Why The Real Crystal Aryana Isn’t Going Anywhere (Video)

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(UPDATE 11/20/18 @ 7:08pm EST:  Stanley sabotaged our Aweber email account.  We will get it back again.  For now, to stay connected, please resubscribe again here: https://tarotreadingdaily.com/stay-connected )

It’s time to end this confusion once and for all about who is the “real” Crystal Aryana, versus the thief who has been emailing my Subscribers pretending to be me.  

I just shot this video last night to clear things up for you.

You can watch it here:

To recap:

I started this website with two partners. One named Adam who has worked with me for almost a decade, while the other – Stanley – has turned on us, and is now doing everything he can to steal everything he can, confuse you into leaving and destroy my name.

He’s used a lot of manipulative tactics, lies and smoke and mirrors to deceive you.

Here are 5 things we need to set straight:

1- the only legitimate emails from me come from crystal@tarotreadingdaily.com.  Everything else is fake. Crystal@tarotreadingsdaily.com (plural) is NOT me.  And now crystal@crystalaryana.com will not be me because Stan the thief registered my own domain right under my nose.

2- my only legitimate Facebook profile is Facebook.com/Ask Crystal. Everything else is fake.

3- the official secret inner circle group is only sold through checkout on tarotreadingdaily.com. Everything else is fake.

4 – the website tarotreadingdailystore(dot)com has also been stolen by Stanley.  Please stop buying from that store, as he is now using my name to spam you with products that have nothing to do with me.

5- Stan now owns crystalaryana(dot)com, which I still cannot believe happened. That domain is not mine anymore. He’s now stealing my identity in the worst way possible.

Despite all of this negative patriarchal energy, I am HERE and not going anywhere.

I am DONE with the negativity and false light Stanley is projecting onto me, and now everyone on my email list.  I hope his fake emails never even reached you, but if they did, I hope my video ends the confusion and mistrust he has caused over who is who, and what is legitimately me.

Tomorrow we return to business as usual with great content and a bright future ahead.  It always gets the darkest before the light – and hopefully this is the last time his darkness gets in the way of you living an extraordinary life.


With Love,

Crystal Aryana

P.S. As promised, I put this email and video on our blog to confirm it’s legit (as I’ll be doing from now on)

I’m sure you feel the intensity of this energy, as you’ve seen it manifest in the situation I’m now in.  Since it’s now gotten in the way of me actually giving you CONTENT – I’m glad I could at least demonstrate it for you.  

So let me ask… how has this energy affected you?  I’m sure you’ve had to stand your ground and deal with lies and manipulation too, in your own way.  

I’d love to turn lemons into lemonade here and start a conversation about your experiences on our blog.

Let me know what’s been happening in your world by posting a comment below.


Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Gary Markle says:

    I have been on your email list for some time now, your last one…”Gary..you are an empath”..you seriously reached me and brought me to tears with what you were saying. Thank you for your work..thank you for your heart.

  • Mandy Bleichroth says:

    I deeply thank you for posting this video. I don’t usually take the online horoscope too seriously. There’s a lot of fake nonsense in this world. Something made me stop and open your email (I was in process of a massive purge in junk mail) I wish I could give you a big hug right now. My heart hurts for what you are going thru. I think you are right about many of us going thru similar acts of betrayal on a devastating level. I have had my fair share of manipulators, liars and thieves. This past year has reached a level beyond comprehension. The people that had a hand in my current situation were ones I never saw coming. I went from having a husband, my three teenage boys, a home and employment to only having my youngest son with me and we are homeless. Currently staying in a small storage shed in someone’s back yard where we were dropped off work no warning. I have spent the last few days researching mental illnesses because that’s starting to be more believable than having gifts that can’t seem to be felt by anyone but myself lately. I feel so lost and alone. So thank you again for the video. You gave me the gift of seeing that I’m not alone, that there may be merit to my madness after all. You can count me as standing and rising with you. I hope you have a very blessed day.


  • Ruth Nadaud says:

    Your x partner has a dark soul. You are truly from the light . We are old souls time is our strength . Stay strong I believe in you !!

  • Bobby. F . says:

    That is a horrible thing what happens but I’m sure you will handle it and come out all the better and wiser without him around..He will get his oneday, what goes round comes back around.. stay strong – stay positive! Take care 🙂 x0!

