The Energy Show: Episode 4 – Faith Over Fear

By March 11, 2020 Energy Update, Podcast

Hello beautiful soul,

I am sending you so much love.

I know this past couple weeks has been the most potent and powerful death-and-rebirth for many on the path of their soul and heart.

We are seeing the seeds we planted last September starting to blossom now…

It’s pretty magical.

I explain how and why, in this month’s episode of my podcast The Energy Show:

We are choosing self love, self care and continuing to build our dreams over the fear.

Yet from the more dense parts (especially media) of the world the past couple weeks, I’ve been feeling the massive collective undercurrent of paranoia and fear…

In my personal life I have been feeling more alive and free, however it’s after truly allowing myself to witness the open cage I was keeping myself in.

So it’s also an allowing the death of the things that drain my energy field so that I can tap into my parasympathetic nervous system, Heart and the present moment and make room for what I appreciate and choose to call in.

Not making anything wrong.

Knowing every experience I needed bringing me here to this moment.

Being grateful to integrate (even the f-ugly stuff) and co-create. No need to identity with the pain or trauma.

Even through the contractions and anxiety—breath and dance through the moment, allowing your whole full spectrum being and body to fully inhibit the space(s).

Embrace the undigested life force that simply wants to be anchored in your body and no longer abandoned or mentally bypassed.

No need to analyze.

Only receive and discern: does it feel like love or fear in your nervous system?

Be grateful for it all.

You can even dance with the panic, the grief, the anger, the fear…

Allow each to show up and acknowledge each with your heart aware presence.

Don’t turn away.

Don’t go into “story” around them or identify with them.

Don’t assume something is wrong. Trust that you needed every single experience to bring you into the awareness you are arriving at now…


Which also can also mean not always “doing” an action.

But a new way of seeing.

Perhaps taking the leap in a certain new way of BEING.

And make love. Take embodied actions from your heart; your soul’s voice.

Not the voice of your ego, fear, distortions and painbody narrations.

Again, discern…

One feels like a breath of air and feels like home (even if it scares the crap out of you to open up for…)

And the other voice feels like an over anxious nervous system where you are all tied up.

The truth will set you free.

Along with aligned being and actions.

In fact, I feel the best antidote for anxiety is action…

Or, in other words, your inner alignment, self care and aligned external action.

So lean into your heart and show up how you need to.

Stop identifying with the trauma…mentally processing the trauma over and over again is NOT helping you discover ‘the gift.’

It’s not about validating the trauma again and again—it’s about integrating the lost soul fragment from anchored, present heart frequency physically in your body and nervous system.

It’s about learning how to regulate a dysregulated nervous system so that you learn how to hold yourself and walk forwards in life and life purpose.

It’s about cleansing and clearing what is standing in your way by no longer using it and choosing something new.

No, it’s not just about “feeling the trauma” and glorifying it.

It’s about opening as it and CHOOSING LOVE ANYWAY in the same moment. In other words, showing up even during the trigger and trauma.

Knowing you are already received, honored, loved and seen.

Starting from this place, already whole.

Just like how the Universe knows you organically, when you know what you truly are.

Because you ARE the Universe, remember?

Like I’ve mentioned in almost all my other updates?

Yes love.

Choose you.

You must choose you before others can choose you.

The only person or energy who can truly abandon you, is you and that can only happen when you deny, repress or reject your core nature, truth and values.

So take care of yourself, love… as you’re metamorphosing from the inside out.

Please make sure to REST.

Please put your body first before the work for the day.

You’ll get more done, I promise.

It seems counterintuitive to work. Yet the simple grateful moments, the playful moments and simple spaces will help you be 1,000 times more clear, grounded and connected to whatever goal you are accomplishing.

So more play time, more simple present moments and spaces which allow you to ruminate and reflect and enjoy.

These spaces will also help you SEE what’s truly right and aligned from a gut level-intuitive soul perspective…

So that you can TAKE THE LEAP.

Make a new way forward that is creatively YOU.

And fully release or let go of what was standing in your way…

No more repetitive loops when you know in your heart what you must anchor within, choose love and take new action on. It’s up to you…

No more draining arguments or explanations with friends or family who don’t understand your growth or journey…

No more insufferable past situations or certain thought patterns that don’t serve grounded love or present truth.

No more soul sacrificing, abandoning or siphoning…

No more choosing imbalanced power dynamics from a place of fear, desperation and ego…

You are worthy, you are holy, even in the mess.

The light of your awareness and present heart frequency is all you need to collapse the old fears and step into the present moment.

Co-create my love!

