Turning Point for the Rest of 2021

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Hello beautiful soul,

It has been quite a clarifying couple of weeks of full-circle events and choice points…

Meaning major opportunities to soar!

In many ways, it was kinda a rough week but just like you, I get to choose who I am and how I am through it.

This past week:

A newly teething baby, who I can’t put down or won’t sleep out of my arms (this is new).

Grandpa’s funeral. Actions around projects. Major personal shifts, moves, and business changes. Things left totally up in the air… wooooot!

Thank you to all who’ve been writing to me since the Solstice.

So much is happening at once and it’s taking everything to slow down, recognize what’s important over other problems or the 1,000 tasks to do and just be and play with my baby.

Lately, I haven’t written as much.

I also have not written many updates throughout specific astrological events like I usually do and I explain why in my video and how this is changing as I get some more team help again 😉

I’m in the middle of hiring some marketing help for new products, creating a brand new community platform and new content—and also opening our store of physical products like crystal jewelry, apothecary herbs, herbal and crystal candles, soaps, award-winning, non-GMO scientifically graded active potency CBD oils, as well as and other lotions and potions locally sourced next to me in Colorado on the way to you.

I am also hiring an additional writer, a babysitter, and a marketing manager!

So hang in there with me, we’ll be offering Astrology blog posts again and more content videos soon.

Also, make sure you watch the video for the nervous system “reset” hack I shared with you last week along with another way or two to access your nervous system and ground your body (self-regulation).

Okay, love, what an intense portal it’s been since the beginning of May, throughout the Full Moon Total Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, the Gemini Solar Eclipse, the Solstice, and into this Capricorn full moon…

Plus of course all the summer’s retrograding planets!

So what’s been happening lately? (I briefly go over astrology transits in the Video).

Simply put:

A time to level up, as you’re being supported to do so…

The energy now and throughout the past couple of weeks over the Solstice (until August Lionsgate), the Universe (you) is working in ways to get YOU to open up to a higher reality…

To let go of what you may have gotten “used to believing” in some way or another.


Closing of one chapter in life and the opening of another.


Full on, liberation or self-rescue in some way!

Self-sourcing, self-regulation, and co-creation as you return back home to you.

Yes, the energy is pushing you into releasing the fixed ideas of what can happen for you in life—so that you can be a MATCH for something more authentic…

Yes, illusions and “3D” grids are breaking to make room for a new beginning more than I’ve ever seen during an eclipse period.


Turning generational patterns and curses into generational wisdom and freedom…

Showing up all in, JUST as you are, with your innocence, grit, voice, power, and worth.

And as you get the clarity you need, stepping out of the fog…

If things feel challenging, ask yourself:

What is this trying to tell me?

Where have I bought into illusions, limitations, beliefs, and expectations that are not true for my soul self?

What am I being asked to release now?

This is key.

During the foggy eclipse periods, I feel we’re shown fated experiences that may disrupt, confuse or cloud things up—yet are divinely designed to get you out of old, habitual perspectives you once had.

So you can SEE from a new place as you meet crossroads in front of you…

So you can make the tough decisions as “new truths and insights” are revealed to you.

This means you must go deeper than just intellect.

This is where you shift out of mental blocks so you are ABLE to perceive your heart’s authentic truth.

And then follow through with action instead of being limited by the mind, other people, or (3D) belief systems.

“Can I choose what is truly authentic?”


Decisions to be made. Actions to be followed.

Liberation and freedom, calling you to move.

Yes, beautiful soul…

A “life purpose” turning point energy could be happening right now for you probably unlike any other year you’ve been alive…

Choice point time.

Feeling a lot of full-circle clarity happening for many. Manifestations are landing physically.

I feel “the real” is being seen for what it is and yet at the same time, some are learning how to move forward in life in a way that once felt impossible.


A time of breaking free.

A time of questioning everything.

A liberating time. Taking the leap time. Making that big decision time.

Anything unaligned must go, time.

Choice point time.

Since before the Solstice, the light intensity has been at an all-time high for the year illuminating all that has still been kept in the dark…

All that was fuzzy, becoming more clear.

You’re probably seeing things from a completely new place—major shifts in perspective since the beginning of May.

And now it’s time to own your truth, take the leap, and trust the work—DO the work as you follow the process leading you into your next evolution and life chapter.

Yes, this “squeezing period” of energy is working to get you to open to a higher reality…to help you let go of what you may have gotten used to believing…

This is a more powerful ascension “choice point” than you may realize.

