Soul Message: Self Love Makeover

By February 15, 2019 Soul Message

“I’m slaying my own dragons because screw waiting for anyone else to come to my rescue.”

I admit, I at one point growing up, I had an unhealthy romantic idea that a loving relationship with a man was the most important thing in the world.

And if I had that, it would be my # 1 priority. A loving, supportive,  romance was, in my mind, the ultimate ‘win’ in the life of relationship.

Now that I’ve experienced this again and again, and every time my life fell completely into disarray because of my lack of sovereignty…

I started to begin to see that idolizing most unhealthy romance that involves continual self-sacrifice is not only crazy, but codependent, toxic, and unsustainable.

And I had to swallow this hard truth: No one’s here to come to your rescue.

No love from anybody outside of you will ever heal your wounds when you need to love yourself.  Self-sacrifice is NOT a healthy, loving gift. Take it from me, don’t make it a habit.

Queens: We. Do. Not. Need. Men.

Don’t you dare settle, you energybomb of divine feminine beauty and magic.  Hold yourself in your rightful vibration of sovereignty and independence until someone YOU choose demonstrates their embodied worthiness and can meet you in yours.  And make sure he/she a rightful king/queen.

In this new story, the princess becomes a queen and saves herself.  Puts on the crown she earned, throws her bow on her back, and rides into the sunset to join her coven of other badass warrior sisters.

As the star of this story, ask yourself…

Are you ready to reclaim your sacred heart and empower yourself for soul deep relationships?

Are you tired of settling for less than soul deep love?

Are you ready to break up with accepting less and open to authentic love?

Your soul is asking you to shed toxic and unhealthy relationship patterns and beliefs as you heal, open, rewrite and invite in the relationships that you desire on a soul authentic level …

We are soul deep women and we deserve soul deep love, sex and intimacy.  

The time has come to release the old ways of relationship patterns that no longer serve us and clear the space to open to the relationships that are meant for us.

As women, we are constantly made to feel that there is something wrong with us when it comes to relationships.

We give too much.  We feel too much. We think too much. We say too much. We go too deep.

The information out there can get so tiring teaching women that WE need to do something in order to attract a partner, that we need to be someone different than the core of who we already are.

That we should learn tricks and games in order to snag and keep love or that WE need to be different in order to be worthy of soul deep love.

Maybe that’s why so many of us are aching; this old paradigm doesn’t work.

Our wounds and fears are being exploited in our relationships and in the media.  And it needs to stop.

The time for conscious relationships is here and it begins with our own foundations and reclaiming of our power.

It’s time to rewrite our story around love and relationships as we look at stripping away old limiting and negative beliefs, empowerment and opening to a deeper connection with ourselves, our truth and our partner, whether they are here or still on the path towards us.

Sisters it’s time to stop listening to the old diatribe that we love too deep or feel too much.

It’s time to rewrite our stories around love, dive into your sacred heart desires of what you truly want without settling and learn how to open to the love you are deserving of.

It’s time to look with and embody healthy boundaries that allow more love into your life, breaking free from settling, self worth, releasing blocks to intimacy, cutting cords, opening to deeper connection, dealing with the wounds of others, unhealthy relationships and our bodies, honoring our truth, sexuality, Goddess work and so much more!

Love isn’t possessing or transacting with someone…

Love isn’t being in lust with an “image” or the addiction of ego love. 

Love isn’t about flowers, great fucking, chocolates, holding hands, kisses, dates or rings …

Love at the energetic core, is our most natural and raw state of being and it’s a gift, not something for sale.

Love is being with someone just as they are and loving them; being happy loving them as they are right now …

Love is being with you in a way that accepts your weirdness and where you can both totally being yourselves no matter how uncomfortable you get…

Love is being in joy for another’s joy … Giving freedom and holding space for each other to be who you truly are as you evolve again and again.  

Falling in love, you stay a child yet rising through love (and the pain) you understand more and more layers of who you truly are as you mature.

By and by, as you unwind back to Source and live this way, love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a more natural state of your being….

Not that you are in love, not that you are seeking love, but that you ARE LOVE. 

Being ever present, love is not taught, but rather remembered.

The purity of your love depends on the degree of your realization of the Truth.

When your heart is open to the Truth, it dances in love like a peacock in radiant majesty.

On Valentine’s Day we were all given a massive heart chakra upgrade (if you haven’t already been feeling it all week!)

If you feel intense pressure lately – especially in your chest and through heart awakening/shattering events happening in your life … trust this new higher frequency energy integrating and showing you what’s really for you and not for you.  

Let go is if it wants to leave.  Surrender control. Trust the timing.  Let life happen. Let your feelings flow.  You are safe and loved. Honor the delays.

Everything’s coming together for what your soul has requested in what you love, even if it’s making way for you.  

This weekend may bring external situations into our reality that highlight behaviors we need to address and change. ‬

‪The universe needs you to remember your inner depth and magic.

Don’t go after false love or settle for love.  

BE the love that your inner child dances freely in ✨.

Happy Valentine’s Day my beautiful soul family <3

Crystal Aryana

P.S. Repeat after me …

“I LOVE waking up to a fresh new day,
I LOVE BEing alive in this earthly play.
I LOVE seeing the beauty all around me,
I LOVE BEing who I was created to BE.
I LOVE knowing everything is unfolding perfectly,
I LOVE knowing I’m divinely guided on my journey.
I LOVE feeling LOVE
Flowing through my body glove.
I LOVE creating, I LOVE dancing,
I LOVE singing, I LOVE romancing.
I LOVE BEing gentle and loving with myself,
I LOVE taking great care of my body and health.
I LOVE BEing awake, I LOVE BEing alive,
I LOVE celebrating life on this earthly ride.
I LOVE knowing everything works out perfectly,
Even those times that I can’t see.
I LOVE playing and having fun,
I LOVE feeling the warmth of the sun.
I LOVE sharing my LOVE everywhere I go,
With everyone I meet in this earthly show.
I LOVE receiving quantum surprises,
That come in the form of many disguises.
I LOVE learning, I LOVE growing,
I LOVE assisting others on their journey.
I LOVE knowing I’m always okay,
No matter what’s happening in my earthly play.
I LOVE loving meeee, i LOVE loving you,
I LOVE walking proud in my authentic shoes.
I LOVE living each day in peace, joy and LOVE,
Just like the Angels in heaven above.”

Angel Adams

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  • Moneytha Burns says:

    Your last couple of emails have been so spot on that I felt like you had written them for me and knowing what I’ve been dealing with. Thank you for your insightful words.

    • Suzanne Ricketts says:

      Thank you so much for your lovely words of wisdom and soul connection. Reading this article the first or second time doesnt even remotely compare to this time when my soul finally understood what you meant by soul family or soul tribe. I look forward to hearing your messages. Your personality and message brings joy appon this lesson!!

  • Dorina says:

    I love you Crystal! Thank you for everything.

  • Dorina Costea says:

    I love you Crystal!
    Thnk you !

  • maria says:

    Thank you Crystal Aryana ❤ ❤

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