Restoring The Balance | Weekly Tarot Reading | 11/15 – 11/21

By November 16, 2020 November 17th, 2020 Tarot Cards

Hey there! Jonathan here, with some exciting news for the week ahead.

Is there a something out of balance in your life that you’ve been wanting to resolve?

In this week’s reading, we see a completion to something that has been consuming your energy for quite some time.  

This finalization will bring you peace of mind, and marks the end of something that may have been a long and arduous battle. 

You may be signing a contract, wrapping up a legal situation, ending karmic challenges, or following through on anything else requiring you to fulfill your side of the bargain. 

You can expect support to arrive from a powerful individual, or have your own motivation kick into gear. This will give you the opportunity to take actions that will improve your situation significantly. 

The tides are turning, and you will come out ahead. 

The end of this complex, energy sapping, situation will give you peace of mind, and restore your sense of innocence.

So if it’s been a slog through life recently, you might have some much needed peace and ease by the end of the week. 

It’s all in the cards, so let’s take a look in more detail:

Card #1: Justice | Balance Restored 

Have you been experiencing legal or contractual issues? Are you dealing with something that feels unfair or unjust and has been making you worry?  

When the Justice card is pulled, it means there is a resolution on its way. Whatever this struggle has been for you, it will soon come to a finish. 

If you are embroiled in a legal case, there will be a breakthrough and possible finalization. If you are struggling with divorce negotiations, you will start coming to an agreement. 

It’s also possible that you will be signing a contract of some kind, or settling a business dispute. Regardless of what your situation is, you will begin to see a clear path to its end this week. 

Whatever your situation, this card is a reminder to treat yourself and others fairly, in order to ensure the best outcome in your situation.

Justice does tend to come with compromise. There will be a fair outcome, but fair may not mean everything you were hoping for. Staying grounded, and being grateful for what does come your way. It is your best bet. 

One way or another, you can expect that balance will be restored, and justice served. As you’ll see in the next card, this victory will be achieved through the help of someone powerful who has your best interests in mind. 

Card #2: King of Wands | A Great Protector Arrives

Is there someone who has stepped forward to help you recently? If not, it’s quite possible a powerful and helpful person will come to your aid this week. 

The King of Wands is a true leader, who brings with him honor, strength, and inspiration. He has tempered his anger and impulsiveness, and learned to be strategic with his energy and power. 

This card could indicate that a mature and knowledgeable person wants to help guide you towards success. He is likely older than you, and may be a visionary or entrepreneur. 

Welcome his help. This person has your best interests in mind, and if you’re willing to receive what he has to offer, you could gain handsomely. 

He will be a reminder that you are not alone, and that there are those who want you to succeed.

On the flip side, The Kind of Wands could be calling to you to remember how capable you yourself are. You can be as wise and inspired as the King. He asks you to be patient, but also to keep your desired destination always in mind. 


Particularly if you’ve been feeling less than capable, this card is here to remind you just how powerful you can be when you put your intention and energy behind the challenges at hand. 

As you untangle the complicated situation before you, there will be room for respite and rest. Your next card indicates an upcoming opportunity to get in touch with your playful, joyful self.

Card #3: Six of Cups | Return to Innocence

Has it felt like only business, work, and challenges, for a while now? You might be asking yourself,what happened to the fun in my life?

If this is the case, your third card, the Six of Cups, is bringing a welcome relief. 

The Six of Cups represents a return to innocence, simplicity, and joy. You can see in the card two small children sharing in the delights of youthful innocence. 

They are protected in the walls of the castle, and are able to enjoy the simple beauties of life because of their safety and ease. 

After the storm, there is time for quiet and harmony again. Once the legal matters or issues of justice are aside, you will get a great sense of relief this week. Give yourself time to enjoy the simple things around you. 

This is a great time to pay attention to your inner child. Do something fun. Go on an inner-child ‘play date’, like going to the park, or watching a cartoon movie that will make you laugh. 

This is also a perfect moment to enjoy the relationships in your life. If your loved ones have felt a distance from you, reach out and mend your connections. They will be receptive to you. 

Life will feel fresher by the end of the week, so stop and enjoy the roses, let the sunshine in, and have some fun!

Shaking Off the Burdens

What has felt unfair, burdensome, and tumultuous, has the opportunity to come to an end this week. Be sure to do your due diligence, and help in whatever way you can to bring things to a smooth resolution. 