Like I’ve said over the past two years, it’s time to lay the painful karmic lessons to rest BY moving forward in your authentic truth and mission.

Trusting what your soul lights up too and taking action.

You’ll be supported during this window of change. But keep waiting and it may only get harder.

What will you do with the rest of the year and how will this time now shape your life in the years to come?

Think of these times right now like being on the edge of an entirely new life that you are about to be reborn into.

And now, you are in the “in-between.”

In-between the dying of the old world and the birthing of a new one…

So ask yourself a symbolic question or two, for your own alignment:

If I were to die today, what would I regret?

What regrets would I have about the ways I am living because it’s not truly authentic to my soul?

Which soul connections would I want to bring into this next life and which relationships or friendships am I ready to let go of?

Ancient texts have said that it is our state of consciousness upon death that determines our state of consciousness at our next birth.

What is the state of consciousness you want to create this new earth from?

Bring it right into NOW…

The same applies.

Because you, dear heart warrior, are more needed than you know.

The choices you make now are important as humanity collapses and grows…

Our choices are determining what kind of earth we create and what this new era of humanity will be like.

And the people of this new earth are all already here, planting seeds for the new world we wish to create.

So we all have the choice:

To align our consciousness with the dying world?


To align our consciousness with the new world that is being born…


Yes, I am seeing so many are graduating into a new place. Fully co-created and landed it.

Coming full circle in the situation with all the work you’ve put in…

I’m seeing so many blooming right now…

Also, those feeling the pressure and the pain of not blooming and hiding…

Or a mix of both…

YOU are so much more needed in the world than you may truly recognize or know (you: aware of your truth, living your voice, heart, and gift).

You are meant to be seen. Even if it feels like the opposite is true.

By the way, did you know…

2021 is a “5” Universal Year, the number of freedom and transformation?

What if 

2021 was the year your wildest dreams began to take shape, right before your very eyes?

I know for many this is already happening.

Are you willing?



And with liberation and light then brings the darkest and most difficult—

So I know it’s been a pretty intense “pressure” lately as many are experiencing an up-leveling or still, the falling out in many ways.

For me, after the funeral, especially this week, writing “words” didn’t make sense. Life was too much in the hot moment and action, action, action.

And last week, I kinda burned myself out. I didn’t renew my inner resources and kept working late on long-term work projects and not sleeping enough.

Thankfully the baby is finally sleeping a bit more after her bottom tooth “nubbie” popped up and things have slowed down a bit the past 48-72 hours…

I hope you’re using this time now and into next week to rest, refill, still and center within.

Make nourishing food for the week. Go for hikes. Take a trip. Wake up extra early for your practice. Leave yourself some room to reflect as you make your decisions and life-upleveling moves.

Yes, igniting your fires from a new place of seeing = being and action.

Devoted attention to what is “fanning your flames.”

“What is asking inside me to fully bloom?”


Life is showing you a gateway through all this energy lately—basically a bridge that allows more of your soul self to step through.

No, you can’t just do “nothing” and benefit. The solstice and these energy gateways are not something that lifts you up by magic (except for sitting in the sun rays which I feel are rejuvenating and magical…)

So you can’t just do nothing.

But the potential is there, so make the most out of this time and recognize what your limits are—what is blocking or holding you in a pattern—so that new shifts and perspectives can reach you.

Some sort of DAILY somatic body practice (any kind of practice) will help you a lot.

To me, it kinda feels like a full-on mental reset from where life and perceptions were at from the beginning of May…

And the little quiet right now feels like the eye of the needle right now, so enjoy the pause and reflect.

You’ll need it.

With retrograde activity high right now, quiet time is allowing us to go within and deal with any emotional baggage we’ve still not been facing.

We’re all being pushed in some way to release any old emotional heaviness, negativity, or limitation we’ve been carrying —especially the unconscious baggage we’ve forgotten or repressed.

And when we deal with the inner toxins and wounds that cause our outer issues, our paths blossom in front of us, especially in love…

I’m also feeling a major shift of energy for those finally drawing a line in the sand in some way.

A turning point—a choice point—perhaps the time to make 2021 YOUR YEAR…

And speaking of this energy of liberation and freedom, what does this even really mean?

Freedom to be YOU?

Freedom from mind control, media, race wars, predictive programming, and division?

Freedom from the old ways of relating with the world?

From our old trauma patterns?

Liberation from our own self-narratives, old identity stories, and scripts?

Freedom from abuse?

