This Tarot Card Reveals Your Life Path

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Have you ever calculated your Life Path Number?

In Numerology, your Life Path number represents the basic personality traits you are born with, and carry with you for your entire life.

And, guess what?

Each Life Path number matches a different Tarot card that – just like the painting in a museum – mirrors back reflections of yourself when you gaze and feel into it.

All you need to do is calculate your life path number, then find that number in the list of Tarot cards below:
Three Steps To Calculate Your Life Path Number

It’s simple! All you do is add up each digit in your birthday, and repeat the process, until you reach a number that is 9 or lower.

For example: Life Path for Birthday 10/21/1972:


Step 1:

Add each full number - 10 + 21 + 1972 = 2003

Step 2:

Add each individual number - 2+0+0+3 = 5

Step 3:

If the answer in Step 2 is two digits, add them together until you have a single digit.

In this example, the Life Path number is 5.

Once you have your Life Path number, find your card below and see what it has to say about you.

The 9 Tarot Cards That Reveal Your Inner Personality Traits

Life Path Number:  1
Tarot Card:  The Magician

As The Magician, your nature is one of imagination, problem solving and creativity. You are intelligent, quick witted, and know how to think on your feet.

You carry a strong energy of initiation and are the first to start new things. Your ability to concentrate exceeds all others, as does your sense of discovery and analysis.

You are drawn towards sciences, both occult and otherwise. You are naturally suited for a solo career, such as a freelancer or entrepreneur.

You are talented at facing challenging situations and making the most out of what you have. Your no-nonsense attitude values action over words.

Life Path Number:  2
Tarot Card:  The High Priestess

As The High Priestess, you are always confronting what’s beneath the surface and going deep within yourself for clues. You are connected to your shadow and all things intuition and higher knowing.

You understand transformation and are an intuitive healer even if you don‘t know it. You are interested in cleansing that which is not pure and pulling off the masks of people to know the truth. You are unapologetic with revealing truth.

You have a tendency to prophesize to those close to you but like to keep your most psychic powers secretive. You have a wild imagination and like to break taboos. You are only satisfied with deep, raw and real experiences and you like solitude and meditation. Your visions are strong and chillingly accurate.

Life Path Number:  3
Tarot Card:  The Empress

As The Empress, you are incredibly abundant in your soft and caring energy. A matured soul who knows thyself with a great heart.

You are nurturing sometimes to a fault and you crave passion, love and unity consciousness in your life. You radiate abundance and the fullness of all things beautiful. People are magnetized to your energy. You are born for luxury and a higher-end lifestyle and you are social and passionate with your romantic interests. You love to naturally “just be” and enjoy the good things in life.

You are here to create something in this lifetime that the world will cherish and always value. This can be a world changing project or a child. You easily connect with nature and love animals and you are here to show the planet to live their heart. You do best when there is harmony in the family and household. You have a very sensual side that you’re not afraid to show. You make a great mother if you decide to have children, which is likely in this life.

Life Path Number:  4
Tarot Card:  The Emperor

As The Emperor, you are a born leader; a powerful authority over others. When it comes to emotions you have a tight control and you know how to manage sticky situations with clean logic. You may have stubborn opinions and are not easily persuaded.

You are rational, stable, consistent and firm and you know how to embody the wisdom you need to navigate the ship successfully and that everyone around you seems to count on you for. You have a strong libido that never seems to be quenched and you have a power to you that is irresistibly attractive to others. You are driven by championing a cause and holding firm on your laurels.

You have a naturally royal quality about you that intrigues other people and others may naturally give you a lot of authority. You’re a natural teacher and the first to lead by example and you like to take control of the situation you’re in. Others trust your level headed resolve and see you as a role model. You are willing to commit to achieve.

Life Path Number: 5
Tarot Card:  The Hierophant

As The Hierophant, your nature is one of higher knowledge, order and structure. The Hierophant is also known as the pope, so you have the ability to garnish respect in an organization or group who looks up to you.

