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Hello lovely…

I am so happy to say that my new email account is going back to “normal settings” next week where I’m able to send you regular emails.

This means I can send you more morning emails with links, like some “in-the-body-practice” videos.

Okay, today’s message is ultimately about Receiving what you need to move forward in your life…

It may not look like what you think.

As we near the summer eclipses this year, many are focusing on what to leave behind as they move forward with life.

(You may have noticed the current energies have been louder than usual, digging up all the unconscious programming around judgment, opinions, righteousness, spiritual egos, and the unconscious truth and belief systems that are no longer resonating with your authentic self!).

Yes, we’re feeling this Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius, revealing what we are no longer meant to carry forward.

First total lunar eclipse we’ve had in 2.5 years.

Yep, something may suddenly exit your life, or you may receive some life-pivoting news soon…

So maybe you’ve felt a restructuring process happening lately…

A redirection of sorts…

A restructuring of your life that you must make.

Even new timeline opportunities that do show up the more you step out of your comfort zone and open up to the possibilities and big life changes…

Overall, anchoring new life choices and a path towards what is truly soul-level fulfilling; a shift in what you value…

And what’s speaking to me lately for this message isn’t just about making room (releasing what no longer serves).

It’s the “being the GIFT” part.

Being grounded in your body at least once a day so you can be more AVAILABLE to witness, communicate, attune, open, and RECEIVE what you need from an embodied (arriving from the whole) place.

From the place you can’t touch with only your mind.

Yes, love…

I feel a revelation may about to happen in your life as you drop more in your being, body and heart field on your way to the Lions gate energy, this summer (8/8).

Maybe something major in life is or isn’t what you thought it was…maybe something more, something overlooked.

Or just maybe, it’s all just part of the Journey of remembering your own union within, owning it, and being open to RECEIVE.


Feeling the Receptivity of a Present heart.

Being willing to receive the GIFT.

Yep, B-E-I-N-G the GIFT.

This means choosing love by ACTIVELY LOVING yourself in some tangible way (whatever this means for you in the moment/circumstance) even when you want to deny, distract, run, hide, throw a fit or act out.

Turning in toward the pain and ugly and “difficult shadowy” and ASKING what YOU NEED.



Can you fully face and embrace the unpleasant feelings?

OWN the reality of “what is” without manipulating it?

OWN the space without inverting, sugar-coating, punishing or judging?

Own it each fleeting moment like a wave flowing through your body without “making it mean” something or grasping?

And bridge the gap of receiving the insight and key information (medicine) you need?

Bringing the “unresolved, unmet, disowned” back to the light of your awareness (present, receptive, coming from the whole, etc).

And taking ownership. Taking accountability of what really loving (yourself; anything) truly is?

Turning the abandoned into the in-the-body gift?

Into tangible form?


Yes, love…

No matter what you’ve gone through, you can move from the unconscious looping, suffering, staying stuck… (too much mind!).

To energetically clean, self-aware “being” who is fully present to what is, just as it is, straight through to the body nervous system sensory level (who is thus able to disrupt old patterns in its tracks on a body behavioral level so they can create something new; ie. In other words, NOT just staying in the mental field and looping situations and unresolved patterns).

= ie)

Meeting your WHOLE SELF that trusts and recognizes that you are the captain, ship, and navigator of it all.

Disrupting the repeating trauma pattern (ie; being trauma-informed and emotionally intelligent)…

And meeting your capacity to self-provision, self-love and co-create (take action) from WHAT IS, NOW.

Creating from, the NOW.

From the timeline of you being, already whole.



Like I mentioned in the past weeks of updates, getting OFF the co-dependent “spiritual-consumption” wheel by staying more grounded in your nervous system and body…

…is KEY for ending repetitive trauma patterns, relationships, and habits.

You must release the ENERGY behind these patterns on a PHYSICAL level that is trapped in your cells, limiting your frequency and perception from seeing YOU as the “whole” and moving forward as the powerful creator that you really are…

And your breath is all you really need.


You can’t shift your being from just the mental field…

You can’t shift your being when your nervous system is all numbed up; walled up from trauma.

You have to “unfreeze” the body armor first so you can IN-BODY something new.

