The Hall Of Mirrors – Full Moon in Sagittarius

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“It is neither a fortune nor a misfortune”

Can you feel it?! We are all taking flight

Not a rapturous flight…

Yet a soft trusting one

one that is bendy moves and surrenders and is flexible

This is the soft hard dynamic of the healthy masculine energy (it’s about the journey, not the destination)

You have to embrace all parts of you —even the darkness and stop disowning it. This way you can transform one energy into another once you stop denying it exists.

Choose to stop warring. Let go of what you think you know, to enter possibility. See the high and the low as it both serving the higher —yet it’s up to each own individuals choice and divine will on if YOU choose to create.

If you are willing to let go of what you think you know, these energies can fill you up with divinity
Oh a higher level this can be very encouraging. Light at the end of the tunnel.

For people in the highest alignment, it will fill you with divine femining flow if you let go of what you think you know.

The main energy we are working with is the Full Moon in Sagittarius which has opened up a Hall of Mirrors.

(Full Moon in Sagittarius conjoin Jupiter)

The next new moon will be a solar eclipse in cancer so we are already starting to unwind and come into the eclipse portal wormhole. This will lead to so much transformation, shifting, transitions and emotional upheaval and release.

Full moon is conjoined Jupiter – who rules Sagittarius

In fact, this is the closest moon to Jupiter we’ve had for a Sag full moon its 12 years,

Be flexible. Stay open. The destination will come.

We are all being stretched. To integrate our divine masculine.

It’s time to be your own lover, coach, creator, inner child and guru.

This is where we have the opportunity to play the soul detective in ourselves/rel by not fearing, separating or shaming emotional triggers, emotional release and emotional processing.

Stop running. Convenience is a deceptive sham to your soul (“I shouldn’t be feeling these feelings, so I deny them and the eruption is 10x worse)

This makes us fragmented people who only identify with the good and then the shadow becomes departed but still exists (like others see but you can’t, because you are projecting instead of owning) because there is a screaming unmet part of yourself trying to speak up through his or her voice.

This is about facing the truth in the mirrors and not running from them.

Time to explore and too open up in new possibilities that can be bringing us into NEW ways —how we operate ourselves, how we interact with the world, our relationships, and at the core truth of who we really are and why we are here in the lifetime.

It’s time to stop shaming and blaming.

Sometimes we come into an experience thinking that it means something it doesn’t —it time to open up.

And this is the energy to help you move through a turning point (especially if you have been stuck in a long karmic cycle that you have not known how to get out of)

when you trust — you don’t need to focus on the duality. It comes down to Trust frequency (trust is soft and tender — doubt is destructive)

You ARE the non dual — so be it Divine masculine

Healing duality of how to hold space for the opposites without making a judgement is the highest form of intelligence there is —

There’s a theme here or healing the divine masculine (add this toward the top)

What need to be taken apart to be put back together

What needs to be seen with more masculine neural divine space so that you can BACK UP and see the bigger picture?

Stop prejudicing against certain dimensions —- WE ARE MULTI DIMENSIONAL

More Than Just A Full Moon
(Three Important Influences To Know)

First, was the transit of cranky Mars in Cancer conjoining the North Node, which I wrote about last week. Mars on the north node was very itchy, restless, bitchy, energy to usher in this Full Moon. This was a very harsh wake up call to the Divine Masculine and dealt with a lot of deep emotional wounds.

Second is a conflicting square between Jupiter in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces the same day of the Full Moon, adding the potential for confronting old delusions with new found wisdom to this full moon.

This square is one of the main themes of 2019 is the dissolving of OLD PATTERNS philosophies, traditions, belief systems and orientations —letting go of the older traditional understanding, religious programming, and advice we’ve received in the past that is not longer serving our future unfolding, our connection to nature and a healthy orientation to ourselves and relationships and life over all.

Jupiter square Neptune : (been the theme of 2019) I don’t know everything —but I do know this is life —I do know this is taking me somewhere?

