The Truth Shall Set You Free

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Good evening or morning love!

Wednesday was the total lunar Sagittarius eclipse and super full moon!

What an intense raw cleansing period it’s been.

Releasing old beliefs, old patterns and programming holding us back from new ways of being and action.

And learning how to fully own and be true to YOU.

I know you’ve likely been feeling an increase of energy since April around cleansing and bringing up what has yet to be released.

A lot of this stuff is coming up from many generations ago (study epigenetics and how we are learning that trauma can be passed down 14 generations unless we face it sooner by being grounded in our own nervous system, regulating and integrating).

Like I mentioned last week, make sure your self care is deeply in check right now. Practice your body work, whatever that is.

And allow resting, honor your body, provision your needs and don’t force or push.

And know, family lessons likely need to be cleared through you if you have been reading my posts and find resonance in my updates lately or through the years…

It needs to end and begin something new with you.

Yet the energy may feel like it is pushing you to see something new or differently.

Also keep in mind this Eclipse energy is linked to a cycle you’ve been working with since early 2020 so there may be multiple layers to it.

Speaking of this, I also want to recognize all the long-term cycles of growth I’m feeling collectively.

All the completions and graduations, if you will.

Major turning points, conclusions, endings and even surprising moments that are bound to lighten up life as a result.

So much that has reached a “completion”.

(Remember last week posts about the summer eclipses and also the post “resurrect it or release it?”)

Yes. It’s time.

For me, this spring Beltane has been an immaculately wild and enlivening rebirth in my personal life, new baby and all …

As well as the direction I want to move with this company (toward Christed Krystos).

And how much I recognize things are not in alignment still. How much it hurts because my soul craves a deeper authenticity in all areas of my life, including my business.

Feeling my chest opening-feeling the radiating, heart expanding love that flows through and from me…

…while in the same breath feeling as though all the layers of my protective skin are peeling off and falling away as I swim the depths of a vast ocean, only to rise up and walk into this new life-land raw and exposed…

Even on the days where I feel the most off…

Giving myself permission to pause, provision and go within to what is at the root. And drinking it’s “medicine.”

Learning what following my soul desires really looks like.

Trusting those repeated callings IS the “right path” even when I don’t have the physical evidence to tell me so yet.

Yes, I’m feeling this potent energy of the ultimate paradox right now amongst the collective.

A total being with both great love and profound grief at the same time.

Heart cracked open, bare. Loss.


With armor removed, more tender and “available” to create something better and more (truthful at heart) aligned now.

From the space of radical honesty.

Yes.. being FULLY HONEST with yourself.

How is the work you have or have not been doing showing up?

The energy this week is making it crystal clear if it has not been clear up to now.

Yup, feeling more than ever this year that there’s an important reality check bubbling to the surface…

What being honest really means?

What being free really means?

What love in-the-body really means?

Expanding beyond what your current belief system was allowing?

For many this may also look like a line is being drawn.

A turning point…

What you desire and what you don’t.

What is for you and what is not.

What you need now and what you don’t need anymore.

Yes, life will never be the same from here…

Perhaps the best thing you can RECEIVE more than anything else? Being honest with yourself and giving the permission to love yourself, to make change and evolve.

For those stepping into higher timelines already (on way to the Lionsgate this year) you may be seeing the culmination of the karmic clearing and “inner work” you have done around self-love and because of this, finding yourself in a dramatically different situation now than you were in before.

Or maybe you’re just beginning to recognize some form of this.

I am seeing so many in a completely new space, cultivating a more honest level of happiness (even grounded family foundations or multiple streams of income) in their lives. I’m so happy to see this from those in the community and around me.

Like I said in one of my last emails coming into the eclipse period, today is the first total lunar eclipse in 2.5 years…

(Eclipses always follow the signs the lunar nodes are in, which mark the points where the sun and moon’s paths cross. The lunar nodes and eclipses change signs every 18 months, so while they’re traveling through the zodiac, they bring transformation to the houses they fall in your birth chart. The lunar nodes always fall in opposite signs on their axis. In this particular instance, the North Node is in Gemini, and the South Node is in Sagittarius)

And our next Gemini Solar Eclipse is June 10th.

So use this powerful energy to help you explore and expand new paths even as the old stuff crumbles and rebalances.

And besides Venus entering Gemini this month, I’m also feeling Jupiter lately, back in Pisces for the first time in 12 years.

What a breath of fresh air into our new beginnings.

Jupiter in Pisces is mainly about one thing: freedom baby!