Hopefully, this makes sense. I’ll be giving and sharing lots more of this in the future.

For now, the reason I am telling you this:

You just reading my updates and looking for the next one to arrive in the future isn’t about staying in a codependent cycle with me, imagining I am going to give you something that you can’t give you.

Because I can’t “give” you those keys inside you …

Only you can play them like a song already living inside you.

I’m just a mirror.
A reminder.
A fire starter.
A borrowed light to ignite yours.

I’m not your healer, guru, or coach.

You are…

What I do.

It’s all to assist you, returning home to YOU.

It’s not about you eating the popcorn, consuming updates, feeling good, and just “waiting” for the next full moon or energy update…

It’s about applying what speaks to you. Every time.

Making it a priority. Looking up, practicing, trusting your core, breathing, researching, creating, feeling, living your “intuitions” out…

Finding your own way.

Just you being uniquely YOU + practicing in some way (offering, showing, demonstrating, being/doing,) in the body what speaks to your soul.

NOT just “thinking” about it.

RECEIVING and (being) living it.

Whether looking up something burning in your heart and finding your own practice after reading a free flow channeling on a certain topic you’ve also been feeling…

Or engaging in some sort of daily body practice (integrating current energies in your practical life to grounding techniques to ways of rewiring your physiology and nervous or “healing” trauma, jumping/collapsing timelines, energy movement practices, “inner-union” stuff on love, dating, healthy relationships and so much more…)

Or practice with those you feel called toward.

Simple. Just showing up and engaging, fully.

Practicing knowing your own body, field, and nervous system from an emotionally intelligent and trauma-informed place. This takes daily practice.

This is why I’ll also be sharing a lot more around my upcoming content on the body practices of what I’m calling “Energetic Hygiene” which is essentially just this.

Being grounded in your body.

Connected to your core essence.

And Being clear with YOU + YOU.

What is yours and what isn’t—from a soul-authentic place.

(Btw, after the years since a child growing up with energy healing mentors, THIS is the most important takeaway of all practices to date = being somatically in your body while facing what is + knowing your own energy hygiene).

You’ll see more in the coming weeks and months why being grounded in your body (and field) is important, especially when it comes to aligning from within and manifesting without, what you want on an authentic (soul) level.

Super helpful to those stuck in codependent situations and relationships…

Or those cycling and settling for (continually going back to) any kind of unhealthy attachments or trauma bonds/codependencies “over and over” because they don’t know how to end the pattern (receive and integrate the GIFT) and leave the swamp…

And especially to those “gurus and coaches” who keep their students in co-dependent trauma cycles, profiting and siphoning their lifeforce as they promote their “false light ascension practices” — which is mostly mental masturbation.

Ultimately information that is given in a way that is “told” in half-truths instead of shown, lived, and felt from within some sort of simple practice that deepens them.

Because here’s the thing…

Manifesting from the energetic only happens THROUGH your being; the physical

And Trauma can only be released on a cellular, body level.


This is why most stay stuck. Looping the same events over and over.

One may mentally grasp the thing to do or the things they value or want…ie) the solution or ie) forgiveness, yet they can’t release on a body-communication level to make room from an embodied place to RECEIVE something new.

To fully open into a new way of BEING.

A new way of approaching.

Taking action. Whatever.

Instead of just talking about it.

95% of what the coaches and gurus I see who “tell” over inflated false light half truths that keep people stuck in the head and mental field. Repeating the same loops.

This is why I write content the way I do and why I want to start offering content in the future that is more immersive and experiential and on video.

More exercises offered, by demonstration.

Because I feel BEING in your body and grounding the information practically in your life and physiology is so important.

Being able to communicate with your body is key…

To attune to life decisions by receiving information from a body level (ie; your real intuition vs. the fear or trauma)

And know your whole self (not just from the place of what your mind and separate ego think…)

Yet truly recognizing what you already are, as the whole.


Okay…so starting soon in (a majority) of mornings, I’m going to be sending you content that you may very well resonate with along with some practices to help you ground the information deeper.

This might look like a quick channeling note or soul message with a practice or affirmation at the end…

Or maybe a quick video showing you an energy technique or movement practice … some “quick nugget” that you can directly apply in your life right now…

Or maybe even a collective transit astrology update or tarot card reading.

