Time to Walk Away | Weekly Tarot Reading | 11/22 – 11/28 

By November 20, 2020 November 22nd, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hey there 🙂  

Jonathan here with empowering news for the week ahead! 

You have a big transition coming up that has been a long time coming. 

You may already be aware of what needs to change in your life, or you might be only starting to see the signs something isn’t working. 

It could be a relationship, job, or living situation, but it’s clear that something which used to bring you joy, is now filled with disappointment and pain.

If you’re feeling afraid to take the next step, don’t worry. I’ll show you how to draw on the power of your higher self represented in our third card, the High Priestess, to help you step through to the other side. 

Her energy is powerful, and will help guide you through these seemingly troubled waters. 

We all know you can only avoid dealing with challenging matters for so long. However, when you do take the needed steps, you will feel relieved and reborn. 

Let’s take a look at your cards for the week, and let them speak for themselves. 

Card #1 | Eight of Cups | Moving On

Is there something or someone in your life you feel burdened by? When the eight of cups is drawn it tends to be a sign that you’re ready to turn away from what isn’t working anymore. 

This could be a friendship or romantic partner. Early on, they seemed like a great fit, but as time has gone on, perhaps they’ve become more of a barrier than a good match. 

It’s also possible you are experiencing a bad work situation or environment. It’s turned out to be a toxic situation for you, or you’ve come to realize it’s not where you want to be. 

To be blunt, it’s time to make a transition. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave your partner or place of work. But you absolutely must be willing to face the problem in front of you. 

The Eight of Cups depicts a man who is emotionally unfulfilled, leaving on a journey in the middle of the night. He knows the steep path up the mountain before him will take time and effort, but he understands there isn’t another option. 

You have to face the challenges before you, or it simply won’t get better. 

Rather than leaving in the middle of the night, like our friend from the card, facing you problems in the daylight, without avoidance, is your best bet. 

The man in the card has chosen to leave behind his unfulfilled life in search of one that has meaning for him.

You deserve to feel emotionally fulfilled. So put your attention on what will actually make you feel valued. It’s time to move towards your destiny. 

If you’ve been avoiding this challenge because you are afraid of the repercussions, know that on the other side is a deeper kind of joy and happiness. 

While there may be a specific outer transition you need to make, this change is a part of a much larger cycle for you. Our next card is about the longer term path to completion you are on. 

Card #2 | The World | Reaching The Next Level

Are you ready to finish this chapter in your life? Have you learned the lessons you need to move


The World is the final card in the Major Arcana, and is a sign that something you have invested time and energy into is coming to completion. 

This could be something tangible like a relationship, a career, or education, but it could also be a more subtle process of learning – the kind that happens at a soul level.  

You could be deciding to stop dating the same kind of people, or choosing to go after fulfillment in your career rather than what most people are reaching for.

Maybe you’ve experienced enough self-criticism to decide to start treating yourself with the kindness you deserve. 

Regardless of what it is, this is a great sign that something is ready to be let go of, so you can move to the next level. 

Our first card, the Eight of Cups, let’s us know you are ready, but maybe still avoiding the final decision to make the change. This is understandable because The World card indicates this shift is kind of a big deal, and could bring up some fear. 

It’s ok. A soul level transition is clearly happening for you. You don’t have to make it all happen at once, but know that the change is going to happen whether you get on board with it, or resist it the entire way. 

You might find yourself thinking back on the last decade. Notice any memories coming to your mind this week as it will help you understand what is coming to an end. 

It’s possible you will get an unexpected text message from someone in your past, which will remind you of a different time in your life. 

You’re finalizing big lessons right now, so old experiences might come to the surface to be reflected on. 

While this might sound overwhelming to you, it’s totally natural, and mostly out of your control. 

What you can do is not resist the changes, and trust in the process of your personal growth. 

Ultimately, this is a time for celebration. You are on your way to completing something of great importance. 

Your next card indicates a powerful guide available to you for this transition. She will be your friend and teacher during this important period in your life. 


Card #3 | The High Priestess | Consulting Your Higher Self

Do you ever get the feeling there is a greater plan for you beyond what you see in your everyday life? 

The High Priestess is the master of the unseen. She walks between the conscious and unconscious realms, and can help lead you to your deepest wisdom. 

When the Priestess is drawn, you’re entering a time when the veil between worlds is thin. Secrets you may be keeping in your unconscious could rise to the surface, giving you insight into your current circumstances. 

You might ask yourself: “Do I trust my intuition?”

This is a powerful time to listen to your initial feelings and sense of people and situations in your life. 

The Priestess resides between worlds. She can lead you to your deepest desires, and secret wishes. She understands cosmic cycles, and wants you to pay attention to the call of your true self. 

Our previous cards have made it clear that you are on the cusp of some big decisions that will alter your life in ways you just can’t understand at this time. 

Now is the time to listen to your intuition, and follow the call of something greater than your mind’s projections and worries. 

