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By August 30, 2020 Astrology, Horoscope

Hey there, it’s Luna <3

Are you ready to take a deep breath and let go of the stress that has been swirling around you lately?

On the night of September 1st (or early on the 2nd, depending on where you live), the Full Moon in Pisces will be providing you with a dreamy opportunity to unwind and become re-inspired by the beauty and magic of the world.

Thanks to the alignment of other key planets, you can expect this lunar window to bring some welcome surprises. 

So get cozy, and let’s take a deeper look at the celestial love note written in the stars for you this Full Moon. 

Illuminating Your Spiritual Gifts

Even if you feel like an ordinary person, you have powerful, divine abilities laying dormant within you. With the Full Moon shining a spotlight in spiritual Pisces, expect to get a clearer view of your hidden potential, starting three days before the Full Moon, peaking on the night of September 1st, and lasting three days after.

Pisces is the last sign in the zodiac. It encompasses and dissolves the wisdom and energy of the previous eleven signs into one essence. Pisces transcends differences and conflicts, compassionately bringing us to the place where we are “all one”.  When you get in touch with the nature of Pisces, you become connected to the unified field of consciousness. It is from here that you can access your spiritual gifts and commune with Source itself. 

This Full Moon will amplify Pisces’ energy, allowing you to go deeper than ever into your meditation, journaling, art, or dream experiences. Now is an ideal time to dive into the unseen and bring back pearls of wisdom from its depths.  

Since Pisces is a subtle, watery sign, you will need to make a conscious effort and set aside some time if you want to really tap into the gifts of this Full Moon. If you can, take an hour to gaze at the stars, write a prayer to the Divine, or fall asleep without any distractions and think about an insight you want to receive while dreaming.  

Sometimes transits in Pisces can bring confusion or haziness into our lives, but that’s not the case with this Full Moon. In fact, there are a few beautiful aspects occurring with it, setting you up to receive a flash of unexpected good fortune and powerful insight into your life’s path. 

Sudden Luck: Uranus Trine Sun / Sextile Moon  

Uranus is the planet of truth and change. It can be a powerful ally when well aspected, or bring a shocking upheaval in it’s more challenging positions. Thankfully, the influence of Uranus during this Full Moon will be pleasant and exciting. Welcome surprises around your finances, relationships, or health may appear out of nowhere during the next few days. You may find yourself gaining the necessary insight to break out of self-defeating thinking habits, and banish any lingering negativity from the past that serves no real purpose.  

Since Uranus will be in a friendly alignment with the Virgo Sun and Pisces Full Moon, you are likely to experience very real spiritual insights that you can apply directly to your life. If you’ve been lacking inspiration in your spiritual pursuits, now is a time when your passion and excitement can be revived. 

Pisces helps us complete karmic cycles, and with Uranus’ help, you may find yourself experiencing a ray of light shining through the clouds of a longstanding, oppressive pattern in your life.

To get the most out of this Full Moon, be open to doing something out of the norm. If an invitation arrives to do something new, something perhaps a bit out of your comfort zone, consider giving it a try! 

Uranus isn’t the only planet supporting you this Full Moon, there are two more planets coming in to help make your night transformational. 

Penetrating Insights: Mercury Trine Pluto 

During what is already sure to be a spectacular evening, Mercury, the planet of mind and communication, will be in a harmonious aspect to Pluto, the planetoid of power and soul. When these two get together, they deliver potent psychological insights without mincing words. 

This aspect will help you get to the bottom of a situation and see it clearly for what it is. If you suspect someone is not being honest with you, or withholding valuable information, now is a perfect time to ask questions and find out the truth, because it’s unlikely your approach will be met with resistance.  

Mercury and Pluto are currently in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, respectively. This placement ensures the insights you gain during the Full Moon will be practical, useful, and helpful in enhancing your success or addressing worldly concerns. 

Conversations with others can be deeply revealing and transformational during this time. If you’ve been wanting to address blocks around your financial success, this Full Moon is a great time to talk to a counselor, mentor, or trusted friend about your situation. You may also want to do some journaling, since Mercury favors all forms of communication.

This transit, most importantly, will give you insight into your own psychological motivations. With the support of the other positive aspects happening this Full Moon, you will feel inspired to set your ego aside and look squarely at your personal defects, biases, and shortcomings, so you can become a better, more successful person. 

Soul Deep Transformation

Remember, the influence of the Full Moon starts to go into effect three days before it happens, and lingers for three days after. This means you have a full week to take advantage of the powerful energy occurring with this Harvest Moon. 

In order to keep growing and evolving, we need to periodically let go of habits, people, or ways of thinking we’ve outgrown and step into the unknown for the birth of something entirely new. This is what keeps life fresh and exciting, and right now, you couldn’t ask for a better time astrologically to be reinspired on a soul level.  