So stay tuned!

And for today, after nursing the baby I felt called to draw an oracle card for the TRD community…

Ha! Of course, the card that perfectly showed up is the card “Receiving”…

Can’t make this stuff up, so cool.

Yes, love.


Perhaps the most difficult part of owning our stuff and claiming sovereignty is not just about releasing trauma on a body level or even our attachments to victimhood—-

It’s about being our own lover, by showing up from this place to meet life.

And owning the very places we leak out our own “power within.”

B-E-I-N-G the mother, father, healer, creator in those moments of throwing our hands up and getting down to the nitty-gritty of receiving what we truly NEED.

No longer can we stay in the mental trauma loops, blaming life, anyone, or anything for our own story…

What happened, didn’t happen TO you, it happened FOR YOU exactly as it did to help you to SEE YOU.

To see what experiences high or low you have ultimately called in to get you, to return HOME TO YOU.

No longer can we shame or point or blame anything or anyone for who we are.

It’s time to recognize what is external force (manipulation) vs. what is self-sourcing within and overflowing out?

What is fear and control vs. what is self-love-in-the-body accessing its own internal power?

Just your belief in your story is your consent to its creation…

Because YOU are the center of the Universe.

It’s not happening “out there”… light years away in another galaxy…

It is right here inside us all.

Right here inside of you—

Exists the point of creation, the mirror of truth.

The axis of life…

As within…so without. Upside-down..inside out.

What is in your heart…makes up your world.

There is only YOU + YOU.

Yes, Creator… know this!

And please know you are so loved, even when you don’t choose to love.

Yet you won’t be able to “feel loved” until you choose to love.

And own it.

Your every need is witnessed and responded to by the universe.

However, you sometimes forget this…


And instead, you become swept up in the momentum of habitual consciousness, forgetting to take a moment to stop, breathe, and be.

And that’s ok. And too, in this moment, you can receive the love of the universe that is receiving you.

Just stand in the sun and try it.

Open your body senses and smile with your whole body towards the sun and notice how you feel.

It will nourish you with contentment and energy.

You have likely not done very simple in-the-body things like this enough, so your soul is becoming parched…drying out.

Energy has been going out of you but there is not enough coming back in. So it is time to bring the love back home.

To receive and be received.

Yes, love…

You are being offered a chance for deeper restoration now, to feel nourished, cared for, and loved.

Accept it from YOU!
Show up in it!
Lead from it!
Prioritize it!

Don’t feel guilty for choosing to be the change.

To be the GIFT.

The healing process below may help you surrender any guilt or shame you feel for having needs in the first place.

It can also help you to overcome any struggle that you experience regarding receiving and accepting so that your needs can be met.

Do you know how much joy the universe gains from being able to give to you?

When you delight in what you receive, when you openly embrace a gift and are so happy with it, the universe is fully received by you.

In this space there is joyful communion between you and life, energy flows more freely, and magic happens.

When you demur saying you cannot accept, that it is too great a gift or that you are not worthy, you are impeding that flow.

You are inhibiting the communion, the connection, the playful interaction between you and the universe.

Enough with the false modesty and guilt!

You are a radiant sun in human clothing.

An exquisite life experience is your birthright. Enjoy it!

From that place of nourishment, you will more effortlessly create, live and love with greater energy and thriving, pulsing juiciness that flows from you.

The earth rests each night so it can greet the sun again each morning with the spectacular living art of sunrise.

Keep that in mind. Allow yourself to switch off, step away, close the laptop, switch off the phone, and just be with yourself for a little while.

You will return and be more efficient and effective. Rest now, play now, and work later. Forget your worries for a while. Switch off. Do something else. Let it all go and it will all flow.

Healing Process:

Say aloud, “I release all false guilt and shame about having needs and all false beliefs about rest being wasteful or unnecessary, or that receiving is selfish.

I accept being receptive and being happy to receive. Easy to please. Open to receiving and recognizing my self worth without anyone else involved.

To receive I also realize I must rest. Step out of fight or flight. I accept healthy, productive, sacred rest and the gifts of happiness that it brings. I understand that rest and activity, balance, feed, and nourish each other. The deeper I allow rest (and play) the better I work when I need to and accomplish goals.

