Relationship Upheavel | Venus Opposite Uranus

By November 27, 2020 Astrology

Hey there, it’s Luna! 

Just when it feels things are going smoothly, the planets have a way of coming along to shake things up. 

This weekend will be marked by restlessness and a stirring of radical impulses in your love life and relationships.

If you’re in a relationship, you may find yourself or your partner has become unhappy with the restrictions of your shared routines. One of you may disrupt your established groove out of a need to redefine a sense of personal autonomy and freedom.

Upsets and positive breakthroughs are a big part of the cosmic energy today. 

Whether you are single or involved, this weekend you will feel compelled to assert your individuality and defy any romantic, beauty or social norms that suffocate your soul. 

A sudden break from expectation may cause surprises and upsets, but will ultimately be for the best. Let’s look at today’s planetary transits and I’ll explain why.

Freeing Your Rebel Heart

Today is the kind of day when you won’t feel like holding back your truth from others. Uranus conjunct Moon, opposite Venus is highlighting a need for emotional honesty, and some kind of personal revolution.

Venus is not just the planet of love, it also defines how you socialize, your style, and how you relate to money. With the current placement of Venus, the Moon, and Uranus on the axis of Taurus and Scorpio, changes taking place now are affecting your value system and how you use your resources. 

Maybe there’s an expectation from others for you to behave in a way that no longer feels authentic to you. Or you might be feeling depleted after yesterday’s holiday, which could compel you to redefine how much you give, and when. 

Today, Uranus opposite Venus is giving you a sense of urgency to disrupt unhealthy dynamics in your life and advocate for yourself unapologetically. 

If you take a moment to reflect on your relationships, you’ll know what needs to change in your life. Ask yourself:

  • Which relationships make me feel nourished, and which ones leave me feeling drained? 
  • Have I been investing my time and energy in the right places? 
  • Where might I pull back some of my time and attention in order to feed a more meaningful aspect of my life?

Keep in mind, oppositions sometimes cause extreme behavior, so you probably don’t have to completely sever unbalanced relationships in your life. Instead, making smaller, meaningful adjustments to your boundaries and other people’s expectations can often be all you need to set things right. 

Above all, don’t suppress your need to rebel over the coming days. Your desire for change is an authentic, healthy desire for things to be better than they are now. 

With the Moon taking part in this weekend’s revolutionary dynamic, you may find that the changes you make now will affect your inner life as much as the outer, which can be truly life changing. 

Trust Your Inner Truth

There is often a tremendous amount of pressure from families, loved ones, and society to behave in a certain way and follow the expected norms. 

However, these norms don’t always reflect your inner truth. This can put you at odds with honoring yourself or making those around you happy. If you choose to be a people pleaser, sooner or later, the internal pressure of living an unauthentic life will reach a breaking point!

Thankfully, your cosmic planetary allies won’t allow you to live this way indefinitely. Transits like the one happening today stir up intense restlessness in order to push you toward accepting yourself and living in harmony with your true values.

With the Moon’s presence in this weekend’s transit, you won’t just be making outer changes. Any transformation happening now will also affect your internal world of habits, perceptions, and feelings. 

You may begin to think about yourself differently, shift your internal rhythm, and make revolutionary changes around how you process emotions. 

Alignment is the theme for this weekend. It should become clear over the coming days what is working for you and what isn’t. Now is a perfect time to overthrow any personal habits that don’t fit into your value system. 

Inner changes you make now will empower you to sustain a more balanced, enlightened approach to exchange and reciprocity in your relationships. 

Today’s transit carries this message: 

You cannot love anyone without loving yourself first. Be honest about who you are and what you want, and the universe will align to support you.

Ultimately, you hold a vision of how you want to be treated, and what makes you feel alive, free and inspired. Be bold, and take the necessary steps this weekend to make your vision into a reality.

Remember, if things start feeling too complex or intense, you can always talk them out. 

Communication Creates Transformation

A trine between Mercury and Pluto today is opening a powerful portal to heal your mind and spark meaningful transformation in your relationships through self expression.

Conversations you have now can help you transform your thinking and release old ideas that no longer serve any real purpose. Positive changes can also occur through journaling, meditating, or contemplating important issues in your life.