(Yes, I feel the liberation of many who are finally coming to terms with abuse. I predict that the real spiritual awakening for humanity will be our collective waking up to the reality of what abuse is, how it operates and how we’ve been enabling, coping, bypassing, trauma bonding and misunderstanding it.)

Freedom from others’ control? From other people’s expectations?

Self-regulation in the moments needed for follow-through?

Sovereignty over the old ways or patterns no longer working?

Freedom in trusting yourself?

Trust in allowing yourself to be SEEN?

The release from staying small and hidden?

From mass slavery?

From not having full access to our own 12 strand DNA and photon body of light?

Redemption from the ways we externalize God, source, and our innate power to something outside of us?

Freedom from facing what is (reality as it is) in the present NOW, no longer suffering from idealism, in denial or distortion?


Freedom within and from all.

And I feel the messages are stirring quite the “reality check” in the collective consciousness lately…

A deeper clarity… a lifting of the veil… what was not being seen, is being seen.

Yes, stepping out of this “womb portal” and choosing your new reality, as I said in my mid-eclipse update a couple of weeks back…

(We’ve all been being tested to see what reality we choose to step into—facing the very patterns, people, and situations from our past to see if we’ve leveled up and embodied the GIFT or if we still need to go back and repeat lessons).

I am seeing people learn how to become more aware of their authenticity, their energy, space and nervous system…

More are in the process of becoming more aware of what they need to do to regulate themselves, recognize, self parent, know what they need, and meet it.

Even just recognizing your energy on the daily helps you regulate.

So that way, you can truly feel, see and face situations that are pretty uncomfortable and break free!

So you can live what is really authentic for you, especially if you’ve been denying your true self or hanging onto the past or unhealthy situations.

The choice is this, love:

Align your consciousness with the dying world?


Align your consciousness with the new world that is being born?

Which one will you choose?

Are you going to be grounded in what’s real and sustainable?

Are you willing to MEET REALITY as it is and choose to create anyway?


Not waiting until it’s no longer difficult to be HAPPY NOW?

Yes, love.

I feel this message right here SO strong…

Can you shift your relationship to money, GOD, and even men?

Even after all you’ve been through, can you NOW accept the love you always wanted but didn’t have?

Even after all you’ve been through, can you NOW accept creating it so good?

Can you be open to receive the responsibility for it being good?

Yes, love, this is set to be a couple of weeks of reset.

A time to focus on allowing a new beginning to find you, by releasing the past and letting go of the perceived limits of what’s “real” and “possible.”

You had been holding on so hard to the idea of what you think is REAL in that nothing more has been able to reach you.

And now you are being pushed to release.

And then, the natural light of what can be will begin to emerge.

The world needs you owning your being, managing your own energy, living your sovereign soul, using your voice and your gifts.

The world needs you, sister. You matter, brother.

I don’t mean the world needs others’ expectations of you.

I mean the world needs you fully igniting your fires and living your gift.

My wish is for you to accept the ever-changing, evolving YOU and learn through what doesn’t work, just as much you learn through what does.

I hope you lean into the dips and valley and find out the “yes” and the no, your direction.

Your authentic real desires.

Valuing the process.

Value the space to reflect.

To honor the greater lessons of love as you move through these gates in more sovereignty and self-love than you knew was there…

I hope you create ways to launch from here and share and create from absolute alignment—and in moments of learning, feedback, failure, growth, and recalibration to your own truth, you can take accountability and trust what you are creating.

What makes you a powerful human being is the ability to learn from the lack and rise from the ashes.

To receive power through your own internal process of what is authentic alignment for you and to continue showing up for it.

To count on your own devotion to the process and to fully give it your love.

You are not a victim.

You are not a co-dependent.

You are not a puppeteer.

You are not a slave.

Don’t cater to what you think outside expectations are.

You are on a spiritual journey after all.

Time to play for real. Time to come out of the disguise.

Time to be in integrity with your inner heart knowing…

Not the external; yet what makes you, YOU.

You are SO much more than what the naked eye can see, so much vaster than the borders of your body’s physical border, actually, there are no limits to you.

You are as vast as the universe itself.

You are the bringers of the Dawn.

Your time is NOW.

Are you willing to open beyond the trauma?

In other words…


This is what spirit is asking you…

I hope you don’t stop when your heart endures pain, hardship, loss. I hope you don’t stop with what it is that makes you—you, in this world.

Keep letting life show you changes, twists, and turns.

