It’s Time to Resurrect It or Release It

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Radical Forgiveness

“Even when unresolved past traumas and issues arise, I do my best to hold them in love and look forward.”

Hi love…

You have divine permission.

You are allowed my love.

Even when (especially when) the energy can go in all kinds of directions, and you must choose.

(*words in my head allll week, so I felt maybe you could use them too, love you!)

Before a new chapter can fully begin, the old one must be finished.

Think back to what was going on for you 6 months ago, back in late October of last year?

(By the way, this was when Sun and Uranus were OPPOSING each other in the sky, over the Scorpio new moon).

Now this is where astrology can be so interesting as if there is a magical orchestrated sense to it all because this week over the Scorpio FULL Moon, the Sun is now CONJOINED Uranus making the last 6 months in some way, come to resolution.

Much less all this Pluto action we are all feeling amongst the transits lately (and Pluto retrograding today) showing us to uncover what has been keeping us STUCK…

Yes the energy right now is pushing through to the surface whatever has been holding us down in old patterns.


Even when the intensity and the unexpected shows up…

> What it really means to love yourself < and end the old trauma pattern.


Allowing YOU to love yourself in the way you always needed.

Not punish yourself.

Allowing YOU to forgive yourself for whatever that is.

Forgive yourself for leaving you.

And learning to return to love inside you.

“Even when unresolved past traumas and issues arise, I do my best to hold them in love and look forward.”

To open your physical body and being, to trust and guide your life from here (*only if you are in a physically safe environment of course).

To do the work of being a creator and showing up for yourself (and knowing whatever you go through IS YOU CREATING IT AND IS YOU BRINGING YOU HOME TO YOURSELF)

To do the work of Loving yourself-in-action…

= in BEING.

To trust your own body and to give yourself what you need to flourish!

To make the difficult decisions to stop “charging” and entertaining what really isn’t really YOU; what does not turn your soul on.

Recognizing what is really your HEART speaking over what the TRAUMA is saying.

And to forgive yourself for abandoning you—for not knowing how to trust yourself…

For believing someone else’s truth when you knew better…

And Yess, of course…

Forgiving others.

Forgiving life, in the ways that caused you to hurt.

And learning to allow what must DIE, to rest in the earth, to fertilize the new…

This means knowing how to close out cycles in your life ready to be closed out.

Knowing when a way or a situation or stage has come to an end.

Closing cycles, shutting doors, ending chapters – whatever name we give it, what matters is to leave in the past the moments of life that have finished.

Did something happen or end not as you expected?

Did you lose a loved one or a loving relationship come to an end?

Did you lose a job or have to move?

Did you travel to a new place?

Has a lasting situation or friendship suddenly ended?

You can spend a long time wondering why this has happened.

You can stay frozen and not take another step forward until you figure out why what was once so stable has now turned to dust.

You can keep watching that same sad movie over and over that makes you cry (ya know, the one that shows how much you suffered from a certain loss yet that is only poisoning you, and nothing else.)

Or you can stop turning on your emotional television to watch the same program over and over again and GET OUT of the swamp.

You can cling to the worst of times with your whole identity because you don’t know what it’s like to “not fight” …

Or you can try a new way…

Choose to love yourself.

You can forgive…

And Life moves forward.

If you are feeling called to this message know you may have a deep choice point moving forward.

Are you going to be driven by love or driven by loss?

It’s time to either resurrect it and burn its embers hot into flames. Or release it.

Everyone is finishing chapters these days…turning over new leaves, getting on with life, and it’s a pivotal choice to stay standing still.

Yes love, you can let go and forgive.

No matter where you are, you can CREATE something new and WAY MORE FULFILLING to your physical life and your soul…

Like I’ve written in the past, RADICAL Forgiveness is not JUST about learning to let go and creating something new outside of the old pattern.

It’s about choosing what you LOVE MORE and making room for the miracle…

Even realizing the things you go through that you didn’t quite expect may eventually bring you deep and profound life changes that you didn’t always know you needed but those changes you are very grateful for in the end.

It’s about self permission and provisioning self love over victim, shame and entitlement.

So be open to it.

Seeing the perfection from a higher heart place…

Yes, this isn’t the old model of forgiveness. Traditional forgiveness is based on old programming that puts you in a state of co-dependency.

And if you always believe that “life happening to you” and that you are always the victim in every situation, and that other people are responsible for your discomfort, then anger will almost always be the default response.