The Priestess is well versed with stepping into the unknown. So call on her for guidance as you move towards new possibilities. You are not alone, and life has a plan for you. 

You have a unique calling that has been with you since before your birth. Do you remember what inspired you as a child? 

Pay attention to your dreams this week, and spend time journaling, as messages from beyond are more available than usual.

Lighten Your Load

The more you get into alignment with what is truly right for you, the easier life will flow. The Eight of Cups is asking you to pay attention to what is ready to be let go of. 

While this can feel overwhelming and scary, beginning to trust that life wants good things for you can help you let go of what is not good for you. 

This transition marks something important in your life. The World card appears when you are close to a graduation on a soul level. 

This means you’ve been learning and growing, and it’s time to step into a new level of yourself. 

You can do it!

Remember, the Priestess is here to guide you. There is a part of you that knows the way, and can help you through the threshold. Listen to your intuition, trust the wisdom you have deep in your bones. 

Change can be challenging, but it can also be liberating. Trust yourself, and trust the process. You are in a grand moment of becoming. 

With love, 

And in service, 

Jonathan Lionheart. 

P.S. What in your life that you are ready to walk away from? How would it feel to let go of this burden and step towards something new? Let me know in the comments below. 

P.P.S If this transition is feeling hard or confusing, you can schedule a private reading with me here

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Krystal says:

    Your weekly tarot readings almost always resonates with me. This week is spot on! The last two years have been the toughest of my life. I have been with my husband since 17 and now 17 years later, I feel it’s our time to part. Like as if we accomplished our soul work and now it’s time to part ways. We are great friends but a lot has taken place and I am feeling as though we no longer “vibe” together. Maybe another way of putting it, it feels as though we are on two different levels. I find this to be extremely challenging because we have children together. I am fighting hard for us only to feel the end is inevitable. So unsure, but if I still my mind and trust my intuition… it’s over and it hurts so bad.

    • Hi Krystal, thank you so much for sharing. This sounds like such a big change for you and your husband. It will take courage, but listening to what you know to be right is such a powerful thing to do for yourself, and for your husband and kids. Blessings

  • vedant says:

    There has been a problem with my old friends and had threads me to beat up in the past but that things still haunt me and i think it is time to let it go

  • Brian Jai Keith says:

    I sense that I need to move on from the hopes of being with my ex-lover girlfriend. I have been thinking a lot about her through out the summer because the universe seemed to be reminding me of her by showing me her name here and there, hearing her name, and finally thinking about her in a passionate and hopeful way. She has repeatedly run from my love, then one night a few years ago, she stood with open arms to me, after the fact that I made a choice to give up on her. She presents herself as insecure, and immature. That has proven to be a dangerous combination mixture for me in the past with women. No progress, no talk, just feelings, but they are some what burdensome when I have these feelings for love for her, when she is not here, but other women are.

  • Karla Schieferstein says:

    Yes, these are extremely accurate for my current situations. Your readings are on point, precise and truthful. I can’t wait to rid of this negative energy creating a blockage in using my gifts and strengths. So ambitious, intelligent, strong empath intuitions never guide me wrong. Im ready for the highest level of my awakening. Im ready to blossom and fullfil my life purpose and destiny. I know i have a huge purpose before me. I follow wherever i feel compelled and my intuitions feel positive. I have become unstoppable in just these past 4 months. ✌☮♐☯️

  • I am most certainly ready to walk away from my recent situation I called a relationship. I guess I got soo happy to have someone love me and take care of me I moved and rushed so fast, just to find out the guy was an insecure, immature, abusive control freak. It’s disappointing embarrassing and most of all it hurts. Although I’m not going to to give up I am a bit down on love now and a little more disappointed in myself. I’m like a crab back into her shell until I feel it’s safe again to come out.

  • Ryan says:

    I am working on my ascension and learning how to use my time clearly on the astral
    Thank you

  • Kimberly A Hampton says:

    Wow, this was my conformation to walk away from a relationship that’s not healthy for me it’s always scary and painful to walk away from anything that feels good for a moment but when it’s not fullfulling it’s time to walk away thank you Johnathan for enlightening me

  • Karen says:

    In many ways I feel you are right I do have to make some very hard changes in order to survive I must take my power back pray with me . Very hard journey I walk I am thankful to God and the universe for all.

