Romantic Wake Up Call! Neptune Retrograde Transit

By June 19, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Horoscope
Neptune Retrograde Horoscope:  June 18 – November 24th 2018

Romantic Wake Up Call

This week many might be slapped in the face with a raw dose of reality that seemingly comes out of nowhere.
Neptune, the planet of fantasy and illusion (also, lies and deceit) has started his annual trek backwards through the zodiac, retrograde style.
The bubble has been popped.  Neptune’s turnaround marks a dramatic event that further strips away the illusions and false realities that have blinding you from the sharp, jagged and salty truth about how things really are.
Along with many other transit happening lately, this radical de-clouding of your vision reveals where you’ve been lying to yourself about something that is not feeding your soul… or more likely… someone.
Have you been kidding yourself about the state of your love life or something else in your life and now things are crashing down?
The more severe the lie, the harder this pill is to swallow. Also, the more extreme your escapism has been. There is REAL pain here coming from a really deep place.  Don’t hide from it any longer. This is the time to confront it.
If you don’t, you’ll feel even more guilty, humiliated, scared, betrayed, or anxious about what’s happening to you.  You don’t want to develop phobias and irrational fears about your life now that are not true.  It’s not Armageddon!  Not on Earth, and not in your love life.
Your psychic senses are strong now, so pay attention to the signs you receive that goes beyond your rationalizing mind.
The next several months, as Neptune retrogrades, it’s a time for deep introspection and all forms of healing – especially areas of spiritual self development.
It’s the perfect time to get into a new health routine, like Yoga Tai Chi, Chi Gong… or even starting a toxin free diet.  Take a moment to discover what is real, and what is an illusion in your life.  Now is the best time to do so.
Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana

Hi, my name is Crystal. Since an early age, I've felt a strange connection to the Universe, so I spent my entire life seeking out mentors and teachers to help me harness my gift. Since then, I've been reading tarot cards, channeling messages and healing bodies around the world. Thank you for visiting my website and I hope to join you along your journey <3


  • Melissa VaL'eau says:

    Thank you Crystal it’s quite accurate for me and many around… As you said in your July forecast be the observer and align to the real you sit with what ever feeling arises and welcome their left remain to wash away… As the real you emerges sit and contemplate the resolve of all past lives as we unite in the new paradigm of the fifth dimension Let’s Be Love and Loved!

  • Sylvia Carolyn says:

    My eyes have always had a weakness but I see now through the lens of love. Love that at my beginning bathed me in golden light to surround me in my core being of who I am. IAm created the image of IAm in me to be love and loved. The spirit of me is opening to expressing love to heal the frailties that being inside human form has laid the pain of being layer upon layer. It is only through loving that miracles can take place to become a whole unblimished soul ready for the final transition to the source of my returning spirit. Rejoining my created being as light glows and shines its golden colors again. Radiating to sing a joy song forever. A beacon that says I’m here saying and shining out pure love. All that come my way are here to love and be love into being love. The spirit moves into its rightful place in the universe of love that is IAm.

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    I recovered from my past life. I was humiliated betrayed and anxious of what will happen to me. No longer, I am strong I am not afraid and look at life with my eyes open.

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