  • Liah says:

    Don’t worry Crystal Aryana, he’ll get what’s coming to him under karmic law. Honestly, people do stuff like that when they are totally imbalanced and kinda “lose it” because their vibrations are lower and they attack your energy so they can borrow some of yours and they feed off of that, don’t let that hurt you. I’m sorry this happened to you and I can never imagine how you must really feel under all this but I understand the situation. He’s only out for himself creating a dark version of himself. In my opinion he is being used as a grown experience or just an attack in general. Only people with great auras and presence get attacked. It means you have something he doesn’t but don’t despair, I care too. I don’t use usually pay attention to the emails that much but I can’t help but comment. I’m so sorry that this happened to you and this may encourage you to grow. God knows about such things but you gotta to see it for what it is. Personally, inwould have kicked his butt myself because I really don’t tolerate none of it at all and will literally reflect everything back to them but of course the probelm shouldn’t be done like that. My advice, if it helps:Kick his butt, don’t let him get away with messing with your soul. No, it’s not revenge, I just think that you should defend yourself may be. But then again, responding back with the same hate and stuff he spread around will only make it worse. Man, I am bad at this! I wouldn’t tolerate nothing from him.

  • Stephanie Wood says:

    Thank you for the video, I am with you in your corner. My energy goes out to you in this battle for your identity, and positive energy.

  • EVE says:

    Sorry to hear that is what was happening people can be so cruel. Anyway please tell me what is going o in my love life am so confused and am so anxious.

  • Hello Crystal, I am so sorry to hear that. I know he will get what he deserves. I have enjoyed your tarot readings. They mean a lot to me.
    But I am in a dilemma. I have 3 men who wants me to move in with them. I really need your help. One is in the army, One is a doctor, One has his own business. I am older than them. So if you can, please leave me a message on my Gmail.
    I want to rescribe to your tarot reading. Thank you.
    Sincerely, Patricia B.

  • Ary says:

    hey crystal its Ary starseed/lightworker/empath.. i am so sorry this happened to you but everything happens for a reason you will come back even stronger as he has dug himself a huge hole..thank goodness for KARMA..it is now time for you to release and reset heighten your vibrations and frequency and release this negative energy..no more worrying for everything is unfolding as it should..Infinite love and light my dear sister.

  • Olga Varela says:

    Thank you for the video. I’m with you 100% . I have been feeling the same as when you where younger, by that I mean having this thrive to know more and that’s how I found you. I hope I get the chance to some day find that mentor or teacher to help me find the answer to my questions and what I feel that for now it’s difficult for me to explain. Well leave u for now. God is with you and so am I.

  • Lynn says:

    It’s affected me too my love told me good bye so im hoping it’s just this negative energy and it gets better so i understand….

  • Lauren Elwell says:

    I am so sorry this happend to you but I really wouldn’t worry to much about Stanley because Karma is a bitch ! Crystal you are a good person on the other hand people like Stanley just keep digging themselves deeper and deeper in a hole that will eventually swallow them up ! I sure you will have the last laugh so hang in there . Your Friend

    • Dixie L Pierpont says:

      Hello, Krystal!!
      I believe that you will fight evil & win!!
      This is just a test for you!. No Worries!!
      Karma will bite that sleazy third business
      ex- partner.
      Sincerly, Dixie

  • Gracie says:

    Hi Crystal
    I did wonder why I was receiving mamy many more messages than usual so I chose not to read them & just delete them. Had even considered unsubscribing to you but for some reason I didn’t.
    The whole point of this is that I trusted my gut and didn’t but something wasn’t ryt
    The silly silly man should know the Law of Attraction and Karma.. He will get what he deserves in time.. Just sit back and wait.. Bad people never really get away with much. The other realm will see to it.
    Just carry on doing what you can to build up your business & don’t worry too much. As I say it’s only a matter of time before he realises he doesn’t have Power over you or your business.
    Positivity & loving vibes sent to you xx

  • Victor says:

    Hey Crystal . It’s Chino I’m sorry what Happened really sorry I appreciate you making that video for us your true family I won’t ask about my problems you going threw some hard times but I’m here for you. He will get what he deserve . Thank you for being with me on my hard times know I’m here for you too. Don’t forget it. We will rise together.

  • Denise says:

    Sorry to hear this

  • Sonia says:

    Hi Crystal- this is unbelievable, especially if this jerk was working on this field of positivity… He’ll get his ”reward”, don’t worry, you know that better than me. Is there no way to get legal action? It’s going too far.
    You asked to comment on the website too. I have had quite a number of problems during last spring and don’t understand very well why, I would love some support or advice about it; maybe this person was messing up or there was some other trouble. I purchased your true love profile for me and my … “loved one “ and there were some inaccurate errors or gaps. I kept asking for help to somebody form your company by email but got no solution, only emails saying they had passed it on to the experts. And other emails were sent back as mail problem … Could something be done? I know you are in big trouble now and not available but when this gets back on track I would appreciate some help. Spirits up, we’re all with you!