I feel one of the reasons the last few years have been a feeling a little extra limited as Jupiter has been transiting in Saturn-ruled signs (lots of restriction).

It’s like we have all been “grounded” by the Universe since early 2020.

And now we are being let outside to play for the first time in a long time!

Be ready to go with the flow here, willing to see things from multiple angles and stay true to your beliefs.

Follow through to the true nature of your soul inside you. Stay rooted. Even when something or someone tries to sway you.

Yet if you are just alone and just pondering, be willing to reinvent from here as you witness, taste, feel, and think from a new space.

And if you’ve put in the work, then trust the work you’ve put in is showing a return to you—your seeds, ideas, dreams and effort have not been for nothing—know that the balance will be restored.

You have not lost anything if this is what you think happened.

What you’ve already gone through has given you access to new ways of seeing, being, new patterns, options, and possibilities all opening up for you the more you get uncomfortable…

And before you can move forward you must, with a grateful heart, close out anything left from the past that is still blocking your way forward…

Like I said in my last email and blog post on Saturday (about the eclipses), there may be a large restructuring process happening in your inner being and throughout your relationships and life…

Breakthroughs and changes in how you connect life and the daily circumstances that are happening in your life as you walk into this next new era of new sight (vision), being, choices, and goals—even inner-realized motivations lighting the fires!

The way you are spending your daily energy and what you allow in your daily energy is asking to be shaped.

This isn’t heady. These are somatic and in the body changes.

Know you are being realigned.

Trust it’s okay to “not know.”

In fact, it’s the only way to receive, learn or apply something new.

Be willing to “not know” …

Something you may not expect is about to be revealed at the perfect time.

For now—

A little evening or morning message for you…

AFFIRM: 👁♥️🌱

*What am I speaking into existence at this time?

“I am love and infinite, even in the shadow, as I let love IN under any condition. Accountability and self-love also means turning inward and facing the deepest parts that I have abandoned; soul level truth. I realize my own self realization is the greatest service I can give to the world right now—simply through being anchored, in my own body and not asking permission to do what my heart is calling me to do. I am my own guru, my own inner authority and my own fact checker and when I sit with what IS—just as it is (in approval of all), I then see how much I really am the co-creator of which the Universe I reside. I choose to walk the inner fire of my own truth, voice, body and soul. I don’t need your validation. I can discern within. And the only way I or YOU can talk “down” to me is if I decide I was “down there” to begin with. My position is entirely up to me. Yes I am starting to see that the best form of psychic protection is my own DAILY ENERGETIC HYGIENE = being fully grounded in my own body and nervous system. When I am hated, misunderstood, ridiculed or called names I am recognizing now how I don’t need to engage, react, “cancel them out” or even hate them back. The point isn’t about ‘demonizing others’ or turning people into enemies. Nor is it about using ‘what happened’ as a way to close my heart. It’s really about wholeness within and learning to sit with the pain in my body (no mind) as it slowly opens my heart to deeper compassion: the real medicine and deeper truth (love) that I am FREE to in-body. In this process, I am seeing that it is really about using these happenings to go within; meet the fragments of my own soul within, seeking Source. Yes. I choose to use these experiences as a catalyst for anchored being, inner work, reflection and my FREE choice to choose love in my own body. Choosing love, already whole…”

And so it is.

Love you,

Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

P.S. Tell me what came up for you while reading this post. I love reading your comments. I often read them while I’m nursing Isabella. I can’t type to reply when nursing her, but I LOVE reading them! It makes my soul happy!

Crystal Aryana

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  • Abdushekur says:

    LOVE YOU CRYTAL. you are a beutiful soul.
    Thank so much.

    • Dustin Gilders says:

      I feel a sense of release your words or the energy inside you has a piece with my position in ways. I understand feelings of a new found freedom one might live through. I ask myself sometimes, if I feel true to who I am. At what cost does this “new life” affect some one with a pre existing path or emotional mountain he already obtained? With whom in the end was there God like state of being. While in love with us. At one with ones actions with no regard of damages to others is some times a path self forgiveness, but what about the other half we tend to forget we carry when God joins souls. Together. No love can leave the other soul nor your selves can leave the circle of love until God says so. Our inequity is felt by two souls in the circle of love. If one does wrong the other will know. one with you..we find our selves loosing what we start with due to society and it’s ways. I have only with in this life time. Have seen or vanish so quickly with out regard to not much time has past , from the last regarded spiritual ways. People we forget for our own gain is not a new awakening. Can it ? yes it can be a curse. We tend to find out to late following the path to forgiveness is always complted in the circle of love. But then it becomes to late or we die with it only to join the next life with the same burden and overall incoherent way to fix it. Living multiple lives in one not knowing your true place in your “present” forgiveness. To serve your own love is to surve others. Let’s say our neighbors. Love the one your with. Apply to both sides of the joining of love. If both souls apply correctly no matter the injustice done by neither soul can heal with out peace to the love circle. forgiveness start with our selves by not applying inequity as self justice. Don’t forget our “Cosmic being or love” we start with from creation. All we can do is give it away. Receive and give is in need of our soul purpose around how we were maid. We should all not to forget to play fare play together because the second reason we’re here is to have fun when we receive what were trying to achieve before it gets here. Love is 50/50 from the start. If in asension like state or we get close let’s not forget your leaving behind 50% of our love supply. The flesh. With out it or the other you lack in love. But with both you don’t. That apply to many ways for 50/50 love. If you find the need for learning your high purpose before you die you can still do that with all our love in the circle of love. of love. For a few of you. Some created before the flesh. Like let’s call it the word. Of an old soul that has seen a few things. They always come back !!!! Lol you will get bored just like he does lol. Ya but we love him and that makes it ok. We all will get there but your only here as lay over to want to come back. If you do your stuck just like me. Lol. You all should find love of the one your with. Sorry. It is just trying to escape it’s endless rebirth for safety of my neighbors

  • Miss Gail says:

    A wonderful blog, thank you Crystal Aryana, I was wondering if you can elaborate on this “A lot of this stuff is coming up from many generations ago (study epigenetics and how we are learning that trauma can be passed down 14 generations unless we face it sooner by being grounded in our own nervous system, regulating and integrating).” I don’t inner stand what being grounded in our own nervous system, regulating and integrating entail. Can you please expand on this?

  • Barbara Manley says:

    There are no words that can express the true depth in whichyour reading has touched me.t

    i have been living in the dark night of the soul almost all my life. I am so ready to break free…. some cosmic debt that has been passed on needs to be repaid andd I must break the cycle so my daughter will not inherit the pain and suffer that I have endured.

  • Sithokozo Abraham Dladla says:

    I will follow the unknown.I never forgot,I was created by the creator of it all.LOVE ❤ PEACE ✌ ALWAYS!!!

  • Allan says:

    You tell a lot of truths when you wrote these things Crystal Aryana thank you Love Allan

    • E. Jason Gremley says:

      LOVE, even in the shadow! ❤️ feeling in the body, and accepting yourself where you’re at, and what is….Biggest takeaways for me.
      Been experiencing this eclipse intense as f***!, I resonate with a lot of the things you’re saying and experiencing!

      Thank YOU❤️

  • Thank you so much for being. I appreciate you and I would like to say that your words and how you said them moved me. I’ve been struggling with what I know about myself and what is. My beliefs have been turned upside down and I came to the conclusion that I DONT KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE. What I knew to be true is not an absolute. I am a solid female and my ways aren’t helping me anymore. I recently got a wake up call with a person who I have not encountered before. There are a lot of things I recently went thru that I dont normally experience. It is all negative but the person is so sincere that I believed them and got taken for a ride. I feel embarrassed of myself because I know better. Its like stepping into a hole and finding my way out and I see that hole again and I step in it again and repeating that until I figure out how to go around it. I do not know why but thats ok. I thought but I was wrong. So all I can do now is appreciate my life journey and be grateful I even have a life. Thats where I am and I’m proud of myself for the experience and humbled to even have had the opportunity to go thru this.
    I love you and everyone reading this ❤

    Bluesky Martinez

    • stacey says:

      Oh I hope U came into your realisations that U beautiful an solid is healthy an i wish I was able to be a more of a solid person coz this life I have is nothing healthy. Maybe can can have help stamping out all these negative shadow s in my home.

  • Vicki J Schilling says:

    Oh, WOW! How to say this in a few words!
    YES, I have been experiencing this since I was a young girl!
    EVERYTHING you are saying is indeed true, happening and unfolding around me! ESPECIALLY this past week spent with my oldest daughter and my first husband who left me!
    YES, and thank you! WHEW! Manifesting, being a teacher of music, retired and teaching what I have learned through energy! Absolutely!!!
    I am actually sizzling! So thank full to read your posts!

