Energy Update: Your Heart Blown Open

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The Magical Cauldron Finale: Part 5 of 5

Hey love, how’s the rebirth?

Thank you for your support/feedback lately. Many of you reached out to me, and I am with you.

Please forgive me for being mostly “out of the loop” the past 11 days, as I’ve taking care of myself and I hermit through these places never been.

If you haven’t already felt stuff lately, we’ve been in a portal since the 11th and The Solstice Gateway is today and tomorrow 12/21–12/22 which is a perfect time to make sacred ceremonial space for yourself if you have not been already.

New energies have been rushing into our planet and now is the time to FEEL.

Feel into it love. Feel your way into this temple of your raw source essence being more often, this sacred space inside you …

Spirit is calling for you to create this grace, this space of which you allow yourself to fully unfold, this surrender of total trust in yourself, your inner being.

The time if asking you to dive in with Source, to trust Source. Trust connection. Trust your inherent value as human physical flesh that is also sacred and divine.

This time is inviting you to step higher put yourself more inside this sacred temple space more often in 2019.

Wow, love…

This has been a year of Angels showing up in many different guises as souls showing you the way if you are seeing with your heart…

Elevate and trust. Witness the feelings and insights you have likely been receiving, as this portal has picked up its pace and energy.

Thankfully you are blessed with a nurturing Cancer full moon at the same time as the Solstice Gateway asking you to fully step forward into your ground, your expansion and heart without looking back!

Yes this time goes beyond what you thought you knew, time to move past what you thought and Trust ALL the way.

Feel a leap of faith is already carrying you.

I don’t think anyone can describe fully the leap, the revelations, the loss or the magnitude of what is fully forming in the bigger picture as we rebirth into 2019 as many of us have NEVER BEEN HERE BEFORE.

For some, 2018 was intended as a year of long-worked-for returns or victory … instead for many was instead a year of integration, learning inner compasses, lessons, turbulence, heart and grounded expansion.

For most, it was a year of clearing and making room while slowly rising in authentic power while at the same time, losing and continuing to release a lot.

Many had to step back this past year and take care of themselves in a deeper “soul based” way…

Many were deeply reminded to remember who they are at soul and to “show up” for themselves, therefore showing up for others, and the collective.

The last 2 years —> to likely around the last 90 days (depending on your timeline) was housecleaning time. The toxic and unsustainable got cleared up naturally if you allowed it …

… what’s left, no longer serving you or you experienced a devastating loss of some kind … as people, connections, places, jobs, homes, relationships were swept away, leaving clear and open SPACE for you, do you see?

No-thing is the space to create everything which means for those who let go, NEW doors will begin presenting or have already been presenting themselves here or there. 2019 will have a very “blank slate” different energy compared to 2018.

This year was all about releasing imbalances, deep healing and inner soul work. Much karma was brought to the surface for greater healing.

However, not much sustainable love, beauty, victory, celebration, or rebirth was offered.

Not much celebration of our rebirth and what we are newly creating. Not much energy was fully allowed to land constantly in the new. It wasn’t yet time to land that new reality all the way like it is now.

And if you still want to land that new reality that is consistently aligned with soul then you must align your actions and physical manifestation strongly as 2019 shows up.

What you have worked for the past few years, you are still going to need to show up all the way for in 2019.

You must show up for your soul and trust your soul. The best is yet to come. The soil had to get ready, before it’s harvest time.

Why? Because this energy shines a light on the dualities in our lives that could become whole and how these oppositions play a role in our ascension and evolution.

Specifically, the duality between dark and light.

Physical and Energetic.

Masculine and Feminine.

The frequency opposition between polarity consciousness and the 3D physical world and the electromagnetic energies of 5D unity consciousness.

High frequencies bring us closer than ever to “non-duality”… a completely different way of conditioned being.

And as we come closer to Unity consciousness, the more extreme these opposites show up in our lives to be re-united.

You’re shaken because you are upgrading fast. You may feel forced to look at old wounds once again and again until they fully release. This time is about mastery.

The power house planets… Sun, Moon and Uranus… are coming together this full moon to give you clarity of what is coming next.

Of course, all at the same time it may generate insomnia, or a sense of being lost and not exactly knowing what’s true.

There is a fast feeling to this leveling up and cleansing so be in self-care and loving support of yourself and your soul will know what to do.