Many don’t even know that they still cling to “victim” from a place of NOT being ‘trauma informed’ and instead completely colored by trauma usually feeling justified in feeling this way (self-righteous).

If, on the other hand, you are grounded in your body and coming from the root of your own wholeness (singularity)…then you are more aware that you are always accountable for what happens in your life and in spite of how things appear, nothing wrong or right is happening.

And from this place your emotional response will be very different, of course after a little reflection and calming down!


Radical Forgiveness.

There’s nothing to blame or suffer or escape or bypass away from.

There’s “no punishment to have.”

Only unlocking what you REALLY need and showing up all the way for it.

Only collapsing the old by directly facing it in your present nervous system and BODY so you can receive the embodied “ah hah” and GIFT from the situation, just as it is.

This is where YOU step into being a CREATOR…

This is where I am learning right now that no matter what life throws at me I am recognizing it as a divinely aligned opportunity for me to love and accept myself, deeper.

We all share a story of unworthiness deep down.

We’ve all been conditioned to attach our sense of self to our work, or our knowledge, or our bodies, appearance, achievements, other people, roles, material things, etc…

Yet uprooting these beliefs and coming home to the truth of who we really are and how inherently lovable, beautiful, worthy, sacred, and precious we are—naked and stripped just as we are— IS the REAL work.

This is how we liberate ourselves and each other from so much needless suffering and how we know real love and truth in our life.

So it’s time.

Facing and embracing all of the painful feelings and being courageous enough to walk through this fires of our own self permission.

It’s time to keep letting go of this mask of unworthiness.

This mask of choosing fear and thinking it’s more tangible and real, than in-the-body love.

And choose…

To let go of what no longer supports your growth and path to love from here.

Here’s a simple exercise for you to try where you can collapse old timelines from a body-level awareness …

This is where you …

1. Tell the story until it’s ALL out

2. Feel the feelings somatically ALL the way

3. Collapse the story (reclaim forgotten power)

4. Reframe the story (acknowledging higher gift)

5. Integrating the new “healthy story…”

Now let’s break this down into short paragraphs and talk about each one…

Stage 1: Telling the Story

This is where you tell the story of what happened, why you it hurt, who hurt you, why you feel victimized, who is to blame, and so on.

The aim is allowing your story to be witnessed and validated from within you. You can also share with a loved one who honors you.

Stage 2: Feeling the Feelings

This is where you give yourself permission to feel the full range of feelings associated with the story, no matter what they are.

There’s so many (somatic) practices out there to help you feel fully in your nervous system and body.

Yet even allowing sensations in your body on a daily “check in” to flow, is intelligent and healthy when it comes to self-regulation and inner standing.

Stage 3: Collapsing the Story

In this part, you take a step backwards and try to understand the person’s motives for doing what they did, bring some empathy, mercy, and compassion into the mix, and try to cut them some slack in spite of what they did to you.

You also try to cut out all the stuff that isn’t quite true but you added to the story to make it seem more than it was, and so on. But this is as far as conventional forgiveness can go.

It still identifies you as a victim and even though you are making an effort to forgive the person, he or she is not let off the hook. He/she is still seen as the perpetrator and responsible for your unhappiness.

Stage 4: Reframing the Story

It’s at this point that Radical Forgiveness takes us where convention forgiveness can never go and where few of us have ever been before. But it is the key to a whole new way of thinking…

It’s where YOU begin to see that at the spiritual level there is nothing to forgive because everything that occurs happens not TO us but FOR us.

Stage 5: Integrating the New Story

The old victim story lived in every cell of our body. Having dissolved that story, the new (reframed) story has to be put in its place. For that to happen we need to do something physical for the integration to take place. It can be done through writing, speaking it out, dancing, music, and best of all, breathwork…

Okay, love…

The new paradigm of Radical Forgiveness and process outlined above offers you the opportunity and space to not just be the “effect” in a cause-and-effect world, but the CAUSE …


You Truly Are A Creator.

And I see you!

Do you see you?

What do you see when you look at you?

Can you celebrate you?

Even in the setback-detouring and difficult times?

Do you see the ever-changing you?

Can you feel the deeper you?

Today I am simply inviting you to be conscious of your “I am” presence.

In other words, watch what you are defining yourself as and molding yourself into with your “I am” statements and thoughts.

