Scorpio New Moon Horoscope:  Unveiling The Mystery

By October 29, 2019 Horoscope

The New Moon in Scorpio has come to awaken your inner power and bring the dark co dependencies to the light, starting a brand new cycle of healing and rejuvenation, although not a painless one.  

If you’ve been facing the times with an open heart, you’ll find flow with Renewal.  

If you’ve still been hiding or not safely feeling old stuff, then it’s now coming to the surface.  

All the ways we self doubt or crutch.  All our addictions, false love habits, obsessions, secrets and power struggles are asking you to return to the light…

Are you willing to listen?

Are you willing to take a deep breath and trust yourself?

Are you willing to trust what you already know deep down?

What does it look like when you are living up to the fullest of your potential? 

What does it look like when you start living from a space of true authenticity? 

Who do you become?

With this new moon cycle, many are feeling vulnerable, exhausted, or lost under this lunar phase.  Others are feeling a deep sense of renewal

What we know can’t always be seen until we are still.  The hidden may come to light. 

Seeing wounds from a new perspective.  Old soul bruises can be healed. You may even feel empowered to change those things that no longer work for you.  

Scorpio energy is not concerned with what you do, but rather how you do what you do.

Your soul came into this life with a plan, but this plan didn’t contain human ideals or human conditions. 

Your soul didn’t map out what job it was going to take, what boyfriend it was going to date, your soul is beyond these things.

Your soul came to learn, to experience, to feel, to teach, but most importantly, your soul came for adventure. And it is up to you, to figure out what adventure you wish to take it on. It is up to you to take your soul on the ride of its life.

Your soul knows that no matter the path, the choices, actions, or the decisions you make, it is only what YOU make of it that matters.

There are no wrong paths in this life. In fact, every experience both good, bad, big, or small is always nudging you back onto your path and back into alignment.

In a world that is always focused on the having of more and more, we so easily overlook the magic of the everyday. It is up to us to find the truth in this, and to find the miracles and gratitude in the everyday things.

A Deeply Renewing New Moon Cycle

The moon is a tender, yet powerful one. This is a time for us to explore the alchemy of transformation, this is a time for us to focus not on what we are doing, but how we are doing it and to remember that we are always on the right path.

This is powerful energy for releasing, cleansing, and transforming your life. This is because Scorpio is the sign that rules over death, rebirth, and spiritual transformation.

Sitting in the dark of this Scorpio New Moon, we are all going to be beckoned to think about where we can peel back the layers to reveal more of our true authentic self.

With 4 planets in Scorpio and Mercury turning retrograde in Scorpio, our masks, our heavy coats, our burdens are getting rattled and shocked with truth to help us to release and shed them to the ground.

We no longer need to carry them. We no longer need to block ourselves from living up to the truth of who we really are. Take a deep breath and give yourself permission to let it all go.

Make the time to retreat within, to the stillness of your inhale and exhale, where releasing happens. There, allow yourself to peel back the layers. Allow yourself to let it all go. You deserve to let it all go.

The moon is drawing us in and asking us to listen to the depths of our heart and soul.

We are are going to have to be gentle and patient with ourselves, and allow the magic of the Moon to do its work.

If you simply take a moment to get still, the Moon will guide you to what you need to release, so you can become more of who you really are, free from the shackles of society, of thoughts, and of expectations.

You are more powerful, more beautiful, more successful, more intelligent, more wonderful than you realize. You are more in tune with your soul than you realize. So trust the wisdom, trust the still, quiet voice that emerges when you tune in.

Hidden Truth Has Come To Light

The Sun in Scorpio is a power source of light to the darkest shadows and the deepest hidden truths.  This is a deeply penetrating energy of washing away old attachments, and letting the false parts of us die.  

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the Zodiac – in the house of Energy Exchange.  This makes scorpionic energy extra sensual and seductive, but also manipulative, compulsive, and controlling.  

There is a sense of wonder and dissolving boundaries with this energy. Reinventing dreams, hopes and wishes you had buried or forgotten.

You will find that this influence brings the hidden into the light, which can reveal new information that brings about great changes in your life.  

Part of this may have to do with where unhealthy obsessions and temptations are taking their toll on our energy.  We are reminded to move forward rooted in our highest good. 