  • Sharon says:

    Thankyou so much, really enjoyed this reading and I have done so much work on myself and looking forward to changes on a soul level and other changes I’m so bored with the same unforfilling life. I would love nothing more than to enter a new transition. This reading really helped to think on some changes that need to change and uplift me . Appreciate this guidance so much.❤

  • Craigh says:

    My current relationship is not what I am after, having problems trying to work out a way of detaching and moving on

  • Curtis Smith says:

    I am sort of in limbo right now I have been looking for the right woman for my life I’m trying to win the lottery but I’m having a hard time letting go of my past relationship with my ex girlfriend it seems like I can’t find another woman or Have any luck playing my numbers this is very depressing I pray that God helps me do universe

  • Annette says:

    I am amazed at how accurate your readings are for me.You have really been blessed with your gift…I look forward to your readings

  • Gaelwne says:

    Hi Johnathon .Really appreciate your reading it is “ spot on” with my situation at this moment … but unable to choose tarot cards as it says it has been disabled because of service violation

  • Boitumelo Deo says:

    Thank you.
    I have spent almost 20 years practicing as a candidate attorney in different law firms.
    I struggled to complete my degree. I did my final year for a good 3years. I would go into depression and serious anxiety whenever I was supposed to write exams.
    I finally graduated and had to start all over with my articles. I am a well seasoned attorney however I remained an articles clerk because I didn t have an admission.
    I have written all the four board exams.
    I have completed the six months of my law school and I am writing my affidavits in order to be admitted as an attorney of the high court .
    Good thing is I can use this and became an advocate.
    All these wonderful positive things happened during the pandemic.
    I am eternally grateful for all the meditation and all these reports we received from you
    I have a positive outlook on life.

  • Doreen Thompson says:

    there are big changes taking place in my life, taking a day at a time and going with the flow as I am becoming more intune with myself, thankyou Doreen

  • Sylvia says:

    Thank you for the readings and clues. Very much enjoying which helps to reflect back in my life.
    Very helpful and inspiring!

  • Shannon De Goede says:

    I have sensed and longed for the change for long now, but my situation is so hopeless I don’t seem to find the way out of my hell. I am unemployed, single mom of one beautiful God given 11 year old boy, living with my elderly sickly mom and step dad, totally financially dependent on my mom, got no help from anyone or anything. I just don’t see how I can use my past experience to get out of here, I always had a job, I always paid the bills and I was always the one looking after others, but now I have been thrown into a hole so deep and dark I just wait for death, that’s my only hope to get out of this hell.

    • Hello Shannon,
      I’m sorry life has been so hard for you right now. Please remember to notice what is positive in your life; if nothing else, certainly your child. Remember that it’s ok to receive help from others, and to seek out those who can help you find your way back into the light. You can do this, it just sometimes can be harder than we thought was possible.

  • Dusta says:

    I am really needing to find my own home. I am staying with family and I need a way out. I need to be able to get the extra funds to make that possible. I need some guidance from my spirit. I need help to find it.

  • Keith says:

    MMmmmmm something to reflect on, I appreciate your comments.
    I was always taught to not offer an opinion until I was In posetion of the facts…
    My wife and love, dear friend, of 45 years, died recently leaving me miserable. Then my lovely friend Kingi (A 70kg Rottweiler) died. Im still looking for a way forward, am making a lot of mistakes. This page is probably one of the.

  • Julia says:

    Thank you, perhaps the most true revealing reading I have ever had. It’s time.

  • John says:

    Walking from ex ,cheater,lier,10 yrs,i find out shes had an affrair for 8 of the 10///wow,,and i trusted her..and was promised day 1 that wont happen..boom we

    • Ms Roberts says:

      Sorry to hear, this can be very hurtful, as I’ve experienced a similar situation.
      I hope you will read this, and hope the relationship, where she didn’t value you, turns you bitter or angry.
      Walk away. Don’t look back, and move forward.
      This will be the best decision
      Do it for yourself!

      • Ms Roberts says:

        Sorry to hear, this can be very hurtful, as I’ve experienced a similar situation.
        I hope you will read this, and hope the relationship, where she didn’t value you, DON’T turn you bitter or angry.
        Walk away. Don’t look back, and move forward.
        This will be the best decision
        Do it for yourself!

      • Ms Roberts says:

        I hope you will read this, and hope the relationship, where she didn’t value you, DON’T turn you bitter or angry.

      • Ms Roberts says:

        DON’T be angry or bitter, or let this affect your future

    • Ms Roberts says:

      DON’T turn you bitter or angry!!!!

    • I’m sorry John, that’s awful. Time to walk away. Good luck

  • Emily says:

    I do have someone that I should walk away from. This person has caused a lot of pain to my family and to myself over the years. THe only reason I have stayed with this person is because of fear of what he is capable of doing.

  • Janet says:

    Our intuition is always right. But sometimes we resist to let go of people or situations because we feel like we are hurting the other person or may be judged. Yet when we do so we feel liberated and open our hearts to wonderful things.

    • Ch says:

      Caught my ex wife in the 90 s and begged her to stay..then within 1 week told her get out..my reason..lived at home..big family,,married 18. My family for 21 yrs..i was afraid to be alone..this relationship..10 yrs..but .i knew alone this time..

    • Thank you for sharing Janet

      • Beverly Soms German says:

        I’m walking away from a man who I have been deeply in love with for 36 yrs. I need more direction on my wellness business. Do I stay where I’m at or find another location. To much drama and negative energy. Please help advise me

  • Jan James says:

    Wow! The unseen world has directly spoken to me!


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