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By August 19, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey there, it’s Luna!

Is there someone in your life you’ve been aching to make amends with? 

If so, you’re in luck! Mercury enters its ruling sign of Virgo today, and will be helping you to heal the past and solve some of your most worrisome problems. 

Don’t expect this to happen automatically, though. You’ll have to work with the energy of Mercury in Virgo to discover how and where these opportunities are showing up in your life.

This should be easy once you know what to expect. So let’s dive in and take a deeper look together!

A Channel of Clear Communication Opens

After spending time in grandiose Leo for most of August, Mercury is ready to settle down in earthy Virgo and look at everything through a detailed, realistic lens. 

While Virgo is a natural healer and problem solver, if their desire for improvement goes unchecked, they can become overly critical, causing serious damage to everyone’s self esteem. No one is ever good enough for the shadow aspect of Virgo. Watch out for a tendency to be self-deprecating during this transit, or focus too heavily on your or your loved ones’ flaws. 

On the bright side, you can use this transit to refine your communication skills, and process information more efficiently. You will be better able to reflect on any personal behavior or habits you want to improve. Conversations with others will take on a constructive tone, as you work together to solve existing problems and prevent future misunderstandings. Right now, you’ll want to do everything you can to bring out the greatest potential within yourself and loved ones, while expressing yourself in a way that accurately communicates what you have to share. 

Fixing Broken Relationships 

Virgo’s astrological symbol is The Virgin, which symbolizes purity, cleanliness and refinement. Virgo can be quite fickle and difficult to please, because they often fixate on small imperfections, or point them out in others. What you may not realize, is that Virgo’s criticism actually comes from a place of love. They simply want you to be the best version of yourself and don’t like seeing you suffer needlessly. 

With Mercury in Virgo until September 2nd, you can make the most of the next two weeks by taking advantage of its constructive energy. Now is the time to mend what has broken and heal what has been neglected in both your inner and outer life. 

If you did something you’re not proud of in the past, and it damaged an important relationship, you can start to analyze your core motivations for doing so, and make the necessary adjustments so it doesn’t happen again. If someone hurt you and has been trying to make amends, now is a good time when you will be able to see eye to eye and analyze what happened in order to make positive changes for the future. 

You might also find the reason for your heartache is rooted in past pain that has shaped how you show up in relationships, or caused you to accept less than you deserve. By addressing the negative, core beliefs in yourself right now, you can raise your standard for how other people treat you, which will radiate into the world and help you attract a better relationship that matches your heightened level of self love.

Time is really of the essence with this transit, so make the most of it before Mars goes retrograde on September 9th.

Prepare For A Slow-Down in Productivity

Mercury in Virgo will help you be more detail oriented, tie up loose ends, and organize your world. Be sure to get as much done as you can during this window, because when Mars goes retrograde this September until November 13th, you’ll feel like you’re moving through molasses and not able to accomplish as much. 

From now until September 2nd, take time to make sure the important details or whatever you’re working on haven’t been overlooked, and investigate whatever you’re pursuing to ensure you fully understand the scope of your projects and goals. This way, when Mars goes retrograde, you can be assured you understand the big picture, which may help prevent delays. 

Every season offers us special gifts and opportunities. When Mercury is in Virgo, a powerful window opens that facilitates improvement in every aspect of our lives. Be sure to take advantage of this growth opportunity and don’t be afraid to look at your problems. A solution is waiting right on the other side! 

Wishing you healing and transformational insight as you improve your life and relationships! 

With Childlike Innocence,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Is there someone in your life you want to mend your relationship with? Are you ready to dedicate yourself to healing a certain part of your life? Let me know in the comments below.

P.P.S. Curious to find out if you and your current or would-be partner are cosmically compatible? Want to know what to look for in a soul mate? Send me a message, and we’ll schedule a reading to find out! 

Luna Dragonwell

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  • Ursula says:

    I break ap with my ex last year i am trying to leg go but he send me pictures about his cat he make me confuse . Yes I I would like to meke amends with my ex. Thank you Jonathan,

  • Niecy says:

    Hi there
    The man in my life who I’m currently making amends with is definitely someone I chose to be with until the end of time. It’s like we argue many times and don’t speak to one another for a day or two. He’s usually beats me to the punch of making up with me especially when deep down he know he was wrong.

  • Tiffany Baker says:

    Yes I’d love to some how make amends with my mother (Cancer) she has pretty much abandoned me and I havent had contact with her for 10 years on December 21st (her choosing not mine)

    This feud or grudge or whatever you may call it is something that seriously needs to end, heal and moved past.

    People dont realize how much abandonment really does effect a person. I had no clue until my mother chose to not want anything to do with.

    Anyways, any insight on ways this could possibly happen would be greatly appreciated on anyone’s opinion. At this point I’m pretty open for any possible insight.


  • Marina says:

    Yes I would like to make things better for my Sagittarius and my Scorpio self!! We are both going through something very difficult and need more time but we are not speaking now!! How can you help me get through my manifestation of letting him go just to win him back??! A little confused!!!