There is sacred healing that happens through rest, and through the ability to RECEIVE something new, which is very powerful. I accept and receive this now. Through unconditional love, this is now so.”

Then read this story aloud, as though you were lovingly reading it to yourself as a child. You may like to curl up comfortably on the sofa.

The great French Impressionist painter, Monet, sat in his garden on a warm afternoon…

He was napping lightly on his garden bench, with the sunlight dappling gently through the straw hat resting over his face. It was soft and warm on his closed eyelids. He sighs contentedly.

A nosy neighbor poked his head over the fence, keen to know what the brilliant artist was up to now. “Sir, you are resting!”, the curious neighbor called out.

“No,” responded Monet, wriggling to get even more comfortable on his reclining garden chair, “I am working.” He relaxed further as the mild breeze tickled the hair on his forearms.

Monet returned to his garden the next day. Consumed by the urge to translate his feelings onto the canvas, he painted with great energy and focus.

He was inspired and the paint flowed. Again the nosy neighbor poked his head over the fence. He called out, “Sir, you are working.”

“No,” said the artist, barely pausing with his brush. “I am resting.”

When you are done, give yourself a hug and perhaps have a nap or a cup of tea, or do a little dance around your living room.

Or paint, relax, hug a little longer, go for a walk in the park or do a spot of antique window shopping. Just be, play, laugh, and relax.

Or maybe stop procrastinating and face something you’ve been avoiding. Whatever.

Truly Give yourself what you feel you need.

It’s ok if it’s hard to know what you need at first.

The more often you do this, the more skilled you will become in identifying, facing what is and meeting your needs.

This may be key for you to move forward.

Receiving “already whole”

Already whole.

Already worthy.

Loving you,

Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

P.S. What did this message bring up for you? Leave a comment below and let me know.

P.P.S. The lovely art in this blog post is from a card deck designed by Alana Fairchild.

Crystal Aryana

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  • Vittoria Bavota says:

    Merci pour ces beaux messages , et la possibilité de se tirer au tarot,

  • Shelley says:

    Hello Crystal,
    Friday I received your email with the subject ‘Rising from the ashes…’ and Saturday morning I received another email from you with the subject ‘Intense change ahead?’. About 1 hr later a fire broke out in my basement. I’ve always found pearls of information that resonated with me in your emails but I’m really not sure what to think about these two. I’m really struggling with the whirlwind of emotions and trying to find my way through the myriad of things I have to do to get back into my home.
    I am now in a position where I have to accept help, love and kindness from friends and family. This has always been very difficult for me as I try to hide my emotions and have difficulty asking for help or evenreceiving it from anyone.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to my behaviours and be honest with myself. By allowing others to help me they seem to also be much happier. I’m grateful to all the people in my life including you.
    Wishing you all the best,

  • Ani says:

    Wow. This really resonates with me, as all your messages have, so far. Thank you so much! ❤

  • Sumer Soulstice says:

    This was the one!! Spot on! I love when the ancients and guides bring to me what is needed, truly grateful..Love you Crystal for being the vessel to receive and share this awakening message Much love to you!

  • Rokki says:

    I appreciate your words. They give me new ways to resonate action I haven’t thought of. It’s a blessing to put fourth new meaning into a brighter path in life and grow within. To be encouraged to embrace loving yourself in such a meaningful and insightful way gives more meaning for empowerment of oneself. Thank you.

  • Mary says:

    Wow, thank you , thank you so much. I receive your gifts of and in your message.

  • Kim tartaro says:

    I really was meant to read this today, I am so grateful. Even though it was stirring up pain, i decided to lean into it and allow the tears to flow without judgment.
    Thank you
    so much
    Kim xx

  • Kirsty says:

    Thank you Crystal I resonated with this message more than I had anticipated and as I was reading I changed the words from “you” to “I” and “me” and “my”. I owned the words, the gift you were sending me, the gift I had been asking for and I received the message the universe wanted me to hear with an open mind and an open heart. Thank you for being my angel, my gift from the universe, thank you for filling my inbox with the answers I am seeking to find me, to love me, to just be “me”. Thank you Xxx

  • David K says:

    Great message. Lots of words. My mind was excited about all the symbols your mind put down on paper. My true thought about how I receive this, just for me, my stuff, not yours,, keep it simple, self awareness, external identification, progression of self love, practice spiritual thought daily and let go of attachment to mind constructs that are not real. It was suggested to me, long ago, “i can learn to love my self, in this earth, and in this, the ” I ” will love all beings I am presented with.
    Thank you for the connection and the reminder. Make it a great moment

  • Noland Steven Williams says:

    Thank you for the inspirational message. Truly helpful, I will sincerely and wholeheartedly apply this.