I’m excited to experience the upcoming Full Moon in Pisces with you, and I’m curious to hear about what’s alive for you or undergoing transformation in your life. Remember, to get the most out of this moon, be sure to set some time aside to get into a peaceful, reflective space and open yourself to the powerful insights waiting patiently to come through your higher awareness.  

With Deep Compassion,

Luna Dragonwell 

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P.P.S. What are some of your spiritual gifts? Is there a karmic pattern in your life that you feel is near completion? Let me know in the comments below! 

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Colleen Keating says:

    I am not sure what to label my gifts so I do not know how to leverage them for use for myself or anyone else. It is so very frustrating. Some people are concert pianists, some master carpenters, some are brilliant painters and singers. I am an intuitive empath, I hold open sacred healing space that is nonjudgemental allowing people to have their deepest wounds witnessed for healing and releasing. I help people snap out of their current state and inspire them to make changes. Idk how or why. I know I heal people just by being around them. How do I focus this gift to be able to at least take care of myself? I should not be looking at homelessness again.

    • Hi Colleen, this is a common situation for people who have experienced childhood adversity. Becoming empathic is often a skill we develop to detect threats and establish safety in a chaotic, unpredictable environment. The downside is that our ability to survive becomes entangled with the need to regulate and support other people, while we deny our own needs more and more in order to do so. This isn’t an easy situation to get out of, but it can be done with the right guidance and support. My advice would be to prioritize yourself and find a way to make that income allows you to put your own healing first, rather than continuing to deplete your internal resources by giving to others.

  • george says:

    luna i have one twinsoul, and i am indeed spirituel.
    i kwon what gone happens.
    and believe it ore not ,contact with heaven.
    my twinsoul muss take the last step

    luna whe will see what happens.
    i can not thel evrithing.
    but i am spirituel,
    i kwon more than others,.
    and i kwon what gone happens in my life,.
    lords blessings,george.

  • You asked to share anything on my mind. Well this is it. I have been dating a gentleman for 3 1/2 years. We have absolutely nothing in common except social dancing. That’s how we met. Within a couple of months we were arguing . We would break up and I would be so upset that I would go into a depression and go to bed and sleep for days. Then we would make up and then the breakup would happen again. During this 3 1/2 year relationship the breakups have become more frequent. We can not seem to make a permanent break. Each time we have a breakup, we agree this is the final one. Let’s just part as friends. What is going on with us? I’m so messed up, I’m on medication. I don’t know what to do. I’ve been trying since the first of 2020 to see a psychiatrist. Unfortunately our towns Doctors are so overwhelmed with patients that they are no longer taking new patients. I don’t know what i expect you to do, but you asked and I told. Peace be with you. Yvonne Campiotti. ( I don’tknow if it makes any difference but my birth name is Evon Fay Lewis)

    • Hi Evon, that sounds like a painful situation. It may just be a matter of being able to go through the withdrawal of not seeing him, knowing that the empty feeling of not being together will pass, and that you’ll meet someone new. Remind yourself of all the reasons you’re not together when you’re tempted to get back with him. Allow your logic to override your heart in this situation, and you’ll escape the cycle. Best of luck!

  • Hazel says:

    Cancer sun, Aquarius rising, Taurus moon, first house Chiron, Uranus square Uranus for another week. Clairvoyance, clairsentience have always been present but growing stronger now as well as telepathy which is very difficult for me but I’m working with an astral teacher who is helping me with that. I have also come to understand that I am a Heyoka Empath, and over the last year following an assault at work, that has been out of control, but last 3 months, the astral psychic teacher helping me learn to modulate that with something she calls Psychic Empathy. Whatever, I’ll take it. I’m astounded at the growth but it’s been a helluva ride.

  • Jada Townsend says:

    I might be a Sagittarius but there’s a lot of water in my chart with cancer in my house, moon in Scorpio (crescent wanning), North node in Scorpio and you can guess that I’m a highly sensitive old soul. That’s as far as I’m going to go. I’ve become so sensitive these past three days and I just let the tears come. I cut the cord four months ago but people like myself take longer to heal even though I’ve gone through the inner child journey. It’s not as bad as it was but still remnants. Moving on but still way back in my mind. I started changing my situation when I went back to the non profit organization in mid July that I used to volunteer for in the administration building but I found that it wasn’t giving me the same purpose I had before.
    I’m now trying to manifest something different. There’s another life here in the small town I live in where not much is happening. Especially now with the corona virus. I can’t even get to a computer anymore because the library is closed. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.⛎

  • Kay Cole says:

    I have been an astrologer and Tarot reader and teacher for over 50 years. I’m always interested in what others are doing and how they are using these tools. I am thinking of writing a book. I have Gemini rising and a Capricorn sun and moon in Aquarius in my 10th house. My mercury and Pluto are in mutual reception. I have lived through a lot and survived. I trust few and as long as I am still learning I will survive. Good luck. I use Neptune as the ruler of Pisces. The ancient ruler was Jupiter. Food for thought. Good luck always. Kay Cole

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