It’s time to forgive what you didn’t know then. What you don’t know now.

It’s time to forgive yourself. Forgiving the past. Returning to our childlike innocence. Deeper sense of truth. <–did we have this already?

Feel this need to really let go at the same time as this revealing and unfolding happening where I just need to show up each moment and CREATE.

This is all about coming into a deeper level of purpose and inner creator, knowing YOU – So this is initiating who we really are at the core of our own inner truth

Leap of faith. Trusting to the divine flow.

There is a need to honor this divine flow —this Unfolding. That we are being lead and can open up to new dimensions we have been denying in ourselves.

To new dimensions and new possibilities —-believe in ourselves

Can you express your emotions and tap into your intuition to get the message without getting lost to the attachment of your emotions?

Can you doing the work —unplugging deep conditioning and old standards in order to explore our heart and depth and truth to life as we are now?

Third, is the upcoming square between Venus and Neptune, on June 24th.

(Venus square Neptune —- then opposes Jupiter on 24th —so what are we doing in our relationships and how are we sharing?)

We are opening the doors to new and creative ways of showing up in relationships and the world …

Physical and philosophical explorations going on.

Can we tune into that sense magic even when there is uncertainty?

We don’t know where the road is going—this energy is more about the need to be HONEST our own uncertainty and our own level of not knowing.

Even is we have emotional upheavals we don’t know everything and we must stop labeling and separating (dualistically) in the moment —and NOT knowing everything.

A Full Moon Message From Spirit

This is a time of initiation.
Think back to 6 months ago
What were you going through?

Step into your original innocence and become more playful
Take flight, not worry about the destination only the journey
This full moon is a real gift – a light at the end of the tunnel.

Boyant, optimism, raw sense of adventure.
Thinking back to what you wanted to do when you were a little kid.
There is MUTABLE energy right now that wants us to expand

Lots of planets in mutable signs during this full moon
Showing us how to stretch beyond what we think we know
Tap into that little boy or little girl that knows life is an adventure (i.e. excited about sticks)

A time of not knowing and realizing there’s always something new to discover on the other side
A time to be traveling, physically, energy and philosophically outside what we think we know
Before we head into these big changes of the eclipses, we are being called to expand

You are being shown what you have no idea about that could help lead you forward
There is so much releasing going on and we have to see the stories for what they are
Fully release the fears. Fully seeing the feelings not as good or bad, simply as feedback.

Witness the information coming to you through your emotional body.
This full moon is about the necessary exploration of truth.
It’s bringing you authenticity and truth. Witness the information as feedback.

This is a time to surrender and open up. Not need to know everything.
You can rewrite your own story.
So that way you can write a new story that looks nothing like your past

You can change what you think you know from a place of deeper truth.
Be willing to not know for a while.
You have to be curious and come into your inner child.

A state of wholeness
Get out of the hall of mirrors
What is the Hall of Mirrors?

The reason you need to come into more playfulness is that this allows you to wake up your own inner divine masculine and take care of your own inner child needs, as well as your divine feminine – like dark mother – to come from a place of wholeness instead of duality.

This way we stop coming from the fears to solve the fears.
Otherwise we keep playing musical chairs without going to the root of the problem.
Looking at wholeness when you are coming from fear is fear

Coming from the same thinking that created the problem
Staying in the same environment that make you sick
Is why people keep repeating the same karmic loops over and over again (decades or more)

They stay stuck in fear and duality and logic.
This is why you have to go into not knowing before the eclipses come.
We are in a very expansive, mutable energy that is allowing us to stretch beyond where we thought we could go.

When the eclipses and shifts come, we can step into higher timelines.
Higher embody knowledge we’ve learned. This is about Mastery, not being focused on the problem.

The world.

We are now in 5D energy, coming from the whole (not karmic looping, reliving the problem).

This is where you may feel stuck. Its time to go into what you don’t know.
You can’t keep coming from the same frequency to solve it.
You have to nurture abundance from the whole, even in the dark.