  • Dee says:

    Thank you for sharing this insight- I enjoyed it very much.

  • Foster says:

    Thanks for your concern and caring.

  • William says:

    beautiful and inspiring.

  • Lisa says:

    This is exactly what I need thank you with tears in my eyes!

  • Trudy says:

    I am just so emotional after reading this! It’s like you were here with me yesterday as I was trying to recover from an attack on my spirit and soul. My ex did not get what he wanted an so he started lashing out saying hurtful thing that I have been trying to heal for the past few months. So this morning, I read this and it is exactly what I needed to hear at this time. It is time for me to let go of my past. To feel the pain and let it go! To fill that void with self love❤️ Thank you so much!

  • Sharonda says:

    Thank you. Your words ALWAYS resonate directly within me. This is EXACTLY where I am. This is exactly what I’ve been realizing. You have been my confirmation for years.

  • Gabriela says:

    Wow… I found myself in what you wrote! Thank you!

  • Heidi says:

    So much wisdom that you share in every post! Really helps me to focus on the right thoughts and actions. So helpful. Thank you!

  • jack says:

    good reading.. interesting insight oxox

  • Marija says:

    Hvala za prebrane vrstice, katere naj bi se nanašale za vsakega izmed nas.
    Naj se opredelim bolj na Tarot napoved, ki mi nekako daje smernice za naprej.
    Moram priznati, da sem se ujela v situaciji, ki jo za trenutke nisem bila kos.
    Res je, da sem iskala smisel v svojem življenju, – sicer nevede – za kar mi je bilo, in mi je dano v vpogled v neznano z nekom,
    s katerim sem šla skozi hude preizkušnje, in za kar sem ponosna na mojo vzdržljivost, čeprav mi manjka še precej podpore,
    da zadostim svoji duši vse pravice do spoznanja vsega, kar ji pripada.
    Vsaka avtoriteta nosi svojo resnico.
    Biti pravičen v svoji resničnosti je blagor, ki sprejema vse dobre, in slabe strani za dosego določenih ciljev.
    Moja trditev temelji bolj iz notranjih občutkov, kot na podlagi uma, za kar se temu ne da oporekati.
    Vse moje preizkušnje, ki so presegle rob časa, mi dajejo vedeti, da to, kar vsakdo s trudom, in srcem ustvarja, ne bo nikdar zavrgel.
    Magija me pelje v skrivnostni svet vsemogočih razsežnosti, po kateri naj bi se sprehajala moja duša.
    Uči me ljubiti takšno, kakršna sem.
    Z vsem spoštovanjem

  • M says:

    Wow! Thank you Chrystal, this is spot on! I have just recently lost my job & have been separated from my husband & I have been trying to hold on to these things that “no longer serve me” then the universe gave me a ‘push’. It is now time to focus on ME and work on my dreams. I hope my lesson has been learnt & I can now move on to better things. I am grateful for your insightful messages.
    Namaste. xxoo

  • patricia walker says:

    Loved it. I am continuing to get the same e-mail twice from you. Is there a way you could delete the duplicate address? Thank you.

  • Thank you! Your words inspire and uplift me in a way i can’t describe. I am truly grateful for the gifts you share.

  • Vejay says:

    Completely spot on and very helpful words!

  • Yvette says:

    Your message is an amazing reminder! I connected with this on a profound level and looking forward to the practical practices you’ll be sharing. THANK YOU!

  • Sheri says:

    I am of very few words… this hit home Thank you !

  • One says:


    I see those fake reviews to try throw me off.

    Here we go:


    I read what you mean.

    And I interpreted it.

