Rethinking Where You Stand | Full Moon in Leo

By January 28, 2021 Astrology

Hi Friends,

Have you been feeling a bit restless lately?

It seems some tension has been stirring under the surface these last few days, and you might just be starting to notice how uneasy you feel.

This is because your first full moon of 2021 is going to open up something big for you. 

You see, whenever the moon is full, it shines light on your inner world of habits and emotions. 

Something always comes to completion or manifests into your life through events or relationships during the full moon. 

Crazy, right?

The upcoming full moon in Leo on January 28th is going to be intense, but don’t worry. It’s actually going to help you get clear on some really important things in your life. 

With the moon receiving a challenging influence from Mars and Uranus, ego battles are almost guaranteed. 

An unsettled feeling might have you acting out and clashing with others in an attempt to relieve the underlying anxiety or high energy you’re feeling now. 

Dramatic events occurring during this time may actually be highlighting an inner crisis that desperately needs your attention. 

Instead of getting caught up in a chest-puffing contest, you can use this time to resolve your creative blocks, and notice what’s been preventing you from becoming more financially and emotionally secure.

This is an intense moon, with a lot of potential for growth, so hang tight! 

Let’s take a look at what will be happening and what it means for you. 

 A Need For Change

The January 28th full moon involves three fixed signs: Leo, Taurus and Aquarius. With so many stubborn players in the game, there’s bound to be some conflict.

Mars and Uranus in Taurus will be sending a challenging beam of energy to the Moon in Leo, causing ego battles and territorial disputes to erupt with sudden intensity. 

The Sun in Aquarius conjunct Jupiter will be brightening things up and throwing an extra dose of luck into the mix, but could also be a sign of conflict over belief systems.

Although conflict usually feels like a bad thing, if you tune in and pay attention to what’s happening, you’ll see that the cosmos is actually giving you valuable feedback about your position. 

It’s possible you could be stubbornly holding your ground, even when you don’t need to, or doing the opposite and allowing others to cross your boundaries.

These habits might make you feel safe or could simply be familiar. However, neither approach is in alignment with your highest good. 

In order to help you find a better balance, cosmic forces during this full moon could cause outer conflicts to bring your attention toward what’s out of alignment within you. 

Pick And Choose Your Battles Wisely

Remember, your value isn’t determined by whether or not others agree with you. Notice if you’re trying too hard to prove something to someone who isn’t open to your point of view.

If things get too heated, take a breath and politely disengage from the argument. Chances are, you’ll be able to sort through differences with others much better in a few days after your emotions settle down.

By noticing where and who you are getting resistance from, you will realize what needs to change in your approach.

It’s possible your identity has been inflated by a false sense of security or authority, and you need to loosen your grip.

Remember to listen to your inner knowing and not your ego. Deep down you know what the right move is, even if it challenges your sense of pride.

With the Moon in Leo and the Sun in Aquarius, the adjustments you make now will allow more positive technological advancements and creative opportunities to enter into your world. 

Deep down, you already felt a need to change or adjust, but until now, you hadn’t fully realized how. 

Mars in Taurus, where most of the tension is coming from this full moon, is all about having your feet firmly planted on the ground, nourishing the body, and acquiring things of value to stay secure. Taurus is a fixed sign and likes to be steady and enduring in its approach. 

However, if your feet are too steady on the ground, it doesn’t allow you to change and adapt with the ever-evolving universe. 

You must be willing to allow for the upheaval of your old attitudes in order to align with even more enduring values that reflect your deepest, inner truth. 

If instead, you try to stubbornly cling to your established ground, this could be a very difficult moon for you.

This is a time to notice where you can release some of your familiar stability in order to create a more aligned value system. You might have to release some unhealthy parts of your identity in order to do so. 

You may also want to ask yourself if your financial attitude or treasured objects in your life truly provide value, or if you’re just holding onto them out of stubbornness. 

Over the next few days, you’re being called to stay aware, because the full moon in Leo isn’t just stirring up conflict, it’s also triggering your shadow side.

Hidden Desires Come To The Surface

The two main planets causing so much commotion this full moon, Mars and Uranus, happen to be meeting on a potent astrological point called the Black Moon Lilith. 

