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By January 13, 2021 Astrology

Hi friends,

The cosmic energy is ramping up this week, as major planets continue to clash. 

Tomorrow, through the end of the week, will be bringing your focus more strongly into your relationships, but in an entirely new way. 

Current energies are giving you easy access to a deeper level of truth around your physical needs and sensual desires. 

If you take action on the insights you’re receiving now, it might just revolutionize your love life.

This is thanks to the influence of Uranus, which is going direct after being retrograde since last August. 

When it goes direct on the 14th of January, Uranus will be simultaneously sending a beautiful spark of energy to Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, and beauty.

This has a lot of implications for your relationships, which we will explore in depth shortly.

The next few days will be a powerful time to connect with and integrate your inner rebel, as well as some of your more hidden, subconscious needs and desires.

We are in an exciting time! Dramatic changes are not happening not only in the world, but in the deepest parts of your inner being.

Let’s take a closer look at just what this means for you, and explore how you can use the energies happening now to catapult you into greater personal freedom and joy.

Under Pressure

There’s no doubt the current energies in the world are putting you under high pressure. 

As uncomfortable as it can be, you are in a highly transformational process right now. 

If you can work with the stresses you may be facing this week, and disengage from the temptation to fall into a power struggle, you are capable of a massive up-leveling in your life — particularly in your finances and relationships. 

Tense aspects happening between several planets right now, including Saturn and Mars, are causing you to confront your responsibilities, duties, and earthly needs before launching into your new vision for the future.

If you’re feeling frustrated about a restriction or limitation preventing you from pursuing your heart’s desire, try not to push against the resistance.

Chances are there are some practical steps you can take, and NEED to take, before you will be up to speed with your responsibilities and ready to move forward without looking back. 

Over the next few days, if you shift your focus to the annoying, tedious tasks you don’t want to complete, but need to get done, you will have a much easier month ahead.

It’s not fun to be under pressure, but if you pay attention to what needs to get done, and don’t fight the negative forces you are encountering, you can shift your attention away from conflict into a more productive outlet.

Doing so will allow you to rise up better than ever once the storm passes.

Thankfully, it’s not all strain and tension this week. A beautiful connection between Venus and Uranus will feed you with new inspiration in romance and finances, which should help you stay inspired as you deal with your practical concerns.

Taking Pleasure In Change

Change isn’t always easy, but with Venus entering a happy aspect to Uranus on January 14th, it’s bound to be a breeze.

Both Venus and Uranus are in earth signs right now, Capricorn and Taurus respectively. With this grounded and practical placement, you can expect the changes coming into your life to be physical and noticeable.

Earth signs represent parts of yourself concerned with value, security, and your body’s needs. So, it is in this area of your life that you will feel a beautiful surge of change and freedom.

These planets will support you in gracefully shedding old limits, restricting beliefs, or anything that has suppressed your ability to feel safety and pleasure in the most physical of ways.

You are able to receive powerful flashes of insight that will almost effortlessly allow you to shift gears, bringing a new level of efficiency to your pleasure.  

This may sound a bit odd, but what it really means is no longer getting sidetracked in old emotional hang ups, irrational fears, confusion, and drama.

You are seeing these disruptive choices for what they are, and not allowing them to be a substitute for your authentic pleasure and happiness.

Venus trine Uranus allows you to see the most direct and grounded way to get your needs met. You have a precious opportunity now to cut away any unhealthy indulgences that have been impeding your freedom and enjoyment.

On a side note, this influence can sometimes represent a sudden financial windfall or moment of great luck in money matters.

Before the week is through, Venus will make another positive aspect, to an astrological point with a taboo reputation. Let’s take a look at how that encounter could unfold for you.

Your Hidden Desires

On January 16th, Venus will harmonize with the Black Moon Lilith, an astrological point representing your subconscious unmet needs, shame, primal energy, and where you can unlock true empowerment.

Black Moon Lilith holds the key to your shadow, and shows you where you may have experienced rejection or judgement for your instinctive desires.

This potent point will be exchanging pleasant energy with Venus in Capricorn this weekend, presenting you with an opportunity to heal your shame with love, and reclaim your true power.

Unconscious needs can be expressed and integrated through enjoyable activities this weekend. 

This aspect can make for a steamy time in the bedroom, so if you are involved, you may want to plan some alone time.  

You could feel blissfully indulgent, more self accepting, and able pursue a need to go slow or even be a bit lazy without guilt.

Overall, expect an energized and dynamic end to your week as these cosmic energies play themselves out.

You are an ever-evolving being, and the planetary energies happening now are here to serve you in taking the next step.

I look forward to sharing more with you as things unfold.

Riding the spiral upward,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Are things changing in your love life right now? What shadows have been showing up lately for you to integrate? Let me know in the comments below!

Luna Dragonwell

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