STOP THIS THIEF! How To Identify FAKE Emails, Fake Crystal Aryana Profiles, And The Fake Secret Inner Circle

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This is really getting out of hand.

Friday night, I sent you an email with the title “bad news”

After I sent you the “bad news” email on Friday night about the man who has been emailing you from a fake email: crystal(at)tarotreadingsdaily.com (plural).

He sent you another email titled:

“You Are Capable Of So Much More”

You’ll notice it was sent from crystal@tarotreadingsdaily.com (plural) again… but this time with a Colorado address, to trick you into thinking it’s me again.

This email really shocked me, because he did something I never thought he would do.

He created a FAKE Crystal Aryana profile on facebook, and he is now promoting a COMPROMISED Secret Inner Circle facebook group (our weekly live reading membership program) with this fake account as admin.  

Why compromised?  Because last week, Wednesday November 7th, he kicked me, my partner, Emrys, Cassandra, Isabelle, and all our loyal contributors OUT of our group, right in the middle of a live reading full of members.

And now he’s using FAKE emails with a FAKE profile, promoting a FAKE Secret Inner Circle – attempting to steal everything I’ve created.

Now, I know this is getting confusing.  

And I know this is likely a major inconvenience for you …

But please, bare with me, because I want you to be protected, and I promise it will be worth it for you in the end.  Our community depends on it <3

Here’s The Best Way To Know What’s FAKE vs What’s REALLY ME

1. Emails:

FAKE Emails will be sent from any address other than crystal(at)tarotreadingdaily.com.  They will be sent from a fishy looking email, such as crystal(at)tarotreadingSdaily.com (plural) like he did recently.  They will NOT have a link with the same article published on our blog like what we are now going to start doing and you can read more about that below.  

(Note:  Physical address at the bottom is no longer a valid way to determine it’s really from me.)

Here’s an example of his most recent FAKE emails:

REAL Emails, on the other hand are ONLY sent from crystal(at)tarotreadingdaily.com, sent from Aweber (our mailing system) and will ALWAYS link to the same exact message on our BLOG found on TarotReadingDaily.com.

The thief has NO WAY to post on our website (thankfully) so a link to the same article on our secured site is the BEST way to determine authentic content.  

For example:  THIS is a blog post that was sent out in email.  

2.Facebook Profile:

Identity theft is a felony, and what he is doing is very illegal.  

The FAKE profile looks like this:

You’ll notice the URL does NOT say /AskCrystal.  Always check the URL, not just the link you are sent.  This profile used to be named “Susan Sommers” and was just changed to “Crystal Aryana” that night, including my profile picture, and my cover photo.  You can see all the “happy birthday” posts to “Susan” in January (my birthday is not in January).

If you have befriended this fishy and fake page by accident, please unfriend and please report it for me as FAKE.  This man is in big trouble, and the more people who flag this fake profile, the faster we can stop him from stealing my identity.  

My REAL Facebook Profile is https://facebook.com/AskCrystal and appears that way in the URL.   

Here’s what my REAL profile looks like:

It is very active, as I post almost every day.  The URL is the only real way to tell the difference.  If it does not say /AskCrystal (verbatim) in your browser then it is NOT the real me.

3. The Secret Inner Circle

Stealing my membership (and all its revenue) is a MAJOR crime.  

The Facebook Group he stole was our active group since the beginning.  Unfortunately, he started the group, and was therefore able to kick us all out… which he did.

On November 7th, this thief booted me, my partner, Emrys, Isabelle, Cassandra, and the rest of our loyal readers OUT of our group – right in the middle of a live reading (and healing someone of their troubles).

Now, he’s been selling subscriptions to this fake group through “Clickbank”, using my name, and likely ripping off it’s members.

(Note:  If you were a fake group member before November 7th, your subscription is being refunded.  If he tricked you into joining after, you can get a full refund at Clickbank.com)

Here is what the FAKE Secret Inner Circle sign up looks like:

You’ll see the FAKE group is being sold on a different domain than “TarotReadingDaily.com” and is being sold through “Clickbank.com”.  If the sign up link does NOT include “secret.tarotreadingdaily.com” then it is NOT legit!

The REAL Secret Inner Circle can only be registered on “TarotReadingDaily.com” and we are NOT using “Clickbank.com” to create your membership.  

Here’s what the REAL Secret Inner Circle registration page looks like:

For example, here is a link for a no-cost 14 day trial for the REAL Secret Inner Circle Group so you can see it live:

Real Secret Inner Circle Registration:  https://secret.tarotreadingdaily.com/registration-form24565027

So, to recap…

  1. Real emails come only from crystal(at)tarotreadingdaily.com, from Aweber, and will ALWAYS contain a blog link to the same article on our website, so you know it’s legit.