I invite you to repeat after me:

“I am love”

“I am connection”

“I am whole”

“I am sovereignty”

“I am pure God living divine light”

“Even when unresolved past traumas and issues arise, I do my best to hold them in love and look forward”

And so it is.

Love you.

Crystal Aryana
Tarot Reading Daily

P.S. Leave any comments or questions you have below.

Crystal Aryana

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  • Suzanne German says:

    Dear Crystal
    The timing of your email about forgiveness could not have been better timed for me. I had a falling out with a close friend yesterday afternoon, I actually aired what was on my chest, and it wasn’t nice. It’s left me feeling sad about the ‘loss’ and also questioning the ‘love’ with my friend.
    When I read this article, explaining how releasing the negative and positively moving forward puts us in the creator role not victim. (Even if we don’t convey this to the other person), is very moving, empowering and loving.
    Thank you
    Suzanne x

  • Delilah J Smith says:

    Thank you, I so needed to be reminded of this. It’s one thing to know in the mind. I needed to Feel through my Heart. I am crying like a baby

  • Duane Davis says:

    I have to say, everything you said went strait to my heart. I believe I needed the confirmation your words gave me.


  • Dorlinda Chong says:

    I have been struggling with self-love and forgiveness for years. I tried an exercise of writing down the things that the person I wanted to forgive did that made me mad at them, but the anger never abated, even after I started repeating the affronts. It was a bottomless anger. It’s like when my mother begins venting about my father and the pain is as palpable this time as it was the first time when they divorced in 1967. She never progresses. I have not, either. But she is not trying to release it, and I have. I think “release” is the key. And that notion that things are not being done TO me but FOR me was like a flash of enlightenment. I will work on self-love with that in mind. Maybe I will be able to free myself of this emotional burden, now. Thanks.

  • mahlatse finix says:

    Thank your for the beautiful touching message. It’s like I now know what to do to make it all alright. For so long I’ve been paralysed by the past and very anxious of the future that I don’t even know what to do with myself. Reading this gives me the power ,courage and hope that I can actually rescue myself from the past and carry myself into the future.

  • Beth says:

    Thank you !!! This is definitely something I need in my life, I need you to help me love me again ❤️

  • Dean says:

    Thank you crystal godbless you sending many blessing to you

  • Anthony says:

    I don’t know how to love, never really taught how to love at an early age. The only thing I remember is the pain and the hurt. I don’t belong here in this life. I feel like I lived a thousand life times, sometimes living in the deep past. I am always hated by people no matter if I’m right or wrong. Being alone is my fate, being hated, abused, and told I’m nothing for most of my childhood life. Kids in school would beat me up, teachers have tried to choke me and they call it discipline, my father would hit me after school and my mother would just tell at me, for asking a question. Finding out later I was adopted and my real father would stand next to me not saying a word. I have no friends, no family, just alone with my thoughts. All I know is pain and that is all I have. So what is love cause I never experienced it. The scars I have are too deep.

    • Suzanne German says:

      My heart goes out to you, surely you being here means you’ve attracted this into your life?
      Is it possible for you to approach or refraim your response to: ‘I am here because I am meant to be, like everyone here, I want to feel my inner goodness and love, I will ho forward with this sense of my inner love.’
      Might dissolve the hard thick edges containing the past and release it allowing more space inside you for transformation.
      Peace and love

  • Konrad says:

    You are spot-on. The problem I’m having is I am still being manipulated by the break down that started in August last year.
    But the universe is still very busy re-weaving the fabric of my life… forgetting is easier than forgiving.

  • Jackie Smith says:

    This was something that I truly needed to see and feel. It touched me to the depths if my soul and made a huge impact in how I now look at and see things in my life. Thank u so very much

  • Sherri says:

    The hardest part is forgiving those that were supposed to be protectors, because some of what has shaped me from childhood has also shaped my paths. Saying the words I forgive you is easy. But feeling it is very hard. I totally understand my anger and I am working on it, but then with the loss of my son I am once again reshaped. I try to feel and being honest? Half of me is gone. And now trying to work things out again. This made my eyes water because I so wish I could Let It Go…. So I will leave it as a work in Progress.

  • Elvis Ofosu-Boateng says:

    I’m really touched by your message. It is very hard to forgive. But now I have forgiven my self and what else do I need to do to forgive the offenders and let go for good.

