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Start any free tarot reading to get instant answers to life’s most urgent & important questions now!

What’s a Tarot Reading?

Imagine that we all live in a big, giant brain. 

Each of us a brain cell inside the same conscious mind, working together as one, with our own purpose and function that every other cell relies on to survive.  

When we are not aligned with that purpose, we slowly wither and die.

When we’re aligned with that purpose, our actions become effortless.

Why?  Because its a role you were designed for …

Your most natural path to unlimited life success.

That’s what The Tarot does for you.

It helps you align you with your life-purpose so you can breeze through life naturally – even if you’re convinced that life has no meaning or you feel sad like a ghost who died with their dreams.

It unlocks your intuition in powerful ways so you can read signs, people and situations in an instant (and almost always be right).

It delivers tangible answers to your most burning questions straight from the Universe through a symbolic language most people don’t even know exists.

Tarot Cards And MeaningsIn other words, it becomes your secret weapon for love and life success.

Tarot  (also spelled taro, tarro, tarrot and tauro) is a card deck that is ancient in origin, yet contains every bit of human psychology and behavior known to modern psychology today.  

When you learn tarot, you learn the truth behind human nature.  Some say it’s the pictorial “Book of Life” because it’s the “parent science” of both astrology and numerology.  

All 78 cards have very specific meanings, symbols, colors, numbers, and situations.  

Tarot cards – also known as “keys” to unlocking your unconscious mind – contain specific images, meanings, symbols stories and colors that trigger your intuition to deliver the answer you seek, and strengthens your spiritual connection to the Universe.

How Tarot Reading Improves Your Spirituality

Tarot Reading SpiritualityA tarot reading is just like a thermometer.  It reads the energy of the moment, but instead of heat, it reads the energy of your thoughts and emotions.  

And it’s MUCH more practical and scientific than you think!

Princeton University has proven this through a published a study showing that this “thought energy” in fact, does physically change how numbers are generated on computers and how your tarot cards are drawn.  

That’s why it’s important that you deeply feel your question before you ask!  A free online tarot reading is just as accurate as a live tarot reading for that reason.  The only difference is a live tarot reader can answer follow up questions on the fly and give you deeper insight than a computer can.  So both are great to do, even at once!

You can use free online daily tarot readings for just about anything, from being stuck in an urgent situation where you need immediate answers from the Universe, to peeking “behind the scenes” of what’s going on when you are not around, to seeing deep into the future into the outcome of your situation now, and much more.  

Remember, since tarot cards read the energy of the moment, the “outcome” is based on the track you are on NOW – and that can always change because it’s in your control!

How Love Tarot Confirms Your Suspicions Instantly
Love Tarot Readings

Would like to bring clarity to your love life?  Love tarot readings can help you make sense of where you really stand with your romantic partner, bring clarity to their actions, and reveal the truth!  

If you’re single and looking for “the one” – would you like to know who he is and when you’ll meet?

Who IS your soulmate?  If you’re in a new relationship and you want to know your romantic destiny together (and whether or not it’s true love you’ve found) a love tarot reading can help you see into your future together and know what to expect.  Then the power is in YOUR hands of what you need to do!  

Does he love me?  Will we be OK? Is he cheating?   If you’re in a relationship and things don’t quite seem right, then a free online love tarot reading will tell you.  

Just make sure to deeply study your results before you make any real decisions because often the truth can be scary! 

Any questions you have about love, sex, dating and relationships can be answered with a love tarot reading from a source you can trust.  

Let The Universe Decide FOR You In Seconds

There are millions of situations where an instant yes or no answer can help you decide.  A yes or no tarot reading is just the thing you need.

Yes Or No Tarot Reading

Have a decision to make? Get instant yes or no answers with yes no tarot.

It’s like dialing the Universe directly to see what your higher self wants for your greatest and highest good, and you can do it over and over again!

Should I do this and will it benefit me?  

Am I supposed to do it this way or not?

 Will I get the job?  Should I be where I am at, or should I move on?  

Will I be lucky?  Successful?  Rich and debt free?  

Will I get pregnant soon?  Is it a boy?  Will I win my court case?  The questions you can ask in a yes or no tarot reading are endless.  

Consider your free daily yes or no tarot reading to be your “secret weapon” when it comes to making important decisions so you can feel confident in the outcome and take action knowing what is in your best interest.

Not sure what to ask?  Try one of our 101 Popular Yes / Or No Tarot Questions so you don’t have to think of them yourself!

Instant Answers With Accurate Predictions

Sometimes you need more clarity than just a “yes or no” answer, but you still don’t have a lot of time.  

AOne Card Tarot free one card tarot reading is just what you need to get deeper insights into the meaning of the moment.  You can ask a one card tarot reading anything, and the tarot card you draw will resonate with your energy the moment you ask your question.   

You’ll discover what energetic is influence surrounding you now and how to steer that influence to make life give you what you want.  

There could be an invisible block keeping you stuck and preventing you from manifesting that energy – and a one card reading will tell you!

Use your free one card tarot readings online every day to gauge exactly where you’re at in your current situation so you can make smarter moves and influence others with your hidden power.  

Secrets of Your Past, Present & Future UNLOCKED

Beyond your astrology sign, and the numerology of your name, you can tap into the energy of your life independently so you can see into your own future and control your own destiny

A “destiny” tarot reading looks into your past, present and future so you understand what energy brought you to the situation you are in…

Show you where you are at (or what role you are playing) right now …

And what the likely future outcome will be based on your current mental and emotional state of mind.  

We recommend you use a 3 card reading each morning to plan your day while using a one card tarot reading and yes or no tarot reading on the fly!  That’s why we’ve developed 100% free and accurate mobile friendly tarot card readings for you to enjoy every day so you can use the Tarot as your secret weapon in love, wealth, health, success, happiness – and all of life!

The Mystery Of Tarot Card Meanings Revealed

For centuries, the Tarot has been considered the visual guide-book to how we can live the happiest, healthiest and most satisfying life possible (by our own rules).

Each card has significant images, colors and symbols that speak directly to your subconscious mind and unlock hidden insights that you never knew you had.

Many people talk about tarot card meanings, but most of the things you hear online are the same!

We at TarotReadingDaily.com are thrilled to explore the deeper and shockingly powerful secrets hidden within each Tarot card, and study under the most profound teachers in the world.

This includes a 76 year old mystic who’s been in the same “mystery school” working with Tarot for over 46 years!  Another who runs a magical order in one of the most powerful secret societies in the world.

Now, I can’t reveal his identity (because it’s seriously something he’s not supposed to share) but I can tell you what he’s taught me about the origins of The Tarot.

For example, he once told me this:

“The Tarot was given to us from The Ascene masters – powerful beings from nearly another dimension.  These masters were the same enlightened beings who also brought us:

  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • The Emerald Tablet
  • The Tree Of Life
  • The Kabbalah
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • And many other of the Universal principles found in the ancient arts…”

He says his”mystery school” follows these principles and see The Tarot as a gateway into eternal life. And these secrets have been passed down for CENTURIES!

Why does this matter?  Because when you look past the “gypsy” stigma of The Tarot you can see that it was one of the ORIGINAL personal-development tools ever created and could radically change your life.

In fact, here’s one of the most underground, little known yet shockingly profound Tarot masters alive today, delving into the deeper power behind your tarot card readings.