Take action from the heart. The uncertainty can feel poignant but it’s not yours to solve, it’s your sweet spot to CREATE from.

All false imbalanced powers/light, distortions and hidden agendas are being exposed and it’s up to us to stop energizing the old as we are being tested by the dark.

This entire year has been healing and releasing trauma as we shine the light in the dark … allowing healing, even in the space of your most low-vibration energies.

And now it’s time to honor celebration. A time for divination and inner being.

Have You Felt This “Light Portal” We Are In?

The reason it’s so powerful this year is because we have a massive amount of light that’s hitting the planet right now.

The waves have never been so powerful for me and it’s like being in a new place that you have never been.

This time is the most important time for practicing deep self honor and self love all through to the Lunar Eclipse Jan 18th, 2019 as you step into a higher timeline …

Ancient civilizations from Mayans to Hopis have expressed the Solstice Gateway in many ways that offer the same message …

And the message is this:

We ARE spirit in bodies, and right now, we’re in the “age of meeting ourselves again.”

Because, at the end of the day, “YOU are the one you’ve been waiting for!”

It reminds me of the masculine meeting the feminine in sacred reunion within and the ancient story of the Condor and Eagle …

The reunion of the condor and the eagle flying together in the sky. The Condor is the heart, vision and intuition. The Eagle is the mind, stillness and logic.

Together symbolizing unity and ultimate integration of polarities; balance between the feminine and masculine energies; union of spirit and matter and the visible and invisible realms of existence.


We are both black and white, high and low, energy and physical, anima and animus, yin and yang, masculine and feminine .. we are BOTH.

We are energetically being asked if we want to evolve and stop repeating to stop being against ourselves.

No more “this or that”, right or wrong, black and white, victim/blame/distortion/false light regenerating over and over.

We are the creator AND the creation. We are the death and birth, the breakdown and breakthrough.

We are both light and dark meeting. Both conscious and unconscious. BOTH masculine and feminine. Seen and unseen.

Portals like this and the Solstice Gateway is not just spiritual or energetic, it’s also been verified by science.

The electromagnetic frequency of planet Earth (called the “Schumann Resonance”) is measured on a daily basis and is basically photon light being projected onto our planet.

However, this year as we entered this portal, the frequencies of our planet itself have spiked off the charts and have steadily increased since 2009.

We are in a period of great changes and movements on the Planet and SR is mirroring our collective situation.

This means the physical energy of the Earth has been affected with more light-energy than researchers have ever seen before or even know what to do with, affecting everything (and everyone) on the planet in a myriad of ways.

I am seeing our biggest collective timeline of souls awakening into greater empathy and heart energy during and after today. More than we have ever known.

The rush of Ascension energies during these Gateway openings assist us in raising our vibration and frequency, while Clearly pointing out what is dragging us down.

The energies affect us personally, en masse and anchor into the Planet for Earth changes.

They stimulate us to awaken to the next level of our Soul Journey of Consciousness and living as human on earth experiences.

The energies also trigger a mass awakening in the collective. Sleepers awakening or moving into deeper resistance. I am anticipating over Solstice Gate-Way an even greater awakening worldwide and greater resistance.

We are at a place of choice. Choosing to remain in the illusion, or choosing to break free and move into Love and Above.

A time to level up and upgrade our life from a place of zero point, instead of past fear.

Today And Tomorrow The Solstice Gateway Is Open

The Moment of Solstice started today at 5:23 pm Eastern Time and spirit is saying this gateway is super impressionable through the 22nd.

The Full Cancer Moon is in her home sign along with the North node in Cancer for the next 10 years which means you are getting clarity now around your greater destiny.

You’re sitting at the gateway of what is to come, what do you want to bring with you?

From ancient times, the Solstice was considered to be a powerpoint or portal of “photonic energies” flowing in onto the planet, representing a “turning point” of some kind.

The Sun is the Source of Light and Life on Earth.

And, yes. You are this same Light on an electromagnetic level.

You have been through so much purging, allowing things to the surface, deep healing and inner soul work and now it’s time to celebrate your beauty, your truth and rebirth.

And you must fully show up to this celebration, you must fully embody the lessons you have learned in 2018 regarding your heart energy.

