining, show them how appreciate them with actions, show how or where you respect them…

And see them, already whole.

Trust them, to trust themselves.

Realizing that power isn’t “out there” or in someone else’s hands.

Power isn’t “over others”…

Power is within.

Power is bridging the gap of our own inner separation and stepping into our own whole: union.

This is healthy masculine energy.

These are the roots of accountability.

And we are all walking each other home as we all redefine what healthy masculine energy looks like for our future generations, from here…

Reminds me, I read once that the quality of a loving father can not just be seen in his growth, presence, dreams, and aspirations but also by how he leads his family and how they embody and fully live their growth, presence, dreams, and aspirations.

I can’t find this statement to be any more true.

I also feel healthy Masculine energy when fully erected within is usually always disrupting what IS NOT real love…

Kinda like being a Generational Curse Breaker…

And right now we need this great disruptor heretic more than ever!

This inner awareness, this command for authenticity, to truth, to healthy boundaries, and inner foundations more than anything…

So Thank YOU, dear Fathers.

Thank you Fathers who choose to devote themselves to love or growth as you have a profound impact on ALL of those you lead and love (or silently lead and don’t even know it!)

Thank you, Fathers and “inner fathers” who choose to look into their deepest soul wounds with courage and COMPASSION…

Thank you Fathers who invest their time, energy, and resources into understanding the Wisdom of their Traumas and choosing to learn how to FEEL again, knowing you can only heal what you feel.

And thank you to all the men who are in service to other men, I honor you for showing up for each other as there are things that only men can receive from other men, in the spirit of true BROTHERHOOD when men heal their wounds of betrayal from other men.

So thank you to all the incredible male visionary leaders that I personally know who dedicate their lives to helping other men rise in their truth and embodiment, I bow in gratitude.

Also a deep thank YOU to all those humbled into cracking open their own heart wisdom—those who do not turn away from the initiation by Divine Fire, yet stand in it unwaveringly as it purifies their awareness, ie) accepting what is just as it is and moving as grace: as the GIFT.

I see you. Thank you, Fathers.

I love you. I honor you. I recognize you. I worship you.

I recognize and honor you no matter where you are or I am at…

And IF you are your own father and have always been, meaning, if you have done the work on raising, provisioning, parenting, and showing up for yourself in a way your father couldn’t or didn’t:

Know that I see you… know that I love you.

And also know, that YOU chose this.

You called IN this reality to give you the understanding, skills, and innate tools you need to integrate in this life, this body, and this time around, so please see it.

My wish is for you to look in the mirror and really, really honor the WHOLE of it…

Every bit.

I wish that you can receive your entire journey and be thankful for every bit.

Nothing wrong…

Only an option to receive the “gift” and co-create…

Loving “him”

Just as he is.


Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

Love you!


Crystal Aryana

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  • Kevin Ayotte says:

    no connection typo with saying felt that connection opps

  • Kevin Ayotte says:

    Thanks as always and can relate to your wanting a/my Dad as really felt a connection to mine, due to divorce and never felt the best friend, a Dad should be. Now on this path that is new am discovering how that has made me a better Dad to my daughter. Sending my love and my heartfelt gratitude for your inspiration and the motivation I receive from you. “The truth shall set you free” in scripture has really inspired me

  • Rafiu Atanda says:

    Good madam, I am so impressed and appreciate all your efforts including the message you always send to me, it’s make me feel confident, courageous and heal my heart. I am so excited to write you today, I really honor you, may almighty God continue to bless you with more abundance in highest divine Aameen. My greet to your new born baby girl Isabella, may almighty God give her unlimited grace, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. I honor and respect you for all the loving and divine messages you always send to me. Happy father day. Thank you so much crystal Aryana. Yours faithfully Rafiu Atanda


    ARIYANA Greetings in the name of the most high GOD blessed what a conscious great possitive clean and clear divine massage there indeed i well appreciate your support and advice am always with you the world needs possitive real people’s like you humanity is at a stage where we all need to inspire and uplift one another as you are always on it no one can pay the prices of what you are doing to uplift humanity and increased the level of consciousness of love in humanity in general this is real and reality i am definitely proud for us to be part and parsul of each other indeed love ,with love respect and understanding the truth and trust that you gives out on conditionally with that you shall receive it back thousand falls I am speakless of the consciousness and awareness that you are empowering the world with in the highest vibration of love which the world is in need of at this pointing time i love ,respect you for your efforts that you are doing for humanity and the whole world indeed greetings to PRINCESS ISABELLA i am sending your pleasant love and light straight from my heart and soul you deserve something more than this definitely GOD BLESS US ALL GOD BLESS LOVE AND HUMANITY PEACE TO THE WORLD BLESSED LOVE

  • Shane Leech says:

    WOW Crystal.
    Hi What a powerful message you have a way with words and know how to say what need to be said and heard so nice and refreshing to have a pure soul such as your self. Just want to say thank you I really do connect with all you say and your pure wisdom.
    Kind Regards
    Shane Leech

  • Crystal says:

    I have three I once called Dad. I’ve not wished either one a happy Father’s Day. I didn’t feel the desire to do it.. would’ve not been genuine. I ask God to help me forgive and heal my heart. I know I’m almost 38 still wanting a/my Dad.

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