With this transit, you have an opportunity to release the past and its negative effects on your self image, faith in your ability to provide for yourself, or ability to have fulfilling friendships and relationships with others.

Your future hasn’t been written yet. This weekend serves as an opportunity to wipe the slate clean and move forward, armed with the wisdom of what used to be your pain. 

Remember, the planets don’t dictate your future — they agitate, inspire, and guide you toward harnessing your divine, human potential and becoming who you are truly meant to be. 

With Wild, Rebel Love,

Luna Dragonwell

P.S. Have you been struggling between making other people happy or making yourself happy? Are there changes you want to make that will bring more freedom into your life? Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Luna Dragonwell

About Luna Dragonwell

Luna Dragonwell has been fascinated with the stars since she was a child. Growing up, she learned to track planetary motion and how it affects each sign. Now as a contributor to, she is here to share her zodiac sign horoscopes with you. Leave a comment for Luna below!


  • Shivajit Mirah says:

    Hi Luna, the above piece was a really helpful read, but I’m still a little cynical about the journey ahead. I’ve been through similar situations in the past and every time it took a toll while trying to overcome the hindrances caused by memories and broken dreams before I could find something new with the same fate, and the process seems to be a never-ending one. About to complete four decades, my life has been moving in a labyrinth without being able to find a way out of it, and I’m desperately looking for guidance to usher me through. As the common notion goes as every failure is a lesson that expands your wisdom, I would like to say that I am wise enough now and don’t want to learn any more lessons from Professor Failure. Sometimes, I feel like numbing all my feelings in order to save myself from further harm, yet at other times, it feels like I should forget the past and move on looking for something brand new. Hence, I’m in a big dilemma and I’ll be glad if you could give me any suggestion which can help me set my mind at ease.

    Looking forward.



    • Hi Shivajit,

      I’m not sure we can ever be beyond failure. You have the power within you to regenerate yourself and continue to fine tune your path forward, especially when you overcome your aversion toward certain experiences. Let yourself be all the way defeated rather than fighting against the tide. In that total surrender to the forces you’ve been resisting, you are able to go through ego-death and be crushed by the full impact of your past failures. Destructive memories will move through you like a storm, and when it passes, you will be able to rise again. The key is not to resist what is. There is medicine in our pain. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. Wishing you the best!

  • Cindy Smith says:

    I live with a scorpio now going on 26 yrs and afew yrs back he had a stroke and I’ve been taking care of him since then my twin brother has had a stroke they both were very lucky as in they’re able to walk and talk but still need alittle help, my problem is my brother is wanting to get a house together us 3 his daughter has been taking care of him and it’s to the point if he doesnt get out their relationship will be ruined and I’ve talked to him about living in a place with assistance but he doesnt want to I love my brother very much but I’m not sure I want the job of taking care of the two i had thought about leaving my gentlemen before my brother had asked me about us 3 getting into a house and now I’m really confussed on what I should do, I want to start a life for me and now I feel like I’m stuck and will never be able to have a life I can call my life. What to do?

  • Sphamandla says:

    I admit this is spot on I do want my freedom and I am tired of pleasing others I just feel in control when I’m alone unlike when I’m involve so relationships are just not my thing anymore cause i loose myself trying to compromise

  • Suzanne says:

    Luna, Your reading reflected on me differently then the others… First of all let me say…Your readings are always what i need to hear every day, your spot on. I am at a point of total freedom now! My husband died 15 years ago this month, since his death i have not dated one man, no sex with a man at all. Recently in the last few months i have been working on myself to love again, to have sex with a man again, i have even been watching relationship coaching videos on youtube. There is a man that i met about 11 years ago, a electrician by trade, we had just a over the phone daily friendy talks and we would talk business off and on all day for 8 hours and i would see him maybe once a month when he came in the office to get his mail. He was divorced but then he had a girlfriend all these years and recently just 4 years ago they got married, but they have been together like 11 years total. After i quit that job of 8 years 4 years ago, i have seen him a few times at my home when he would come do some free electrical work for me, he never charges me and he seems so caring and kind and passionate around me each time, he has even twice did a couple of other jobs for me just because he wanted to, i am assuming. I saw him last just a month ago at a store checkout line and i gave him a hug and asked about his family, it was a quick 1 minute deal and then he was gone out the door, he was working and had an employee with him. LUNA MY DEAR… i am madly in lust with this man! I feel love towards him too and could be so so in love with him if this works out! He is a Leo with a Scorpio moon, and right now i have been Planning how to approch him, i go over one senerio after another, wrote some lines down i think i want to say lol. I have to have him come to my house this coming week to hook up some electrical for me and i may not see him again for a long long time or at least till i need some more electrical work done SO i want to say something to him as to let him know that i am really interested in being his Play Mate! I know he is married, but i know he feels alone, and i have picked up before maybe he likes me, but i dont know… I do need to watch him closely when he comes over next week to see how responds to me before i say anything. Look for tell tell signs that he is attracted to me in any way, from what i have been learning from relationship coaches, i should be able to see the signs, if i do i will give myself the goahead…. I am excited but scared to say anything, and i want to get right the first time, i know regection could be posiable, but all the tarot reads from you Luna say it will happen and it will be a new love for me and so much more. I am so excited to see what tomorrow and the days afers reading for this upcoming weeks in your email will tell me and also when i choose my 3 card reading too. Love you Luna, your my inspiration!

    • Hi Suzanne, getting together with a married man sounds like trouble. If you put yourself in his wife’s shoes,I bet you wouldn’t want another woman trying to seduce him. I’m celebrating the reawakening of your desire and open heartedness! Perhaps there is another, more available man out there who would return your interests. Sending you lots of love! ~ Luna

  • Neenee says:

    Yes this definitely applies to my current relationship. I’ve found myself going out of my way to satisfy him while I’m at odds and unhappy with my own decision while sitting back watching him be pleased. I’m drained after eighteen months and finding myself slowly pulling away. I admit that I am a people pleaser & have been intentionally used by him and many others. Where do I draw the line?

    • Hi Neenee, getting in your body and in touch with your boundaries will help you know where to draw a line. Your instincts have a lot of wisdom, it’s important not to suppress them.

  • Keshni says:

    Oh wow this is so uncanny in terms of a journey I’m going through, it’s true about family and I see so many things and I was a people pleaser but I’m breaking that slowly and trying to find my true self. I see all the injustices that has occurred and I’m finally speaking up for myself. I feel like I’m losing a bit of me but also finding a better me. Thank you much love

  • Ramillia Jackson says:

    Yes yes yes I have been lost in the world for far too long and I want closure I what happiness I want to be and feel loved and appreciated

  • Binghi says:

    I am glad and grateful to you for all this enlightenment. I truly and honestly relate to your writings and I can actually say it’s on point. I have been trying to upgrade my status for sometime now and it hasn’t been easy but I think it’s time I moved from working for people with all the restrictions with nothing to write about and start doing things I love and which keeps me alive. I believe it’s time I become who I wanna be. I love your gifts and your light. I believe the time has come for me to pursue my dreams and to stand in my glory . With all these guidance ,my confidence is high and I will be unstoppable

  • Charlton says:

    WOW ! You’re pretty good with interpreting the stars. You have my attention.

  • Joey says:

    Let me just add to this post, if you are to be mine, and this is your call. but we can enable you as a business to crush it and possible both do it full time. If you are to be a mother, then I want our child to be raised by their mother and parents rather then child care.. as per Gabor and John and proven true by Morne and Jacqui. we have union together you will never inferiors or not bringing your part to the table or relationship. this isn’t a weakness. me having a good job isn’t a strength. cause in unity or as one, we have a bank account, into which we work and get paid into, in which we look after each other, in which we go the shops and have spending sprees if we feel like it with out feeling bad. We do this because we can. Our understanding, and similarities allow for this. its why we have always stood out in our previous lives. because we have an intrinsic built in genome to not fuck another person, not be inhuman, to appreciate and have respect. why and how we can be independent and how we know how to survive.
    just my 2c, incase somebody tries to tell you taking the “safe” road or that you are giving up. I also want to say that I think its discussing that people take advantage of you “body dysmorphia disorder” or your “lack of self worth” and you fee the need to do thing to prove that you are worth having and are worth being with. I have from the beginning said to you every signal day how amazingly gorgeous you are, sexy, you are, how pretty you are. NEVER think you are not, you are ducking beautiful and above perfect. know this when making choices around how people view you here don’t default, because if someone dares compares you they don’t deserver you.