You say that you have been dreaming and you thought up of all this stuff you say you wanted or that maybe you have worked for so much already, or that you want to experience …

You say you want to experience a real love that’s truly connected, who really shows up and sees you …

You say you want to build that mission business …

That you want to embrace life as it unfolds, that you want to love yourself?

You say you want to feel more connected to God or Source?

Then show up all the way and BE it.


This doesn’t mean “hard strife” or doing it the hard way or busting ass against yourself.

This means BEING SOUL-FULLY engaged and showing up and viewing life from inside within your sacred inner temple as you face the beast.

A sacred time. A fertile time excellent for manifestation and creation.

This start to a new energetic cycle propels us further along our Soul’s and Planetary Journey of Ascension, paving the way to the January Eclipse Season which is an upcoming time of big and possibly dramatic change.

You have been wrapping up all that has transpired since the June Solstice.

All the revelations, truths, disclosure and change that has happened in this time is to be seen with new eyes.

Several times throughout the year Universal Portals open up in the Cosmos bringing you new light, new awareness, ahahs, insights, codes and downloads…

This is why it’s good to let go of the old and step into the new during the Eclipses, Equinox and Solstice as you make room to receive greater light and make the most of these Gateways and Portals of Light.

It’s Time To Step Into 5D

5D is where we go beyond duality into wholeness .. where we are Compassionate Observers beyond attachment, right/wrong, light/dark, this/that, us/them.

We can fully see, understand and accept that everything and everyone in our lives is for our highest evolution…from a soul perspective.

This is why the time now is SO crucial to RECEIVE the feelings, messages and insights you have, as they will assist you/move you into all that you truly are and why you are here on this planet.

So the simple message is to clear the old and SHOW UP ALL THE WAY.

Trust, receive, remember, flow, play, unite and celebrate. While the 3D focuses on opposites, 5D consciousness comes from a place where you are ALREADY WHOLE.

Your INTENTION is on the NOW & NEW (what you are celebrating) and stop energizing the old by fixing, wishing, focusing on it. The game is CLEARING if you want to raise frequency ..

Divine love flows where we make room, allow, open up to and are ready to FEEL it flood our reality and this portal gateway is bringing with it, TREMENDOUS love to clearly show us everything and anything that isn’t love or supporting our new growth.

Pay attention to how you feel and HOW you choose what you see. Honor the dark just as it is and focus more on celebrating the Light you are…

Connect to what is sacred within you so that you can bring forth what is still waiting to be seen.

BE the example of light.

Take deep care of yourself. You are now in a new place. At the edge of something big.

Whether you notice it or not, it is happening all across the world. Life is changing and it is helpful to move along with it, which makes this Solstice point unique in nature…

Life has been coming to completion as the old patterns, ways and constructs are breaking down and dissolving before everyone’s eyes. 

Walking through this symbolic doorway within Consciousness is crucial for your greater soul alignment and perspective.

You can claim the hard earned victory that is still coming to you in 2019 and 2020.

Right Now You Have A Choice To Make

If you’re like so many others, you’ve felt what it’s like to “drop into lower timelines” lately … those moments where you feel stuck in a 3D mindset, letting the illusion of lack and loss affect your thoughts.

This is you choice-point. Are you ready to embrace the light you truly are or must you keep learning from your shadow?

These thoughts become a dampening field of energy that slowly drowns the voice of Source connection inside – so that after a while all we can hear is our own mental chatter and stories.

We are walking through this Gateway and what do we choose?

It’s what we do now, that determines our future. The choice points of this portal ascension are asking you … Have you been stepping into creative flow and higher timelines or have you been getting caught up in the field of resistance, “stories” and constant distractions?

Because we are holding so much more Light, we are seeing what is emerging from our subconscious so stay neutral so you more CHOICE.

Choose the new, because whether you are ready to fully embrace the New, depends on how much of the old you have cleared.

There is no deadline. Wherever you are at right now is perfect. Where you go is up to you, and depends on how you fully show up for your own soul.

As we collectively begin to awaken and become more conscious of the energetic universe that we are a part of, you begin to feel the connectedness of everything.

The illusion of the material world that we are separate, begins to lift and we begin to FEEL our way into a new reality.

This illusion is essentially the belief that “I need something bad to happen, in order to become a better person” or “I need something to fall apart in order to get back into alignment or pull myself together” or “I need to sabotage my success in work in order to move ahead” …

Most people don’t understand how to breakdown to breakthrough. They are addicted to suffering, yet on a higher soul level, are seeking completion – a higher surrender into a new way of being which takes authentic power, honor and self love.