Scorpio rules soul deep connections and we are called to ask ourselves if the connections we are holding are ones of the spirit or codependent ones.

This time period can mean reaffirming commitments to projects, paths or people so make sure it is what you want if you are putting in the energy.

Honoring our boundaries and taking off our rose colored glasses in order to see the truth.

A reminder to not get caught up in old paradigms, this is a time to be your true self, step forward bravely into the unknown. 

Scorpio asks, “How do we embody our power?”

Can we face and name our fears? Are we willing to show up in our vulnerability so we can risk being met where we are? 

The New Moon in Scorpio brings incredible opportunities to set yourself free and forge a fresh start.

Scorpio encourages fearlessness and total integrity.  Scorpio is the embodiment of the cycles of life, death and rebirth. 

At the highest level, Scorpio is represented by the Phoenix.  She understands that all things in life undergo this cycle, which are the winds that blow and bring forth change. 

She has faced death and through the ashes awakens to new life that brings regeneration. 

The Phoenix asks…

Are we aware of our shadow—which is really our wounded self, old coping mechanisms (trauma) and undigested/unacknowledged information and energy? 

Are we shedding our skin and allowing ourselves to spread our wings and unfurl our true essence?

Or are we staying stuck behind a mask of who we know in our heart we no longer wish to wear? 

Unexpected Lessons And Blessings From Uranus

Sitting directly across the Zodiac at 4 degrees Taurus, is Uranus – the great planet of genius, disruption, and shocking surprise.

These disruptions are not just random, however.  They are part of your personal evolution.  

This time, the shock comes to your inner core as a test by the universe to trust your emotions, even if you can’t make sense of them now.  

Whatever emotional disruption happened between Sunday or Monday have come to help you clean your slate, as messy as that may be.  Sometimes breaking things to pieces is the best way to start fresh. You can’t build a castle on a houseboat. You need a solid foundation. 

Uranus is here to liberate your personal power, to help you show up in your full strength, to help you drink your medicine and transform out of the past and into the future (the realm of Uranus).  Combinations like this are preparation for the major alignments of 2020…

Uranus will erupt new rattling change to this New Moon cycle in Scorpio. Exactly opposing the passionate, power conscious Scorpio Sun and Moon, Uranus is our ally in breaking up what will not serve us in the future.   You are being reminded that your blocks are mostly your own, and you are being called to clear them away as you evolve.  

Mars Square Saturn Brings A  Delay In Progress

If unpredictable Uranus wasn’t enough, this New Moon cycle is also challenged by a Mars square Saturn aspect.

These two planets are known as the “malifics” of the Zodiac, and their clash during a New Moon can be very frustrating.  You may feel your energy that has been bottled up is now ready to explode.  

You may find limitations and obstacles now can make things emotionally unstable.  However, if the time arises, you must speak your truth, especially in relationships!. Try to compromise and work through these challenges rather than trying to force results. 

As the veil thins, this influence comes to us as a dose of harsh reality.  But you do have divine support during this time. This is a wonderful time to connect with your spirit guides and angels for guidance and direction.  

Prepare To Retrace Your Steps With Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, is also in Scorpio.  Normally, this leads to deep, penetrative thought… however … this year, Mercury is preparing to retrograde… giving us an extra dose of Mercury in Scorpio energy.

This means, we are currently in the “shadow” period, which tells us that the plans and directions we are heading now, will likely require reevaluation.  The shadow will last until October 31st, in which Mercury will start his 3 week trek backwards through the Zodiac.  

We will be called to let go of our secrets, shadow material and old wounds where we are still carrying security blankets from the past.  I will write more about this later, so stay tuned.  

For now, know that this extra Scorpio energy is forcing us to dig even deeper into ourselves as we uncover hidden truth so yourself how you want to utilize the New Moon’s deep and transforming energies. 

A Time To Renew And Restore

It’s a good time to survey your energy exchanges, rest and rejuvenate, observe, or renew your commitments and take the leap!. 

Breakthroughs and epiphanies can come out of the blue.  They can create profound beginnings or awareness that takes you beyond your usual patterns.  

Remember to set boundaries, though, as your core values and your own self permission is your guide as to what is really valid for you. 

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