I know many are feeling their awareness growing and their inner knowing and truth evolving.

Yes so much death and rebirth at once.

There’s a message here to BE grateful NOW for what is aligned.

To be more present to the little moments…

Even when trauma shows up and triggers you, be grateful for this information too.

And integrate.

It’s okay to no longer charge your energy on the same topics or interests that once consumed you…

It’s okay to follow through with what only you can know in your soul.

Trust and keep going.

Don’t settle. YOU GOT THIS!

You can say NO to whatever is not in alignment for you and step outside of the unlocked cage.

Whatever you don’t say NO to, that is a NO in your soul is like signing a contract to your own suffering.

Yet you don’t need to suffer.

You just need to live your truth.

Nakedly YOU.

The world is waiting for you love.

In fact, things in your outer world may be rearranging to match the new discoveries and shifts happening now inside you…

Like I said over the Pisces new moon, when you face your truth and you “observe the whole” you may completely flip on what you once thought mattered.

Everything you once thought valuable or important to you or the direction you want to go in, may be changing and that is okay.

So please trust walking this inner knowing and path that’s unfolding it’s mystery inside you.

Trust your truth.

Don’t waste time feeling guilt, shame, regrets about being wrong or making mistakes.

Everything is meant to happen to bring you back home. It’s all perfect….

Again NO.

You are not wrong. Where you’re at is NOT wrong.

Again, needed every single moment of your existence to move into the new awareness that you are finding yourself in now.

Follow it.

Take the Leap.

What new ways of being and perceptual frequencies are you choosing to carry with you from here?

How are you choosing to give and receive the information around how you see?

What decision are you moving forward with?

What must you leave behind?

What must you clean up and cleanse?

So much karmic releasing is happening in the field. Does the karmic family pattern in your lineage end with you?

It’s time to look at reality and get out of your own way.

Face the truth. Hurt by the truth is better than comforted by a lie.

Because in the end, embodying your truth is how you end repetitive suffering and magnetize new and different opportunities to you.

And fully living your own love and wisdom = lived TRUTH— is what lights up your soul, sets you free and illuminates your path to a higher purpose in life that fulfills you deeper than anything else.

So face it.

Take the leap.

Make a new way. Be a new way.

Make that decision toward your own soul.

Again, you no longer need to outsource your self-esteem, narrative, self-worth, identity, or self-respect to something outside of you.

There comes a time when you decide that you choose being the difference.

To choose love.

That you stand for something and you’re willing to find your own unique way…

You’re no longer going to participate in your suffering.

That your soul’s purpose is bigger than the suffering.

That you care more about your soul’s well being, freedom, depth and fulfillment more than maintaining a cage that was never locked to begin with.

You can go your own way…

YOU can let love and pleasure come more easy…

You don’t have to suffer for it or fight for it.

You don’t have to call the town assembly meeting.

You don’t have to get permission.

You got this.

Remember what I mentioned in my Sunday post last week?

That your biggest blocks to your freedom, greater awareness and bigger dreams isn’t just a frozen nervous system of trauma, ego desires/masks, outspoken words (unconscious spells), the unresolved memories of what happened, the fear, the rage, the lost fragments, sadness or even the mistakes—the biggest blocks to our dreams is usually just our willingness to to know were already loved.

To respond from, know and behave as if we’re already taken care of, already worthy to receive.

To recognize you are already whole even in the breakdown or “mistake” with the heart and spine to bring IT ALL into the light.

The light of your awareness.

And know this: there’s truly no need to fear if you are truly rooted in 5D heart frequency.

Fear doesn’t exist in that field as it’s pure source energy.

So it’s more about going within and daily energetic hygiene (grounding, dropping into body, pure foods) more than anything.

And overall, it’s really a matter of deep self care, receptivity/healing, inner harmony and pursuit of all things important to you…

So take care of you, love.

Take care of how you are evolving and shifting and give yourself the medicine and grounded heart you need.

You are free!

Step outside of the cage…

And ground into your body on a daily basis.

Take your nutrients, Whole Foods and herbs (cold pressed fats, algaes and super foods) and take deep care of your body right now.

The blindfold if you still wear it, is up to you.

Yet it’s holding back your light and your joy.

Yes love.

Shining your light.

The world needs you.

No longer do you wear shoes too small because you get to choose…

You get to create your dream.

You get to surrender and collapse the old fears…

You get to receive beyond what you thought!

You get to move on.

You get to believe in yourself.

You are free!

Choose it.

Ask yourself what you need to leave behind and what you truly desire to carry forward?

And know you’re so deeply loved.

With Love,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

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