Deepen your self love. Listen to your inner voice. Show up fully and fill your soul cup up. Embrace yourself wherever you are, just as you are, which is also a key to greater soul forgiveness.

All things of divine love and all this of unlove are being shown to you. See what you want and also see the things that you can no longer settle and sacrifice for any longer.

You must be READY to let go/resolve/dissolve and BRING LOVE THROUGH to take its place. No more ego self-sabotage, beating the self up due to a story, or putting your energy on fixing the old. To do this, you must shift from a 3D existence and open your mind to a 5D life. 

Shifting From 3D to 5D

The way to 5D is through your heart. It is the opening, the portal that will bring us into alignment with our deepest self and with the world around us.

You are exploring, playing, deepening, and witnessing into this light energy that you are, that you don’t have to earn, make shakes, do yoga for or meditate for.

You don’t need to distract or bypass anymore when you can just go right into the HEART and create.

Where you stop wishing for change, wanting new change, or think you can enter new consciousness from the same old ways …

Ask yourself:

Do we want to keep repeating the same lessons and go in circles with our ego… or do you want to receive the higher gift that is being given to you at that moment in time?”

You must stop waiting for a savior or something outside of YOU. Nothing will shift and nothing will fall out of the sky to save us. We must wake ourselves up into spiritual maturity.

We must stop selling ourselves short again and again by showing up in the same old patterns. Stop giving your heart away when there’s not honor. Stop giving your power away. Stop trying to talk ourselves out of problems that we behave into.

Stop settling for crumbs.

Stop the old relationships and the old ways of seeing your self worth. We all need to stop being “against” ourselves, testing ourselves against ourselves…stop wishing, fixing, changing, addicting and co-depending so we can waken beyond THE need for shadow to wake us up.

You must move beyond “I need something to fall apart so that I can pull myself together” or “I need to sabotage my success so that I can keep moving forward” into:

These are all symptoms of 3D life.

5D, on the other hand, has a new and different approach.

This is about creating from a Blank canvas and creating from what we have being ENOUGH just as it is.

This is less about teaching or needing a guru or something outside us and more about deriving within and healing our own triggers to where our very presence, is healing to others …

This is about slowing down, merging, flowing, witnessing, playing, creating, visualizing, making aligned actions and choosing love – even in the blinded twist.

This is about trusting your essence from within, and going with what you already have from within instead of trying to prove, manipulate or gain approval or love outside of you.

This is about the emergence of the new. The unknown potential inside the middle way zero point of your present heart and it’s untapped possibilities.

Your heart already knows how. Stay neutral when the lower stuff shows up. Avoid the drama and drop into your sacred temple that practice often from.

Many might be still purging and recovering from loss. Many might be surrendering into a higher order of some kind of restarting in their lives. Other may be solely focused on celebrating and flowing into the next upgrade of their lives!

The Birth Of A New World

This is what you’ve been working for. Healing for.

The old world was never meant to be fixed. Your mind cannot be fixed.

All you can do it let go. The Divine Plan was always to let go and transcend it. It’s okay to let go, you are not turning away, you are simply making room for what fills your soul alive …

Now, this portal we have stepped into is here for us to experience the most life changing rebirth of our lives.

This is a Gateway, a passageway of opportunity for each. To open up fully, release/transcend all “old” linear/fixed/held onto/stored mentalities, programs and limited beliefs.

This Gateway is a major choice point of choosing being, choosing a life and choosing thoughts that honor you as a soul. Trust the process.

Triggers keep repeating until you master them. Healing is done in layers and you have to continue to spiral through the same experiences until there is no energetic charge left to trigger you.

Triggers will remain in cycles round and round until all charge has disappeared from your body, to heal you must be willing to forgive and see from a soul perspective.

You’ve begun the “cycling through” to see what is not fully aligned on your highest levels of consciousness and align it all yourself…from within.

So understand that it’s time to heal the deep trauma and situations you thought you had already cleared, yet the wounds are coming up again for more awareness.

We are all in this together and your healing, heals the collective as a whole.

I notice the Universe (our subconscious) cannot allow us to “move forward” in life until we honor what is – just as it is and thus we create from a blank slate.