Keep your eyes out for individuals who want to provide help, and be willing to receive it. They are likely experienced and can give you wise advice and maybe even inspire you. 

Knowing your struggle is about to end can give you the extra boost you need to take charge and show up courageously. So don’t give up now! You’re so close. 

By the end of the week, as you begin to see that things are going to work out just fine, let yourself have a little fun. Take a big sigh, and shake off the grit and grime of the struggles of life. 

Enjoy some time with your kids, or take time with your inner-child. You can do this by remembering something you used to love to do as a kid. Treat yourself to simple play and innocent pleasures. 

Ultimately, the upcoming days will be getting brighter. So jump into the week with zeel, knowing that you’ll come out the other side a whole lot lighter. 

As always, 

With love, 

And in service, 

Jonathan Lionheart

P.S. What burdens have been getting in your way lately? What helps you get in touch with your inner joy and innocence? Let me know in the comments below! I look forward to hearing from you.

P.P.S. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and stuck around legal matters, or just having a hard time right now, you can schedule an in-depth reading with me here

Jonathan Lionheart

About Jonathan Lionheart

As a doctoral student in Somatic Studies, Jonathan Lionheart has always has a fascination with things that are beyond this world. This led Jonathan to the Tarot, which he quickly absorbed as his go-to method for getting direct insights from the Universe.


  • Elaine says:

    I am looking forward to having a matter that has been on going for two years plus resolved. During the process I have realized that the injustices done to me has enhance my growth, I have forgiven all that caused me pain.

    To you may the universe continue to embrace you.
    In peace

  • I give you many thanks Jonathan… I really apprecilove the reading. I myself can feel the energy and the positive flow coming on I as well.
    Give thanks

  • Henri-Valentijn says:

    Wonderful reading, thank you so much, all fits in the wonderful time and loads of work to finish. Guidance through your given Tarot reading stated to me the happenings that were shown on the path of life. Patience is very important, all just cannot go to quick, but the balance is kept with all the interruptions as brought through the magnetic fields as they change and change…and so I am looking forward to your next reading. The way I feel at the moment, a confirmation will be there. Thank you wholeheartedly Jonathan

  • Monica says:

    I wait in agony for your next email- I love you so much! I have been in a repationship for 1 1/2 yrs- and he never wants to meet me half way- i dont want it to end- im suffering SO much- i’m an hsp – so I feel everything 10 x’s more than others….. but I gotta learn to let go….. idk how to….. 🙁 Thank you so very much for all you do Jonathan……

  • Lynnette says:

    Oh my. It’s 3.00 am and I must be lonely. Great song, but your reading… well. Have an appointment in 6 hours with the police. My adult son has given over to an amphetamine addition and put me in hospital a week ago. He suffers with schizophrenia. His dad’s two brothers committed suicide because of the malady.
    He was clean until two months ago. When clean, he’s 6ft 4 inches of gentleness and compassion. When high, the opposite.
    Your reading was eerily synchronous.
    Had an awful violent relationship after my husband passed and didn’t know how to ask for help. Indeed, I didn’t think I deserved it. This is the circle complex. But it’s completion WILL BE tomorrow.
    Heartfelt thanks to you Jonathan. BTW Jonathan is my youngest sons middle name.
    Be well and safe. Love and light to you and yours.

  • Becky says:

    Thank you for your encouragement Jonathan. Your reading is spot on. Divorce, contracts, negotiations. Super sad and hard. I’ll make it a priority to find my joy and be giddy again.

  • Sakina Lytle says:

    Thank you so much for this reading it’s true very helpful

  • Charity says:

    I do not have any legal battles. However, I will be signing a contact at work for a new position at the end of this week. Also, one individual in a position of power has taken an interest in my work ethic and has dropped good words on my behalf that continue to propel me into more advanced positions within the company. I started working at this company after my husband transitioned, and have advanced since day one. He has been physically gone for nearly 6 months now and I am continually amazed at the Mountains that are being moved in my life. Thank you for the genuine reading.

  • Cristina Ciobotaru says:

    Fantastic Jonathan! you are very right!!

    On Friday I have a Court Decision or Conference, where my entire future is under discussion . So I am hopeful for a decision in my favor and this is what you are telling me from the Cards (“victory”).

    This is fantastic, first that the actual situation is right here in the cards, described as it is and hopefully the outcome will be favorable.