  • N says:

    Hi Luna,
    I am here not to cry I do that now before I talk about my hurt. Yes i was betrayed and lied to or my so many times at face value and infront of my kids so man can build his manhood just stepping over our daughters and myself so rudely and nusty way. That I start playing it nasty and when he was coming home from his lover drugged I was sitting upstairs listening to his phone calls with her once he thought I went to sleep and disgussing how bad of a partner, wife or even God knows what else but now hes has opened eyes by his lover and can see how realy bad I was for him all 23 years of marriage. For the first time in 23 years I went down as soon as he was fast asleep. i set and red all his and hers conversations where my daughter had to come and stop me reading them so I wont hurt myself more. I was wondering when she finaly put her foot down to demend his full attn but i had to do it and confront him and simply ask him to get the hell out from the house. Her strength over that man super strong but he is still bothers me alot and I stupidly done crying over that situation almost a year now and finaly getting over because i cant physically do it anymore i felt drained before I’ve found out and now i simply finaly picking myself up off the ground and it’s not easy. I am realizing how much I was dependent and gave fully and totally my self away for no one who never was able to see past of good girl to be married to
    And yes I was weiting for his manly attention but he has no ambitions or growing plans, everyone had to do things for his wellbeing and he never wanted to work but to get retired by 45. Well I guess nothing changed since he got a wealthy and ofcoarse young girl who needed a man so bad since no one would jump on her, because no self respecting man would there is a lot more to bring up here. It looks as a story of many women who just simply doesnt know and understand mans psychology and dont know how to build a relationships simply because no one ever teaching it anywhere. And I do think these are the principles for a happy partnership in a marriage. I grew up with feelings of missing these understandings and now scrambled over the internet why I never was able to get across anyone who can teach instead of loughing at your face that you dont understand the simple things in life. But at least I was able to feel that’s what I need and struggling to find the ways on my own that made me look so bad in the eyes of my husband by some totaly low girl who sleeps and goes out with men and her mothers reaction to finally at her 40 year old daughter someone fell in love and left such a “slow” wife as she calls me … well my story is scrumbled up not sure if anything make sence because I cant even say myself if you ask me what do I like, what do I want, i was carring all on my shoulders the three girls, house and in the mids I was trying to be back in school so I can yearn more as he was pushing me to work while he was putting his money for his manhood pleasures… yes i am hurt and he is on his honeymoons laughing at my simplicity. I am lost. I am hurt for simply not knowing and now need help to get up and moving, I am not giving up I will find ways to live and love in abundance, even the world is based on money first then we talk, so you just slather by…
    Love N.

  • Neenee says:

    Hi Luna, yes I want to leave the past behind with my current relationship with LL. He’s a Pisces and I a Cancer we get along until he shuts down or become too controlling or vice versa. We’ve been on the spiral for over a year plus now. I feel sooo strongly that he will pop the question for marriage but I don’t want to ginst it. I’ll continue to pray for both of us!

  • Dwight says:

    I am willing and ready to make my relationship better as a matter a fact greater with my girlfriend Shekirah. I made some mistakes and I totally want to make up and get back on track with her. I look forward to building a life with her and continuous love. Please help me understand what and how to do it. To give love , to receive love, to know Love, and to feel Love even more.

  • Maria Carolina says:

    Hi Luna, I took the drastically decision to end my marriage after 13 y. I ms till on a legal process a
    That seems no end ( with COVID) and even when I am not talking to him, is like knowing I am still linked to him kills me. I have been working on me hardly because for s9 e reason many parts of me.. got lost. I need healing and reshape. I also feel like lost I left a world in 2006 and now I am in 2020 – out of my “perfect home” totally lost… so addressing the To do,s – no more tears, therapy, taking dust out of my old plans and integrating to the new plans… and 1 day at the time. In sum – yes, I need to fix my relationship with ME first – and is not easy… identifying my gaps, my triggers To seek harmony… thank you.

  • Rani says:

    Hi .let me call myself senior citizen and me and my husband live under the same roof with no Love and no conversation.I have been trying to mend our relationship last ten years, but it’s not happening.I have healed myself forgiven myself and him too.Im ready for whatever it takes to bring our relationship to normal.pls help.

  • Srimathi says:

    Hi!.I’m Srimathi and I’m a woman.I would like to ask about my Love life. I’m not in any relationship. Last year I loved a person one sided and do propose him this year but he rejected me and said he is not interested in Love. Till then I’m disturbed, past two months making myself forgot the past and going on in the flow.
    I would like to ask..Did I met my soul mate?..Give any clue about my future partner..When I would be in relationship?

  • Margo says:

    Hi, my name is Margo and I am a man and in my life there is no more love in my 20 years of broken marriage. And no new love has emerged, I think I have been blocked because there is no one around me except the children who visit the village from time to time.

  • Megan says:

    My sons father, we have been through a lot! Were best friends also for about two years before dating! I also have a daughter who is 5 yrs old she is living with a foster family we lost in court… my son is 4yrs old. Lives with me! There like identical twins on all their hobbies and personalities I swear! Miss my daughter so much! She is even living on the farm like j grew up doing with animals but now we dont have the animals ain’t as much fun for my son!? Would love it to be though! My ex just recently ran into me at walmart where we walked right past each other and said no word! But he did come apoligize sincerely I knew he meant it for hurting me and k still apologized for a few mistakes of my own a lot with my mother keeping secrets about our daughter too! He wanted to see our son and try his best! We agreed slowly to doing it! He was doing well for awhile and my goal was to stay friends but it we got closer… then before I could even try to pour out my true feelings from my heart he just disappeared! I finally wrote him telling him that j would just love friendship too for our son and hopefully I didnt chase him away! I still am in love with him we would nt have yo be together and I could be fine with friendship too cuz we miss him! He is so much fun, funny, creative, loves nature, a little weird, and read each other sometimes! Had great memories together good ones but some very difficult ones too! It would be nice to know if a friendship would be present again ever or love! Not sure if he is my soulmate would be awesome if he wanted it.. but even when he didnt talk to us I still believe in him still for some reason! I think we would be a lot of fun and have many of the same similar hobbies and stuff we like.. let me know please?

  • Kim Satter says:

    Yes! I pushed too hard & the man I love & care about(I am believing) temporarily blocked me & ended our friendship, but I am rewinding that & reframing & choosing to believe that the old relationship is over, but that Caleb McCoach & my relationship has a new beginning, a fresh start, a new relationship based on love, trust, respect, honesty, romance & physical love.

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