“When we find ourselves, we find each other…”

Hello love,

I hope your Easter full moon (in Libra) enjoyed soaking in some (Aries) sun, hopefully with loved ones around you…

It’s been a clarifying, shifting, liberating time…

Not letting how uncomfortable life feels stop me from evolving. 

Standing as love, in the unknown, at the face of what once was. 

Openness on the brink of brokenness….  

Heart ripped open, loss, yet magic somehow abounds.

it feels like I’ve been traveling in and out of pockets of higher heart/light and also deep shadow.  

In me and collectively, I see dreams lighting up.  Life rebalancing for those who’ve cleared the way…

Also in me and collectively, I see life and things reaching an absolute end point. 

Perhaps a major “story” is ending…

Perhaps an issue or concern culminated to a point of no-return, precisely in order to regain balance.

Perhaps the way you thought life needed to be or what you felt you needed, isn’t.  

Since last week before the full moon and especially this week leading up to the eclipses, the spotlight is shining on our oldest relationship wounds rooted in our own unconscious misalignment. 

Relationships are going through an incredible rebirth right now…

Beginning with our relationship to self, “union within.”

You may be gaining clarity about what counts now, what you really want to grow in your life. 

Take a look around you, your relationships are a deep reflection of your inner psyche. 

What are you choosing to keep or create? 

Have your relationships been in harmony and alignment to your heart’s truth? 

The Libra archetype is “the other”, yet the relationship you have with your SELF is the foundation of every other relationship you have in life.  

Perhaps it is the time to make those tough heart-centered decisions, actions and alignment. 

Remembering what we anchor for self (soulfully live), we anchor for us all, as the whole.

So let the issues surface. Let it be seen. 

Your “enduring what has been” could feel like cracking right now. Something is breaking or cracking through, let it.

Acknowledge what is; then make the shifts you must after you feel all of it.  

There’s no more room for doom and gloom and self victimizing. No more time to settle.  

It’s more about owning your self love in action (the hard stuff) and your future-forward compassionate actions, thinking and being rooted in your own heart and lived truth. 

You are exactly where you should be, reallocating your power and energy to what matters now.  

Know that there is NOTHING you cannot do.  You are stronger than you think. 

You can be cracked open and still show up with all of your heart and do the thing.  

Screw “being deserving” or “earning worthy.”  

You are worthy NOW as you are. If you’re alive, you are worthy.  

And of course, when we find ourselves, we find others…

Meaning walking our own soul’s path naturally aligns us with others who are choosing to forge the same. 

And walking your own soul’s path means honoring the tangible death of the experiences, people, places, and things you’ve outgrown…

This past week of karmic completion (and continued new beginnings) over what transpired in life the last couple years has been emotional, heavy and also pretty magically lit.  

Some may be feeling a complete void.

Overall, major timeline shifts (melt downs, anyone?) with lots of processing, releasing, rebalancing, reconnecting and hopefully up-leveling. 

We are no longer settling for less when it comes to our heart led truth!

New structures.

Our boundaries or lack thereof are a reflection of our choices. What we say Yes or No to…

Love is the new organizer now and Love has new, weird, foreign, different, never-done-before ideas and routes for us to take. 

Because everything we’ve learned in our walk of death the past couple years, facing our own dragon, is coming full circle. 

“I am whole, already as I AM.” 

Yes love, it’s time to release anything daring to limit this truth.

Everything that’s been out of balance or unconscious is now fully available for your conscious review, processing and release.  

You’re able to see under the surface now. Every place that you run from yourself. 

It will be very helpful to see where you’ve been knowingly or not, putting energy into resisting inevitable change?

This means anywhere you’re clinging to old grievances, ideas, people or things not good for you. 

Even grasping at material stuff weighing you down, keeping you stuck, holding you back.

It’s time to clean up what you’re choosing to focus your energy on without entanglements, judgments or guilt. 

The less you are chasing emotional attachment (vampiric people pleasing) the more presence and love you’re available to access and source within.

And the more you make room for new memories and the creative space to create, nurture, grow and build.

Right now, the current energy feels like it’s burning away the karmic blindfold that’s been holding you back as you move closer to remembering who you are…

Trust you’re exactly where you should be, reallocating your power and energy to what matters.

It’s all preparing you for the upcoming Taurus-Uranus solar and lunar eclipses (you hopefully moving into a higher timeline!) 

In fact just the past week alone (during our once in 166 year Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces conjunction) has felt unlike any other time.

You have never before and will never again be alive under this current energy…

A profound integration of what’s been unconscious, coming fully into our conscious awareness.

Every part of what’s happening is really to help us break free from imposed psychological barriers.

In this, I keep seeing so much false light stuff crumbling lately, especially in areas of spirituality, astrology, tantra and entrepreneurial/coaching.  

The so-called “new age” inverted matrix programming is collapsing the more people ground into their own body and heart field.  

I don’t know what’s going to happen but I know many are feeling it and something new is emerging. 