Let there be the unknown, romance, adventures calling you. Let yourself receive.

Intimacy. Authenticity. Daringness. Dancing. Let there be the excitement of leaps, unknown edges, phantom futures, learning curves.

Even in the grief. Even in the awkward transitions, the growing stages, the moments you feel anything less than whole.

Please, for the love of god, do not wait until it’s all perfect.

Until there’s “no hard work”

Or until some fantasy date that you’re healed and no more layers to unwind.

No love.

There’s no “getting ready.”

Just “being happy now” allowing yourself to receive it.

Facing reality as it is.

Co-creating choices from here as you make the rest of 2021 YOUR YEAR.

Yes love, take the leap, decide it, build it, go and see the world, collect your vision, cast your dreams!

Besides love…what good is a dance floor if you’re afraid of a little stumble?

⚡️ 💃🏻 Dance love!

Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

P.S. Please leave me your thoughts on this post below. What resonated the most with you?

Crystal Aryana

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  • Bob says:

    I’m yet to see & feel the strength, power of the tarot readings. It’s Bob.

  • Susanne says:

    What you write about transission and creating a new life from here is so true. I took the step in May after over 30 years, and I’ve never felt better. Thank you for bringing this amazing wizdom, support and comfort.

  • John Bianchi says:

    thank you love you back!!!!

  • Adrienne says:

    Thank you for sharing your precious time and wisdom. I am grateful for all your insights.
    It brings me great joy to have someone who is living and practicing all the things I need to learn about. Thank you for your kindness, caring and sharing. I am soo excited to see and hear about all your new ventures and products; but am practicing understanding and patience, so please take the time you need. I love love love everything your putting out for us here in this universe and am excited to have the opportunity to learn and apply these techniques and knowledge. You are on the button and convey these insights in such a relatable way. Thank you as always!

  • Alexandria says:

    Loved the video! I practiced the techniques and instantly felt relief! Thank you for your wisdom! Much appreciated ❤️

  • Laurie Tindall says:

    I’m a female, 56 years old. Well, this is all true. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, I’m in remission but the radiation treatments disabled me and I learned to accept I’ll always have pain. After many years of being on my own (alone) I met a man a year ago who was everything on my check list of a partner. We rode his Harley Davidson often and on 8/29/20, we were on an expressway that had construction and traffic had come to a complete halt. We were at the very back of the stopped traffic. A semi tractor trailer hit me (us) first and the driver never used the brakes, he was going over 70mph. I was badly injured and hospitalized for 21 days. My boyfriend only survived one hour and passed at the scene. Our relationship was new, but we both agreed it was a real connection when we first met. I really feel that the Universe should have let me go with him. But I was left behind and my happily ever after was violently taken from me. I don’t have hope anymore. I believe the Universe doesn’t want me to have a loving companion. I’m grieving both him and any future of companionship.

  • Lisa says:

    Thank you so much I loved your video too, thank you for sharing,

    Lisa in NZ

  • Susan Garcia says:

    My oldest son and best friend died suddenly on Friday June 25. He was the purest most wonderful soul that I knew. He took care of me and his autistic brother with so much love and devotion. He suffered with a schizo effective disorder and suffered terribly. I thought the new change in my life would be relief for all of us but the major changes and new beginnings were for him to join with God and get relief and for us to try and continue on in this world. I’m at a loss for how to move past my grief sorrow and loneliness but I have to honor his iwork in life and take care of his brother alone. I cant see the beauty in losing the best in my life after only 32 years. I’m greedy and far less a human being than he was.

  • Trina says:

    I really needed this insight , Ive gotta get outta this life and make a new one

  • Lisa Bowen says:

    thanks, I needed that, the practices at the end were wonderful, loved the information too

  • Cathy says:

    Everything, literally everything you say resonates with me so much. I have been learning recently how powerful the mind truly is and I am super interested in learning techniques that I can incorporate into my daily life. I am trying to have forward motion in my life and I am trying to establish daily routines/rituals. I want to be fully grounded and release all the trauma and pain that I have endured in my life. I have been in fight/flight mode for many years. I didn’t realize many things about myself until recently. The part you said how trauma encodes on a cellular level in our body is very fascinating to me. I have been so stuck in my patterns of behaviors and relationships for almost 25 years now and it has been making me sick in my physical vessel. The time is NOW! I actually wrote that on several flashcards several weeks ago and everything I read has that phrase in it. Another thing I read is: the past is our memories and the future is our imagination. The only thing real and tangible is the now. I am still trying to figure out what I am to do now or what I want to do now, but everyday is better and I am being guided back to the light. The light that is me.