  • Katya says:

    Dear Crystal.
    I am happy to recieve video with you.
    Deeply inside i was waiting for something like this video.
    I know it is hard time for you, but you don’t have to worry my dear stay focuss and don’t miss things going out from your eyes.
    When you need us we are here for you, to listend to you, to understand you, to give you even advice.
    You will broke this cage, you will make the World to see the Truth. Your Truth will see the Lights.
    With much Love, Blessings, Lights

  • Shavitree Sheopersad says:

    I am so sorry that all of this happening to you, it must be very frustrating, I know that feelings when someone betray you, I am sending a lot of love and light. Shavitree Sheopersad

  • Hemalatha Ranawaka says:

    I am so sorry about you Don’t cry Be strong

  • Catherine Hooten says:

    I can understand the frustration and, definitely, the anger. I’ve had my identity stolen from someone I thought I could trust as well. I’m still feeling the backlash in my credit report. On other things in my “world”, nothing but the normal BS has been going on. The whole send me funds for your money, type of crap. I’m not looking at my natal chart and learning how to read it and trying soothing meditation for more positive energy. It’s keeping me from hurting the stupid people around where I live, but not much else. I know that it probably won’t do me much good since I don’t have any money to be able to make money…well, not the amount that I could use right now to start my Misunderstood Sanctuary idea and get it off the ground. However, could you please send some energy out for me to get a bit of help of some sort moneywise? I will keep you in my thoughts and I will keep my thoughts positive for you. I hope that things get better. I almost forgot, since he took your domain, you can get all the proof of what he has done and take it to the FBI’s cyber crimes division. He has committed a federal offense and should be held accountable. Just a thought, in case you want to press charges.

    • Quinn says:

      The darkest of darkest days make the lightest and brightest of days. For every struggle only makes you stronger. A bigger and better plan is being put into place. Stand strong and keep your faith. Like the phoniex rising from ashes and the lotus flower from the muck, you too will be better for this. I believe in you.
      Love & light

  • Deborah says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this my heart goes out to you such shocking news how another person can behave in such awful way absolutely disgusting
    Stay strong on wards and up wards for you xx

  • tammy greer says:

    Iam so sorry this happened to u people can be so lowdown , But you’ll come back stronger than ever and I need u back to for are talks ,well are emails just have a real connection with u stay safe and I’LL b praying for you with love Tammy Greer

  • Rosa says:

    It’s not at all important . Do not bother yourself . Maybe it happens to everyone . Your friends love you in any way & at conditions . Do not worry darling . Sheet this page of your life and open another one . Yesterday passed and tomorrow is new day ! Do not think too much . God is with you and loves you so much . May god bless you my dear .

  • Tara says:

    Remember the harder or deeper the fall the more strength and knowledge is achieved from life’s stepping stone. You are very strong in many aspects Crystal and “we” as one will get through this storm and come out soaring from the clouds with the glowing bright light so the world can see our transformation from this stepping stone that is /will be a blessing. Sending Love and Light to you to comfort you and to clear your vision from the fog which has been create from your current circumstances.

  • Katrina says:

    Just keep your faith strong, dont stop praying. thanks for being so committed to your subscribers amazing communication. I miss your tarot reading alot though. You always gave me hope. I pray everything works out for you which I know it will. Love you my friend ❤️❤️❤️

  • Helen Reeve says:

    Why are some people so mean ?!

    Stay strong ! Stay positive!

  • As a fellow healer and light worker, I understand all too well the betrayal by another so-called spiritual person. The hurt of betrayal from one close is more intense than if a stranger does it.

    Take the time to heal and then go forward. If you can, take legal action to block this person. Perhaps you can recover things as well. Remember that illgotten gain often turns to rubble. That person will eventually get their karma. I just wish that karma worked faster. There is a lot in the world that needs to be cleansed by karma.


  • Sonette says:

    I am very sorry that this has happened to you. As you know, the Universe does not send negative stresses your way unless there is something to learn or remove from your life.

    My big upset happened more than four years ago and my life recovery is still in progress. The greatest hurdles the astral energies seem to have sent my way recently include the IRS and rediscovering stem cell therapy as an option. Both are big money things. As with all my life events, money flow is part of the issue.

    I’m working on dedicated tithing, gratitude, and smiling more. Smiling is way underrated.

    Hang in there, lady. Stay strong and remember to forgive and bless the lesson. You’ll recover. Obviously, from the messages I’ve seen, you have the support of good, strong followers.

    This Stanley was meant for another path and will reap from the seeds he is planting.