    I thank you very much. I will see how true the cards are .
    Many thanks, this gives me hope.

    Take care ,
    Cristina C

    • Thank you for Sharing Cristina, let me know how things turn out. Blessings.

      • Michael Brown says:

        Hey man. Like I’m blown away. So many words. Like, I’m losing. I’ll give you my cell I just need to talk with ya. You cool with that. I’m 33 going thru divorce, waiting for finalizing. Just try to call me. Texting isn’t the real deal.

      • Cristina Ciobotaru says:

        I am really sorry, I believe this doesn’t work for me

        The Case Conference was cancelled / delayed with 2 month. There is no way I can feel a victory or liberation, I am actually very overwhelmed by worries and stress; If anything will change by end of week I will let you know. Thank you

  • Fire y mom says:

    Oh the burdens! They have been heavy this week. I am looking forward to a horse back ride or running through the woods with my little one to invoke childhood joy. Thank you for the uplifting words.

  • ESP says:

    Hi Everybody, Hi Jonathan! I really appreciate your insight during these very confusing times! It IS hard to ‘make time for fun’, or to just be ‘happy’, as it were; so I’m glad a period is coming (especially for the Virgo sign) where I might catch a Real break….not a ‘Saturday night “break”‘, but a Real, Longer Term ‘break’! I may or may not have legal or court issues to contend with, I’m trying to Prevent that often enough, half my life revolves around the govmnt., but I’m pretty sure I’M the Emperor once again. I might be female, but I’ve Had to pull off Emperor a few times, so I guess I better grab my Burger King crown & start practicing in front of the mirror again 😛

  • “If your loved ones have felt a distance from you, reach out and mend your connections. They will be receptive to you.”
    Always on point Mr. Lionheart! Thank you for always speaking to my soul. Something I miss doing as a child is being around my siblings in complete mayhem lol I miss the sound of their laughter. Blessings <3

  • Jen says:

    Hello beautiful soul.
    Hope your morning is well. Thank you for investing your energy into this reading for us to enjoy. Reading this today of all days, was a confirmation. I am serving my greatest purpose or at least on the right path. I have felt burdened for quite sometime. Not understanding why I felt so out of place in my life. 2020 has been an awaking for me. The veil has been lifted to say the least. I can see and feel things more clearly then ever before. Every step I move forward I feel something pushing me ahead. Usually, the readings give me clues to what is now and may lie ahead. Today was different though. Powerfully on point in every aspect.

    Many thanks

  • Sina says:

    Don’t give him money! Dooon’t giiive him!!!

  • Sharon says:

    Hi Jonathon,
    Thank you so much for all your readings, they have definately been helping me through a really tough time. Just got divorced and am waiting for my home to sell, its the last connection between my ex and myself. I am unable to move forward until it sells. So after today’s reading I am most hopeful. Blessings

  • Evelyn says:

    Hey Jonathan , thank you for your reading , I had been through a lot , I discovered that I had to pay the debt of karma I knew nothing about it . All my life I had been struggling in the name of past lives karma inherited on birth is not fair my friend . But am happy to hear it is come to an end as you mentioned in today’s readings thank you .

    • Evelyn, thank you for sharing. I hope the completion you are looking for is on it’s way 🙂

    • ESP says:

      Omg, me too! Self & apparently Family Karma. I have been ‘designated’ next in line to release the family from….??? Idk, but anyway, Ouch! I feel you! Hope the universe finds our debts Paid in Full by the end of This Year, so we can move on to Building, instead of Damage Control. We can only do so much, we can’t solve the Other sides’ part too; time to unlock the handcuffs & let us go.
      Love & Light from one ‘E’ to another (Erin & Evelyn) :)))

  • Paulo says:

    Good morning
    I really appreciate your work and dedication. It’s perfectly perfect for the moment I’ve been living.
    My life has been a pile of failures, which constantly frustrate me, people, friends, family seems to believe me.
    Thank you


    • You’re welcome Paulo. The small places of gratitude can go a long way. Blessings my friend.