Overall, I feel this speaks to this energy I’ve been feeling all week.  

Really it feels like a double edged sword of a BIG magical-anything-can-happen energy next to a radical crumbling of everything and anything that has been built from illusion…

Yes, illusions must collapse in order for us to welcome in glimpses of our God/Goddess self living as ONE with creation.  

Part of this is letting go of the people, attitudes, energy contracts, patterns, places and things that are no longer for you…

That means letting things die off, including connections and paradigms not meant to be continually resurrected. 

No longer replaying the old scenarios by letting the ghosts of the past be seen, here and now. 

This also means grieving what will never be and coming back to zero point, because it’s time to presently live.  

It’s time to move the energy of life, forward.  

It’s time to create from your heart’s desire, even through the mess!

For me, sometimes the best way through this chaos is to SURRENDER. 

I ask myself…

How can I stand as openness anyway in the face of this death and closure? 

How can I move as wholeness in the space of brokenness?

Can I allow myself to open anyway and move through the pain?

Can I cease telling the stories that are no longer needing to be told? 

Can I stop identifying with the pain? 

Release the heaviness of these worn out stories?

Am I willing to change my circumstances by facing What Is and finding my power?

By consciously creating from my acceptance of the truth and yet still offering the naked courage for what I truly desire?


Yes YOU can. 

And we must. 

You step deeper into your power the more you recognize freely all that has held you captive—especially the parts you didn’t realize weren’t completely free. 

This means dissolving the old truths, belief systems and the social, cultural and childhood conditioning that’s been holding you back. 

No more “playing it safe”…

As the light of this Easter full moon shines on all the secrets that have been hidden all along…stay with it, even in the uncomfortable unknown. 

It’s time to realign with your soul’s purpose and destiny.

If you can see the bravery it takes to be open, heart centered and rooted in love throughout a world right now engulfed in fear, in pain and overwhelmed by trauma, maybe you’re beginning to remember why you came here to help…

Yes, you are needed more than you know!

It’s time you remember more of who you are as you shed the layers you’ve outgrown.  

It’s time to keep surrendering what you thought life was supposed to look like. This is your invitation to let your soul lead. 

You can take action from your heart. 

You can liberate yourself from loveless exchanges. 

You can learn what you need from a deeper understanding of the whole. 

You can stop telling the hurt stories about what happened. 

These plights or generational patterns don’t define you. 

Tears may flow and (fate) the inevitable happens and yet still your heart and your life can be filled with love and happiness again. 

You still have your will, to love and create.  

You can welcome in childlike wonder and embrace a new way of “being”…

Perhaps this means surrendering or starting over from a completely new place…

Maybe this allows you to access what you couldn’t see before that was right in front of you.

Either way, this week is really a transmuting invitation and opportunity to close out karmic cycles for good. 

Pluto is the release point of this Cardinal t-square full moon week so it’s IN YOUR personal power, your courage, your self-awareness, your self-reflection and absolute honesty where the gold lies.

Only within will you find the answers you seek.  

You may find this time illuminating every place you were still running from yourself or hiding unconsciously in dark places.

The light is only found in the truth.

It’s time to acknowledge the truth of your situation and where you have given your power away. 

This will help you release what you should no longer hold onto.

Doing this is the key that will unlock the door to your blessings. 

This is where your dreams can come true. 

So intentionally seek out this Easter week:

Moments of quiet…

Connecting to what you know is meant for you right now…

And even letting in those cracked open moments that allow you to explore outside the lines of these dying patterns.

Something bigger than your 3D self is at work here.  

Trust what you are reaching for with your soul will meet you halfway. 

Even in the dark.

Even in the void. 

Show all of your heart in your choices and actions.

I kept hearing throughout the past week…

“Whole, worthy, ready as you are. No force. Soulfully live here and now. You can be messy, raw, in the trenches and still create powerfully in the chaos.”

I love you,

Crystal Aryana

Crystal Aryana

About Crystal Aryana


  • Angel says:

    Thank you so much for this reading and being so open.
    you have just given me the solutions to questions in have been asking myself this past week as I am on my journey.
    This is a readying I will have to read again and again as there is a lot that hits home.
    Best Wishes,
    May 12 2022 23:23

  • Fatima says:

    Thank you Crystal

  • Lena Marie says:

    Crystal, wow, that was a lot. I really believe that I am ready in my life right now to say, yes, I am in that place where I can let go of those things and especially no longer telling the old stories, and it is a transition that i have and have recently gone through. Doing it and becoming aware that this is where I am at now in my life, recognizing the transition/s are 2 different things. And your blog post has opened my awareness. Sometimes it seems natural to just live life and forget to stop and take inventory of the transitions and processes that one has gone through. Thank you for helping me to take a pause and gone within for a bit to connect with myself and check-in. I am going to try and not be so checked out much of the time moving forward.
    Thank you, and blessings to you and to yours and to ALL that pertains to each! :0)

    • Lena Marie says:

      Crystal, wow, that was a lot. I really believe that I am ready in my life right now to say, yes, I am in that place where I can let go of those things and especially no longer telling the old stories, and it is a transition that I am and have recently gone through. Doing it and becoming aware that this is where I am at now in my life, recognizing the transition/s are 2 different things. And your blog post has opened my awareness. Sometimes, it seems natural to just live life and forget to stop and take inventory of the transition/s and processes that one is and or has gone through. Thank you for helping me to take a pause and go within for a bit to connect with myself and check-in. I am going to try not to be so checked out as much of the time moving forward.