  • Gae says:

    Luna Dragonwell, I totally relate to your tarot reading!! Thank you, thank you so much for your amazing work!!! I have been on an emotional roller coaster today. I received news that my younger Brother’s kidneys are functioning less than 30% as he suffers from Diabetes and I am worried sick about him. I haven’t been able to sleep much so I was unable to work a full day. I feel like I have been run over by a cement truck with everything that is going on with my Brother’s health to this pandemic we are all living through. I feel scared as our numbers are sky rocketing and now they have put more restrictions on us to stay home and not do any social gatherings with anyone outside your home. I am wondering if anyone else out there is feeling emotionally and physically drained from this pandemic and watching all the crazy stuff that is happening in our world today? It makes me feel very sad that people are dying from this virus. I am also working through setting some boundaries for myself of how much I do for other people. I am wondering if anyone else can relate to feeling very emotional this weekend and very drained?

  • Joey says:

    Firstly to Debra, and its funny cSo this isn’t very new information you see I think you are familiar with John bradshaw’s first books healing the child that binds us but he released a follow-up book as well now in that first book you’re originally no what it means to that child psychologically when you tell it to your back into its chair and be isolated miss installing fear into the child as what also happened in this article is you’ve told the other person to stay out of everything well they can conjure everyone’s lies and think of what can work for themselves but they don’t realize the damage that’s done to their child who gets pushed to the side with no voice who has been lied about who has been lied to what happens to the person that gets told the story at the end of it how does he play himself play himself out will get to defend himself but nevertheless the only thing I can recommend is too read John bradshaw’s second book finding the inner child meet with their child get to know their child learn to love their child and be with their child always and a lot of things will fit into place I hope that helps

    so dear Luna thank you for taking the time to write I very much do believe in the stars and all these random things I’m in currently it’s the only thing I’ve got you see I had somebody that understood me once but lied to me and lied to me about the things that were so important to her that she said I should never lie to her about I’m things have been said two others that are lies about me two friends to family and I’m not too sure why but we sit in a position today that we need to unli to give the person the credit that they should have been granted in the beginning because they weren’t bad people they not liars as they were painted to be they not manipulators is a good point paint it to be but because of mark strong comic energies and my patterns that got frowned upon from the beginning and I stated them clearly how I do things all backfired and they played out anyway as they always have done my whole life you see with some might call a little white lie or little manipulation because it’s a behavioral technique in making situations better hasn’t got comic negative effect but when they done with intent to harm or intensive intent Lee incorrect that’s when the bad karma happens and those are things both in the universe we cannot control what I find really annoying is one would deny reading terror that they’ve got no control over because they don’t like the outcome but the outcome is always accurate to the events that took place but one would then speak to the other person and use these readings and comments and tarot star things to give guidance and advice The thing is do not um I know who I am I’ve done lots of searching within and I’ve done a lot of self worst writing learning motivation so I know who I am I’ve been alone since I’ve been 13 since the first time our problem started I’ve been alone very very alone and I’ve never dabbled in the social world because my personality type is I like to think is always the same and the only time it wasn’t is when I was married and living in a two persona world will kill you let me repeat it will kill you you will wake up every day drained you will have no energy to carry on through the day you will have negative connotations to people you’ll be easily influenced you’ll be drained and you’ll think the world is against you and why does this keep happening to me it’s very simple for their lies in your answer you can read about that in I don’t know it might have been a Stephen Covey I’m not sure but it’s be true to self which if you’ve done Business Research putting win lose war strategies out of war and blue ocean strategies into the mix you’ll find that they ought to bunt by the way theory which goes back to love in business love does make the world go round in one way or another .

