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By January 4, 2021 Astrology

Hi Friends,

Are you ready for a positive shift in your love life?

Well, things are about to change, because this week the celestial lovers, Venus and Mars, are BOTH moving out of their fiery positions into grounded, steady earth signs.

With these two planets having been in fire signs recently, your relationships have either been feeding the flame of passion, or conflict.

However, the upcoming transition into earth signs is allowing things to start to settling down in favor of a more comfortable, rooted and steady romantic expression.

Due to the stabilizing influence of earth signs, if you’re single, any new relationship you begin this month might have just what it takes to endure the test of time. 

Since Venus rules both love and finances, you also can expect opportunities for material gains to enter your life over the coming weeks.

In fact, there are lots of opportunities for change and growth this month…

So let’s take a more detailed look at what Venus and Mars will be doing this January, and find out how you can make the most of the month ahead.

Enduring Love

Due to its retrograde in 2020, Mars has been stationed in the impulsive, action oriented sign of Aries since June of last year.

Starting on January 6th, the red planet will make a long awaited shift from the intense, warrior energy of Aries to the earthy sensuality of Taurus. 

In your relationships, it will feel like turning a rolling boil of passion down to a gentle simmer. The heat is still on, but in a more consistent and sustainable way. 

Mars in Taurus points to a time when your romantic efforts will be focused on creating enduring love. Whatever is needed to sustain long term happiness and comfort, whether you are single or involved, will become very important to you for the next two months. 

However, your desire for sustainability may bring up hidden issues in your love life. If you and your partner have different values, there could be more friction in your connection under this influence, as you struggle to find a middle ground.

Concerns around providing for yourself and your loved ones are also possible while Mars is in Taurus. If your physical needs are not being met, you will definitely feel the lack, along with a strong desire to shift into greater abundance. 

With Mars in the fixed sign of Taurus, the energy of your desire tends to stay constant and steady. This can help you greatly in maintaining the focus you need to accomplish your goals. 

For the next two months, acquiring valued objects that bring you security and pleasure will feel more important to you. Visions of delicious food, massages, comfy pillows, and a stable income fuels the ambition of Mars in Taurus. 

Since you are more in touch with your desire for fulfilling experiences during this influence, you will be also able to see more clearly what actions you need to take over the long term to make your desires for comfort and pleasure into a reality.

Mars in Taurus has the endurance to see a goal through the end. However, this placement can make you so stubborn and focused on getting what you want, that you run the risk of pushing too far down a path that isn’t meant for you.

From now until March 3rd, it’s important to pay extra attention to the feedback from your environment or those around you, to ensure you’re not pushing too hard in the wrong direction. 

Thankfully, for the entire month of January, Mars in Taurus will be in perfect harmony with Venus, which will greatly support you in achieving your goals for love and financial contentment.

Managing Your Resources

Only two days after Mars enters the earth sign Taurus, Venus will follow suit and leave Sagittarius for the earth sign Capricorn. 

This double dose of earth will bring a grounding influence to the fiery, adventurous optimism you’ve been exploring for the last month.

Starting January 8th, with the planet of love under the influence of conservative, ambitious Capricorn, you will have a greater ability to gain control over your heart, and steer your relationships in the right direction.

If you normally wear your heart on your sleeve and end up getting hurt, Venus in Capricorn can help you get more in touch with your boundaries, and cause you to think twice before stepping into an emotionally unsafe dynamic. 

From January 8th until February 1st, you’ll feel more in control and authoritative about your pleasure. When it comes to advancing your career, climbing the social ladder, or getting more serious about a love affair, Venus in Capricorn is on your side.

Expect an increase in maturity, discipline, and commitment in all things love and money related with Venus in Capricorn. 

Much like Mars in Taurus, any romantic relationship that begins during this influence will have a steady, enduring, and serious quality to it.  

Keep in mind, when Venus is in Capricorn, it’s important to not become too reserved or controlling. While it’s wonderful to take joy in order, structure and responsibility, just make sure you can let your guard down after your work is done. 

Don’t allow yourself to become emotionally cold or superficial during this time. Material gain and power is a necessary part of success, but don’t let a desire for status or recognition consume you.

To maximize the benefits of Venus in Capricorn, you’re invited to act like a boss when it comes to your pleasure and finances. Right now you know what you want, so go for it! Sign contracts (especially before the January 30th Mercury retrograde starts), set boundaries, and advocate for yourself.

Just one day after Venus goes into Capricorn, it will enter perfect harmony with Mars. This is definitely a day to mark on your calendar. It gets five stars for both love and financial success!

Earthly Gains and Pleasures

For the whole month of January, you will be feeling the harmonious energy of Mars in Taurus and Venus in Capricorn. However, this aspect will be extra potent on January 9th, because it is the day they come into exact alignment.

If you’ve been wanting to make your relationship more official, January 9th is the perfect day to take your commitment to the next level.

It’s also an amazing day for a first date. So, if there’s someone special you’ve been wanting to meet up with, Saturday is your ideal day to forge a lasting connection.

Of course, January 9th isn’t just good for love. It’s a PERFECT day to launch a product, ask for a raise, or announce your services to a larger audience. 

With Mars and Venus in harmony in the earth signs, you are invited to place yourself in a position to receive material gifts and gains from the cosmos.

Plan your weekend carefully, think about what you want, and take action on it this Saturday!

I look forward to hearing how the week and month unfold for you.

From The Heart Of Contentment,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. How do you plan to use the grounding, physical energy coming into your life now? Are you finding yourself more in touch with your personal needs or boundaries? Let me know in the comments below! I look forward to hearing from you.

Luna Dragonwell

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  • Heather says:

    I have been very edgy or short fused and get loud and demanding finally what I had been asking for boundary wise and what I expecting and explaining all last year. And ain’t no more of they didn’t hear me all year they ain’t gonna hear me now. This explained a lot. I was starting to worry I was slipping back into a dark place. Happy to know it is the cosmic. This is the first one to get it right. I been seeking answers for like a month.

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