Taking Your Power Back | Sun In Leo Horoscope

By July 25, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey it’s Luna! 

Can you feel the fresh wave of optimism beaming through the atmosphere?

That’s the feeling of the Sun returning to its ruling sign of Leo.

This week, we entered into a new solar phase. The sun is transitioning out of watery Cancer and into Leo, where it will stay until August 22nd.

After so many astrological events happening in lunar Cancer lately, you can expect the shift into solar Leo to bring a welcome change of pace.

It may even bring an opportunity for you to play more and find creative solutions to the big questions in your life.

Ready to explore the possibilities? Let’s go!

Rolling Out The Red Carpet

If there’s anything Leo can show us, it’s how to hold our head up high and know our value in the world. On the bright side, Leo is generous, expressive, playful, big-hearted, and loyal. However, if their pride is wounded, they can be a royal pain in the neck!

While the Sun is in Leo, you’ll feel like rolling out the red carpet, commanding the respect and adoration of all who lay their eyes upon you. Leo brings with it a lot of fiery magnetism, so use your powers of influence responsibly during this transit.

Fun and creativity will take the driver’s seat for the next month, and we’ll feel inclined to enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. It’s not surprising that Leo season coincides with the height of summer. Leo aligns with the last bit of fun and leisure we traditionally have, right before kids go back to school and the weather starts to get colder.

Although much of the world is still experiencing significant restrictions on recreational activities, this transit will help you find a way to make the most of your situation and enjoy yourself.

During this time, you can draw upon the powerful, solar energy in the atmosphere to aid any manifestation practices you do. This month can also provide a necessary boost to help heal your self esteem and create or reinforce a positive self image.

It’s Time To Reclaim Your Power

If you’ve experienced a difficult situation where someone has taken advantage of you, or you’ve been struggling with releasing painful events from the past, the cosmic window of Sun in Leo can be a wonderful time to heal yourself and reclaim your personal power.

Here is a short visualization practice you can do to take your power back:

Before you listen, find a comfortable place where you can sit undisturbed for a few minutes.

Luna’s Golden Disk Meditation

I hope this meditation leaves you feeling joyful and renewed! Feel welcome to practice the meditation whenever you feel the need. Even just a few minutes of visualization can be highly transformational!

As we enter the next solar phase, several planets are joining the party and contributing a fantastic energy that will light up our next month in Leo.

Mercury Sextile Uranus: A Spark Of Genius

As the Sun enters Leo, there are a few notable astrological aspects occurring today that support its transition.

To begin, Mercury will make an exact sextile to Uranus, igniting a spark of genius within you and helping you find a creative, unexpected solution to an important situation in your life. Keep an open mind today, as the answers you receive will not come from traditional sources.

Not only does Uranus have a flair for the unusual, it is the planet of truth. You may find that you’re able to express your truth to others with more ease today, especially if you’ve been afraid that what you have to reveal may be shocking or upsetting to the other person.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to divulge surprising information, today could be the day to do it.

On another positive note, Mars in Aries will be showing up in full support of the Sun this month as it transitions into its fellow fire sign of Leo. Sometimes our desires work against our best interest, but this month that isn’t the case! Expect your desires to be in perfect harmony with who you truly are. The alignment between the Sun and Mars will help you immensely in accomplishing goals that are meaningful to you.

Your instincts will be quite accurate, so if you feel drawn to explore a new direction in your life, jump right in! You can always go back and make adjustments later, but right now it’s time to explore new desires and motivations.

I’m looking forward to sharing more with you as this month unfolds!

Big Lion Roars,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Are there any situations in your life right now where you need to take your power back? Do you feel ready to share a secret that you’ve been waiting to discuss with someone? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

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Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to TarotReadingDaily.com, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Jeffrey C says:

    I have experienced the most incredible Love for the past five years with a good friend of mine. He is a really great guy and an awesome Dad to his kids…He embodies everything I always wanted from the Universe when it comes to a relationship. I know how I feel about him but I never seem to find the right time or under the exact circumstances to let him know how much I care about him. It’s been a couple of months. but I know this will definitely be the year that this will happen

  • Alesia says:

    My best friend and I are in love with each other. It’s been 2 1/2 years, but somehow when we realized it, we decided that it’s not a good idea to become more than friends, as neither of us wanted to lose the others friendship. It’s been difficult. Lately, I have been laying awake at night worrying about someone stealing his heart away from me, when I know he’s not mine. However, I am grateful for him remaining in my life. We began with trust and we believe in one another. I don’t know what I would do without him, and I still believe he feels the same way about me – he doesn’t act otherwise. I know you can’t hurry love, but I am willing to wait as long as it takes. Thanks for the post. It’s enlightening and informative.

  • Kimberly says:

    My husband and I are ending a 2 1/2 year separation and are going to try to rekindle our marriage. We dated for 10 years before getting married and have been married for 27 years. I am praying for a fresh start and hope our marriage can become stronger than it ever was before with no more deception. He is my person and I know in my heart we belong together for the rest of our lives. Please give us strength. Thank you!

