Dear spiritual seeker,

About a month and a half ago, at a library just West of downtown, two old friends saw each other for the first time in over 36 1/2  years.

They were very much alike growing up, these two strong women.

Both were very bright and talented.  Both had strong intuition that could sense things others never could.

Both felt deeply connected to nature and the Universe …

And both were – as most young and gifted women usually are – filled with big dreams about what was possible for their future.

Years later, they are still very much alike, these two gifted women.

Both are still warm and bright.   Both still ask the Universe for help and guidance …

And both, as it turns out, still live within a 50 mile radius from the city they were born.

But there’s a difference.

One woman wakes up alone every morning, crippled with uncertainty, feeling the back of her neck cringe as she gets up for work and stresses herself out through another unfulfilling day.

The other woman travels the world, lived her passion as a singer and allows the universe to provide everything she needs (when she needs it) so she can stay in her power and control the outcome with everything in her life.

What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I have, why the world seems to line up perfectly for some people but not others?

It’s like they already know what’s going to happen before it happens,  what to do, what NOT to do, and why.

But it’s not like they have some secret map or radar system that you don’t have.

It’s not like they were born special and you’re not.

The difference lies in how you nurture your gifts of intuition, deep “gut feelings” and visions to your daily life.

The difference lies in the tools you use  and where you get them so you don’t have to figure it out in your own.

And that’s what Im wanting to talk to you about today.

An opportunity to speak directly with the Universe and unlock insights, so accurate, they’ll completely change your life today, even if you’ve been dulled out and spiritually numb for years.

A Secret Gift Unlike Any Other

Right now, I’m looking at a list of the best, brightest and most gifted clairvoyants in the world, each with magnificent life stories.

Real people, just like you and me …

Who NEVER gave up on their gift when they grew up.

These high vibration souls stuck it out, even when society threw them down and said they were crazy…

But instead of dumbing down their psychic abilities … they harnessed their gifts and took them all the way!

Within seconds, of sitting down with someone like this … you’ll see how fast they use their tools, cut through the fluff and give you instant and direct answers from the universe the moment they arrive.

Just like a radio receiver tunes into a frequency and receives information …

A trusted advisor becomes a conduit for the Universe to deliver you a message through their cards so you can navigate any situation to the promised land of success and gain an unfair advantage in life.

A Life Of Clarity Awaits You – Now

My personal promise to you is that I’m going to give you the clarity to open your eyes and heart to the the ONE FORCE of the Universe  – the force that connects us and gives us all life.

I’ve spoken to this list of advisors to see what they could do to help you, and I couldn’t believe what they said.

I want you to experience what it’s like to have someone you can trust in your corner as you slug through the trenches of life.

I want you to feel taken care of by the universe like you did when you were younger.

I want you to know the shockwave of confidence that comes from having all the answers you seek ahead of time so you can navigate your life life a radar in a storm, and sail into brighter and clearer skies.


Because my life’s mission is to help you open up to the spiritual energies surrounding you.

My dream for you is that you weird these sacred energies like a secret weapon to make life give YOU what you want (instead of you always giving and giving to everyone else).

Each day, people wake up to what’s possible when the Universe is on your side.

These people manifest their dream life of healthy abundance, true love and wealth with ease because they know how to read each sign and go with the flow without getting in their own way!

And today in really excited because you can help my dream come true to hand you this same exact power as you open up he door to a brand new life.

How You Can Invite Miracles Into Your Life 

Come with me now and meet your Tarot Expert

Think of your deepest desire right now. The one that only you and your angels know about. You know the one. We’re about to set out on s journey to fulfill that dream.

When you get your first love, interactive, one on one reading, you’ll see first hand how quickly the universe wants to respond to you.

And just how much easier and abundant your life could be because you know what’s to come, you know what to do, you are fully prepared to thrive.

I have made a special arrangement for you with our team of expert advisors

Each has agreed to meet with you for FREE and give you a surprisingly jaw-dropping three free minute reading.

Because just like I said, no matter who you chose, just a few minutes with any of these gifted advisors is enough to transform the way you see your life forever.

But they cannot do it alone …

Only YOU Can Manifest Your Destiny

Come with me now and meet your Tarot Expert

What uncomfortable question is burning a hole in your mind?

What would life be like if that question was resolved TODAY?

What if it was answered in the next three minutes from now?

In your exclusive free three minute reading, you’ll smile warmly as you experience true peace of mind, unlocking secrets about yourself, perhaps for the first time in your life.

Through state of the art video technology, your trusted advisor can sit with you face to face. Talk with you. Feel your energy, read your hands and look into your eyes, as if they were sitting two feet away.

And since it’s so personal, live and intimate, it can be even more accurate than reading your future with a busy city distracting you.

With your permission, I would like to set you up with your trusted advisor based on who you most resonate with.

Would you like to allow the Universe to guide you to success just like so many others have?

Remember those two women I spoke about at the beginning of this letter?

They were so similar yet their lives ended up nothing the same.

What made their lives different?

The ability to interpret the signs and walk the effortless oath he Universe desperately wants for you.

Come with me now and meet your Tarot Expert

You see, it doesn’t matter if you personally feel like your light had been snuffed out. Nor how confused you feel. Or how beat down you’ve been psychically by others who doubted your gift.

You can still awaken your sleeping gifts and see into your future through the eyes of a trusted expert who’s always on your side.

That’s why you can get three full minutes with each expert to test the waters, see who you vibe with and allow the Universe to align with you once and for all.

The only reason you can essentially go sample so many experts is because of the special arrangement we’ve made. This could get shut down at ANY time so do not delay.

Simply click below and you’ll get to meet your Advisor through our good friends at Kasamba.

There you will select your first expert and start your incredible journey.

Because years from now, when you grow even older and look back on your decision today …

You really must ask yourself.

Which of those two women would you rather be?

With love and light

Miss Crystal

P.S. If you decide to go past 3 minutes, just know your reading is 100% GUARANTEED or your money back!  If you don’t like your future, you don’t pay a dime.

Come with me now and meet your Tarot Expert