      Thank you, and blessings to you and to yours and to ALL that pertains to each! :0)
      Lena Marie

    • Lena Marie says:

      I thought that I had corrected my grammatical errors above and when I realized that i had not, I could not go back and correct or delete and repost, so I completely reposted. :0)

  • Patty says:

    I don’t know what to say. Your writings give me hope. I recently and suddenly became a widow at 51 years old. Married 23 and together 27. When I read your words I feel like you feel me and the struggles and triumphs of my life. Thank you for your words and sharing your knowledge

  • Danielle says:

    This whole post resonates with every fiber of my being or I suppose I should say becoming? The parts I chose to write in my notebook where (1) openness in the brink of brokenness (2) facing our own dragon, is coming full circle (3) only within you will you find the answers you seek

  • joseph says:

    Enjoyed the reading, loved it, right on

  • Alejia Nicolazzo says:

    Thanks for sending me this, I relate you got me crying in my heart and I actually feel refreshed, understood

  • Sally says:

    Blessed be,

    And so, it is.

    Your love is returned, tenfold.

  • Elidia says:

    Dear Crystal,
    I enjoy reading what you write always. Please keep it up.

  • Beth says:

    This soulfully resonates from within my heart. Thank you <3

  • Gina Catton says:

    I feel I was meant to read this today…Thank You Crystal. One day, I will share more with you but wanted to let you know I received your email and your post Please don’t ever stop writing these posts

  • Amy Layeri says:

    I just got your email and like you said I haven’t been getting your emails?? I was starting to wonder last week what happened to you Crystal yet I am SO GLAD to hear from you! You are on point with everything you are picking up, I’m in such a new place in my own life in how I relate with myself and really all in my life. Tbh for me “surrendering” this time around has not just been a loss it’s led me to gifts i really never believed in until now. You have been a huge part of my journey the last couple years… Thank you for all that you do and thank you for emailing me, I am so happy to see you are still here!

  • Angie+F says:

    I am also reading through tears. You seem to see into my life and heart. Thank you for everything..
    Love and blessings.

  • Stacy says:

    I am struggling trying to describe how I feel after reading this but tears kepy started falling down my face as I read every word. It’s like you are living apart of my life on the other side of the world, but you are not? It is bizzare how you describe almost exactly what is happening! This is my first comment I have ever written to you and todayt was the first day I got an email from you in I dont know how long! yet after all this time, the moment I see an email for you and open it you speak straight to me and what I am going through. I am thankful to have found you Crystal, Thank you!!!

  • Leah says:

    Your absolutely beautiful cosmically right in your convictions of truth. Thank you souch gorgeouse you

  • Sharonda says:

    Wow!! Amazing read! I absolutely feel all that you’ve said here. Thank you for your powerful energy!!

  • Laurie Ham says:

    You put into words, all that I have been feeling, and healing. Wow, the collective energy you channeled here and the timing resonates 100%. I agree with the other reply; it’s as much of a graduation as it is a rebirth because I feel anticipation and excitement again, but it is more calm and grounded – a maturity exists within this rebirth like no time before. The past turmoil and pain etc. feels as if it’s finally pivoting and lifting. This has brought a new, yet unfamiliar, but welcome sense of surrender and ease, a desire to let things flow and trust that the universe has our backs after all!

    • Sharonda says:

      Yes!! Meeeee toooooo!! I’m so excited and calm! Love to you!

    • Gina Catton says:

      Thank u for sharing this Laurie. I agree with you on learning how to receive and trust myself/universe thru this rite of passage “graduation” birthing!

  • David Monroe says:

    Crystal , you have no idea how similar but different our life paths are ….. but mine are delayed 38 yrs and yours are now , and so is mine , the struggle is real , the turmoil and stress very real , your description is exactly right on the money , easing my stress right at the right time , yet , i scream from inside with no other human hearing my cries , Love you , your a gifted , seer and word smith …. peace , love respect !! David M.

  • Ron says:

    ❤❤ love you!

  • Beth says:

    Thank you. I really needed this today and sincerely appreciate you sharing it.

    Sending lots of light and love you way in gratitude!!!

  • Ken says:

    This April has sprung forth with much needed fresh air that is full of life force energy. Feels like graduation finally has come. I don’t feel like a rebirth process but more like growing up and becoming complete. A rite of passage that leads to a higher ground, and so many good things are possible at last

  • Narelle Leach says:

    I enjoyed reading your story.

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