  • Debra Matherne says:

    I have all kinds of good things happening met a new man who has changed my life upside down in a good wAy., you were right my past was hurting me real bad but it was not meant to be, this man I met is amazing. He is very empathetic helps others loves me dearly already I think he is the one I finally met my man for the rest of my life amen. Thank u


    Blessed love and light peace ARYANA
    BIG thank you for everything that you share with us there is definitely useful and well appreciated indeed as well about the nervous system tips are so simple and helpful tips indeed not forgetting PRINCESS ISABELLA greetings to her till she laught loud hehehehe thanks a million sending you love and light

  • Leighanna Estes says:

    “You are SO much more than what the naked eye can see, so much vaster than the borders of your body’s physical border, actually, there are no limits to you.
    You are as vast as the universe itself.
    You are the bringers of the Dawn.” Is what resonated the most with me. Thank you so much for everything and all you do. ❤️ It’s amazing how much your words lifted me up and gave me the encouragement I’ve needed. Thank you❤️ Stay amazing!!

  • Philena says:

    On point and perfectly timed as usual! Thank you for “writing words” in this moment… they were for me, they were sooooooo needed and sooooo appreciated!

  • Sherry says:

    Love the nervous system tips. Please keep em coming and love your video updates as well. You always seem to speak directly to my soul.

  • Neil Mason says:

    Well I’ve never seen such a person as you with passion and love , aswell as a deep way of saying how , why things are the way they are , especially with your knowledge and insight on all of these spiritual avenues.
    I have been going through similar issues to do with family members , that have been going on for atleast 4 decades now and it’s really important what you mentioned is that this year ( so far ) well I’ve been able to build many strategies to defuse there anger etc and its alot to do as you had previously mentioned about old wounds that Iam able to ease because of this new me in pandemic and ushering in the new , because of the new way of perceiving in this new world of ours..
    Than you for your blog and looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon ..
    Peace, love, life, health , and bountiful

    N Mason.

  • Neil Mason says:

    Well I’ve never seen such a person as you with passion and love , aswell as a deep way of saying how , why things are the way they are , especially with your knowledge and insight on all of these spiritual avenues.
    I have been going through similar issues to do with family members , that have been going on for atleast 4 decades now and it’s really important what you mentioned is that this year ( so far ) well I’ve been able to build many strategies to defuse there anger etc and its alot to do as you had previously mentioned about old wounds that Iam able to ease because of this new me in pandemic and ushering in the new , because of the new way of perceiving in this new world of ours..
    Than you for your blog and looking forward to seeing and hearing from you soon ..
    Peace, love, life, health , and bountiful
    N Mason..
    N Mason.

  • Mag says:

    Nailed it! So much going on, mostly negative, but your blog is just what I needed to take on the dragons lol. Enjoy ur little one, it’s a special time. Love & light⭐️

  • Rita Marie ,marie Chippindall says:

    Hello…..what a reading!!! Have just ended 6yr so called relationship….(had rose coloured glasses on..yuk) after reading your wonderful work…blog…..makes it easy to understand….bless you…..if I did not know better…would have thought you were my shadow …..writing all down!!…….Man I sure slipped from the life I had…”Spiritual” and thank goodness read today ..felt as if you were in same room…and I THANKYOU….helped me remember the good life I had before I put on …THE COLOURED GLASSES….BLESS YOU….. guiding me ….

  • Ani says:

    Wow! You’ve had a lot on your plate! As usual, you are so spot on with your readings. I am dealing with my worthiness issue, and your blogs are helping me immensely. Thank you for being a guided star in our lives…you do make a difference, and make us think.

  • Mara says:

    Loved this dear one! You are spot on! Freedom! Yea! Authenticity! Resonates, Embracing the True Self…letting go of the trauma, trauma bonds, woundedness.
    You inspire.
    I thank you Crystal!