This is what self love is. It is supreme energy management.
You have to love and value yourself even when its raining
You will keep running through a distorted hall of mirrors until you face your fear

Fear in the body creates a disruptive pattern.
Fear disrupts our natural frequency which disrupts the ability for our DNA to access light
The lower the frequency our DNA operates on, the smaller spectrum of light our eyes can see

It’s not a judgement between who’s a higher or lower frequency
It’s spiritual discernment to know the higher and the lower and still choose the higher–you can be in duality and not judge it and still choose to create.

You must take flight. You can’t see the whole from the fear. YOu can’t create from the fear.

When we are oscillating in a lower vibration, we can only see a dim light
Imagine the dimness as our karmic issues because we can’t see the whole spectrum
We can’t see all of it because we don’t have the light

It’s about discernment.
You can know what is good and evil
But not coming from fear and emotional attachment to that fear

Every time we label and come from good and bad, right and wrong, should and shouldn’t
Any conditioning or traditions that is not our own
Any truths that are not our own need to be purged so we can come into a whole self, not duality

“We cannot alter the illusion from within the illusion”

You can’t see from the fear.
Example: Patty Ulrich
Example: Jerico

We cannot see the full spectrum coming from a lower density
It’s not about higher or lower, it’s about not trying to heal and fix and change and overcome tendencies from a place of fear or duality
Otherwise you are still in prison, it’s not freedom. You’re still coming from fear not love.

This is a time to embrace all parts of yourself.
Have more divine, healthy divine masculine energy
Practice neutral witnessing, sitting inside this hall of mirrors
See what it is showing you. Its leading you back home

You must take a step back to see the bigger picture
Things must be taken apart in order to be rebuilt in a more fulfilling way
Remember to be really flexible.

A lot of people are feeling confused. Heart stretched beyond what they think they can go.
Feeling at their limit. It’s a sign you have to step more into your innocent childhood playfulness

Come from trust. You are tender and delicate.
When you doubt, you are dangerous and destructive.

This is about unity consciousness
Christ consciousness
Realizing we are all different frequencies of higher and lower
Stop prejudicing against our different frequencies

We are all multidimensional beings
We can spot when we are in duality
Don’t reject it. Create with it.

This is where we get to release old tensions, ideas.
All that is not you that you took on at one time as you.
You will be asked to shed this summer.
You will feel where you are not in alignment with your own words and inner being

This energy is about embracing all parts of you. Even the darkness of the last moon
This way you can transform one energy into another once you stop denying the old exists
You have to choose to stop waring

See the high and low as both serving the higher and it’s up to your choice and divine will.

We Are All Creators

The key is to be honest with what we are feeling, what we understand, what we don’t know and to have these convos —as this can allow new potentials to be seen.

This way you can view the old lands with new eyeballs.

Ie) like finding new meaning from an old relationship or how are you are showing up with others and the world to be more fulfilling more bridged with the world you have evolved into now

For those waking up on the path now is the time to open your eyes bigger to how you can truly support, honor your core truth in such a way that lights your fire and liberate you from what has been looping in your life and experience.

We are all being stretched. To integrate our divine masculine.

It’s time to be your own lover, coach, creator, inner child and guru.

Stop being self sacrificing, putting your needs to the side, trying to be the good bad or girl, at the of your inner child at the cost of your inner wild, your own body.

You are all these different parts, levels and dimensions and realities and you must embrace it ALL EVEN YOU DARK – why incredibly critically important to embrace ALL of who YOU are right now

To sit in the dark. To be still with the HALL OF MIRRORS.

Mainstream false love and light and misguided spiritually has informs us to prejudice against various dimensions in ourselves.

We must embrace all frequencies inside us. To embrace our emotions and emotional body as informing us, even if it seems INCONVENIENT.

As soon as we label our trigger our feeling our experience that’s happening —whatever it is, as being inconvenient, or childish or too bitchy, or taking up too much space or not enough or whatever association our mind makes —we are now prejudicing against a part of ourselves.

