Happy Mother’s Day…

Hello lovely! 👼🏻🫀

Just wanted to quickly remind you on this day,

That YOU are deeply loved and needed. 

I hope you’re celebrating today too, because your honor can not go unattended or missed!

You are the “Eros” glue that holds the galaxy together (“light photons”) and literally how the plants breathe…

You are the darkened valleys, the towering peaks, flowing rivers, colorful fields and endless wild woods.

You fill me with wonder and truth at your diversity!

You are the multi-dimensional mirror, the strength and all-encompassing love you let in and offer in a giant circle — to sustain, transform and nourish us all. 

You magnify and quantify whatever you choose with the very essence of your being.   

Your body rises, falls and constantly changes, like water in the sea, clouds in the sky, mountains over the world…

You can even grow life within your body and bring it forth!

Mother Earth, you and I are one of the same. 

We are creations; creators of life. 

Bodies, souls, hearts, energy.

Thank you Mother. Thank you for nourishing me, thank you for showing me. 

That I am the source.

That the world responds to me; that I am all of it.  

And that My life is a result of my energy.

I am willing to be ALL of me.

I will not shrink in fear of being too much.

I will not push myself in fear of being too little.

I am connected by a vibrational string to all the people, places, and things in this universe that exist on the frequency I live on.

I am now growing my power every day.

Not with force, but with courage.

I am becoming more of myself with every waking moment.

And the world responds.

I learn lessons, I integrate a new way, and then I allow myself to be seen in it.

There is no limit in this universe, and I am a mirror of it.

I am limitless.

And I have a lifetime to explore what that means…

I am slowly remembering to no longer run from who I am. I am slowly remembering who I am.  

I know Love is the most powerful force, may we always remember this.  

Thank you Mother.  

Thank you for descending into your messy, wild roots, worthy, just as you are.  

As old life falls away, new life is born. 

Thank you for showing up…even as the wound. 

The original wound of separation.  

The Mother Wound is like a veil over our life and heart creating a sense of disconnection and separation from self, from each other, and life itself. 

To a baby, a mother is food, mother is breath; a mother is world, mother is life, mother is SELF. 

Our very first experience with ourselves and life was filtered through the body, soma and psyche of our Mama. 

This is why it’s so crucial for us (men too) to heal the Mother Wound.  

When we heal the Mother wound, we’re truly healing our personal connection to the heart of life and affecting the whole of our collective evolution!

For every human being, the very first wound of the heart was at the sight of the mother, the feminine. 

And through the process of healing that wound, our hearts graduate from a compromised state of frozen armor, defensiveness and fear to a whole new level of love and internal power, which connects us to the universal divine heart of life itself. 

We’re all connected to the collective heart that lives in all beings.

And we’re also carriers and transmitters of true compassion and ultimately love that the world so deeply needs right now…

I feel so many are experiencing just how far away (as a society) we are from connection, belonging, being felt, understood, and valued.

This is the journey right now though. 

We have to find ourselves so that we can find each other.

Because you do exist and they do exist. 

Soul family. 

So don’t stop where you are now. You are so needed.  

You didn’t come this far to only come this far!

What you seek is seeking you.

Let those stories go about how it’s always been. 

Fear is a liar. 

No quitting, the unknown is where you belong anyway…

Your door to the blessings you’ve been aligning from is about to open! 

Take that leap of faith and walk through. 

Remember:  YOU ARE SO NEEDED. 



Free from all old stories that have been told. 

Today is a new day. 

Today you are reborn. 

Today you are a flower, opening up her petals, coming into full bloom! 

It doesn’t matter what happened last year. Or last ten.  

Or even how you felt last week…

You walked through the fire and have come out the other side!

You surrendered, you rested.

You healed, you are planting new seeds.

You hold the wisdom of your experiences, but your experiences do not hold your identity…

Today, you choose, you are free.  

Today, you start a new chapter in your book.

Today, you return to what nourishes you, activates you, and pushes you outside your comfort zone.  

Messiness and NOW-ness over perfection and hesitation.

Really living. 

Today, you get to take those risky action steps!

You get to recontact the wholeness and beauty you already are.  

Today is only the beginning…

Choose your magic, love…

Even in the storm. 

Choose you. 

Happy Mother’s Day.

I love you.

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana


  • Lauren says:

    Thank you again Crystal for sharing your divine expression and vision of this life and what it and each of us hold. You are truly are an amazing spirit and I always look forward to reading anything you share, post and email. Sharing your vision is truly one of your gifts that must and needs to be shared with this world. So thank you, for this beautiful tribute to motherhood. You have an amazing way of expressing things that I wouldn’t even know how to start to explain, but they are things that I have felt and experienced. Keep sharing your light, I know it definitely resonates with me and I appreciate all you do to help this world and the living beings within it. Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Ivy says:

    A heartfelt poem❤️

  • Lin Welch says:

    Crystal: What a beautiful poem. You express such a lyrical, sensitive, honest, and poetic beauty in your writing. The picture of you and your precious daughter is so beautiful. Bless you, for what you bring to so many.
    Blessings and Love,

  • Frances says:


  • Lynda Widmer Rodel says:

    Happy belated Mother’s Day wishes Crystal, your child is blessed to be with you…
    With love from Lynda in England

  • Jeffrey Toy says:

    Please, take no offense by this reply. Unlike many human beings whom experience the divine love of their mother, feel thenurturing power of their touch, I have never felt such a thing from the one whom birthed me. I feel nothing towards her except anger, which some find disturbing. My mother and father did awful things to me, thus distorting my perception, literally stymied my maturity mentally and physically, to the point that I could not recognize either of them if I was sitting right next to one of them. It would take me 40+ years to actually comprehend the extent of that damage. Perhaps it would’ve been better to have killed me than to thrust me out into the fray as they did and turn away. I’m reminded of a lyric by Tool from the song Pushit that is so applicable. ” I will choke until I swallow, choke this infant here before me. what are you but my reflection? Who am I to judge or strike you down. As your pushing me, and I shoving you!” Needless to say, I conquered this stigma of this dreadful holiday!

    However, what is important to take away from my horrible snippet, is to take advantage of the opportunity to bond, love, hold, and adore those children whom you’ve been blessed with. Like the theory of trust; It takes a lifetime to gain a persons trust, but it only takes a fraction of a second to loose that trust forever! Do not let your children grow as I did, for I to this day do not trust the feminine counterpart to our human existence, especially mothers.

    • Angela Clarke says:

      I am so sorry to hear about your mistreatment from your cruel, hurtful and uncaring mother. I cannot imagine how much you suffered before you left home Jeffrey. Imagine that you locked the door behind you when you left and threw away the key as you never wanted to go back there and be reminded of your painful past. Also think about putting all of your memories, hurt feelings and anger from your childhood into a bag, tying it closed and throwing it onto a fire so all of your painful memories will become smoke from the fire and watch them disappear into the air. Doing that will help you a lot as it will be like victory over your painful past so you will no longer have to carry your pain and sorry from your mother on your shoulders any more. Remind yourself that you are much stronger than your mother so she can never cause you pain, tears and sorrow ever again. Sending you love, light and prayers to help you as much as I can Jeffrey. From Angela

  • Viviane Banoun ( my maiden name) says:

    Beautiful and felt.

  • So much truth. Thank you for this reminder.
    Love you.

  • Kathleen Gaghadar says:

    Powerful Message,

  • Veronica Powell says:

    I love it ❤️

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