  • Rhonda young says:

    Wow. Smartest thing I have heard anyone say since the last time I listened to Mr. Jordan peterson! U my dear are on a diff level, and I sincerely appreciate your lovely words. Wishing you divine happiness miss lady! Again, Thank you!

  • Tiffany says:

    You have no idea how much I needed to read this.

  • Archie says:

    Every single word of this post is highly relatable, this is the energy I am going through I was amazed to read how it could be so resonative. Will try that “I AM” n “Radical Forgiveness”. Hoping to value n livin’ myself more rather than what consumed me in the past.

  • Thank you, but its so hard being a pieces in love with a married man, i have been rejected by a man i truly love, but i am fighting the heartbreak, so maybe i do just need to stop chasing him and dreaming about a future with this leo and go on and experience the heartbreak, he is too loyal to his wife, he is so perfect, but i really dont want to cry over him yet. I feel like we are true soul mates, twin flames and i will be his 3rd wife and he will be my 3rd husband, but his relationship with wife #2 is good. Like i said i dont want to feel the heartbreak, i am so confused.

  • Norman B says:

    Your right. Bitterness & resentment is a poison that slowly eats away at the soul & with that life flies so fast & precious time is wasted & gone forever. Sooner or later we all hurt one another. I guess the key to it all is figuring out who is worth hurting for. Funny how we forget what really matters at times isn’t it. Oh how im grateful for 2nd chances. Thanks for the reminder

  • Cresencio says:

    Amen thank you

  • Babia Oliver says:

    Thank you tarot reading.

  • Arron Smith says:

    Thank you this email reached me right after the pink moon and as I was already having a discussion about the past truama that was holding my back and getting ready to do a technique for releasing this truama, definitely divine timing in this message coming to me and my heart being able to understand it fully and receive it. Thank you for this I believe it has already helped me let it go and forgive myself and others in the story. I will do as the email says and edit or reframe the story and allow it to change the status quo. I thank you and love you and feel absolute Joy in this moment. Much Love light and succeso to you. P.S. You share the same name as my daughter just a different spelling of it and that’s amazing to me how things coincide like this.

  • Monica says:

    Nothing I have ever received from you has sound more true than this – It has profoundly touched me – I cannot even tell you how I needed to hear this. Forgiveness is something I have never allowed myself to feel. Thank you. Monica

  • Irene says:

    Your message touched my soul and yes I can forgive but so hard to forget and let go of the “what if I could have”…..but baby steps. Thank you

  • Honestly in tears atm. I have been turning my career change from what it was into helping others through rune, tarot, n chakra healing. I received a special thank you yesterday, from a friend who wishes to be anonymus, that I recently did a rune and tarot reading for. I really appreciate everything you said today. Healing myself before others has always been in the back of my mind. And releasing all this negative pent up energy has weighed on my mind since the last New Moon. Self cleansing has always been 1st before helping someone else. Negative thoughts can be passed so easily I avoid making projects, art and avoid people when I am in a “mood” . Thank you sooo much for reminding me to continue with self purification and forgiveness.

  • Rose says:

    Beautifully spoken/written, gives us the inspiration/process to heal ourselves, sending love to you for the work you are doing❤️

  • Thandi Felicia Mombedzi says:

    Thandi Mombedzi from SA: reading this today made me realise that the only can move forward is the forgive my past and all that hurt me specially being mistreated by my own parents and my siblings neglecting myself due to the way they were towards me. From today I am open to my new life future and take great steps that bring freedom and peace allowing abundance flows in and out of me kindly.

  • Noah says:

    Thanks so for the words…I really appreciate it ….I have forgiven myself

  • Jacquine says:

    That was so deep love, you touch my soul in a way I never thought could be, you couldn’t have said it any better.

    Thank you

  • Remy says:

    This is absolutely the medicine I needed today! The advice came out of nowhere and as I ponder how or why a random cat has come and clocked me in my garden isn’t life beautiful… thank you very much and blessings to you also

  • Anekia says:

    Thank this is truly deep ,I feel very much connected to this message.

