Sun in Virgo: 7 Steps To Practical Perfection 8/22-9/22

By August 22, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Horoscope

Happy Sun In Virgo Season!

Now that the Sun has pounced out of Leo and shed its lion’s mane, we now find ourselves in the prim, proper and perfection-driven season of Virgo, the virgin.

In other words, the days of rambunctious summer purging is coming to a close, as we now gear up for a productive fall and take on a much more mental tone!

Virgo often gets a bad rap because of the inherent criticism, pickiness, and over-attention-to-detail! Yet, at the heart of every Virgo, is the uncanny talent to spot imperfections, that just wants to help and make things better for people, not cut them down.

Virgo is also the sign of internal mental processes, physical health, nutrition, and dietary practice of all kinds. The body is the temple of the virgin, and she likes to keep her quarters organized, well planned and neat!

And now, that the Sun has shifted into Virgo just two days ago, we have until September 22nd to get our affairs in order, get our new routines going and essentially clean our houses, cross our T’s, dot our I’s, and make the most out of this efficient and effective energy

The Seven Simple Steps To Virgo Season Success

Critically thinking, deep in analysis, and laser focused on the task at hand, Virgo is the repairman of the zodiac, fixing and tinkering its way through every problem that arises. A truly selfless servant to others in need!

This month is all about polishing up your skills, getting organized, and getting down to business on anything that requires detailed attention and daily routine.

Here are things to do to make the most out of this energy.

1. Do The Right Things

Work hard on detailed tasks, especially ones you’ve been putting off. Start working out again by finding a fun new program you haven’t tried, or take time to do self care like letting go of what is no longer needed or taking care of your body like sweating out toxins in the sauna.

Also, go get body work done. Find a masseuse who also does energy work and invest in rebalancing yourself. Check on Yelp or other local sources for body workers to call.

(Hint: This body work is not a luxury. It’s not something you need to treat yourself to or spoil yourself with. This is really about inner reflection, how you operate yourself,rejuvenation and healing. You likely need it after a summer or emotional purging.)

2. Focus On The Details

“I need to double check that” is your mantra this season. Virgo is the most detailed sign of the zodiac, which usually can be frustrating and grind you down. Not during this transit!

Have those detailed discussions with people and double check your facts and filings. It will easier now than all year long, and you’ll find that everything comes together without the typical confusion and mishaps. Focus on the details and everyone will thank you for it.

3. Spend Time With Mother Nature

Spend as much time outside as you can! Spending time in nature washes away all bad electromagnetic energy that clings to you from the electronic world we live in. Yuck! Now is the time for becoming one with nature. Plan a weekend camping trip while the weather is still nice, and it will be more rewarding and relaxing than ever!

4. Dress For The Season

Snuggle up with flannel pajamas with warm yet practical slippers that match. Clean and cozy Virgo likes to keep it simple yet stylish. Fall is almost here and now is a great time to find great deals, since Virgo does so well with sifting through sand and finding hidden gems.

5. Restock Your Home

Go on a cleaning supplies shopping spree! Virgo is the vacuum cleaner of the zodiac, and making your house sparkle will never be as rewarding as it is right now. Grab a bucket, a mop, and a bulk load of soap because – believe it or not – you’ll actually WANT to use it! When you’re done, you’ll sit back with a big Virgo smile at a job well done.

6.Beware The Dark Side of Virgo

Avoid being too picky! You’ll find that it is really easy to judge others and criticize during this Sun season. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect, which can be sharp, cruel and detached at times. There’s no room for tears in a science lab!

Watch out for trying to achieve perfection beyond what is actually possible. Your standards might be higher than you deserve for yourself, so don’t beat yourself up if you don’t reach them the first time you try. Not everything needs to be perfect, especially not other people.

7. Reward Yourself For A Job Well Done

You’ll have your ducks in a row for the first real time all year long, and will leave this time period more organized than you ever thought possible. You’ll appreciate the practicality is things after these fun and light hearted late summer months. When you look back at what you’ve accomplished during Virgo time, you’ll smile ear to ear and sleep like a baby. Plus, you’ll be thinner, more attractive, and healthier too!

I want so much to see you end this year with good health and great energy!

Follow these seven steps and you’ll get through this Virgo season feeling like a million neatly-sorted-and-organized bucks <3

With love and light,

Crystal Aryana

P.S. I’d love to hear what’s on your mind lately! That’s why I published this article on our blog so you can speak your mind and leave a comment below.

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  • Thank you so much Crystal. This article has answered a lot of questions I was thinking about this month. I have been feeling the natural need to get organized and pay attention to detail it makes sense now. This is a good reminder on what I need to do to stay focused and get to my goals of success. Thank you so much again for all you do I and apprcaite you.

  • Laurette says:

    Lately I’m very stressed and focused on my finances getting them in order as they’re a mess. It’s not healthy for me or my kids. I’m also lonely and have been forever waiting for my true love but it doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. I’m tired of the bad decisions when I’m lonely.

  • Sapai Khaing says:

    Very nice Crystal! Thank you. You are right everything I feel at this moment. Especially I love that there is no room for tears you mentioned.

  • Pam says:

    For us who are a little disable that yoga trick is a little hard, could you do something for the middle section for the disable with bad hips an back.

  • Charyle says:

    You are so right about how Iwas feeling and just like in a minute all changed thanks for the advice

  • bobby farro says:

    i love all your great info Miss Crystal…you are amazing and beautyful and extremely smart and thoughtful, I find all your stuff very correct and interesting, it’s awesome and you’re awesome! thanks so much miss! take care =)

  • Cristal another thing besides this king im i finely. Going to get. Abundis cause im struggling like never and im to the point where i feel only a miracle will help hun thank you missy

  • Thank you crystal i love your advice okay i got something exciting to tell you im supposed to meet a celeberty tommorow hun do you think hes that king you saw in the tarot when i read the tarot i didnt like the violent part should i still meet him hun.

  • Petula says:

    Wow…I absolutely love this read and wish to accomplish these 7 steps with enthusiasm. Thanks much

  • Lyle says:

    Life is not without its challenges, and overcoming them I shall do. I’m beyond gratitude in all that you share, express and are. This allows a greater focal point to my affirmations, aims, goals and intentions. Again, thank you so very much. Keep building, keep up the magnificent work.

  • Imeleta says:

    Thank you so much for your continuous support and guidance. I love what you send me
    You are fantastic

  • Karen says:

    I’m here to say how much I believe in the universe and the law of attraction,I truly believe in manifestation.Im so grateful for everything I have and what the universe gives back from miniscule to majestic love it!!

  • Joseph Kyle waldrop says:

    Help me

  • Béatrice says:

    Hello Crystal thank youvery Much. I don t understand all you explain me because my english is bad .I préfère spanish or french

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