Sexual Tension Alert! Mars Retrograde Transit

By June 26, 2018 September 29th, 2018 Horoscope
Lasting:  June 26th – August 27th, 2018

Have you felt a growing frustration with your love life over the last month or so?  If the answer is yes, then this is the most important horoscope you will read all year.

Why?  Because today, Mars the primal planet of desire, assertion, action – and most importantly – your sensuality…goes retrograde forcing us to retrace our sensual steps for the next two months straight!

Typically… this means all the romantic tension, anger, and frustration that’s been building up inside could explode into an outburst… manifesting as a conflict, separation and even violence in your love life, if you’re not careful…


It could also open the doors to a complete transformation over the next two months, once you know how to navigate your ship through the storms on your romantic horizon, so you can safely land on shore and make the most of this critical time.

That’s why, in today’s horoscope, I’ve also included five simple ways to turn this Mars retrograde into a romantic transformation that will get you the relationship you want, and feel sensually satisfied in ways you never thought possible.

Mars Retrograde Horoscope:
Sexual Tension Warning

From June 26th 2018 Until August 27th 2018

During this time period, you’ll experience events that feel like fate, and could remind you of old self-destructive or sabotaging patterns you secretly wish would go away.

Frustrations that have been quietly boiling beneath the service – at work, in bed, in your relationship and everywhere else you assert yourself – since around May 13th are coming to surface.

In fact TODAY is the day those feeling these frustrations are most likely to come to a head as if it’s utterly impossible to avoid anymore.

Not only is this typical at the beginning of a Mars retrograde, but this time it feels even MORE restricting!


Because this seasons retrograde is joined by a serious clash between Saturn and the Sun, which shines a beaming eye on the limits put on us by forces outside of our control…

AND… it’s happening on a Tuesday, the day of Mars, which means the power of manifesting Mars energy is 10 fold.

These forces may throw a monkey wrench into your love life in ways that make you take a major step back from your romantic relationships.

However… don’t worry… because what might seem like a loss at first will likely blossom into a  brand new romantic adventure on August 27th, when Mars turns back around.

That’s why this time period is so crucial!

If you’re in a new relationship, unmet needs may turn into smoldering conflict as events this week bring them to light.

If you’re in a long term relationship, you may hear news from your partner that they need space.  Or, maybe you’re the one who needs to pull back and reconsider your situation.

Either way, here are five ways to make this Mars retrograde energy work FOR you… not against you.

1:  Rethink Your Actions

This is the time for contemplation and rethinking your actions. Don’t just fly off the handle and do what feels right in the moment.

Actions have consequences, so think it through before you commit to your plan.  In fact, don’t commit to ANY plan until after August 28th, when Mars goes direct. By then, you’ll know exactly which direction to head as you turn whatever situation you’re in around and back in your favor.

2:  Rediscover Your Desires

From early childhood, we are raised with other people’s expectations on what will make us happy.  As a society, we all fall in line, and anything that goes against the norm is considered taboo.

This energy empowers you to challenge everything you know about sexuality and what REALLY does it for you.  What turns you on in every area of your life? Experiment now with the curiosity of a college freshman and you’ll exit this time period with a P.h.D. in deep inner soul fulfillment.

3:  Resolve Your Anger Issues

We all have things that piss us off, especially in our most intimate relationships. Old triggers are bound to show up now, and could either fire you off like a loose cannon… or guide you to shore like wind to a sale.

That is entirely up to how you process your triggers in the moment. If this happens, take a deep breath and count to ten as you feel your lungs exhale. You’ll be surprised the wonders this simple trick can do.

4:  Recalibrate Your Relationships With Men

Men are going to have it particularly rough during this Mars retrograde cycle. All Divine masculine energy on the planet as a collective whole is wanting to step into their heart, inner light, self worth but is having a hard time trusting and being authentic.

You’ll notice men all around you imploding on themselves when circumstances question their masculinity (and exposing feelings about who they are underneath).  If you are a man, you probably feel it already!

Give all men you know love, respect and space – most importantly, the man who’s caught your attention the most.  Giving him space allows you to heal your own inner Divine masculine energy, where you love and nurture yourself from within you, not outside you.

As you learn to deal with this next chapter of masculine energy yourself, you automatically make room to recalibrate your relationships men and your magnetism, connection, polarity and understanding to them.  Here is where you’ll find balance.

5:  Respark The Romance In Your Life

You will likely feel a detachment from romance at first, especially with whatever news you hear this week.

But do NOT give up hope.  Consider these next two months as just some romantic downtime so you can focus inward and learn a lot about yourself.

The absolute best way to utilize this energy to discover what you REALLY need in a relationship, and put this powerful energy to work for you so you get it automatically.