  • Charityfaith says:

    Thank you for your reading this morning..I pray this day is totally amazing for you..there are aspects of my life that are just oh my gosh hay wire in moments..New relation ship with the man I believe is my eternal soul mate…change adjustments..life adjustments.the way I have so many other than he and I that continually count on the two of us being there..a home full of people with addiction issues that we are reaching out to on daily basis..our tiny run down 2 bedroom home has held 13 adult addicts at one time fighting to have a clean and sober life..we are doing all we can. God cares for us all in ways most would never belief…I personally rely on God for everything in life and he provides ..that’s literal now..he puts food in my home he provides work when the water is do ..he provides drink..fire to cook..soap to wash and bath…everything….I don’t get assistance from anyone other than I trust he makes a way…just like the times everything gets hay wire he makes away to calm it all down..and gives party’s involved the knowing they need to understand what just happened and how to address…and together work thru it with love and communication…I have you guys messages to guide and give me the extra support and confidence to face each day and I love you immensely for that…you are all so amazing and bring a bright warm glow of light into my every morning with each sun rise…thank you SINCERLY…

  • Yvonne Benjamin says:

    Good day. I pray that this taking of power back will help me, I feel like Grace Georgina. I struggled so much that the secret I have is that I plan to kill my self. I feel I live for nothing, my husband left in 2018 I have no work and everything I tried failed and everywhere I put some money in to start something, the money was just gone. I can’t rely on the help I get, I need to live for something as well. I would like to have a home of my own.

    • Dear Yvonne, I’m sorry you’re feeling hopeless. Please seek professional support if you’re feeling suicidal.

      I want to let you in on one of my secrets… it’s something that I learned through my dreaming practice. Reality is a continuity. That means that there is no difference between this life and the next… death does not change your karma, consciousness, or emotional state. This is because you create your experiences from within you. It’s kinda like that saying, “where ever you go there you are.” Suicide isn’t a solution. On a spiritual level it changes nothing. You still have to deal with your mind and karma, you can’t separate yourself from it. Transform your life with the life you’re blessed with. If you lack a purpose create a new one.

      I’m wishing you the very best. Please do seek out some professional support.

  • Grace Georgina Hutton says:

    I need to pay off some of mistakes so that I can enjoy my retirement. A long time ago I could ask the heavens for something and it would give it to me. But the last ten years it has been bad cause the last ten years have been bad. I lost my friend and then lost my cousin then the worst of all my son and then my brother.
    I think I am starting to heal but don’t know. Everyone that I loved is gone. And now I have this large hole in my heart..I need 50,000.00 to make thing right for my grandchildren and my creditors so I can enjoy my life.
    The other day I found myself a four leaf clover I hope it will let me have the money. I am sorry that I talked to much about myself but this life is not the best for anyone who thinks about killing herself. Everyone would be much better off without me. I know that. And a lot that is happening to me right now is my own fault.
    Thank you for listening to me.

    • Dear Grace, please don’t apologize for talking about yourself. You are important and deserve to have your voice heard! Your life matters! If you feel like a burden to others, there are steps you can take to make positive changes without resorting to extreme actions. Please seek out support with a trained professional. There are counselors that can support you in managing and possibly healing your depression, as well as financial counselors that can help you manage your debt. Reach out for support! I promise your life will get better.

    • Michele Lucas says:

      I also have felt what you are feeling right now, but I can assure you that things seem bad sometimes in life , I go through the same roller coaster of emotions , almost everyday. But I can assure you this, everything that seems to bring on depression , can be fixed. Once you cross over that line of suicide, you cannot take it back! And it isn’t your time to go, if you are alive now you have a purpose for still remaining here in this world. We are supposed to have certain times in our lives that are more challenging than others , that’s what makes us stronger as individuals. And I have seen first hand what suicide can do to the family and friends of someone who has killed themselves , and I can tell you it is an awful experience , I will never let myself go there even when I think, all my family could live without me, all I have to do is remember what the death of my daughters boyfriend caused me and my family, and his family. And that brings me back to my senses! We can do anything we want to do, in this lifetime we are given , we just have to put our minds to it! Can you remember a time in your life that something that you wanted more than anything in the world and you succeeded in accomplishing it? Even when it looked impossible? Than you can do it again. You just put your positive mind to it and don’t take anything for granted .Trust me you will be missed weather you believe it or not Each day is what we make of it and if you are depressed definitely talk to a professional about it. And if you need a friend you can write me. I will help if I can. I am not a doctor or psychiatrist, but I can be your friend if you need to talk my email is misscalimom50@gmail .com

  • Michelle Geyle says:

    Hi, I’m stuck in a 6 year ongoing relationship issue that needs to come to a head/end before I crack, it’s between a Aries woman (me) and Taurus man (hubby) so you could probably sympathise, oh the stubborness!!!!! I really need to get an outsiders opinion or advise desparatly. Please any takers wanna lend an ear?????

  • Cheryl Graham says:

    You asked about my secret & if I’m ready to tell someone. How could you possibly know about that, I haven’t told a soul, & no I’m not ever going to tell anyone, if I can possibly help it. That blew me away. Cheryl

  • Elaine Diaz-Cavalliery says:

    Similar situation as Kim above. I’m still in love with Daniel Matos and we have been separated for a few weeks already, with no communication. I would like if I should move on or keep trying.

  • james says:

    Thank Yiu I needed this.

  • Craig says:

    Thank you.

  • Kim Satter says:

    I am in love with & care deeply about a man, Caleb McCoach & at the moment we aren’t communicating. I am believing this is temporary. I am praying for a fresh start, a new relationship built on love, trust, self-respect, friendship, romantic love, caring & God’s holy will!. But it has to start with conversation.

  • Sergio Varona says:

    Thank you for this. It is of great value and help to all of us.

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