  • Tina M Hartmann says:

    Hey Mrs , been hit pretty hard by him yes have not made any purchases. All though have ask questions concerning my personal life.He does pray on your vulnerability for sure. Even though I’m absorbency am blinded by my own issues I still knew something was wrong.Please contact me I have a few things that might help you if you would like to clear some past lives light workers Tina

  • Heather says:

    Don’t let them win! Warrior Strong! We got this And will Rise like the Phoenix! No matter what we need to be the calm within the storm. Ps. Yes been a little off with some the e-mails vibes didn’t match didn’t know wgat was up been fighting through chaos ans problems here without giving up. Shit has been hitting the fan
    Pps. Almost 2 years ago was told to remember the name Stanley. Don’t know the connection due to not knowing a Stanley Blessed Be Sister I feel you I been slandered and discrimination lately. As well fighting millions of battles Spiritually and physically Be Strong Sister

  • Sasha says:

    Sweetie, kiss you a lot. Do not be upset. Robbery is all around. You have all my empathy from the other continent. Try to look on all what happened from brightness side. Maybe higher reason for this was unique opportunity for all of us to see your face. I am grateful for that.
    Kiss you again.

  • Antonella says:

    Dear Dear Crystal, you are so lovely <3
    I'm sorry for what just happened but… you know…the ocean is full of sharks. We know who you are, from your email, your website content, from what you can transmit to all of us with your words.
    Don't worries… let the Karma do is course… leave everything behind… It's the new start of a new wonderful journey 🙂
    you teach us…this old staff wasn't serving to your life any longer and you have to get rid of it… and reborn. Close the chapter… a brighter and wonderful new one is opening now… All together 🙂
    Much…Much love darling

  • Wilma says:

    God does not give you what you can’t handle because you are a warrior of Faith.!

  • Dearest Crystal wow dear what this reminds me of is when my son near after 9 /11 his business pardner did a simular thing . Took it all . And i watched my sons world fall apart. Then my sister in the late 80s had invested in a strip mall to heal in a center called the circles of light . It was her real pardner her husband and sec. Of the center which ran away with her hard work. I had my own ca ca happen when my chuch’s sec started handing out to her friends and family tax deductions which where fraudent. To my charter . Now whats happening now . My lover whom i want to marry as mush as i want to breathe, is stranded in Ghana., Africa . And i cant help him , as im that broke.! Life is such that we have to learn to accept it on lifes terms. You crying ..bearing your heart and soul as you did here on your video is excactly that . When we are stripped to bare bones . And most of the time that involves a human being we trusted our life to. And thats really the problem we moved from trusting ourselves and the lord of our soul to tusting someone other than this that we should have . Another human being . This is why we are here at this lesson..again not all people are good . Not all people have the same intentions as we do. But no 0ne knows you better than god . No one will show you the way except god to grow out of this valley . But ill share one of my prayers with you you . Even though i havent paid my dues in the inner circle . Ive written to to before . And i love your heart and i see your soul s intent in and through your work . U tube . The Stix’s . “Show me the Way ”
    This is my prayer i share with you.im a girl that prays in Jesus name . I have to. So there be it . So be it .. sweet girl . Time does heal all wounds . I understand you heartache . You will understand that i truely do. . God Bless you . You are in my prayers . Please pray that campbell gets home to the usa by the 5th . Of Dec. He has a 10 yr old son here which needs him alot .

  • MaryAnn Stevenson says:

    I am sorry that this happen to u. I don’t know why I want to say this, I feel u need to write a book on “How to make a safe program to share with 2 or more partners”. Teaching & Learning a Safeway to do business. A major contract. (Even family or friends). I believe with All my heart u will come threw this storm. Sincerely with hugs MaryAnn

  • Susan keeble says:

    ar sweetie what a bloody monster to do all this to you I’m sending you a hug and kisses lots of love sue keeble

  • Crystal, I am with you God does not like Ugly Stay Strong you will fix this it will just take s little time you Followers will bring you LIGHT And LOVE just Remember it Rains then Pours,they the SUN comes out together we will get through This My Friend ❤️❤️

  • Micheala Cocks says:

    crystal, u are an amazing human and this man whom, may I add, fooled me into opening emails too, will in fact have to face the arrival of the “karma bus” for all of his actions towards u.
    I didn’t watch the video as I can imagine it is quite distressing to see the hurt he’s caused u. his actions say more about him than they do u and sometimes people who are envious of others only ever try to break them through fear of their own self doubts.

  • hamia says:

    good morning welcome and hello

  • Kelly says:

    Sweety I can so much related to you. I’ve also learn my lessons this year after my husband pass away. At Jan 2018. You are a emotional empath. And I’m also a empath too. Sweety you have my back. And thank you so much by info all of us. That being a true friend. I’m 53 will be 54 in few weeks. Love to get to know you and possibly help if you needed. Hopefully I hear from you soon. Kelly

  • Bex says:

    MuchLove and Light Crystal as you traverse this difficult situation

  • Donna says:

    Stay strong!

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