    here’s the thing if janita not janita who is janita Iif you even alive. I believe I have a certain set of qualities which are unique I came across you which always mean to I believe not as a soulmate but as a twin flame and we’ve been together many many many battles we fought many many many lifetimes the problem now is that you wish to fight more than love and you’re fighting for the wrong reasons you’re fighting for the reasons that make you look safe risk averse and then you got you feel and you know birthday unnecessary and that’s why we keep getting to point stale.I by no means am trying to think for you or any such thing but here’s the thing janita as much as I’m a laughing stock of your entire family Angel friends and what’s being said that’s not my problem I will defend myself in any situation giving the opportunity to have done so righteously the thing is if you talk for another person or thing for another person then the Universe we’ll take matters into his own hand and make right what has been wronged in other ways means or forms otherwise known as karma now I know this pushes you off but I’m not trying to push you off I’m just trying to speak to you and I’m getting pushed off now give me one reason to not be pist off I know what’s been done you are too scared to tell me I do not know why I have said many forums many places many passages many replies I forgive you completely I don’t even ever have to want to talk about it but you can’t over process the post it’s been done you know my feelings for you I shall not repeat them again I’ve written to the ends of time in many letters whatsapps add messages you know or have the opportunity to be loved like any other you know that it is possible to love unconditionally as I do you you know that it’s strange for somebody to be treated and thought of as much as I do you and I think this is part of the problem on why you can’t face me and why it’s so hard to try explain or backwards explain that I’m an Oscar to your family because lots of horrible ugly things have been said. but yes the thing janeta ioffer everything to you on open platter with no judgment 2 take your hand in marriage give you the world and more be it material love last passion friendship honesty authenticity truthfulness integrati respect and that’s just a few of the things you are my world and I will do everything in my power to make sure it stays like that not just to score you for the weekend but for the rest of your life and I’ve got policies to back it up I’ve got money in my bank account to back it up and there’s a home loan in which hour house will start paying in February to back it up with a laugh policy on top of it now if you still think or have to feel that you scared of abandonment or that I will leave you well I will treat you in any other way than you since found out I can only treat you in one way then you know you’re making the wrong move because if you can think one of those things you don’t know me.
    next problem I can’t be threatened by your websites I can be threatened by you for you I respect but for all I know you dead, think about things for a second I was majorly in love dying to start a family respecting you because you didn’t really want children but then all of a sudden start happens behind my back and now you want children that’s interesting right I’m of all people would be the easiest person to speak to or explain something to I do not fly over the handle unless you telling me stuff that I know is not true let me give you an example if you told me that you ran away with six Nigerians you ran heroin you sold heroin you became a 6 traffic worker you got involved with the cartel to kill the person and came back to me and explained why you done it and maybe because you were hard marijuana who knows I wouldn’t have had an issue provided you are being honest. so here’s the thing I know it’s hard for you to trust and I hope it’s something you never ask of me to do of you to trust because I will trust you if you’re honest with me you know how I can read you know how I can feel I have been spot on with all of your lies and you know this so if you’re willing to drop all of that and be with me and if that pops up again and you know how I can read it then that’s something to be worried about but if you really do want a chance and you not scared of in the future facing me too I because of something you’ve done but you have told me then what you worried about. janita The thing is you stuck between two worlds at the moment actually 3 we’ve got the love triangle and this is only speculation again because I don’t know but you need to decide junita I’m in love with you you’re in love with somebody else and you don’t know what to do problem is I’m not waiting this might be the worst decision I’ve made in my life but from the 2nd we met I’ve waited for you and waited and waited for you to heal for you to heal to take it slow to see me less which all adds up now to me looking like an idiot problem is we did fall in love along the way real love love that you feel love that you can’t deny and doesn’t go away because it hurts like hell so you can choose passion over it to kill it but you will hurt again you could choose to have passion with me if you gave me that side of you it’s up to you problem is I have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting while you get two other stuff under hands and underway I was mortified last week Friday when I knew where I couldn’t see for the weekend, I barely made it through each day this week has been horrible for me all my friends are busy with their families I’ve got no one to talk to. so I was hoping on Wednesday when I got ready cut my hair got new clothes clean up the whole house painted the whole lot to see you to find out it was going to be been Thursday then Friday now your attentions are telling me in December to set that won’t work for me makes week one work for me this weekend works for me if not I’m finding you love. and you can’t be upset with me because you don’t exist to me I speak to you through websites think about it if it’s even you. you need to you and me are two very different people but understand one thing I’ve hit Level 3 Vishal Larkimand I’ll be doing a lot of work I’ve met my inner child I’ve done shadow work I’ve done all of this because of you and the amazing ways you have touched me and help me understand myself and where I am better I am about to catapult into the universe enabling just good **** to happen everywhere I walk my own game and I’m offering you the chance to take my hand walk it with me and heal along the way
    So the option is yours. this by no means is an ultimatum if by no means is the threat what it is is the final offer to marry me be with me only me and I’ll look after you and make sure that you are loved nurtured cared for for the rest of your life you may be scared talk to me you’ll be surprised when you give me the benefit of the doubt and you talk to me how easy you’ll become but talk to me not the KKK because they will bring terror and misinformation and bad, genita I love you with all of my heart with all of my body with all of my soul more than anything in this universe I commit to you that you are my ultimate and I’ve done all I can do I have been dealt out a couple bad hands hereand I can either help you get out of these situations or create some easy to undo white lie understandings about them this is what’s dining life for weaker people to understand certain things. And we can do it together and form a bond or not .

