Sun Enters Scorpio | Embracing Your Shadow Side

By October 25, 2020 Astrology

Hi friends, it’s Luna! 

Does it seem like your progress has been slowing down to almost a standstill lately? If your plans haven’t been turning out the way you’ve imagined, you’re not alone. 

Mars and Mercury are both retrograding right now, and as of October 22nd, the Sun has officially entered Scorpio. 

These cosmic forces combined are guiding you to let go of control and bring your attention inward for a powerful, personal transformation to take place. 

Obsession, desire, secrets, mystery, and rebirth are big themes for the month ahead. 

You will have several opportunities over the coming weeks to release the past and reinvent yourself, but first, you may come head to head with possessive tendencies in your life, thinking and relationships. 

So put on your detective cap, and let’s investigate what’s really going on this Scorpio season. 

Your Soul’s True Desires

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed. This natural law perfectly describes Scorpio’s role in the zodiac. Ruled by the dwarf planet Pluto, Scorpio holds the potential for soul level transformation and rebirth. 

Associated with the hidden world of collective feelings and desires, Scorpio reigns over the taboo. Everything we hold in common with one another yet keep hidden behind closed doors: sex, death, psychological motives, and the realm of the mystical, are Scorpio’s playground. 

This month is a perfect time to explore your taboos and embrace your shadow. The parts of yourself you normally keep hidden from others, or have difficulty accepting will come into the forefront during the coming weeks. While the Sun is in Scorpio, you will have a greater opportunity to experience and integrate the parts of yourself that normally feel too intense to handle.

Unlike Peter Pan, you can’t cut your shadow away from yourself. Your shadow is an important part of you, and holds the key to your hidden power and sensual magnetism. During Scorpio season, you can bring fresh energy into your life and relationships by embracing your darker side. Doing so only requires one thing: self acceptance. 

Rather than judging and suppressing your strong passions and desires, allow yourself to relax and breathe into any intense feelings arising over the next month. If you choose to consensually explore this energy with others, make sure you communicate well to avoid hurt feelings or misunderstanding. Whether you have a partner or not, practicing self acceptance will bring you more in touch with your soul, and allow you to express your passion in a healthier, more robust way.

It’s important not to get stuck in resentment or hold on to people or situations from the past after their time in your life is over. By releasing the past you can use it as fuel to birth new possibilities in your future. This will attract people and situations who are aligned with you on a soul level into your life — and possibly bring back connections from the past, but in a fresh context and brand new place of relating. 

Intimate relationships in particular will be in the spotlight right now, and will be faced with their own unique challenges and opportunities.

Passionate Encounters 

Deep passions are being stirred by the Sun in Scorpio until November 22nd. While your sex drive might experience a boost, issues with boundaries and control, along with experiences of power and powerlessness are possible during this time.

As a fixed, water sign, Scorpio feels deeply and is driven by a need to establish emotional consistency. As a result of their capacity for connection, they can become obsessive, possessive or vengeful in the face of change, rejection and uncertainty. 

Scorpio creates intimate stability by penetrating into the heart of a person or situation and bonding on a soul level. While Scorpio is a master at forging intimate, enduring connections with others, when they feel hurt or slighted, their sting can be deadly. With this in mind, remember to practice kindness and be gentle with yourself and others this month.  

Under Scorpio’s influence, it’s especially important to not force your personal desires onto others. If someone tries to control you against your will, gently disengage from them rather than striking back. 

Choose your battles wisely. When Scorpio makes up their mind about something, they will defend it to the bitter end. However, not all conflicts are worth defending. If you find yourself in a standoff with someone, take some time apart, breathe, and allow your emotions to settle. If you end up on the losing end of a conflict, use your defeat as an opportunity to release attachment and transform the energy you invested into something more productive.

It may feel tempting to deliver an emotionally devastating sting to your adversary, but unless you are fully committed to burning the bridge without looking back, hurting them may cause irreparable damage to the relationship and leave you feeling embarrassed about your behavior. 

With Mercury and Mars currently in retrograde, now is not the time to assert yourself, but to look inward and fine tune your communication skills and approach to achieving your desires. 

Adjusting Your Course

Progress has been painfully slow this month. Despite your best efforts, it probably feels like your plans are written in sand and constantly shifting in the wind.

This lack of ability to materialize your plans is due to the double retrograde of both Mars and Mercury. The good news is both planets will be direct by mid-November. In the meantime, try not to resist the many adjustments and changes happening uncontrollably in your life right now. 

The cosmos possess a divine intelligence that can support and align you in ways you didn’t know you needed, or even knew was possible. Do your best to be flexible with your plans, and stay open to opportunities you may normally have resistance to. 

Right now is not a time to push ahead willfully. Rather, it’s a perfect time to go within and allow the energy of Scorpio to facilitate greater personal transformation through gentle surrender. By reflecting on how you express your core needs and passions, you can step into greater alignment with your inner power and relationships. 

Enjoy the potency of Sun is Scorpio, and remember to stay kind to yourself and others.

In the waters of transformation,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Are you ready for transformation in your life or relationships? Which aspect of your life are you ready to recreate? Let me know in the comments below.

Luna Dragonwell

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  • Hannah says:

    Your reading was accurate…I would love to transform my love life for the better and also get some breakthrough in the financial aspect of my life.

  • paje foster says:

    A beautiful reading, dear heart. It could not be more accurate. Lol. Surrendering to the Love that is the Universe leads to many paths. My path was utterly transformed on 10/22 as the Sun entered my place in the stars. I was with a beautiful woman who is sensitive. Many call her mad, but I have loved her since we met. We kayakers & I felt the world slipping into a different reality. Upon returning, I was “struck by lightning!” A bolt of energy blasted from Crown to root. I sat down by the water & a butterfly landed next to me. It was on from there. I was freed & filled with love that knows no limits. I will be working inwardly per the advice of the stars & Love which is All. I seek direction & you send it. Lol. What profligacy! Thank you & Namaste. I see you, dear soul & you are beautiful.

  • Maria Carolina says:

    Luna, wao, I felt it is my life!!

  • Meeka says:

    I feel like I’m at a standstill….. Finances are moving slower, my energy is down and I have no idea what’s going on with or about to happen with my love life. I know I need to let go of the past and look more inwards to develop deeper knowledge and love of self.

  • Kelly says:

    Peace and blessings!

    I really was feeling this today. I actually have twin Scorpios and they are definitely seeing me open up during this time. I have been working on my shadows… I hope to transform all my relationships for the better. Whether that is stay or go.

  • Marianne Jønsholt says:

    I am very much in doubt whether I shall move and buy a house with my friend in Jutland. We live well on Zealand but my son wants me to get closer to him and his family, because I am not young anymore, and he wants to take care of me, when I grow elder.

  • Derek Langston says:

    I have a consignment of financial papers in limbo which I am trying to have delivered to me. This consignment originated in Africa and has taken an extra-long arduous time and funds to acquire. Currently, the consignment is in Holland; However, I am now being requested to send a couple of thousand dollars for the release of the same from a holding container. This appears to be a continuous situation of being held hostage for funds for the delivery of the consignment! Will you please advise your thoughts as to my next move?? Should I pay once more or forfeit the consignment ??????
    Your thoughts will be most helpful !! I thank you!


  • Ron Harper says:

    I am feeling a lot of what u described in this article . It’s been a serious issue of letting go of people who have not been working for my best interests . I know that its time to work on me and let the past go . I feel so positive now after reading this email

  • Richard Voorhies says:

    I would love to transform my relationships.

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