This makes their energy even more tumultuous, and is cause for extra caution to make sure you’re not being driven by unintegrated, suppressed desires. 

The Dark Moon Lilith conjunct Mars implies you may feel tempted to take action on your darker side. 

Repressed emotions can flare up and cause reckless behavior. You may feel compelled to indulge in laziness, or spend money just to experience extra comfort and pleasure, even though it isn’t a good decision in the long run. 

This need to indulge comes from a feeling of not having your needs sufficiently met. It is the energy of rebellion in response being denied something you need to feel fulfilled.

The best way to work with this energy is to be mindful. Watch what comes up for you.

Try to find a healthy outlet for your shadowy desires, and notice if there is a way to integrate any shame you may be carrying about what you need without overreacting or over-indulging.

Thankfully you can expect a bit of luck throughout this chaotic full moon. The friendly planet Jupiter will be in a perfect position to add a positive spin on any upheaval you’re experiencing.

Catching A Lucky Break

Although the full moon is set to be a tense one, it just so happens to be taking place on the luckiest day of the year, when the Sun conjuncts Jupiter. 

This placement indicates you will be better equipped to turn adversity to your favor, and even make an otherwise difficult situation very lucky and fortunate.

You may feel a bit larger than life. Although Jupiter’s influence is always positive, with difficult aspects to other planets, it can become a test of proportions. You may feel overly confident or take unnecessary risks, which could cause a deficit down the road.

Things are definitely going to get shaken up, so do your best to go with the flow and be willing to sacrifice old attachments in exchange for a renewed sense of purpose and personal values.

With great intensity comes great power you can harness. 

I hope you will take advantage of the moon’s strong energy and channel it toward up-leveling your life.

May you triumph over all adversity,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Is there someone you’ve been in a battle of wills with? What could you let go of to shift a difficult dynamic into one of ease? Let me know in the comments below.

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Ada says:

    Always soooo accurate. Im a Leo from 13th so it is on spot for me.
    I let go any pain and resentment for the past hurts ( just getting out of marriage where It happened that I was abused and cheated on)
    And next day I am receiving email from gov, that the divorce paperwork has been approved by other half… 2 months I will be “free on paper”… prime example of thoughts, feelings & intentions in action!:)

    Thank You for your service

  • Diane J Cotsirilos says:

    I am experiencing everything you described. I am Pisces Sun, Libra Rising, Aries Moon, dealing with a Scorpio Sun, Leo moon and I know that he, despite all his denial, has no true love or desire for me and has been, I believe, seeing another person throughout our 1 year of knowing each other. I get so many intuitive messages about his deceit, but he is a master of secrecy. It makes me physically I’ll to feel that I am being constantly lied to.

  • Steve Porter says:

    I am a Taurus with natal Mars at 6 degrees. My natal Jupiter is at 2 degrees Aquarius. Any suggestions?

  • Leonie says:

    Hi Luna, mine is an unusual story. I have a spirit that was attached to me by blood when I was very little. I am now watching this spirit manipulate the man you spoke of in my life. We’ve known each other for nearly 4 years now, but he has changed over the last few months. The tell tale sign, one I’m always looking for, is the smirk when they have me in a position to hurt me, and I’m seeing on his face more and more.
    I’m happy to examine myself and let go of anything unhealthy in my character. But I also have a strong feeling that now is the time to fight, “show no fear!” Keeps sounding in my spirit.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Tisatri L

    • Leonie Elrick says:

      Hi Luna, mine is an unusual story. I have a spirit that was attached to me by blood when I was very little. I am now watching this spirit manipulate the man you spoke of in my life. We’ve known each other for nearly 4 years now, but he has changed over the last few months. The tell tale sign, one I’m always looking for, is the smirk when they have me in a position to hurt me, and I’m seeing on his face more and more.
      I’m happy to examine myself and let go of anything unhealthy in my character. But I also have a strong feeling that now is the time to fight, “show no fear!” Keeps sounding in my spirit.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated
      Tisatri L
      I have asked for my testimony against the spirit to be examined and have been cleansed of it, yes it hurt very much. The nature of the attachment being my blood however, has turned this spirit hereditary and it has attached itself to my eldest son. All my personal readings and messages from the Angels and the Creator are confirming, my son is playing with the spirit.