  2. My real facebook profile reads facebook.com/AskCrystal in the URL, not just the link you click (always check browser URLs)

  3. The real Secret Inner Circle registration form is only found on a tarotreadingdaily.com and not on any other site.

If even ONE of these rules are broken, you are dealing with a fake.

I hope this makes everything more clear NAME, as I know how confusing and frustrating this has been for us all.  

Now, I know this has been a crazy week.  And this theft (and now identify theft) hurts my soul beyond what I can even speak – but I am not giving up.  

I stand embodied in my heart and truth as these misalignments and distortions fall away.  Because, I’m sure you feel it too.

This false power energy is crumbling throughout many “old systems” that are no longer working and we must stand in our heart, even when it hurts and believe and do.  

I know we are all going through this as we unwind distortion or manipulation on some level and I am thankful this happened, because now, our community is going to me more connected and “in tune” than ever.  

And I owe you an ocean of gratitude.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has reached out and given me support.  Thank you for the healers who told me similar stories of “breaking free”.. I feel all who are leading us into this New earth are all being heavily tested by manipulative forces right now.  

This is where we live from Heart and WE RISE even when our feet are still stuck, I cannot thank you enough for being on this journey as we rise together.  

Thank you to all the souls looking out for me as it calls to the same dharma and lessons in your own soul and that you came here to remember.

Thank you to all those who sent me the “fakes” of everything, sending me screenshots and keeping me updated.  You all are my rock stars.

Thank you for standing by me during the hardest time of my life while I aim to allow light and build this community even in the face of the dark means EVERYTHING to me.  

Thank you for staying with me and realizing WE ARE STRONGER THAN THIS BS when we stay gentle, fierce and knowing in our heart. This is a  moment we all must stand up afraid and speak our hearts anyway …

Thank You. I am here for you whenever you need me.  Just reach out and PM me on my Facebook.

Or you can reach out to our customer service address if you have questions – and thank you again to all the brilliant souls who have touched my heart lately and lifted me up beyond what you know …

We will get through this.  

With Love,  

Crystal Aryana

P.S. this man also stole our TarotReadingDailyStore.com where we’ve sold our physical products. We have been locked out of the store and orders completely.

If you ordered physical products, have emailed customer support address, and are waiting for a response – please sit tight.  We are now processing refunds out of our pocket, as the thief also stole all of the money out of our bank account.

Please keep in mind what’s happened and please bare with us during this time. If you are waiting on your order, we will make sure you get what you paid for and maybe even more if we can.  

(Note:  We are NOT promoting “free gifts” or any collections for a while, until this blows over.  So if you get fake emails promoting “free gifts” then realize it is the thief trying to sell to you.)

P.P.S.  Venus went direct Friday and Mercury went retrograde yesterday.  Confusion is in the air, which makes this even more difficult. I will send you out some content tomorrow on the overall lessons we learned from the Venus retrograde (in Scorpio) as it’s time to apply what we learned, even in the midst of Mercury going retrograde same day.  More on this soon.

Overall I hope this email brings insight and clarity. I know we got this and we are stronger than we even know when we just connect.

Okay thank you!  I will send you new content ASAP, stay tuned love.   

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Zhi bell says:

    This is just confirmation of a huge upleveling to invincibility mode

  • Tina says:

    Hi Crystal this is Tina dear friend from Camano Island Washington I’m here to tell you I know the things will turn out even better than they were before for you and for all of us have faith keep your heart strong we all love you very much and we’re behind you 100% it’s going to be a good New Year the different one and you’re right everything is changing two faces are shown you’re probably very lucky that this happened the way it has cuz it could have been worse he will get his as you will get yours and you will receive many blessings I am sure and I hope that we I’ll get to share the beauty of your life and your gifts as I have today’s date although I have not been able to find you since this is all happened I haven’t gotten any emails this is the first one since the fake the one that you told me about the fake one and like I responded then I had to take a break for a bit cuz you had guided me so well I only been a couple weeks since I even been on cuz I needed to absorb the gifts you already given me so I thank you and I look forward to many many more moons we share friends forever love from Tina

  • Teresita Mendaros says:

    Hi! Crystal, don’t worry.
    Be strong. God is always with you.
    God Bless you you are in my prayers.
    Hug and kisses.

  • Marina Sigala says:

    Hi Crystal, i want to let you know that the link you send me does not work sweets…what can i do ?

  • ary says:

    hi crystal just to let you know the link you sent me to unsubscribe from his emails is not working..what else can i do..

  • ary says:

    thank you sweety for the heads up..i will be looking out for that address.

  • Vicki Raymond says:

    I unscripted to his emails after your letter

  • R Williams says:

    Thank you!!!!

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