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By November 3, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hello Sweet Friends, Jonathan here.

We have an auspicious reading for you this week!

I’m excited to share the juicy wisdom and insights the cards have in store for you over the coming days. 

Have you been feeling like there is a new level of leadership or purpose waiting to break through into your life? 

Your first card, the Hierophant, is a reminder that you are strongest when you are in touch with your roots, and connected with your community. 

Being connected with community and understanding where you come from, are part of how your second card, the King of Wands, has become the magnetic and creative leader that he is. 

This king is calling you to take a more grounded and patient approach to your creative aspirations. 

Finally, your third card reminds you to take the time to reflect, rest, and recuperate.

All together, this week will be filled with opportunities to grow in ways you may have been waiting for, and in ways you may not expect. 

Let’s take a look. 

Card # 1: The Hierophant | A Return to Ritual

Have you been wanting to reconnect with your spiritual life? Or needing a sense of routine so you feel normal again? It could be that the disorder in the world right now has started to wear on you. 

When the Hierophant is drawn as your first card, he is reminding you to return to tradition. 

He represents tried and true spiritual practices that have served people since time immemorial. When life feels out of control or overwhelming, people the world over turn to ritual. 

Rather than attempting to create your own path right now, return to the fundamentals. You might do some research on your ancestors, or return to religious rituals from your youth.

This isn’t a call to change your beliefs necessarily, but to find comfort in familiar practices. 

The wisdom from the Hierophant can also be in regard to how you are running your business or household. Returning to the fundamentals will give you a chance to rest and reset. 

The Hierophant invites you to connect with your community. It could be a group of people who have the same spiritual beliefs as you, or it could be as simple as joining a gym. The point is, finding people with common interests will benefit you right now.

Having community will support you, and encourage you to return to things that have helped you in the past. 

The Hierophant can also symbolize a teacher or spiritual mentor. You might encounter a mentor this week, or reconnect with someone who has been one for you in the past. 

Or, it’s possible that you are stepping into the role as a mentor to others. Our next card is all about leadership, so it could very well be that you are entering a phase where you are starting to guide others. 

Card # 2: King of Wands | Becoming a Leader

Are you feeling more confident about what you want to create in the world? 

The King of Wands has grown from the impulsive, fiery, Knight of Wands, into a mature leader. He knows what he wants, but has learned to be patient in how he goes about getting it. 

You might have the opportunity this week to show just how skilled a leader you can be. People will feel inspired and motivated by you. All the work you have put in is starting to show, and people can’t help but want to get on board with what you are doing. 

Not only are others magnetized by your vision, they will trust you if you are honest and open with what you want, and where you want to go. 

The King of Wands is resilient. Notice if the things that used to trip you up, or make you question yourself, seem like they don’t have the same effect on you. 

With the Hierophant as our first card, focusing on a simple routine will amplify the King of Wands’ creative energy. 

You don’t have to push hard or make extreme moves to get your way. Instead, take your time, and lead by example. The simpler, the better. 

The magnetic energy of the King of Wands will draw to you exactly what you need, so pay attention, and trust you will know the right time to act when it arrives. 

The King of Wands wants you to find the balance between kicking butt, and taking time to recuperate. Our next card is all about how important taking time to rest will be this week.  

Card # 3: Four of Swords | Rest From Strife

Has it been hard to find time to rest and relax? If so, then you will be relieved to know there will be time to recuperate this week. The Four of Swords is showing up to remind you to take some time off. While this can feel impossible at times, you will begin to find the rhythm between action and rest.

While our previous card, the King of Wands, is about taking action, he has also learned the wisdom of when that action needs to be taken. 

The Four of Swords, in relationship with the King of Wands, is asking you to let go after your work is done in order to rejuvenate yourself. 

The Four of Swords is asking you to step back, clear your mind, and gain perspective. Instead of looking at a screen, or finding something to distract you, this card is encouraging you to find peace and quiet. 

You might spend some time in nature this week, or start up a meditation practice. What will nourish you the most right now is giving yourself room to unclutter your mind. 

Sometimes, when you have been very busy, it can feel like there isn’t any time to take care of yourself. The truth is, if you don’t take the time to unwind and rest up, it can be hard to see what is most important. 

Take extra space this week to review where you have been, and what is happening in your life right now. This will help you when it’s time to start taking action again.

Following Your Wisdom

True wisdom has a natural rhythm. 

When you learn how to rest when you need rest, and to forge ahead when necessary, things become easier. 

Returning to simple routines can help you find the pace that suits you best. 

The Hierophant is reminding you to come back to what is simple and fundamental. Take care of the small things, and find a ritual that supports you. 

Simple rituals can improve your skills as a leader, because your actions will not be cluttered, and you will feel a sense of purpose in what you are doing. 

The King of Wands wants you to lead from a mature place. Recognizing that anything worth doing will take time and commitment. His fiery creativity is balanced by his patience and fortitude. 

Finally, in order to meet the challenges of life, resting and taking time to contemplate where you are, can be invaluable. 

The Four of Swords wants you to be sure and give yourself time away from whatever you are regularly doing. This will give you space to reflect on where you’ve been and the why behind what you are doing now. 

This is how wisdom is developed, which will help you build the life you truly want. 

With love, 

And, as always, in service, 

Jonathan Lionheart 

P.S. What is something that holds you back from what you truly want? In what ways do you take time to rest and reflect? 

P.P.S. If you’re feeling stuck around becoming who you are meant to be,you can schedule a private reading with me here, to gain some insight into what could be holding you back. 


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