Tarot Card of the Day: Temperance – The Calm In The Storm

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Today the card that was drawn was Temperance (accompanied next to Ostara – the As Above, So Below shadow decks version of the Temperance card)

This is what I am feeling for today after receiving the message…

Temperance / balance / discipline for divination is what I am receiving for this card, this time around.

Temperance (Sagittarius – philosophical, motion, experimentation, optimism) is the 14th card of the major arcana (numerology of 5, magic/challenge/change) and is linked to the Hierophant, the most spiritual card in the deck. Goodness, a powerful one card to draw for everyone.

The Divine is trying to reach us all and are we quiet and disciplined enough to listen and connect?

Are you doing the divine work that you must for the aim and vision you want your life to be?

Or are you holding the space for your vision and feeling it every day?

Or are you doing work you need to in the meantime, tilling the land, trusting and knowing that spring will come and the “crop” with grow?

The sun balances the moon just as the earth, the water, and the sky remain in precious balance … even as the world is changing within and around you, you can still have discipline and make your own private, sacred time with Source.

You are likely moving from unbalanced ideas and lifestyles into a more balanced way of being and in process.

A situation may call for some tweaking to adjust it into a balanced mode …

Look at how you are structuring your TIME. This is so key right now for success and to disrupt the old autopilot ways of being.

Look at the energy and emotions that you are putting out into the universe, your world, your relationships, goals … and even in just your being.

If you have no touch with your being beyond your mind that will let you know it’s time to make space to feel and melt the ice.

Balance that with new energy you are allowing yourself to receive consciously. If you feel like a forced event is trying to make balance, honor taking care of yourself, even if that means tough love. The body inherently tries to maintain a state of balance; so do our souls.

If you are not receiving enough, or if you are totally worn out you may be unconsciously giving more to restore a perceived “balanced” state.

Stop pushing and relax. This is about timing, moderation, self awareness, focus and resilience more than it is about taking lots of actions and forcing things to work.

Step out of that automatic response and listen to your guides and your soul for what this situation in life truly warrants that you are in.

We are all being asked to listen within, from above.

Looking at the card I am feeling that how the softest part of us “repeats” is how the toughest things in the world are formed. How water flows is how earth is molded in a sense…

The water pushes and pulls at her feet and swishes and pushes the rocks under her, but she never falters.

She flows anyway … she just knows, does her work effortlessly .. she knows that slowly slowly the water shapes the earth around her and yet she can still dance to her own rhythm.

She knows that spirit guides her even when she can’t see the full picture and even when wrenches are thrown in the way.

As the dark creeps in and the storms below and the ground moves, she flows in perfect time.

Every movement she makes is connected flow and under her control. She dances without thinking, focused entirely on the cups in her hands and water that flows back and forth between them in an act that is something like alchemy or magic.

They say that a mark of any true professional is they make whatever they do look easy. Moving easily and beautifully through life does not happen by accident. The divine opens up more to us as we are more disciplined.

It is a choice and a discipline.

Life brings all sorts of challenges and the environment of life changes all the time, our identities are constantly evolving as our light bodies integrate more and more and we purge out lower densities of polarity consciousness.

Maintaining balance in a chaotic world and also mixing equal parts of work, play, sacred practice and enough sleep.

When Temperance shows up know it’s time to trust in the divine even when you feel like you don’t know how to get where you want to go.

Trust and know your situation has powerful elements that could potentially throw you off course, but YOU CAN dissolve and be unaffected by being controlled by outside influences through your own continuity and heart will.

It means, though, that you must be connected and centered within show up in discipline, even through distraction and low vibe bs.

The sacred works through us being ALL IN.

We must make more sacred time if we want a deeper and more fulfilling existence connected to Source.

We cannot be half assing our own divinity and process of discovery, heightened awareness and greater emotional intelligence is we want to become more powerful co-creators, healers and discover why we are here on this planet.

Emotional and spiritual maturity are key to slowly beginning to understand that there are so many forces at work and we must come from our own source and have right timing and enough discipline and self control to make the best choices in order to achieve the higher order results we desire …

What constructive new activities can you do in daily life that will create the right adjustments for balance right now?

I’ll also add that water is the element of emotions and this card is about not getting swept up in our emotions.

Some may be faced with crisis or chaos and need to stand true in their heart all the way through and create 🙋🏻‍♀️ and trust the Divine.

We may have pain or heartbreak to integrate and forgive. We may be struggling to make ends meet, or find our divine mate.

Or we may have drama playing out around us through family, friends or co-workers.

Own what is yours and nothing else. If you are empathic and take on the emotions of others, having trouble sorting out what is yours and what belongs to someone else, this message is directly for you to make sacred space for YOU and all you want will come in divine time if you are true.

Temperance is asking you to detach from the drama and get clear on your intentions.

Inviting us to focus our attention on what we desire to manifest, and let the rest go …

Let go of the fear, the worry, the scattered attention. The fixing and changing.

Instead do the real work and stop getting lost in distractions.

Look to the work that needs to be done in order to manifest your dreams.

What is it that you really wish to create?

What does your heart whisper to you?

That is where your attention must stay, no matter the raging river or storm going on around you.

Love you 🔥🕊✨

Crystal Aryana

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