    But I’m not sure if you are suttle attacks messages at me or if you truely care but can’t seem to be positive messages me.

    I was tormented from a young age to line age 35 and my soul is very damaged in fact i have not much of a soul. I lost my soul due to such inside sunburn to me and the most trauma ever could one face.

    Infact i know G*d punished those people who chose to do most wickedly evil things to me and G*d released covid because of my suffering. I believe you will choose not to believe that.

    By saying all this resonates with sex. And it just keeps shutting me down more and more to i become just so so sad.

    As I am love. I am love. I brought love into this universe. Every man and woman growing up from a young age to my mid 30s they wanted to destroy love and girls would reject love. I’m very handsome to.

    I think you’re out to ‘Hawk’ me and saying such things sounds like very negative to me as I know it’s about sex.

    Way to go. You’ve successfully hurt me and really upset me.

    Please choose a positive approach next time. What you said makes me think about trust issues with you.

    I did repair this world and made such most beautiful music… You know what I for that?

    Well it was “hey David thanks for improving our lives so we are estatic about life and we are so in ecstasy in our lives. What we do is we will just continue to curse David because David made the world a better place. In other words it means they will keep stabbing me with daggers and hurting me for all the good things i done to improve this world to a new happy world…

    That just makes me feel so sad.

    If you said what was off your heart then I strongly urge you to choose a positive approach to me. Because what you said feels very upsetting.

    Or if you chose this instead… What you said is to hence say it in a fashion that is basically wanting to attack me and i believe you want me dead or killed by sending these suttle messages by how you know it causes me distress and grief.

    I don’t quite know if it was an suttle attack from you or if it was just a pessimistic outlook to me.

    That does not help me. You should know better. And send only positive things.

    But I’m not sure if you are suttle attacks messages at me or if you truely care but can’t seem to be positive messages me.

  • Kathleen Colman says:

    As I read this this morning it lifted my feelings towards the day ahead. I found myself smiling and realised such contentment. Thank you for your lovely words. I will remember them.

  • Carolina says:

    Beatifully said, thank you❤

  • Donald says:

    Good stuff receiving has always been my week spot as I do have a problem with asking myself am I worthy to receive the gift and when I am receiving I worry to much that some slight chance that greed might come into play and not to associate greed with receiving I have always believed that greed is a bad feel for the universe so to except all the abundance in love and self respect and eleminate all thought of greed would never come into play at all.

  • Michael Moes says:

    I’ll be honest, since my awakening officially began at the begining of the year, I have went a bazillion different ways and sponged up as much knowledge as possible and consequently have just as many silly or useless emails coming in that my lazy side has yet to unsubscribe from. So I can only say it’s spirit that lead me to your post about receiving, but I am so utterly joyful for doing so. My dear I have almost I dunno certainly gone mad admits all the words and phrases and thing’s to do and divination and manifestation and….
    Without being overly dramatic, your post has saved me in a way, in remembering what started it all…me, the wanting of and knowing inside somewhere in me, and all along I was forgetting to release me. Forget about the old me, believe in me, that I too can be worthy!
    So thank you…. thank you so very much!
    Oh, and you are gorgeous by the way

  • Adriana says:

    Thank you Crystal Aryana!!
    I could not agree anymore.
    Thank you for you deeply nourishing words that make a great difference for the day.
    Your kindness is supported by love and it shows in all your words.
    Thank you for giving us a smile when we need it!

  • Andrew says:

    Wonderful! Thank you for your energy, time, love and gifting!! Xxx

  • Gabriel says:

    One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read! Thank you

  • Chantale Jacques says:

    Merci du fond du ❤

  • AL says:

    I can’t thank you enough. It seems like such a small act, leaving an email like this. But I truly believe I was meant to read this. I’m getting kicked out of my home by my own family, after my grandfather passed away. I think they are simply doing this because they are hurting. Non the less it’s Impacted me on so many levels, tonight being one of those rough nights.
    And then I got an email. And decided to read it.
    And Im so glad I did. It helped a lot. So thank you. Thank you for being the reminder I’ve needed for a while.
    I wish you the absolute best

  • Deb Harvey says:

    I cannot thank you enough for your holding a light up to me when mine has been dimmed.

    Debs xxx

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