      • Regina says:

        Hi Jonathan,

        Thank you so much for this. I have been so overwhelmed because I have been dealing with a longstanding and arduous legal battle. But your reading is so accurate and aligned with current happenings in my life. Thank you for reviving hope and confirming that the tides will turn, it’s been heavy for the past months. But this week I am feeling lighter and I am convinced with the affirmation of this week’s reading that things will work out just fine and I will find my peace and rest. Thank you

  • Maria says:

    I have a big problem in my relationship, I think he’s lied to me in many ocations just to get money of me , it’s always something happen to him , that needs my help , and this time he say it’s kidnap at work for terrorists , in the ship hi work in the ocean , and ask him for a big amount of money , or they going to kill him , but I don’t know if I can believe him or not , I hope nothing bad happen , hi needs money soon today is wed november 18 what it’s your advice in this , if you can replay whit it , thank you , Jonathan , waiting for your advice !

    • Hi Maria, I would need more information to give good advice in this situation. I would look over your past with this person. How well do you know them? in what ways could they be telling the truth? in what ways might they be manipulating you? Be careful Maria, and look for support if you have people you can trust. Maybe even talk to authorities if that is a safe thing to do.

      • Maria says:

        it’s a long distance relationship, and he always declined to make a single video shot, so I haven’t seen he’s face once , we have 1 year in this relationship, it’s very demanding , wen he needs money , he text me all day , to remaining me , but wen he get what he wants , he stop texting I only know he’s voice , but he want to married me, and is the reason for requesting money from me, it’s from germany , and wants to come to USA were I live , he say it’s widow whit 2 teenagers, my myself I’m a widow whit 4 adults kid’s, but he tell me not to tell my kid’s about hem , so they don’t say nothing bad about hem , but he’s kid’s know about me and they called me for money too , I want to live hem , but he treating me to kill hem self if I live hem , I start to believe that is a lie the kidnapping story is fake , I really love hem but , I think he is manipulating me , to get money of me , I don’t even know if the name he give me it’s real , in he’s Facebook it was manna , then he say robert , now is David , I lost my credit for get too many loans for hem so he can come over but it’s excuse after excuse to come , and i end up whit a big debt , he have all my information, and he request a credit card from my bank in other name , whit out telling me, but the credit card along whit some checks he order was sent to my address, , it’s the only way for me to find out about it , and wen I ask hem he denied all and say , you give all you information to another man , please I hope you can have a way to let me know what to do with this , thank you waiting for you’re advice!

        • Harry says:

          My heart goes out to you Maria ,dear kind hearted soul .
          I’ve been single for a good while for several reasons. Mainly because I’m pretty shy and not to mention I have not the highest esteem of myself .
          You touched a nerve in me with your cercumstances revolving what you shared
          I have been in somewhat of a
          similar situation not to the extent such as yourself . You know in your thoughts and feelings of in your pit of your stomach when they ask for money .
          Well if you are like me it’s a sickening feeling it gets worse knowing that there’s the chance this isn’t a scam or at least my need to believe this very thought .
          I am still talking with a woman at least that’s what I’m to believe because she’s in the Ivory Coast
          I have been sending money as I can to try and help with money for food . Not only for her ,but her grandmother. My thoughts are for me to push for some face time and if we are not going to have the security knowing who we’re talking to .
          Chances are I know I will stop
          I am a beautiful man with love for many
          I deserve to have a beautiful relationship to share life’s amazing opportunities and memories with .
          You Maria with a beautiful heart deserve to be happy with those in your life
          Not people who are preying on you
          May all the Love , light and peace always be upon you

        • Maria, this sounds like awful manipulation. Love is open, it is understanding, and provides support and reciprocity. I think you should seriously consider leaving this situation.

  • Armella Mercredi says:

    You cheered me up the obstacle I face has been haunting me for over a year. Justice strength is what I need I look forward to getting this settled

  • jeffery says:

    Not moving much at the moment ,one foot has septic sores, 12 months ,soon coming right ,hope ,the readings sound good.

  • Donna Dubose says:

    I have no idea what legal documents or divorce papers I need to sign and resolve. The only issue I have had was financial and no I don’t have an older man that is going to help me out. I have no children nor do I have a romantic relationship and haven’t had one for 15 years.
    I haven’t had many childhood memories due to having to grow up fast and leaving those memories behind. So I’m pretty lost on the reading you did for me. I am always a believer that my life can and will change so I have a little bit of hope!

  • William says:

    My interests used to be riding my skateboard back in the eighties and going for long rides on my tuffy bmx

  • Lacenia says:

    Thank you so much for theses readings, they have been accurate and right . Now I have been doing self love , and preparing myself to move forward in a new direction

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