The Great Conjunction Is Here | Jupiter Conjunct Saturn In Aquarius

By December 21, 2020 Astrology

Happy Winter Solstice! 

Today is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and a sacred time, when our inner light shines brightly in the darkness.  

2020 has been a difficult year for all of us, but these last few days before the new year are turning the tide, marking a new era that could alter the direction of humanity for the better. 

This shift will affect you personally, as well. 

Starting today, and for the next two and a half years, the energy of the cosmos will be supporting you in big ways. 

This is a time when you can step into your higher self with ease, connect with your spiritual tribe, and build a future where your dreams become a reality. 

All possibilities are open to you now.

The reason for this is a rare conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn at zero degrees Aquarius. 

While these two planets meet in the sky approximately every 12 years, several special conditions make this conjunction unlike anything you’ve experienced in your lifetime. 

In fact, today marks the closest conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn since 1226 AD. 

Let’s take a deeper look at what this means for you.

Becoming Your Future Self

For the last 200 years, with the exception of the Libra conjunction in 1981, Jupiter and Saturn have been meeting exclusively in earth signs. This means our collective focus has been overwhelmingly geared toward materialism, structure, and physical gains. 

Not only is today’s conjunction happening at zero degrees Aquarius (a placement representing the onset of a brand new cycle), for the next 200 years, every time Jupiter and Saturn meet, it will take place in an air sign. 

This elemental shift marks the departure from a materialistic mindset into a time of innovation, where we will see rapid advancement in technology for the betterment of humanity. 

Rather than material resources — ideas, human connection, and technology will start taking center stage in our lives and the world at large.

Air signs love to communicate and socialize, so interaction with others will be a big theme in the years to come. Networking and the exchange of ideas will allow you to turn your dreams into reality in this new era.

In your own life, you will experience the shift of Saturn and Jupiter through a heightened connection to your genius, uniqueness, and potential.

Over the next two and a half years, you will be asked (and sometimes challenged) by the cosmos to break free from conformity, release the fears you may have around “not fitting in”, and allow your inner truth to guide you into the highest version of yourself. 

As you move toward embodying who you truly are, you will begin to attract your soul tribe. Ironically, by accepting your personal truth and uniqueness, you will be able to truly find your place with others. 

These aligned connections you forge over the next two years will support your in finding a new level of personal fulfillment.

Gone are the times when you needed to do everything on your own. The planetary energies opening now want you to focus on how you can work with others to realize your shared dreams and visions.

A rare, once in a lifetime window has opened in the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. By embracing this energy, you can align with the highest version of yourself, and become who you are truly meant to be.

With the structure of Saturn and the luck of Jupiter, your hopes, dreams, and visions for the future can more easily become a reality now. However, you first might have to shake off your old chains from the past.

Breaking Free

If you have felt held back by duty, responsibility, or past karma, 2021 could be a time when you will be able to find a brilliant, innovative solution to help you break free.

For the last two and a half years, you’ve been dealing with Saturn in Capricorn, which has served up a double dose of burdens, limitations, and hard work. 

Well, you can finally take a sigh of relief, because you’re finished with these tough, karmic lessons for the next 28 years.

Now, with Saturn in Aquarius, you can draw on your discipline to turn your big ideas into reality and identify the necessary structures you must put in place for your futuristic visions to manifest. 

While Jupiter closely conjuncts Saturn for the next few days, a breath of fresh air is being brought into your life. Right now, you are able to make dramatic changes to the structures that hold your life together while releasing any unnecessary or outdated limitations. 

You’re able to strike the perfect balance between optimism and reality. This means you can make positive improvements to the structures you already have in place in your life, without restricting yourself unnecessarily or being so optimistic that you overextend yourself.

Now is a great time to set goals for the new year, in as much detail as you can. Due to the rare planetary balance happening now, any template you create for your future will serve you greatly over the years to come.

2021: A Year Of Healing

For all of 2021, Saturn in Aquarius will be sextile dwarf planet Chiron, which represents your deepest wounds and vulnerabilities.

Expect 2021 to bring practical, genius solutions to both your personal wounds and those of humanity. Saturn sextile Chiron is a powerful time when you are able to address your most tender insecurities with patience and wisdom.

You will also be able to put structures in place that will support your ongoing healing and self mastery. 

Saturn in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries is a deeply supportive transit, during which you will discover your thirst for adventure, discovery, and new experiences in a way that may have felt too risky in the past.

I’m excited for what 2021 has in store for you, and look forward to sharing more as your journey unfolds in the days and months ahead.

Wishing you a safe and happy new year!