    as far as I understand you are still busy with your ex you are waiting for him to come through which he won’t because he will lie cheat and steal again and again and again it’s in his past but in your history in your future also if you choose to go with him. this is however your choice and I will not judge you choosing it we’ve got their reasons if I were you and I live if the tables were turned I would do the same for you I love you you can’t do it strong that power forceful can’t tonight so I don’t blame you Janita. but then understand also janeta that I’ve been hurt badly I’ve had everything taken away ripped beneath my feet Anna false Wolves put up around me with people conjuring up lies and activities people with lies false things happening full stories manga parties trilogy’s logs eulogies. how do you expect me to carry on I am just a man a sexually excited man now thank you and I’ve got needs I have got things that I can offer to people there are women out there but will love me care for me treat me correctly and even though I don’t want their love it would be nice to have a friend maybe a friend with benefits maybe a friend on one side and you get the benefits from another website but understand I need connection you haven’t given me a date or showed me any intent of getting back together as you are there connection for me but I have waited week after week after week now you tell me December are can’t wait Janta because all those dates had just been shifted and shifted and shifted so your December might be next week February who knows and also I have to put the stake in the ground as it’s me saying now you choose me you waiting for him to make a decision or to get your your affairs in order.

    Please just read it and try understand it call me if you’ve got any problems trying to interpret it I couldn’t waste more time writing more stuff I’ve waste the last two weeks and with our so happy doing it but you know what I could have been with somebody in this time I could have felt a bit better I could have started hitting my heart could have started pumping again I could have built some confidence up and know that I’m also a person and have got stuff to offer SoC off the hard being crushed. I don’t know why you scared of me janita I don’t know why you cannot speak to me janita I know you feel maybe humiliated by what you have done nothing’s going to change that I’m offering your you my open arms and a chance just to say sorry that’s it. We don’t even have to speak about the past all I want is my future with you because I believe it could be a good one but you need to swallow your pride and step up I’m yeah with open arms not going to judge offering you an opportunity a hug as a reset to carry on no head thinking stuff and overthinking stuff that is how it is and it’s going to be how we choose to then speak about it will be up to you I will not go down any road or any passage but you don’t take me down that’s a promise but that’s today I hope you still have my number call me
    ause its co-incidentally exactly he same problem to my next response as well

  • Debra Preslar says:

    My daughter n law hasn’t spoken to me in over a yr because of something I talked to my son about. Well yesterday, thanksgiving was dinner at their house. She doesn’t acknowledge me but invited her neighbors for dinner, who are about my age and she talked with her quite a bit. She got mad again when I took my little grandson out if his stroller and said, very rudely, I intentionally left him in there for now then picked him up and stormed off. I didn’t know she wanted him to stay in the stroller. Then when it came to dinner I had to sit at the kiddie table which was embarrassing while she talked and laughed with her neighbors. It was quite obvious I was upset but never said a word and now wish I would have. Any suggestions?

    • Perhaps you can talk directly to your son and arrange visits without your daughter and law being present, or just reach out directly to your daughter in law to clear the air between you. Sometimes, all it takes is a vulnerable and honest conversation for things to heal. Take care!

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