solar eclipse

Hello beautiful soul,

I just wanted to peek in real quick…

My two-year-old daughter Isabella was in the hospital the past couple of days and, yes, she is OK.

So thankful!

I appreciate all of those who reached out to me and sent prayers on my Facebook page!

Bella made a full recovery!

And it’s been intense.

Also in addition to this… I am also moving through something BIG right now…

I will share more personal things later but I will just say now that it is testing everything in me to stay centered in my sacred NO.

To hold a boundary even in the face of threats, my own trauma response… my own real love and grief.

Catapulting me through the process of Divine Justice and bringing me closer to home (God, Holy Mother Holy Father Holy Child Trinity) or “Union” within me…

I feel so many are going through something like this right now….

We’re experiencing events in life that give us the opportunity to come back home to our own power within.

Please know that you are truly supported to MOVE NOW from a place of love.

Life is asking you…

To take action and create from wherever you are…

As you build NEW FOUNDATIONS so that life can meet you at who you are NOW and not just where you “want” to be.

I also feel like life is asking us…

Do you truly know the meaning of what it is to really love someone, starting with YOU?

Do you know what it means to love a tree, or a bird, or a baby or a pet animal so that you truly nourish it, take care of it, feed it, cherish it…

Even when it may give you absolutely nothing in return, though it may not offer you shade or follow you or depend on you?

Even from afar?

Perhaps this doesn’t speak to everyone.

Yet to me, it speaks to how we truly love from a place that is free…

“Attached to nothing, yet connected to everything…”

As well as “observing everything and clinging to nothing…”

This also reminds me, today is our Full Solar Eclipse!

Yes, many of us may not know whether things are falling apart or coming together, or both!

And this is perfectly okay (even when it’s NOT okay…)

Give yourself some grace.

I am learning that when I embrace even the hardest negatives as opportunities for grace, that I truly grow in humility (meaning closer to God).

So please take this Soul Message inward as we share the Full Solar Eclipse and our second New Moon in April (in Aries at 29°).

April 19th and 20th!

The Time has come…. coming home to ourselves.

I know our ancestors and ancient ones celebrated this time of year and these rare celestial events as a Sacred marriage or ‘Hieros Gamos’.

The Union of Heaven and Earth.

And I feel this year we are experiencing a very intense “internal” Eclipse.

Also 19 is a karmic number relating to the understanding that we each have a part to play in the collective consciousness.

And the number 20 relates to Sacred Union and co-creating the next stage…

Eclipses overall activate our “Soul Contract” and highlight situations that are necessary for healing, even if we don’t want to go there!

Yes, it is soul embodiment or bust time.

Know that it’s time to end what must end so you CAN step into what IS for you… Cut those ties (19).

And burn those energetic bridges and listen to your heightened awareness (29°)

We are in a massive doorway to change and new opportunities abound.

The fire of Aries this year brings us all purification next to all these historic transits piling on top of each other.

It’s an ending of old chapters in ALL areas personally and collectively.

Yet, remember, time is about co-creation and not just separation.

Remember change IS necessary. Be the change.

Even when things are intense…

I feel we are in a deep time of feeling and processing past timelines we didn’t fully integrate.

Maybe it was a time in your life where it wasn’t safe to feel or express yourself…

Or you were overlooking your own power within yourself because of the past…

If so, those emotions or patterns were repressed and buried.

I can feel them rising and flowing out like a flood that can no longer be contained!

They are reminding us of what we left behind and ran from because we didn’t feel safe to confront them at that time.

Let it flow along with all the sticky and ugly residues that keep these patterns repeating in our lives.

Time to break free is NOW!

You are deeply loved and supported.

In the past, you may not have felt safe to feel or connect to what is truly YOU…

Yet know that you are strong, supported, loved, and safe NOW.

Keep in mind, if the external or people around you don’t want you to change or grow …

Remember that…

Your light will frighten those who don’t have the courage to face their own darkness.

And everyone reacts in different ways to “facing truth”…

Sometimes in growth like this, it will feel like the more you work to make your light shine…

The more those who don’t have the courage to face their own darkness will be scared.

Perhaps you may see that there are few who will be able to stay, welcome you, contain you.

Many may not have big enough hands and will let you slip.

However this “loneliness” only helps you see you.

As you find yourself, your “soul tribe” is able to SEE and find you.

Don’t give into the temptation to shine less, to slow down your deepest heart desire or to give up discovering what keeps calling you…

Stay the course and stay rooted regardless of what comes at you.

In order not to be alone, in order to be contained, accepted, chosen, truly loved and taken care of from a place that is “free” …

You’ll realize it can’t last.

And the light will come out from everywhere and will be uncontainable: from the skin, from the eyes, from the hands, from the hugs, from the words like fire in the belly, from the desires, from another light.

You’ll realize that the greatest effort isn’t letting your light shine…

…but having the courage to keep it lit when all around you’ll have the absence of those who can’t make themselves present. For fear.

You shine for love…

You move from love this time.

You spread your wings and fit bigger shoes… you grow…

And you look for those who know how to stand in front of the light…

Because this only means they won’t flee when darkness arrives.

This is your Soul Tribe.

And we are co-creating together!

I love you.

Happy Solar Eclipse!


Crystal Aryana

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Crystal Aryana

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  • Sergio Varona says:

    Hi Crystal,

    It is great to read your guidance. Please keep it up. You are a gifted and special person. You are worthy and deserve to have all the best in life. I am glad to know that Isabella is better now. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your beautiful daughter. I wish you all the best.

  • Vanessa says:

    I really needed to hear this. . Thank you and God bless you .

  • Felicia says:

    Thanks So Much.

  • Ericka says:

    Wow I’m so glad Isabella is doing well and I’m so glad to hear from you been missing your deep rooted words of encouragement loved it every words hit my soul looking forward to hear from you soon

  • Jenny Kolawole says:

    While reading this post, I felt at ease knowing that I’m not the only one feeling this shift from within. I feel at peace with myself, when I walk into a room I feel as if “I am the light” (I cannot quiet explain it, but I feel it). When the world tests me I feel my mind, body and soul shifting to those words you spoke in previous posts and I immediately apply those words into my daily practice. So I wanted to personally say thank you .

  • Lauren Elizabeth says:

    Gratitude for the guidance! Your words spoke right to my heart, it resonated deeply in my Soul. Thank you

  • Peggy says:

    Thankyou Crystal for the solar reading .I really needed to hear these words today ( on my birthday ) have been feeling at odds with everyone around me. So glad your daughter is ok.x

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