When we create from a place of heart frequency, which is the only energy to transcend time and space … instead of focusing on uncertainty and abandonment, we are existing from within Source and creation.

This is a time of our inner mother and father meeting each other within our inner child … a time of inner mastery and the embodiment of healing …

Understanding that the more we ascend the more our deepest wounds need more self love and care during these radical awakenings, feelings, insights, truths, deaths, losses, and uplifting rebirth … Yes for all, this is a time of completion.

Of being WHOLE within oneself and mastery. Of diving into the magical cauldron of who we are and understanding that we are already worthy and enough and to stop getting LOVE from outside of ourselves …

The core of “whole”, where we stop seeking LOVE from an external world that makes us separate and keeps us in lower 3D perception of our humanity and possibility.

This is where we stop seeking approval and acceptance from the outside world and we relax into allowing ourselves remember our own truth and that we ARE divine love just as we are.

Where “triggers” circle round in round until we master them by reuniting within our own inner abandonment.

Must we keep repeating or can we evolve? Must we keep NEEDING to learn from the shadow or CAN we step more into celebration from a blank slate?

Conscious change is holy and one of the most divine things you can experience .. it is the motion of Source/universe/source working through and with us to make manifest new creation, new experiences and new ways of understanding. 

A New You. A Better You.

Your New Life is created.

While it is essential to release the old, it is best not to dwell there, for then you get caught up in self-pity and nothing changes. So place attention more on what you are creating, not on what you perceive you are without.

You must embrace this sacredness that you truly are. Forgiveness is key, especially with anger.

This is a time to put down your weapons to how you think about the last 6 months, how you think about who and what has left your life, how you have changed in your existence.

It’s time to put the weapons down and FULLY SHOW UP in your heart, your inner temple and set the table for love and holy exchange, holy connection and holy trust. To trust the changes are coming and surrender into the mystery.

Life is meant to be fun and not a struggle, it’s a precious gift that can only be unwrapped in the magical cauldron of a present heart creatively blown open.

Can you honor yourself and others to “just be” .. seeing life just as it is without storytelling, escaping, bypassing, addicting, rescuing, controlling or fixing?

Yes, this has been a year of purging, but spirit is telling you to listen to the shifts lately and feel them within.

Impart how these revelations and “ahah’s” lately make you feel? Listen in. all the way.

Are you ready to upgrade in life or are you still needing to cycle until the wound heals and you are ready to ascend (mastery)?

Are you ready to complete the lesson and move into your heart or are you still resisting trusting your SOUL’s already knowing?

Are you ready to remember and empower your light from a blank canvas – or do you need to still keep learning from your shadow?

Yes to ascend, you must clear. The more you “clear”, the higher you go as far as your capacity to let in and allow new light.

This Solstice gateway where you are in your clearing, this is not a deadline, but rather an opportunity to move forward in a huge way.

Can you be with others who vibrate differently than you and still maintain your own Peace and vibration?

Can you have Compassion for all others without telling them how to feel better?

Do you still think others can heal or help you, because you don’t believe you can do it yourself?

Have you let go of attaching yourself to anything or anyone outside yourself who/that you think you need? (This doesn’t mean you push people away; it means you accept others, love them and honor where they are.)

Can you imagine how free you will feel without the judgments, attachments and expectations you have for anyone or anything outside yourself?

Imagination is as real as what you experience in life on Earth. And what you can imagine, you are that. Eventually imagination becomes form.

Can you instead celebrate your regenerational abilities? Wield magic from within your cauldron without needing anything at all but just an imagination and a little heart?

Can you stop testing yourself “against” yourself, unite within your own abandonment and love – mother and father this innocent inner child?

Can you awaken your consciousness beyond the need for the darkness to wake up?

Can you learn, ground and expand from embracing your light or will you keep repeating patterns of the unconscious?

Are you able to PHYSICALLY LIVE a higher vibration that you are able to hold all of the time and not just when fear or lack presents to drive us and shake us awake, but all of the time.

Can you awaken past the extremes of “something bad must happen in order to become better?” and move from a place of heart instead of fear?

Can you just celebrate and create from blank slate instead?

The answer is yes. And here’s how.

Dissolve Your Triggers To End The Cycle

Your beliefs are being hugely challenged.