That’s why you should watch this eye-opening video 

It teaches you how to respark the romance in your life… whether you’re single and hit a dry spell… or you’ve been together for years and the spark seems gone.

Remember:  This Lasts For TWO Whole Months

It’s important that you realize change will not happen overnight!

Put these tips into action and you’ll make it out much better than last Mars Retrograde cycle, that’s for sure.

So tell me:

What’s your experience been like during Mars Retrograde?

Please share your insights below in the comment box bellow.

Your Friend,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

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  • Silvy says:

    The transition period was very overwhelmed. It took so much energy. Gladly, I can pass it and will use the best efforts to enter another journey in order to transform myself. The past is a valuable lesson learned.

  • Uma Naveen says:

    Dear Crystal,
    I have been in a similar situation as Bianca Rolands. Married, with a kid,… off & on relationship more due to the effect of Black Magic than anything, for more than 10 years. A year ago I relocated to another state to be with him after losing my Dad. Since June, tension has mounted between us. The stresses of getting acclimated to a new, hotter, place, relationship issues and feeling lonely and isolation, arguments getting worse with no resolution coz of poor to minimum communication. It has gone beyond limits and I plan to pack up and take up a job offered in another state, leaving my just turned 9-year-old child with him, as her schooling gets disturbed. Is it a good move, coz he has shouted several times at me to leave and get lost.

  • Teri says:

    I was so close to him prior to this time period mentioned. I longed to hold and caress him as I began making life changing moves. He was there in spirit and other ways the entire time. Yet I began to form and rebuild myself and my life as I felt he was doing to the same . The past several weeks have been like I have gone to hell and back searching for his love I once felt as I zeroed back in upon us. His presence has diminished so much that I do not understand his love and where I fit into his life anymore. I have purged, grieved and sought deep within my heart the love I cherish for him so deeply. I want no other man but him . Yet I have been told by a few that his love is for the world and not for just the one and that he does not share the same love I have for him. They say we are so totally different and such opposite worlds that a true love between us will never happen . That he cares for me and does watch over me yet he does not share the same undying love that I have for him . So tonight Aug 28th 2018, I reached out to him within my heart and all my everything to actually let him know how deeply I care and cherish him yet the message I received from him was not the same any more for him. He does not feel the compassion and deep love for me as I feel for him. I have been trying since this past full moon 26th of August to let go and it is so terribly difficult to let go of the only man I have ever loved and so deeply as I do him. At 63 to finally find a wonderful beautiful soul that he is for me that he is married to the world and could never reciprocate my love. Seems to be my fate, to know sorrow and loss . At least I loved and believed again yet wasn’t meant to be

  • Bianca rolands says:

    I’ve been in a long term, off & on, relationship for 10 years. A year ago I relocated to another state to be with him. Since June, tension has mounted between us. The stresses of getting acclimated to a new job, relationship issues and feeling lonely and isolated have been too much. The arguments are getting worse with no resolution in site. It was too much so I’ve packed up and drove home. Now, I miss him..work and my house as I have to start ALL over. Perhaps a hasty and emotional move, but it seemed so right at the time. No contact in 3 weeks

  • Qiana Wise says:

    Living with daughters father for help. But in on a spiritual journey and he just burst today and said he dont know how long we can live like this together. I told him I understand and after 7yrs of a toxic relationship were split for 3 yrs and now trying to see if there will be a spark to make it work however. I need to get my ment ass l togeth er and him the same. An interesting journey it will be indeed. Cant force something not there but never saying never either.

    • Qiana Wise says:


      Living with my daughters father for help. But im on a spiritual journey and he just burst today and said he dont know how long we can live like this together. I told him I understand and after 7yrs of a toxic relationship we were split for 3 yrs and now trying to see if there will be a spark to make it work however. I need to get my mental togeth- er and him the same. An interesting journey it will be indeed. Cant force something not there but never saying never either.

  • Nina Russell says:

    The man I love lives in Kent and I live in Glasgow. The only way we keep contact is by messages. He has not sent me a message in 8 days. I have sent him several messages. I noticed a change over the past couple of weeks, I received very short messages.

  • Laura says:

    My man ack s like I have hurt his feelings and won’t have sex with me even if I beg.lol

  • Emm says:

    I had sex with man on a Tuesday and now I feel sick and with him giving me weird signals I really don’t know where we are going with this relationship and I love him but him it’s like he is still finding himself as he had a bad previous relationship where his baby mama burned his clothes and all that . I love him with his children but personally he is not as open as I want him to.

  • Jennifer Dowd McKnight says:

    I had to laugh out loud as the sexually tension was off the charts last night and had no idea until almost 24 hours later it was part of the retrograde !

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