  • Gillian Langton says:

    Your comments always seem to be spot on where I am emotionally. I get many Tarot readings but yours seem to mean more to me in my current situation where I am of necessity separated from the one I love and go from feeling sure about him to very unsure from one minute to the next; I find your comments about what I can do to help myself very grounding and useful. Thank you!

  • Arlene H says:

    All of my issues are my part-time job. Outside of it, I have no life whatsoever. I have been divorced for well over 20 years now. I never got remarried and haven’t dated since 2009. I have gone through homelessness from 2010 to 2012 and the events leading up to 2010 from 2008 left me feeling pretty much emotionally numb in terms of relationships or looking to get into one because I have been deceived, disrespected, and just this feeling like I am not good enough (i.e. a married man would have an affair with me because I am a nobody and can easily sneak around, but will never leave a wife for me; date a guy who will never see me as marriage material but will take advantage of me in various ways; meeting my birthmother years ago and never being publicly acknowledged as family).

    My major conflict is with my Scorpio manager. She has this passive aggressive manner of dealing with me. If I forget part of my uniform (I am stuck with KP duty and my shirts always get wet) she will throw it out. She has thrown out other things of mine like a notepad for taking down orders because for the longest time she would never provide the department with any kind of stationery not even a pen; also threatens to throw out first aid supplies which the store is supposed to have an OSHA compliant first aid kit. I work in a deli with lots of things that have sharp edges like slicer blades, knives, and cabinets with lots of hidden sharp edges. Hardly ever a band aid and if there none in the department I have to go upstairs to the manager’s office to see if they have any. I am also autistic and I don’t always convey things well and I am very OCD so my developmental and mental health issues are always in conflict. I took this job and this job actually was a fluke, I didn’t think I would get hired because I haven’t used a slicer since 1986-88. I have had to deal with work place bullying with resulting in no remedy for me but because the bully instigated something with a male employee then they realize my feelings of uneasiness and feeling of not feeling safe around this employee made sense (the guy did drugs and his behavior was deteriorating as he spiraled downward and started exhibiting aggressive behavior and threatening tone of voice.

    My manager isn’t the type to fire someone. In my case, my quality of work is higher than many of my coworkers on my shift. My shift managers know I am a hard worker and I am thorough and I get support from them. But my department manager wants me gone but she doesn’t want the company to pay out unemployment so she will make things miserable for the individual to get them to quit. In the case of Bob the slob who was untidy in his work and in his personal hygiene, she would reduce his hours til he got frustrated and quit. In my case, I am being worked to death in the hopes I collapse on the job (I have cancer that is not being treated (my choice) and I am chronically fatigued coupled with a pre-existing back injury which is acerbated by lifting heavy objects repeatedly.

    Leaving right now isn’t an option with Covid. I live and work in a hotzone. I was looking forward to getting into a training program for Peer Support Specialists but the first time didn’t go well (the interviewers forgot about my interview and I hunted them much for initiative and tenacity). I think I am having a repeat of last year but have decided to not pursue the interviewing people because this time I wasn’t even assigned a time and date for the interview just to get into the training program so I am not “poking the bear” this time. Ironically both times happened during lockdown. If I am meant to be a peer support specialist, the opportunity with happen. I just know that there is more to life than the deli. I used to be an office worker doing temp work for close to 20 years. 20 underemployed and underpaid years. Despite working part-time, the consistent paycheck has given me things I couldn’t have gotten through the feast and famine world of gig economy work. i put myself through college, and I feel so uninspired and energetically drained. I work with young employees who gloss over everything. They resent me. I cannot help the way I am. I know that my OCD and autism may end up getting me fired. I tried going back to office work but my evening part-time leaves me so exhausted, I can’t focus on office work. Two years too little too late with my not reliable former agency

    • It never hurts to look for other jobs in your free time. Who knows, maybe a better position without a difficult manager will become available to you. Perhaps you can file a complaint about your manager with your superiors. I imagine there are laws in place to prevent you from being harassed in the workplace. Look into your options! Best of luck, take care!