The lightkeepers, healers and leaders are being tested on the planet as all distortions, manipulations and bypasses of SOUL are coming to light.

What was true/is true will constantly change, what was hidden continually coming to LIGHT/becoming more visible.

Ask yourself…

“Do I want to keep learning from the dark or am I ready to remember my light?”

You only have to dive into the core of your heart and begin experiencing this light that you are already are, as you open more and more to the light within you.

Keep following your own inner voice leading you to know your divine blueprint of “already whole” and let your soul to take the lead. Even if you must go alone and face it alone.

Triggers will keep cycling until you can get beyond the illusion of the 3D, and step into the 5D of heart consciousness – a soul perspective. The frequency of your heart.

When you dissolve your triggers, you stop having to repeat the lesson.

When you are fully healed, the trigger is no longer charged.

You are no longer feeding the bad things, and focusing your energy on the wrong thing.

No longer feeding/supporting/believing/hiding from/suppressing those lower vibrational/unconscious emotions of hurt, victim, who did what to who/duality.

Before you can add the new, you must make room to clear out the old. 
You can’t keep fixing, changing, feeding, supporting, hiding from the “old” if you want to emerge the new.

No more “against” each other, against ourselves, unaware… Consciousness itself is intelligent…

No more victims, no more “past” (and instead present moment possibility)

Honor you. Honor others – everyone on different parts of their path of different bands of frequency, perceptual self awareness and consciousness.

Be gentle. Our bodies, identifying old programs, go into a cellular cleansing process…

This means opening our minds, stretching our minds, deepening into nothingness and creation (nothing is the space to create everything)…

Your Heart Is The Key

Every moment. Our experience RETURNS TO US a vibrational response to any programming that we still hold inside.

It’s up to each one of us to connect with our heart and remember within – which timeline we are ready to live in.

It’s time to stop needing the dark in order to shift into an awakening consciousness beyond the need for the bad things to happen before you wake up and change them.

Heart doesn’t have the limits and long drawn out processes that mind does. The linear mind wants to understand it all through applying “old” practices that basically “drag it all out” and take much longer to see/clear.

Heart means getting out of our human mind and shifting to our own higher heart/higher mind consciousness to see — talk about radical forgiveness

Here’s an exercise for clearing, purifying lower vibe shit, sleep better, eating in a good way, kind to family, honoring your divinity and fulfilling your purpose…

One of the ways to clean up this dampening Lower 3D interference pattern is to become a witness to your own thoughts.

Notice what are you repeatedly thinking. What subconscious record is playing over and over in your mind?

By doing this, you drag a subconscious karmic pattern to the surface of your awareness, which allows you to challenge it, to modify it.

Look beyond these repetitive thoughts – now that you recognize the voice of your subconscious karmic pattern, who else is speaking? You will notice that there is another voice – from your Higher Self.

It was just hard to hear it under all the noise of the repetitive Lower Self chatter! This Universal loving energy is always with you, pouring from your Soul into your Higher Self, and into your personality’s daily awareness.

This is a time when things will be aligning or not aligning … listen to signs, remove unaligned things … sit with fears, unbiased frequency and be more aware of love and being.

Remember Who You Are Beyond The Illusion

This is a time to listen to your inner child … your innocence will bring you back home. We are so used to coming from outside us, it’s time we live from the inside, not the outside.

Remember: We are not just connected to Source – WE ARE SOURCE – especially in the physical world.

You must stop seeking approval and acceptance from the outside world; you must relax and let yourself believe the truth that the Universe loves you.

When you relax into this Universal ocean of frequencies, you allow the Love energy to come in from the inside, and bubble up to the surface of your being from the deep source within.

Trust yourself and your worth. Your heart is being blown open to uplevel you.

Again. What you lost was not loss, but an upgrade.

Life force knows. Your body knows. Trust that you are carried exactly where you are meant to be.

The energies are always supporting your evolution. Grounding, rest, nurturing & trusting the greater Unfolding.

If you listen long enough, you will find deep inside you a Core sound – a resonance of the Love from God Source.

ABOVE ALL Honor your truth and what is right for you. Self honor. 2018 was about rising in authentic power and this NEEDED the shadow.

2019 will be more about applying our heart knowing and celebrating our authentic power. This means being the gift, without needing to go to the dark first to remind us.

But to just remember and connect deeper.