  • K S Narayan says:

    The Tarot reading was an fascinating one. I have just retired but continuing in a new job at a different location away from my family..I do not know ws hether it is coincidence or destined to happen that I was contacted over social media by four different ladies over past 3-4 months. Since i was staying alone, i also continued with our chats over Whatsapp. All the three were and are very attractive and doing well in their professions. The first lady was a free loving with family and we seem to like each other and suddenly it stopped from both sides. The second lady was a divorcee but beautiful and attractive and doing well in profession as a business woma. She wanted to meet me in my country which is India but suddenly all communication stopped. The 3rd lady was highly attractive,beautiful and doing well in her profession as a Captain of a cruise Ship. She was in love with me and I also reciprocated. She also wanted to meet me in India and inspite of telling her that the carona situation is alarming, she made it a point that she would be landing on 6th April and after that there was complete silence and no communication at all. The 4th lady, we got in touch in immediately after the communication with the 3rd lady broke down and since then we are continuous chats sometimes very intimate. She is also a divorcee but doing well as doctor. Sheseems to be in deep love with me based on our daily chats from morning till late night. She is very beautiful and I also have fallen in love with her. Now I’m in a confusing mind whether what I’m doing is right for her as well as me She is from London but at Yemen at the moment working under UN flag in an hospital. Please advise me as what is in store for me and how to proceed.

  • Jules says:

    Thank you so much this is what I needed. You saved my life from misery and despair. You are blessed.

  • Petreana Lavon Anderson-Anderson says:

    Thank you for this message. I held my apophyllite crystal as I read it and became tearful as the words began to penetrate so deeply. Forgiveness has been the mantra since before the pandemic began and even more pronounced during it. I know it is time to FULLY RELEASE it and stop resurrecting it as it and those people no longer serve me or the purpose for my life They taught me some valuable lessons about their connections to me. However, their season has passed and I must get on with living a healthy, happy, whole life full of joy, peace, fun, excitement, anticipation, etc… The exercise you included will definitely be my guide toward forward movement. Again, thank you for this message.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Thank you Crystal your words were very helpful and couldn’t have come at a more appropriate time.

  • Donald Scott says:

    I really don’t understand, because I really don’t remember any thing that has to do with break up but now I do have an identical twin brother that is 3 minutes older than me named Ronald Scott that passed away very suddenly like from good and living to going to the doctor and doctor says son you have 30 to 60 days to live your dead no matter what he went from me to in the grave in 22 days !! Now my nose was between his toes when we were born, he was my life even if we were fighting or what not I be could fill it if he got hurt would have to go after him now this is the only trama I remember I wish I could find out what I need to let go but I’ll never let him go I’ll not because this is a part of me.
    Love and light Donald Scott

  • Leah says:

    Really felt this… this is where im trying to be to be able to forgive completely and accept everything for what it is!

  • Ree says:

    Forgiveness is a big one for me right now, I’m trying but still being blamed. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I’ll try to lead with Love for MYSELF! Thanks

  • Ani says:

    As always, spot on. I’m still dealing with my husband’s suicide last July, and it has been very difficult to forgive him, and also not feel guilty that I somehow contributed to him doing this horrible thing.

  • Zena Lord says:

    Perfect woke up with this very feeling today.
    Thank you

  • Anna says:

    I needed this!
    Every last word. Forgiving myself is hard, I’m working on it everyday.
    Thank you.

  • Jill says:

    That is still beautiful!

    Exactly as it is…

    Thank you, Crystal, for your light!

    You are truly inspiring❣️

  • Melissa Lynn Short says:

    That was very perceptive, even though its tough to accept

  • Anna B VonBehren says:

    This was incredibly inspiring and moved me in ways that shook my stuck loose. I am a Taurus sun, my Destiny #is 4. The way of mastery. Uranus is in tune with 4. It’s in my sun sign. Scorpio is my sister sign. Taurus is attachment and Scorpio is detachment. 6 months ago is when I first started to learn tarot when my first deck was gifted to me by my neighbor. I detached from the world even more and after suffering a MAJOR loss that I was not ready to face because I was worried about my daughter’s needs. It was her dad. I was on quarantine and she had to be with for 3 weeks. On my last night before the sun rose on my day if release….he died that midnight. 4-26-2020.

    When last October hit..i was as detached to myself and my social circle more than ever….We had a full moon in Taurus on Samhain.

    Since then …my journey had picked up momentum. December I started my own tarot page do to free readings in exchange for feedback. That quickly spiraled when my mental health pushed against me.

    I tried to hide it but it showed….I once again I fell short to my hype. It was embarrassing. I picked back up in February. Advertised me to do a life feed for the new moon in March. Then my nerves choked me again and I blamed it on electronics…lol took another hiatus and found my way back. Shadow work through Shamanic teachings with a Shaman. Started that on 422 and I’m so happy I did…it opened me to me for the first time. I matter I am not just matter here to stand in for other beings.