You always find the deeper meaning to life as you are always pursuing knowledge, studying and increasing your understanding for the inner working of life. You are wise, patient and have a natural inclination to follow the rules. You may come across very serious at times, especially about your faith.

You believe in being committed to a higher cause, learning and studying hidden information along with authority and tradition. Facts and the practical world appeal to you more than speculation. You can be dry in your humor but warm to those you really care for. You are a natural teacher that thrives in the hierarchy of an organization.

Life Path Number: 6
Tarot Card:  The Lovers

As The Lovers, your personality is highly intellectual, logical, multi- dimensional and diplomatic. You are very curious about new things, and at the same time, very knowledgeable about what you already know.

You have a talent for handling lots of information at once. You are a natural communicator and very charming when you want to be. You think much quicker than other people. It’s a very good idea for you to be aware of your shadow so that you know how to stay true to yourself and figure out where you stand within yourself. It’s very important that you know the difference between right and wrong and follow your heart.

You have the uncanny ability to know the difference between the high and low roads and make an ethical choices that help benefit the bigger picture as a whole. You know how to get others to cooperate and work together towards a common goal and you are quickly adaptable to new situations. You’re a natural linguist with a high talent for expressing yourself as you may know your beliefs and where you stand. You are naturally “in tune” with social etiquette and relate to large groups of people best.

Life Path Number: 7
Tarot Card:  The Chariot

As The Chariot, your inner nature is very private as you take is very seriously to know who you are and master your inner emotions. You have great faith and determination for what you believe in and you care deeply for your family and will protect them at all cost.

You value tradition and put importance on your family history. You are sentimental about your past yet have your eyes on the future. You wear your heart on your sleeve and put most of your energy into building a comfortable castle for the people you love or the dream you are confident is achieving.

You are a creature of letting nothing distract you as you form a habit you care about. You can be more emotional than most people and often feel misunderstood because you don’t show everything you feel inside. You deeply care and want to show others you care through your focused work and care. You’re nurturing and want everyone around you to have faith in themselves.

Life Path Number: 8
Tarot Card:  Strength

As Strength, your personality is vibrant and you have an unshakable resolve despite heart setbacks.  You deal with frustration well and you know how to be gentle in the face of a storm. You are known for your gallant spirit and the endless drive to get what you want.

You also have a great gift for understanding what others are feeling and giving them the space they need. You are an inspiration to others and know how to love yourself and you demonstrate the strength of love through the hardest moments. You’re a natural leader and other people follow you by instinct. Your innocent spontaneity makes you alluring to others.

Your lack of inhibition is attractive, especially combined with your undying will to win. For you, this life is like a conquest for glory through actualizing your personal value. You have high vitality and express a natural optimism that other people look up to.

Life Path Number: 9
Tarot Card:  The Hermit

As The Hermit, your inner nature is wise and methodical and you know when to draw away from the world in order find the answers you need within. You know when it’s time to turn life into a new direction because you can strip away all the diversions and distractions and uncover the real truth. You are a natural problem solver and are gifted in research and analysis. You are patient, relaxed, and take a well rested approach to life. You know how to enter a state of heightened awareness. You are skilled with your hands and make a good healer. Many looks up to you as wise counsel or a trusted teacher they respect.

You have a strong sense of duty and obligation to those you love and you embody a scientific mind skilled in examination and evaluation. When something or someone needs a new direction or understand something, you’re willing to see the truth at all cost and investigate things before making a decision. You are introspective and meditative with your thoughts and you love to serve the world around you from within you.

What If YOUR Card Comes Up In A Reading?

Now that you’ve discovered your Life Path card, I suggest you memorize it.

Because, when your Life Path card comes up in a tarot reading, it means pay attention!

The Universe is trying to send you a secret message about your destiny!

Will it come up for you … today?

You could always get a free 3 minute live reading and find out in seconds!

So what do you think? Does your Personality Card ring a bell? Or is it way off?

Tell me in the comments below!

With Love and Light,

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