To rise also means to deepen and as we ascend higher into greater authentic power, we must clear and make room. We must use our energy and focus on the right things.

Trust that the pain pushes you until the vision pulls you. Don’t deliberately seek the external, instead derive from within and cultivate more.

Find self love and elevate your game until your visions seek you too and relax and release all of which you have outgrown.

The Dimensional Timeline we physically occupy is relative to the vibration we are able to hold ALL OF THE TIME.

So 2019 asks us to CELEBRATE more than we ever have from a BLANK slate and stop using the world of extremes, operating “against ourselves” in order to discover our own light.

Sometimes there is nothing left to learn in the spaces that do not resonate anymore. Trust what you feel and the insight you receive.

Can you see beyond the illusion into your heart that you are enough just as YOU are, wherever YOU are?

Are you ready to see that you are not separate from the Divine, from your own inner wholeness .. you are not separate from what is holy … you are not separate from your own worth.

That is existence in you and YOU are it. So what do you truly want to take with you for this next BIG energetic cycle in life?

For several interesting alignments this year and with electromagnetic energy off the charts – this portal is unlike any other. What do you want to bring with you into this new beginning period of 7-8 years?

Whatever you choose will come with you, but what if it doesn’t serve or honor you? 

Right now over the Full Moon Solstice Gateway you are being asked to look much bigger around you as you are getting divine messages.

Release the old so that you CAN see the new. There are so many limitless possibilities that are headed your way and are meant for you that you don’t even know…

As you find more trust and fullness within, your heart becomes less and less vulnerable to “addicting and co-depending” outside of itself and the more powerful it flows.

It’s time to leave the old behind, love.

You cannot carry it with you if you choose to go on this journey. The timing now says “it’s up to you”…

You can hold on tight to the 3D that is trying to leave you with “NO, that person is meant for me!” or “NO, that particular way is meant for me” or “NO, I’m still not ready SHOW UP and be that lover, creator, healer, leader or artist.”

Stop resisting. Start relaxing, releasing and moving forward.

Yes you can accept this open doorway of higher possibility no matter where or how you are.

Yes it’s time, and it’s up to you.

Honor yourself no matter what and enjoy this nurturing moon and gateway highlighting the way forward.

Victory and blessings to you in 2019.

Aho 🙏🏽🔥✨

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Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • julie aldcroft says:

    Thank you crystal,im struggling with moveing forward,i know I have to take the leap of faith,but I feel so lonely,iv had the loss of my dad,whom died,then my husband decided to divorce me,after 36 yrs,half of my life,and I hear everything you say,about dependency,worth,be true to me,get rid of worn out,false things,i know if he truly loved me,he would not have decided to do this,and understand,be with me ,he has had affairs,i put up,with his behaviour,because,i needed him,not be honest,if why did he feel he needed to do that,its hard as im now being shut out,left out,and he will be 60,in 11 days time,and planning to celebrate,leave me out,which,is the difference ,I would still and do treat him as a friend,not leave him out,but intent on hurting me,punishing me,for my breakdown,im forever feeling guilty,for being ill,going through the change.why am I saying sorry,i was ill,but he knew what he was doing using my negatives,to mask his behaviour,liar,cheat,im scared to go out there,yes on my own,but fear,is hard to break,and he is now hanging on to nothing,will not sort ,move forward,to ending the final stage of finances,ect,but he has destroyed,our family,our children,do not like him,or trust him,ever,and now,will destroy,our home,but as of yet,he has to be man enough to finish it,we are all in limbo because of him,

  • Sandra says:

    Happy new year Thank you so much for your insights!!

  • Rosa says:

    Receive my simple gift of LOVE
    Wrapped with SINCERITY
    Tied with CARE &
    Sealed with BLESSINGS
    2 Keep u HAPPY & SAFE all the life long.

  • Cheri ganiere says:

    Thank you for your insight alwasy . Happy New year’s.

    • ximena Gureski says:

      Thanks for all your time and confidence that you have had toward myself day after day patiently
      I love and admire you very much my dear and sweet ArianaBest year ever for you from my

  • Jane Woolway says:

    Your words resonated with me. This year has been all about loss for me and it has been very hard to deal with. It has felt like I have been under attack and what is going to come next. I have been trying to hold onto a relationship that has tested me to the very core – I still love this man very much and I am trying to move on but finding it hard. I can’t see yet how my life is going to pan out.