  • Kimothy says:

    I’ve met someone on social media. It was sparks right away! Over this 6 day whirlwind, of romance and high desire, and promises on his part to make me his Queen, and be together forever- His profile said he was separated, and has a 12 yr old son. He just had a birthday yesterday, and also a meeting from his superiors. there’s suddenly a problem with his job, where they’ve gone ahead and renewed his contract for a year, because they like him so much, and it’s for a year of living out at sea for another year. He’s panicking because he doesn’t want to do that. He was very upset and said he’s got a family, and needs to be with them. They refused- that is what he told me- and now he is asking me to send an email to his superiors, saying there’s a family emergency, and to let him take a vacation to return to the mainland. But he’s saying I’m his fiancé now, and he’s GOT TO SEE ME!! He’s crazy for me!! He is out on an oil rig out in the Gulf Of Mexico. I did not expect this type of behavior from a person with his high position as head engineer! I’m caring for my 84 year old mother, who has memory problems and dementia, and I’m entering proceedings to get guardianship of her so decisions can be made to make sure she’s getting the best care possible. I certainly cannot leave her home while changing my priorities to his needs!! Yes I have strong feelings for him- but there are some suspicious things , and inconsistencies, certain mysterious things, like both his parents passed, his dad from Diabetes, and his mother went to sleep, and never woke up!
    It seems to me, on this site we communicate on, called Hangouts, that other individuals are also in on our chats. I declined in writing to his superior, even though he said he would write the words for the email, if I would send it. I told him this was way too fast for me.
    What should I do?

  • Marija says:

    Ko iščem samo sebe, in se z raznimi orodji poslužujem, da bi dognala smisel lastnega obstoja, mi je dalo v uvid pristnost slike, ki se je pojavila pred mano.
    Glede na mojo preteklost, sem iskala zavetje v nekem nadnaravnem nagonu, ki me je pripeljal v situacijo samoraziskovanja.
    Moram poudariti, da me je ta pot pripeljala do velikih razsežnosti na čustvenem področju, ki so oblikovale mojo pravo podobo na ravni sil,
    ki so mi bile v preteklosti povsem tuje.
    Vse okoliščine, in zapleti dajejo občutek tesnobe, ki se nikakor ne vzkladujejo s srcem.
    Tu se bije boj za zmago.
    Kakšna je moja prihodnost?
    Z vsem, kar je v moji moči se trudim, da sledim svojemu srčnemu utripu, in v pristnost razuma, da vse, kar se dogaja, naj bi bilo z enim razlogom,
    kajti počutim se kot del mase, ki ga vstaviš v kalup, da dobi svojo podobo.
    Z vsem spoštovanjem

  • Phillip says:

    I have been in a small argument with a Leo female–but thanks to what you wrote, rather than argue with her, I SHOWED her what I was talking about without having to argue about it. It was a photograph, and rather than explain anything to her, I simply took the photograph, made it the way I wanted, and showed her the completed photo……see, no argument!

  • Gal says:

    All the best for you and your son, Eleanor. God will bless you both. Take care.

  • Eleanor Hjemmet says:

    I have just called 911 for my schizophrenic 35 year old son and EMT’s have come to take him to the hospital in a terrible suicidal state. He is a Taurus. I’m pretty alarmed at how pertinent today’s post is… and grateful you report that Jupiter ameliorates some of this terrible crisis going on for us right now. He’s been on a rollercoaster of hospitalizations and medication changes since last late October… this will be his 4th hospitalization since then. He is suicidal, addicted to a terrible substance (paint thinner–which he drank tonight) and has been overdosing himself with multiple doses of his meds in front of me just a few minutes ago. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. He is too precious a person to lose to this nightmare. I pray for help for him, and pray he can see hope for himself.
    I am 76. My husband, his dad, passed away at home here just a little over a y ear ago.

  • Susan says:

    Oh yes… sudden communication from an ex brought up my own hidden tension. Need to release… perhaps really really letting thi go will slow for what’s aligned with me to come in. Feel like I’m breaking open on an even deeper level than before.

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