  • Danny P DeJesus says:

    Thank you Crystal for you heart warming messages. You are definitely chosen and blessed to be a true messenger from Source and the Angels.
    I receive your messages and they speak to my heart. And I’m so glad that you are connected to the true importance of the body and the
    Energy Hygiene as you quoted. My message is that the body is a Neuro-Transmitter of Energy and Electricity and I am very well connected
    to that mind/heartset and perception and philosophy. We are Healers and our own Gurus and Physicians of our own Energy Systems and
    may we continue to live that Energy Flow and be a conduit to all we come in contact with to influence and affect and inspire their Energy Steams.

    Much love, blessings and Aloha from beautiful Kona, Hawaii. Danny

    • Vicki J Schilling says:

      Yes! Thank you for responding!
      ABSOLUTELY! How wonderful to read what I have lived and feel!
      Hola Amigo!

  • Angie says:

    Hello Crystal
    I want to thank you for your amazing readings and good luck for everything you do I love you
    Hugs Angie

  • Angie F says:

    Always a joy to receive your emails. They touch me deeply. Thank you.

  • Jason O'Brien says:

    Good morning Krystal hope you had a great day. It’s 3.39am now and as I was reading your reading I just read the word lions gate and I’m in Australia and I heard lions roar. I’m camping in a national Park as I’m currently homeless and I didn’t realise I was ear a zoo and lions started to roar. It was amazing I’ve never seen a lion before, im so happy, thankyou Krystal, life is great.

  • Anne says:

    Crystal you a beautiful and compassionate vessel. Thank you for walking me through this like a little baby. It is indeed a re-birth, a moment of evolution. I am more conscious, guided by giving and receiving with gratitude because it is time. I am content and I feel supported and Loved. Raw and naked, but ALIVE.. I’m humbled but still wanna roar in the full glory of life and Love!

  • Moon is always triky

  • Brittany says:

    I was actually able to sit down and read this. Thank you so much your word spoke straight to my soul. As I am under “reconstruction” I am becoming a new me, my eyes are slowly opening to my truths and what is best for me. I am in the middle of a rebirth and understanding and learning are key to my success. I understand that rebirth is not going to be easy but now I am willing to trust in the universe and the source of all things living and not. Thank you I will be following you and look forward to reading more. Much love.
    – Brittany

    • Vicki J Schilling says:

      I would add “for my highest good and that of all concerned, this or better. So be it and so it is!

  • Tom says:

    I agree with and appreciate every word. You are a good soul!

  • Annie says:

    This really resonated with me. I feel “birthed” and a little wonky but SO powerfully right today. Sort of like that scene in Elf where he is in the revolving door and finally gets out. I am glad that there is cosmic support for this! The Universe is having a funny sense of humor- my email got hacked and so I am in the process of changing all my passwords. So many folks have reached out to me! Enjoy nursing your cutie pie! She is beautiful!

  • Faith says:

    Today I have a date. My history with men has been, not good and I have rejected them before they can hurt me for over 15 years. I have yearned for a true connection but fear kept me from even seeking it. Getting rid of fears that hold me back from joy was a New Year’s release. Here I go – face that irrational fear and rise above. Thank you, Crystal, for the reminder of where my power resides and that I am meant to follow my bliss, be happy and know joy again. Love you, my sweet little dear. Faith

  • Antionette says:

    Hey I really be so excited when I check my email and I see you. You are so on point with everything I get from you. Your amazing and the truth shall set you free that’s facts. Thanks and you and the little one have a great day

  • LaShawn says:

    Thank you for your insightful posts and congratulations in regards to your gift/baby❤

  • Peter Wang says:

    Trust it’s okay to “not know.” and Be willing to “not know” …, the two most important phrase that I need right now; I had been too heady and jaded, thanks

  • Krishana Pinnock says:

    Always a great read.

  • Merlyn John-Lewis says:

    Hi how’s your little madam hope she’s doing fine enjoy her

  • David Abraham says:

    Amazing perception you ‘ve got! And you have succinctly laid them for self-analysis… Great job done!

  • Linda says:

    I truly enjoyed your blog it was as if you strolling through the pages of my soul. Speaking and unfolding its journey. As I read I saw alot of what some call the Bible or holy scriptures written in a different language of expression. The truth does make you free and embracing the truth sets one free to flow with energy of truth without force but acceptance through trial narrow of learning to just be through our existence of asking, seeking and knocking and receiving from those actions..

  • Solly says:

    My problem is to here you talking to me as if you are talking to a woman. I’m a man if u can’t follow what I put how can I trust that this is talking to me?