  • Lady Roisin Robertson says:

    Yes the triggers return…and I have both 3d (mostly) and 5D reactions…However, I have also discovered well-buried ‘truths’ (that ‘someone else’, father lover, partner, ‘should’ be there for me)…and yet I am alone in that sense and have guided my own life for some time now. It’s hard to get rid of an ‘architype’ set up by societal norms and pinning my own growth to their interests…so now I am developing other skills which I didn’t real-ise I had and looking to ‘clear the beach’ of debris, so I can fully welcome the new. Thank you for your kind nd perceptive words which have greatly helped me to understand, and sending Light and Love to all who have been working through their own ‘terrors’ and into wholeness….xxx

  • Judith Stoudmann says:

    Thank you Crystal for the loving way sharing these wonderful energy transition facts. Yes yesterday was an energy turnaround. Totally devastated by head spinning and fatigue that was going on since a few days. This is also a message that I will share. And I wish a wonderful stepping into the light! Judith

  • Shauna Hines says:

    As always, I’m left feeling uplifted and overfilled with light and love. Your words speak directly to my heart and soul each and every time. The questions circling my mind always find their answers in your wise and reassuring advice. I’m forever grateful!
    All my love,
    Shauna H.

  • Michelle says:

    Interesting…I loved the blog!

  • Jennifer says:

    Thank You, very very very important information

  • Stanko says:

    Thank you Crystal.

  • Vermelle JonesI says:

    Thank you vermelle Jones.

  • Graciela Lara says:

    Thank you Crystal. I always love reading your inspiring words of wisdom. I have changed so much this and am looking forward to the future. I have a ways to go but I’m going to get there thanks to your help.
    Merry Christmas and until next time be Blessed and safe.

  • Gemma Oliver says:

    Beautiful heartfelt words which resonate deeply with me. Thank you for sharing your guided wisdom. 2019 will be one of positive experiences and I welcome it.
    Blessings to you over the festive season xx

  • Gregorio Santiago says:

    Thank you for the Inspirational message ‘ I’m looking towards my 5-dimensional encounter

  • Carol Dunn says:

    Christmas Carol says….I hardly ever get sick, but, the other day was throwing up so much…it felt like my entire body was purging and I had the best sleep ever!!!! Usually wake before 3 and can’t return to sleep. But, next morning was up and out the door by 6:45 to take the grandson to school. I have been at peace during stressful actions of others and am calm!!! A new me and Me feels great, I have my Ascension masters, Angels, and most of all GOD, the DIVINE ALL !!! They keep me embraced by love and grounded. I embrace what I need to be and do in LIFE! !!

  • Nkasiobi Oluikpe says:

    Thumb up.. Merry Christma

  • Annemarie Slee says:

    HEAVEN YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Muchas gracias mi hermana!!!! Love from the Netherlands, Europe

  • kirsten bedmar says:

    Igrateffuuull for. You messages. I am right there

  • Colette says:

    Thank you dear Crystal for the insight for Healing. God is with me.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    May 2019 be a better year for us all! Namastè

  • victoria thomson says:

    Hey crystal

  • Colin says:

    The light

    Thank you.

  • Michelle Plamondon says:

    Hi crystal, thank you so much for putting all of your soul into these messages for us. I have been healing more this year and letting go of trauma.2019 will start off the same but may get more intense at times and i think more of breathing and peace. I am hoping for things changing for the better with a fresh start to a better life that I never had, And hopes for a job to help my journey with security and independence.
    Thank you. Love right back to you.
    Michelle p.

  • Phillip says:

    While you are Amazingly clear on which way is up now I finally got someone who speak with a lot of truth and insightful info: to move forward I must make all things become new. My mind is the battle ground. My heart is a lot of heaven on earth. I have been trully blessed by your total lying on the table and in the open. My mistake was trying to change thru outwardly sources. Shah movement. Thanks so very much for your gifts. Time to have a heart to heart. Much love your friend. Happy holidays.

  • Stefica says:

    Dear Crystal Aryana
    Telling me haw to sort out my thought and pot it out to the world.
    Thank you, and I am looking forward for your wise words in the future.
    Much love Stefica

  • Barbara says:

    You are exactly right. A ho, i completly agree.

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