    I have a new perspective on my vulnerabilities and found strength in them. I realized that i need help and that it’s ok to ask for it. I have not had a job in a year but I feel I am worth so much more than killing myself to just pay bills.

    I am a survivor because I was victimized.
    In many ways than one. However, with having found that I lost everything …I no longer had the obligation to have things or the amount of my things prove my worth….I need to prove nothing to no one …I prove myself everyday that I am worth more than others words or opinion…..and my conditioned words and opinions are not my beliefs anymore. ACTION IS WHAT I WANT AND WILL ONLY EXCEPT FROM NOW ON.

  • Shirley says:

    Good day

    Thank thank thank very much you have touch my soul today i know how to go forwords with your help

    I wanted to do everything you told me but fear was over powering me i didn’t trust myself at all but some how i had that strong feeling that is good to move alone do things different

    Since last year September i was stand still everything that was doing or trying to do it just vanish in front of me
    I lost a job but i was lazy to find new one telling myself is ok lazy to do everything to go out

    When i released that im not doing anything for myself . And i started searching what must i do i fell like the is something holding me down i truck myself to do some of thing and with no luck i try to look for a place to stay, love and work . im stuck i dont see the way i just wake up and wait the sun go down please help i need myself im must move me to next level

    Thanks for today i got a light promise to practice what you told me

    See you soon friend


    • Dr Sneha mehta says:

      Hi.. i feel all you hv written abt radical forgiveness. Bt only my mind understands that bigger picture. My heart doesnt accept that bogger picture. Bcoz at some point u feel that it isnt wrong to feel loved n respected by the one you loved. Its not abt him. Its abt you yourself and your deservance and esp wen everything is going smooth since 6 months and suddenly person rejects u in front of his n ur family – you are bound to feel disrected and victimised. What u say on this ? Bcz no reason in the world can validate insulting a girl on her physical attributes in front of family esp when you hv invited them home.. which logistics or wat radical approaches you would apply to tell your heart to look at d bigger picture ? When u demand justice from god , there is nothing wrong in it. And thts y i am stuck in my past.. what do u think i should do ? Coz my expectations arent from humans mine are from God..

      • Archie says:

        Similar is my case . . I could feel you..
        But I think let’s be a lil more patient.. if you really have faith in God.. let’s just leave everything upto him.. n not think (try thinking) about what happened, what should happen n all .. let’s just see what he is trying to tell us, show us, transform us.
        I know it’s difficult it’s extremely difficult, but we can not control what’s thrown at us, but surely what we do out of it.
        So let’s dive into the leap of faith not only in God but also in us.. by doing what we could do n leave rest on time, god.
        I know it’s difficult but meditation has healing properties, give it a try you will feel more closer to your true self n more connected with God n less reactive to people n things, hence using your energy in right direction.
        I hope it helps n may god give you courage n light to pass this phase n I truly believe he has many great things for you in the box.

  • Hi Aryana
    I already told myself the story long time ago, and looked at it from every prospective.
    So in myself i understood and didn’t blame them. I forgive because what you said that on a spiritual level
    there is nothing to forgive, because everything that occurs happens for a reason.
    Not to us , but for us.
    Yes i get all this i done the work on this months ago, trouble is it didn’t help me because it was the wrong time.
    So please tell me what do i do now. in plain English in short. Do i still say good by, i really am confused and really
    Suffering. I am completely alone with this i have know one to talk to. Just advise i am lost completely.

  • Evelyn says:

    Very intense, thanks, helping me deeply,

  • Evelyn says:

    Very intense, thank you, helping me deeply.

  • Uesila says:

    Thank you so much, there is so much wisdom in this message.
    God bless you
    This message come to me at the right time and I’m truly grateful.
    Sending love and light ✨

  • I literally just wrote this out on my Instagram. This email I read right after. I love divine timing.