  • Michelle plamondon says:

    Hi, boy do you have a lot going on. I’m doing this voice to text which I like to do best so I hope it makes sense I just want to first thank you for all your hard work everything that you do from me personally I really appreciate it. There has been some changes there was a choice to make and I tried to follow my gut and listen to the universe my angels continue to try to talk to me by leaving certain signs that I have asked so I know who in particularly they are. I feel better and one way but in the another I’m not sure if this choice is no longer the right one and may have been just for a brief time I will know soon as I usually do seem to figure it out they continue to get messages from the universe my angels when I asked but I’m still not sure at the moment what the message is. I am seeing the changing and I am feeling much more changing to come in the near future may be in other areas of my life I am getting signs of this we shall see

  • Susanne says:

    Thank you for the video and letter. All this wisdom is very useful now that I shift focus in life, divorcing and wanting to become an activist for animals and Nature. Have a Good time and Enjoy Summer and the Baby!
    With Love, Susanne

  • Susanne Wager says:

    Thank you for the video and letter. All this wisdom is very useful now that I shift focus in life, divorcing and wanting to become an activist for animals and Nature. Have a Good time and Enjoy Summer and the Baby!
    With Love, Susanne

  • Craig Mahoney says:


  • Tina says:

    I’m gonna try to say this without sounding crazy, my family already thinks I’m crazy and who really knows, I just might be.
    What I’m about to say started on May, 26th, night of the blood moon.
    My family and I was outside taking pictures, everything normal so far. later on we all go into the house and I start going
    through the pics to delete the ones that I didn’t want. OMG!! I could not believe the pics that I was seeing, there were all
    kinds of creature like thigs and people that did not look right, for that 1st night only, I saw these things outside when I looked
    out the window. I could even see pics on google or anywhere n the computer that had these things. My screen saver on my desktop of my 2 kids had a big distorted face on it and I have had that pic up for months and never saw it before. As the days passed I couldn’t see the things that I had saw before as clearly and finally it almost completely went away. my family looked at the same pics and could not see what I was seeing, except for my 8 yr old, I kinda felt better knowing that someone else saw what I was seeing, I only wished it wasn’t my lil guy seeing it. Am I crazy? is it possible that those things were really there? was my son
    just hearing me say what I saw and said he saw them to? To me it felt like the things I was seeing were always there and we just couldn’t see them before, but those things were always around us. one more thing before I forget, sometimes when I looked at pics and saw these things, the background looked different, like we were in a different time and I did take a picture of my glass case inside my house and in the pic was a family pic and my family looked different, my husband looked a lot slimmer, my lil guy was older and my oldest son was holding a toddler, in the original family pic, my husband was holding our lil guy who was only 1 at the time and my oldest was sitting next to them. As I write this I’m thinking this sounds so freakin weird and no one is gonna believe me. let me know if anyone else had this happen or it’s time to check myself in to a mental place somewhere..no mental illness runs in our family.

  • Meribeth Wood says:

    I am so impressed by your knowledge and ability to out it all in layman’s terms. I’ve dabbled in astrology so my kids have had to endure and learn a bit as well. My daughter is on a six day hike with six girls just turning 30 they are going 60 km in around Killarney park in Ontario Canada. I’m going to send them this. I think they’re really going to enjoy it what a great thing to do in the middle of huge forest! Thank you And congratulations on your new baby and all your endeavors. You are a great role model for people.

  • Elaine says:

    Wishing you and baby all the guidance the universe has to offer. Your post encourages self trust and acceptance. Honestly, I usually start the process but along the way do not follow through, part of the journey maybe.

    Thanks for the encouragement, I will continue trying.
    In peace,
    Elaine – Barbados

  • Erin says:

    Wonderful blog post. I resonate with all of your posts, but this one, wow, has spoken to me on a deep level. I had to take notes! Love your posts, they light me up so much. Love to all going through this transition time, may you receive all the good things that are calling on you x

  • A soul reaching dialog. Look forward to the future.
    James Allison

  • Beth Voris says:

    Just what I needed. Thank you!

  • Katrine Plamondon says:

    That was amazing! Thank you for the techniques and the explanation of the biology behind it all. Very interesting! And the feeling I got from that point on the shoulder was so impressive. Again, thank you!

  • Kate says:

    “HOW QUICKLY CAN YOU STEP INTO GRACE?” resonated with me so much! <3

  • Heaven says:

    Hi love, this really hits home. I just got engaged this past weekend and we had so many obstacles to get through to even get to the place we’re physically at today. We’re in PA waiting to go back home but it’s been an eye opening experience. Thank you for the beautiful message. Blessed be to you and yours ❤️

  • Monique says:

    First time I have watched your post, it was great. I have been feeling the same energy and you confirmed what I was thinking that was happening to me.

    Thank you,
    Monique 🙂

  • Ethel Klein says:

    I loved your video, real talk on parenthood, and also the rest of the talk tracks. Can’t wait for Livestream!

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