With hope for the future,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. What are the dreams you’re working toward making a reality in 2021 and beyond? How does your unique genius manifest into the world? Let me know in the comments below, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Luna Dragonwell

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Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Bolaji Olutosin Temilola says:

    Thank you Luna for this reading. I am so grateful. My dreams are to wait for the divine time for my reconciliation with my TWINFLAME without my influence except God.
    I am also working on myself by improving on self-love and letting go attitude. I also aim at improving my posts on social media and having like 10000followers this coming year.
    Lastly I am going to have my wedding in low key by God’s grace. Relocating toy husband’s place where I shall be loved unconditionally pampered with love and gifts, by my spouse and his family.
    I can’t wait to experience all this this coming year.

  • Candace Hill says:

    I want to live in a 3-room cabin with covered front porch, on land that is gently rolling to dramatic ravines and timber. With this, I would have harmony, peace, security, healing. I would have a workshop that I would grow my newly discovered creativity and, with this, my daughter might rediscover hers. And I would have a dog that would love me unconditionally, no matter how bad I looked and smelled!

  • Ron says:

    Wow, Luna, you have really offered this post at the exact right time! I cannot believe the apparent accuracy and timing of the “Great Conjunction”. As an early pioneer Aquarian working my way through the last 70+ years, things have been tough to say the least. I have read about and heard about this conjunction for a number of years, and can hardly believe I have finally arrived to see and enjoy it. Every point you make here seems to outline my experience as I have lived it. I am so ready for something new and different, especially to move into an environment where I can be loved, understood, and at last appreciated; at last a place to “fit in” as you say. Hopefully most others will not have waited for this as long as I have, but longevity is increasing as we speak, and now that it is finally here, I plan to enjoy “my time” as long as possible! Thank you so much for the insights as to what may unfold in the near and further future. This gives me hope that some of the difficulties that have plagued me for years may finally be detached as the ballast they are, and I will be free to fly at last! I hardly think any of us is truly prepared for the age opening before us; how could we? The age we are emerging from has been deadly from every standpoint, and it will take some more time for the shell of it to break away, but it is going and I am glad. Even at my age, I sense and realize there could be things to know and do, and new people to meet as this new world emerges. I have been a worm in danger of being eaten far too long; the process is almost complete; I am so ready to become a Butterfly!

  • Michael says:

    Hi guys thank you for your support I appreciate it sincerely..may the universe grants you all your heart desires.
    I can’t wait to see what 2021 will bring in my life..hope to hear from you guys again

  • Evelyn says:

    Hi Jonathan , thank you for your readings , I appreciate you , I had drained up by this past karma I don’t know who started it but I have to bare the consequences , because I am the to clear it , is not fare for me . The waste part I don’t when it will be cleared from life enough is enough , but how do what it takes to clear it no matter what , if it is my mission and purpose I had to fulfill this mission thank you for being there to help me .

  • Elena Gomes says:

    I have a few big dreams on hold due to major transitions in my life for the last 10 years. As you already my financials has taken a huge nose drip due to a cardiac arrest at age 39 one week before my fortieth birthsay, this happen on a Friday.
    After being unemployed, financially in dire stress, struggling deeply, nor to mention as usual in the love department and still does

    In any case one day I asked GOD what will he have ne do to become financial lay successfully like never before, to become so weakrhy, self sufficient again, nor a borriwer, but a lebder, not tgevtail, but the head. I asked GOD when will the suffering in all areas of my elude finally end

    That night, being insomnia, that is, I found myself drudging away, as soon as I closed my eyes. Never had I ever fail asleep that quickly, abmbd in instant, like magic. As the sun rises that next mornibfmg, so did I. Boy did wake up with such beautiful answer to my prayers. Instantly, overnight, GOD answered me. 1. Go back to writing your life stories, 2. Go back unto the Fashion Industry you have deep passion for. Only this tine, I know you don’t want to model, but you cab still play a huge major role in that ibdustry by becoming a Fashion Designer, 3rdly, you have the gift of taking ideas abs turning then into consumer goods” so pick up on your invention ideas, be that INVENTOR .

    SO, I DID:, I began WRITIBG my first book, with 21 Roger titles he gave ne to write about, I began designing ckithes, and all at tgevsane tine, U have a few ibvebtiob ideas submitted to be created one in redevelopment stage. Sadly, I wabr to fi all of this, don’t wabr NY dreams to go undone, because of lack of money. It breaks my heart to see my dreams nit being realized or achieved because I don’t have the financial means to see then come true. Its very difficult living currently because if nibey as well

    Those are my very special dreans” that I wish I can make blossom, becoming super successful at ur, be an ibspueatiob to others in my shoes, tell my story, encourage them, if I can do it” so can YOU! ✨❤❤❤❤❤
    Thank g or all of your enauks to ne, which serve a as a huge ibsourayiob to me, thank you for allowing ne to share just a small part of what I want in life with you. Believe I have so much more to tell you, is much to lice for” but, as I write to you my heart is breaking wig tears in my eyes, because I have n I help from no one to see NY dreams cone to life. Yet, I have gelled and gave all I ever had to help others, until I have none mire to give, cannot even help my own self anymore.

    Happy blessed holidays to yoy, your loved ones. Peace, joy and true to you! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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