  • Lanie Cubay says:

    Yes I can let go & forgive…. I choose to love myself. Thank you so much for your message I’t so amazing

  • Khosile says:

    Thank you, so much, it is as if a baggage of load I was carrying on my shoulder, just fell off, Forgiveness is the way to go into full recovery.
    Once more, thank you so much

  • Lulama says:

    You have healed me in ways you cannot even imagine, you always on time just when need you, you are the therapist, comforter, advisor. You are able to calm, take away my anxiety and negative thoughts your exercises have helped me a lot. Your words have done wonders in my life I’m truly proud to be part of your life and to have you help me walk through this journey with me. I’ve been playing the victim and having that mind set for years not seeing that I was burying myself into depression. Thank you so much Aryans❤️

  • Sharon Scerri says:

    Thankyou all that was very comforting and I think it was all very relevant to my situation and after all I’ve Been through I know the trauma really does play on and on which alwayz gives me a sad heart and fills me with negatives feelings which in the end only makes the suffering go on and on feel my nose broken (WHEN I HAD DONE NOTHING WRONG TO ANYONE AND WASNT EVEN LOOKING AT THE OTHER PERSON )has made me ugly lost self sonfidence and the drive to be my best self is inner voices saying now I’m older and ugly my life (what life) just a waste all these thoughts sometimes consume me making me fell worse there is no benefit so Thankyou for your advise and words of wisdom!!!THANKYOU FOR TRYING TO HELP

  • Greg says:

    This Resonates Very LOUD

  • Teresa M King says:

    I can’t “simply for give” suicide attempt ruined me. Yes I servived…but for what? I’m bitter and pissed off… I’ve been trying to for give….it’s simply not possible…

  • Lashonta Wright says:

    Exactly what I needed.!

  • Julie says:

    This had me crying.

  • Lili Amadi says:

    This was a truly blessed message. Thank you Crystal, you have done more than you could ever know for me today.

    Sending Love x

  • Sharon Fuller says:

    Thank you I really appreciate this I have lost my whole family due to lies told by my daughter in law and now I feel that I might be able to try to move on . Once again thank you

  • Donna says:

    Thank you Crystal, Perfectly said!

  • Tetesa says:

    Thank you for your blog ! It really made since to me ! I have had several traumas in my life starting in my twenties! I always try to act like they don’t bother me while I am slowly dying inside ! I was taught to not show emotion when I was growing up ! If my mom and dad were into it my mom would drive to the grocery store parking lot and sit there and I would be in the backseat watching her cry ! Not knowing why!! So yes I I am not good at all at dealing with trauma ! My mom died when I was 23 and five months pregnant ! So I couldn’t deal with it ! I kept it all bottled up along with other traumas til I had a nervous breakdown! At 23 ! Who does that ! I’m just weird and feel emotions a lot more intense than most people ! I’m a empath! Ended up in the ER over one episode about 6 months ago ! Still not sure why I felt like someone died ‘ seriously my heart was in so much agonizing pain! And I have no idea why ! I’m just weird but your blog hit home ! I appreciate your writing and wish you and your child the best !

  • Kathy says:

    Wow…..always astounded when I read this stuff…..I can relate to every sentence… do you do that lol

  • Crystal says:

    Thank you so much for this. I’ve really been needing to hear it probably all of my life. Thank you again with all my heart. , Crystal

  • Viviane Paolini says:

    You came at the right moment. I forgave my husband, which we are legally separated, and I have redone my life and myself being a
    ““I am pure God living divine light”. Strong and powerful, fighting for my rights that he wants to deny them and leave me in misery.
    I am taking everything in my hands and thanking the universe for sending me someone that can help me out of the blue.
    Thank you for this email.

  • Lori Kempfer says:

    Your blog about “resurrect it or release it “, hit way too close to the heart today. I definitely needed to hear that and I’m writing down the steps you listed in my journal, it’s going to be a work in progress, that much I can definitely tell….it’s NOT an easy thing for me to do, I’ve held on to this for 7 years now….but, I do believe it’s time for me to grow, and let things go that DON’T help me to achieve that spiritual growth. Thank you very much for your words today, I NEEDED to hear them!!!

  • Debra Matherne says:

    So true what you sent me my past needs to be done you are so right. I found a better person but it’s new and little scary but I know he is a better person for me. My ex regrets what he done but never admitted he was wrong so I know I have to let it go so I can set myself free from the pain. Great email thank u

  • Brenda Collins says:

    This was the best ever. Everything you said was spot on. I have forgiven and I am letting go so I can move on with my life and start caring about my self for once in my life. Crystal you are the angle God sent to me.THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR YOUR WORDS❤️

  • HOSEA says:

    HOSEA .,……. message torches me deeply…how can’t I restore my image ,faith , trust and confidence.,..,.am down now.. thanks for

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