  • Stacy says:

    Oh Crystal… Thank you so much for that message!! It touched me deeply. I especially resonated with the paradox of immense love and grief… I am grateful to know that things are being rebalanced and realigned! ❤ Especially because I’m a Libra… But I am also very relieved to know that not knowing is actually something to embrace… That is truly a comfort! I love you sister!!! ❤

  • Hank says:

    I loved your comments on the current situations. I’ve been going through a tough time with a woman I love. It’s a long distance relationship and we’ve known each other for years. I haven’t been able to commit myself to being with her because of her attitudes. I’m a piscian and she’s a Virgo. She believes everything should be perfect. I would love for that to happen but I know life is not perfect. This is a long distance relationship as of now it wasn’t before. I’ve had health issues that crept up on me. That kept me from moving to be with her. Now I’m a piece of s*** because I couldn’t be with her when she needed me. This has caused much turmoil in our relationship. At this point she has given up and doesn’t want to pursue a relationship any longer. She says I let her down. Oh excuse me I let us down. And she wants to move forward. I hate that thought because I love her so much and always have. I tried talking to her and we get along and then all of a sudden the switch flips and she’s a total b****. Mind you she’s bipolar and menopausal so that causes a hell of a lot of headaches. I love this woman with all my heart and I know she loves me too. Unfortunately her being a Virgo she’s willing to step away from everything because it’s not perfect for her. So, I’m guessing it’s time for me to move on. I’m not a quitter and I never have been. This is really hard for me because I know we both love each other so much even if she tries to deny it right now because it doesn’t fit in her world. Tomorrow her world will change. Got to love those bipolars.

    • RJJ says:

      I read this and truly understand your heartache. I have seen this kind of thing even with close up, in same house relationships. the distance isn’t there regardless of where you are. we are just energy in movement, all kinds of frequencies. Trubbles will come up with ANY and ALL relationships.,until you breathe the Divine aspect of your beingness, and its the duality of the human. that shuns us along the way. … ultimatly the answer is exactly like written in this blog and self prayer, it is to go in and heal your relationship with the Divine within you. this first over anything. the outer relationship is only a reflection of our self love worth and each relationship is there to realize our wholeness or lack of and go deeper. i feel relationships are just amplifiers to get you back to the source of the love you think is broken. “go within or go without” . so yeah I’m going though it myself, and at some point you have to say, hey I love myself more than the pain im choosing to go through, and you don’t need to cut anything. But you do need to pivot your attention to inside and your relationship with self . drop all the score keeping of who offended who, and do the real work of going in and feeling the broken ness of self and love it, befriend it, transform it, and maybe the outer will be with her, after your devotion to your being is deepend. if not another soul will show up thats more suitable. l

  • Elvis Michael says:

    Wow, very interesting ❤️

  • Donald says:

    I is to know that some one care and understands what my life is about

  • Thomas says:

    I love it. Namaste. I AM THAT I AM. I Am One. We all are One.

  • Marites says:

    Thank you for this inspiring article. I’m blessed to have come across with your message which is very timely. It’s as if you are speaking directly to me and answering my questions. I love this❤️.

  • Van Hai Nguyen says:

    This really opened my eyes and those who in need. I wish that you could write this sooner so my closed friend would be able to read it and heal from his own pain. I just lost my dear friend who suffered depression. I hope this blog can reach deeply to those who in need. Please pray from my dear friend’s soul. RIP Dave

  • Carolyne Rossett says:

    Ty this made me really sit and think and open my mind.ty ty awesome…

  • Minerva says:

    Crystal ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This was Fabulously Amazing, I am Ready for New Life-I Let go of my past -I Called my Husband I told him I want a Divorce We been Separated for 3 Year’s he is a Narcissist -This New Moon Energy has helped me Realizing it’s time to end it I Deserve True Love ❤️ I am Rising . Love And LightTo All

  • Jae raang says:

    this just made me happy, resonated with me and brought me a sense of peace and gratitude for my growth i love it and i feel blessed to get the chance to receive such loving energy far away. thank you ✨✨

  • Deborah virginia Wildemann says:

    Wow , how awesome , thanku

  • Robert Frederick says:

    Oh my God Crystal!!!
    I read the entire blog out loud to myself!
    How beautiful
    How true to the Soul it was!!


  • Anthony says:

    This is so trippy. I am going to follow the unknown. Thanks.

  • Veneisha pinnock says:

    I love it I’ve seen the moon

    • Burdette says:

      Congratulations with your newborn,
      The article was heartfelt, truthful and moving. As I read, and so want to pass it on to several because, it has been a long journey for all of us. Something like this
      as we read entirely, should be recognized and more realistic as we gather thoughts.
      Thank you for sharing

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