This is a time of triggers and over reactions

Unconscious emotional release can come out of nowhere

We may think we have everything together —I’ve done it right, I’m taken care of and then our long forgotten suppressed inner child (and their experiences as a child) starts to speak up —you forgot about me?

I am really itchy or I am uncomfortable or what are my expressed and unmet needs?

Remember loves, we are seeing how to nurture and parent ourselves as we shift from the inside out, and hold the most ugly, angry and unmet sad and disowned parts of ourselves, as we deepen alignment to our self worth.

This is truly where the masculine and feminine energies meet in creation. Not only our ability to embody the whole, but to create from the whole.

This is about raising our vibration and creating from the place of nonduality and abundance and a blank slate. Where each brush stroke of our painting comes from a childlike innocence, and we are open and flexible to what we don’t know.

When we are at a lower frequency we can only see so much light.

We must face the fear for what it is (sit with it) and stop trying to solve the fear from within the fear and from the mind.

Most are trying to fix, change, chase and heal from a place of fear and duality —even when looking at concepts of non duality and wholeness

This isn’t a mental process — it’s a soul process.

This is why you must surround yourself with more art, more connection, more nature, more work that inspires you —be more in the places that open up ur heart, soul and mind

Around those very experiences, things and beings that fuel you –the nature that calls you. Music that knows you. Poetry and stories and NEW ways and adventures bringing you through awareness and understandings

Yes – surrounding yourself in what makes you feel more fulfilled and alive – to unfold more of your souls existing offering –just as you are now

What’s happening for you in life is exactly whats happening for you to be your own lover, creator and inner child so that you can get all your power back in this lifetime.

We are all receiving the exact info we require at this time to clean up how we feel (about others and lower density shit) so we can release these heavy patterns and stop using those people, patterns and things to AVOID your own inner alignment.

Allow yourself to develop the spiritual understanding that shifts your perspective on life–especially regarding your wounds/whole self, INNER UNION journey and inner – to – outer expansion.

Why keep setting for ideas, songs, people, vibrations that don’t serve you — move you or encourage you to RISE and speak from your heart and core?

Why keep taking on the same dead end stories that numb your heart, truth and third eye?

Take step back before moving forward if you need to and allow yourself to find the magic in the void.

Allow yourself to be flexible, YOU ARE SAFE. This is heart — throat– third eye activation time for a greater section of the awakening collective –yet also for many its ROOT CHAKRA TIME before we head into the solstice and eclipses….

AGAIN everything that is happening (or will soon happen) is happening for you to take your power back—where you are so deeply rooted in your own knowing, humble power, enough-ness and worth.

Take flight and allow yourself to expand past what you know love.




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  • Deb Presnell says:

    I look forward to reading your messages… it helps me on my path! Thank you n much love

  • Doreen Taylor says:

    Thank you Aryana. I have felt all the emotions that you have described so beautifully within the past few years. I am aware that, within myself, there is a shift, a change, a waiting for something that I do not know about. Just something…. I actually believe the entire Earth is experiencing something like this at the moment. I am also aware that to reach our optimum point in our own understanding we will have to “suffer” for a while until the newness of our being is shown to us. I’ve no idea what this “suffering” will be. Or perhaps we have already endured it? I felt a calmness when I read your notes; an inner warmth which assured me that my life hasn’t “ended,” that there is more creativity and wholeness of life to come.

  • Lucy says:

    I enjoyed reading your article and I learned a lot from it. Thank you

  • Sonia says:

    I have felt this unbalanced energy for two weeks now. I also have seen lions and 11:11, 1:11 combinations, everywhere. Do you know the significance of this.
    Your blogs, emails, and videos really resonate and helps me on my journey.

  • Anne says:

    Wow you outdid yourself with this one ! I love it ! And I am totally indebted to you for allowing me to read your words, they help me so much ! x Anne.

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